As her phone was ringing, she picked. Though I couldn’t hear the caller’s voice from the phone, but bimpe was responding “ok, alright, ok, ok” on the phone and she dropped the call.

Before I could say anything, bimpe said “that is my roomate at school. She is asking me the time I will get to PHC”. I dashed out of the room. I stood outside my house for like 10minutes thinking all sort of things “Am I actually a mumu?, what if she is right about having a cousin?. Afterall, she will give me sex as a surprise before leaving so I will actually taste her. But should I tell her about what I saw on facebook?, but what if she asked me how I get to know her account details?, but if I don’t give her the money, how will she get to PHC?.

Or should I delay her till tomorrow so as to enjoy her over the night?. But NO, she is having a 4 unit test tomorrow. And bimpe is beautiful ooooo, I think I like her naturally because if not, I won’t be this mumu for her”*********** The thoughts were just coming in and overlapping, I don’t know what to opt for. At a point, I just made up my mind to give her 5,000naira to manage. After all, I can’t pay more than 5k if I invite a girl for home service. So let me just zero my mind that I am paying only for the surprised sex and I will assume that I lost the 10k I gave her earlier. I stopped thinking and stopped a bike. Bike man, take me to governor's road. He said “bos na 150 naira oooo”. No problem, I replied.

He rode pass through BRT bus stop and finally dropped me in front of first bank opposite mr bigs at ikotun. On getting to first bank ATM, the crowd was so much, so I decided to go to GTB atm adjacent first bank. The queue isn’t that much. I am the 12th person on the queue. I was so anxious to withdraw the money and go back home to meet my surprise package, infact, I insult anyone who stayed longer on the machine. When there were about 6 people in front of me, something just struck me that I should go to facebook and check her recent chats. This time, I got the greatest shock of my life on what I saw as I opened her message. She started a chat with swordman 5minutes ago SWORDMAN: baby, hi BIMPE: sweetie, I’m fine.

I so much enjoyed the way you make love to me. It was the best I have ever had in my life. Chaiii. I developed headache instantly. I scrolled upto read again in case I didn’t get it very well, (I continued reading) SWORD:. Same thing here, I so much miss ur orals. Infact, if not for the test you said you want to write tomorrow, I won’t have let you go today. BIMPE: baby don’t worry, I will be back after the semester break. I can’t wait to feel you again SWORD: that’s my baby. How far with the place you said you are going for your Tfare, I mean your daddy’s friend you talked about?.

BIMPE: I’m there already, but he went out to bank to withdraw money for me. SWORD: why not come here for a quickee plssssss BIMPE: time has gone and he will be back soon SWORD: baby pls it won’t be long, I promise it won’t exceed 10mins BIMPE:. Are u sure? SWORD: I promise BIMPE: ok dear, set the stage, don’t let me meet you with cloths on and make sure its a hot ride. I will be there in a jiffy. SWORD: ok dear, I will be waiting. Chaiiii. I shouted and it attracted the attention of people on the queue.They asked me what’s wrong but I couldn’t say anything.

I stepped out of the bank. And was wondering if I am not dreaming. Just as I was thinking of what next to do. My phone rang and its a message from bimpe which says “baby, pls I left my school ID card at my cousins place, I am on way to get it. I will be back in 20mins time pls”. I don’t know when I started crying. I was crying like a baby on the express. I said to myself. “This time samuel, u must teach this bastard a lesson she will never forget in her life.......


just as i was standing infront of the bank and crying like someone who lost his d!ck, my fone rang. I looked at the screen and it was a friend named segun. I do call him “sege the guru” because is into blogging and ICT. SEGE: ogbeni how far? U number no dey waka since yesterday Me: sege how far SEGE: I dey o. Wetin do ur voice, u no dey sound normal my guy, u dey sound like life fowl wey dey inside hot water. wetin do u? ME: I have been duped by a woman i love so much. SEGE: say wetin, abeg pick a bike dey come Egbe right now. I stoppd a bike going to Egbe where segun lives. After 8mins. I am at segun’s room entrance Me: ko ko ko sege: who be that, come in.

I entered, sat down, then without wasting time, I summarized the whole episode to sege in 3minutes. SEGE: “were ni e o” omo porta ti lo agbari fun e... Ode ni e ME: no be my fault, this babe fine die and get assets for front and back. I just so much love her SEGE: Ogbeni, you are the “baddest maga ever liveth” me: thank u. Wetin i go come do now segun SEGE: no worry, we go arrange collect part or the whole of that 10k from her, u go still straff her free for the next 2days and u go discharge her without giving a kobo Me: is that possible, how i go do am now? Just immediately, a message came in from adebimpe which says “baby, i’m on my way back”. I showed it to sege. He laughed and said to me. “ogbeni, if u fall again this time, then u don break world maga record”. He opened a bulk sms application on his phone, draft an Access bank debit alert of 25k and send it to my line. Me: what should i do with it SEGE: Show it to her wen u reach house, tell her say ATM debit the whole 25k wey u wan give her and the money no come out of the machine, so u dey go the bank tomorrow to complain. But if she no fit wait, tell her say u get person wey u fit collect the money from and then call me make i show. 

We go dey write d script on whatsapp as u dey go. But make sure u clear the whatsapp chats after ooo I dashed out of segun’s house. I went home straight, on getting home, i met adebimpe sitting on the bed restless. As i entered, she hugged me and gave me a kiss. BIMPE: baby, u look unhappy, what happend? Me: ** i brought out my fone and showed her the alert and then act the drama as directed by segun”*** bimpe wore a sad face BIMPE: What do we do now? This is 11:08am and i must get to PHC today. ME: ok relax, let me call a friend to borrow me 20k to give you, i will sort him when u are gone. I picked up my phone and called segun to come. Bimpe hugged and kissed me again and said “u are a darling”. I asked of the surprise she promised earlier, she said i should wait till my friend leaves so that no one will disturb. I replied “ok”. Segun arrived at about 10mins later. ME: sege my guy. Pls i need ur help, my babe wan return to school today and ATM fu-Cked up. Abeg borrow me 20k till tomorrow. SEGUN: lai lai.

The 8k wey u borrow last time, u neva returm am and u wan collect another one?. I go give u the 20k only after u refund the previous 8k. ME: Se na because of 8k u come dey disgrace me infront of my babe?. Abeg i go give u the two together. SEGUN: lai lai, find means and give me the 8k first. Then i turned to bimpe. Me: bimpe, pls do u have 8k with you, let me give this guy so that he can give me the 20k BIMPE: i dont have that amount, the only money on me is 5,500 and its a money that my friend gave me to buy weavon for her from lagos. ME: Don’t worry, give me 5k out of it, since am giving you 20k in return, u can then sort your friend. She gave me the 5k and i gave it to segun. ME: Now wey i don give u 5k out of 8k, can u now help me? SEGUN: Se u know say u be akue?. If not because of ur pretty girlfriend, i no go help u. Let me go home and bring the money, I will be back in 10mins time. Immediately after segun’s departure, she gave me the surprise. We had a hot romance which led to one round of sweet sex. 

 3mins after that, segun called, i picked and put on loud speaker. Me: sege how far?, where is the money now? SEGUN: wahala don shele oo. As i dey come ur place the other time, i forget to lock my door, before I reach home, dem don carry my lappy and took all the 30k wey dey house. ME: Eyah. So sorry oo. Abeg se u fit return that 5k, i go find means add to it give my babe? SEGUN: U dey mad ni. **segun hung up the call. ** ***********flash back******** * Immediately after segun’s departure, bimpe looked into my eyes while she sat on the bed...she said..... 


she sat on the bed. “samuel I love you. You are cool, cute, gentle and caring, where have you been all this while when I was looking for a good guy?” She then moved close and kissed me and we started kissing passionately. I took hold of her b0s0ms and ooohh , they were really soft and she stiffled a m0an as I touched her Tips.

She said “I’m afraid that you will dump me after having sex with me because that is how you guys always do.”, I replied, “baby u know I so much love you.If not, I won’t be running everywhere to get money for you…, she smiled and resumed the kissing. I ripped off her top and descended voraciously on her swollen Tips. I furthered downward to unzip her jeans trouser.

I was shocked at what I saw, bimpe was pantless… Why pantless. I asked?. She replied “I’m not always comfortable with pants”. But I thought to my self “chaii, sword man must have a hand in this pantless issue. She pulled down my jeans and boxers and then everything happened (i cant tell u how we did it, hun?), we lasted more than 30mins and I cum. It was obvious that she noticed that I wasn’t excited about the sex. What’s wrong baby? Bimpe asked. Nothing, I replied. Bimpe: samuel, do you truly love me? ME: why did u ask again? BIMPE: I just want to be sure because you are the only guy I have in my life after breaking up with my ex. And I don’t want to suffer for love again. ME: I assured you of my love *yinmu*

BIMPE:. Ok dear, let me get a shower and dress up while we are awaiting uncle segun. She stood from the bed Unclad, she walked twisting the fresh fair Bottom as she opened the door to the bathroom. I took my phone and checked my whatsapp messages. I got a message from sege. “Mr maga, flash me when u are with your girl. I will call you, make you put am for loud speaker' 

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