Hi Guys,

It’s another beautiful Sunday and yet a special one too, as it was the immediate Sunday to Easter Sunday and also the last Sunday of the month of April

Hence, Kindly take your prayers serious at church today! Also pray for Naijaloaded and the whole crew too. We need prayers to

It’s a very interesting topic for you all my Christians readers here today, and I will like to your honest contributions to this one.

Let me start by stating categorically most Christians believe “that JESUS is the ONLY way to God. No man at any time anywhere, can come to God except through Him“.

By coming to God here I mean no man can be saved from sin and it’s penalty (Hell) except through faith in Him and His sacrifice for sin.

Believing this, Christians do not relent in our efforts to see the whole earth covered with the knowledge of the Gospel of Christ even as water covers the sea.

They take the gospel to all kinds of people everywhere, proclaiming “Jesus their salvation, is here!”
Definitely their would be a laid down fate for those who do not hear or believe in Jesus till they die.
Having made that clear, Christians in the house, let us address the question

What Will Happen To Those Who Died Without Hearing About Jesus?