Olamide shows that he's still the greatest rapper in Nigeria Follow the release of rap freestyle on his instagram page this evening

Olamide shared the freestyle on his Instagram page alongside the lyrics and it’s the best thing am seeing on the Internet today.

Watch the freestyle below:-


Awo teba nah tio ror elogbomi si
I’ve been in the kitchen emafo eshimagbomisi
Forget the bs get d money yeah that’ is my policy
Broad day light robbery I will not solicit
Anything I want I go get you no know me since ?
I be stubborn animal that’s probably my only sin
Since I came into the scene shey you no de see
I be big deal I fit sell ice water to the sea
Competition done dead straight from the on set
Lyrically busted oh yeah I dusted all the niggas they trusted now I’m the most wanted
Been a ceo since 22 how dem want contest
Do you understand me or you not getting context
They say I’m doing too much because I only talkless
Eruku oshodi lawon eleyi jor dungbè
Ekutikusiwon lenu wonshere ni wonbè
Jawonlaya jawon waleh biti eruku ganja
Bofo soke bewon bi fere pelu igo Fanta
Runwomole biti Rooney majekorlo counter
Balekun wonjè magba roof wole bi santa
Heart mi cold biti weather jos
Timba la è moma ja è I no de do padi by force
Eni tofè kirun loma kunlè konshe mosque
YBNL mafia we don’t give a fuck 🐐
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