Hello guys,

Just like a movie scene, the way some relationships start and end can be so epic. There are some certain ladies that we come across and wonder if we can ever get their attention. You never can tell if she might be crushing on you the same way you are.

Some relationships almost make us vow never to go into a relationships again and some will leave us wanting more. Relationships do not necessarily end through violence, cheating, lack of sexual satisfactions, and so much more.

Have you ever thought that there some relationships that end with mutual understandings, some end due to long distances, some end due to circumstances and with both partners still loving themselves.

Some partners can be forced to end their relationship by their various families or even blood groups leaving them with no choice and regardless of their love stories.

Me:- I will name my own “The Game” By Frank Rajah.

So Guys, Lets know Yours

Use A Movie Title To Qualify Your Ex

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