Heliotgists short write up on how the late payment runs

Hollyboy Ade mum just send  my school fee to my account.

Prince Wow that's nice,  I think mine we be sent to me next week.

Hollyboy well that's cool too.  But Me am not ready to pay now jor. Wanna use the money for flirting first. 

Prince Guy I pity u Sha. Have you heard fuoye has given us till March ten to payup the school fees.

Hollyboy No pill about that jor, I will go and beg the school authority to give me time jor. 

Prince I laugh u in Oye language. There is nothing like begging. It is late payment charges that will be added to it. 

Hollyboy late payment!! What is late payment charge ?

Prince late payment charges is the charges added to ur normal payment after the deadline givinh to make the payment. 5 thousands naira will be added to your usual payment which give an increment to your school fees. 

Hollyboy but I can beg them na. 

Prince nothing like begging,  you won't have any option than to pay it when u exceed the deadline.
So go make the payment now. 

Hollyboy Hmmmmmmmm prince thanks for the advice.
Let me quickly go and make the payment. 

Prince Good. 

So guys make sure u complete your school fee payment before March ten.

Those of you that has decide to flirt with your fee. To avoid late charges don't flirt ok

Make the payment now. 

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