Lautech, Funaab and Unilag
2018 proved to be the most defining year in the cyber world as the population tripled.

Boys cashed out massively, alot of artiste praised Yahoo Boys this year and the way people would be joining the bandwagon in 2019 cannot be over emphasized.

Still, out of the whole population of yahoo boys in this country, majority are scattered in the universities. From FUNAAB to LAUTECH to UNILAG, these schools are home to some of Nigeria’s biggest yahoo boys.

FUNAAB is the new school of Yahoo Boys now. For a school where the triangle was chapel, class and back to hostel, the amount of Mercedes Benz rides and Lexus automobiles patrolling round Harmony Estate has increased.

Pastors have joined the bandwagon here and since the Telegram way blew up mist of the boys here, it’s been No more Insufficient Funds in this school.

It’s the same thing happening in LAUTECH. Lautech started it all. It was here everything went viral.
Stats reveal 70% of students here are yahoo boys and the boys are not left out, girls have also joined the group and are hopping around driving the latest cars. Asides the students, some lecturers are rumored to be in the run ins.

In UNILAG, you don’t know whether a guy is a yahoo boy or just doing legit. Everyone is running one “Paste your credit card” or bombing one dating site lowkey.

Some of your social media Influencer from UNILAG are glorified Yahoo boys but using social media work to cover up, let me not shake table too much.

But still, some of these work, they’ve had to work underground to prevent harassment from officers of SARS.
So Guys, Over to you

Which Out Of These 3 Universities Listed Has The Most Successful Yahoo Boys?

Let’s hear from you…


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