Erigga vs Zlatan

Zlatan is like the west version of Erigga and the Paper Boi is like the Zlatan of the South – Meaning they’re evenly matched.

When it comes to rapping with real-life scenarios and occurrences, the Zanku boss, Zlatan and Paper Boi are the go-to rappers, they’re good at it.
I was just jamming to the new Erigga‘s new song titled “Rawbish” man was effortlessly spitting bars and I can only wonder who can match him head-to-head when it comes to battle.
Not so long my playlist shuffled to the new Zlatan’s rap-tune titled “Road To CDK” and then I realized Rap Is Back, cause Zlatan was just feeling like Roddy Ricch on the Mansa Jabulani’s beat.
Now I imagined Erigga representing the south face-off with Zlatan representing the west in a rap battle and picking will be the second hardest thing to waking up in the morning.
So Guys 👇

In An Erigga vs Zlatan Rap Battle – Who Are You Betting Your Money On?

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