.....................8 weeks later.
SEGE: onihaxy, I don dey notice you all these days
ME: wetin happen? ***raised eyebrow***
SEGE: since that bimpe Dam don comot, you just dey
dull this days.
ME: hmmmmmm
SEGE: this one no be the matter of "hmmmmmmm",
you sure say that girl never wash pant inside food for
you?, infact, I dey suspect say she don lace her
pusssy with juju.
ME: not really jaree. I just like bimpe and I keep
thinking about her. I don't know why sha.
SEGE: **** laughs loudly*** hahahahahahahahaha.
My Baddest Maga ever liveth, I know say no be the
girl dey worry you, na her pusssy, hahahahaha
****pats me on the laps and kept laughing****
ME: stop that jaree.
SEGE: hahahahahahaha. Chaii, na so her toto sweet
reach??, onihaxy talk true, e be like say that girl dey
give you special deliveries on bed.
ME: "segun je ka serious jaree" I just love this girl
sha, I don't know why I can't take her off my mind.
SEGE: guy, tell me say na joke!!
ME: segun, no be joke, I don tell you something like
this before?.
SEGE: ***hissed*** "ode", instead of you to go for an
H.I.V test abi na AIDS dem dey call am, you are here
mourning about one Dam.
ME: you won't understand sha.
SEGE: hahahahahaha, why won't I understand?, e be
like say you were destined to be her maga for life.
ME: no segun, I always have this feelings that the
judgement we gave her was too harsh.
SEGE: and so?, "iyen o kan aye men". That is the
minimum judgement a Dam deserves,
ME: stop it jor.
SEGE: she should thank her stars that it wasn't in
the period that I was desperate to have money, I for
don take her do rituals.
ME: segun haba!!!.
SEGE: na so now. I no know why you carry sword-
man's abandon Kitty-Cat for head like this?, you don
dey craze oo Mr maga
ME: segun you know what? ****adjusted my sitting
position****, I keep wondering how she would get
back to port-harcourt without T.fare as she didn't
have money on her.
SEGE: that one simple now, no be runs girl she be?,
sebi na to sell her toto give two or three guys for
bustop and make money.
ME: segun!!!!!!!!
SEGE: yes now mr maga, or patapata e, she go sell
her phone to make money, maybe that's why her
number no dey go again sef?.
ME: hmmmmmmmmmm!. Oga oooo.
SEGUN : ogbeni forget matter jaree, I dey go my
house to prepare for tomorrow's work.
ME: ok jaree padi e,
SEGUN: mr maga, you no go see me off?
ME: ***frowned*** no dey call me "maga" again jor, I
no like am jare.
SEGE: you dey craze, na certified maga you be. If not
for me, maybe you for don sell all your properties
give bimpe.
ME: na you sabi. Let me see you off.
SEGE: hahahahahahaha. If you like, kill yourself ontop
one yeye bimpe ooo, you hear!!!!. Who knows?, maybe
she dey ontop another dicck right now rocking
cowgirl's style. Abi no be that girl?
ME: wetin do am?
SEGE: chaiiii, that girl fit Bleep ontop transformer
ME: ***laughs*** segun, na you sabi, come dey go
your house abeg. I will branch at your place
tomorrow when I'm coming back from work.
SEGE: no wahala mr maga "hahahahaha". My regards
to adebimpe oooooo. Hahahahaha.
ME: you no well.
Segun left my house, I sat down on my chair and
began to review all that happened between me and

After segun's departure, I began to reason and think of
why I still loved this girl despite all what she did to me,
the more I think of her, the more I was lost in my
thoughts. I couldn't figure out what really could prompt
such feelings. "Could she had jazzed me?"
"Maybe segun was right sha!"
"Abi she truly laced her Kitty-Cat?"
"Abi na the waist bead she used?"
"But the judgement was harsh oo"
"But she deserved it na"
"But she is pretty and cute oo"
"What if she was flirting secretly?"
"What if I didn't find out?".
"Who knows if she might change?"
"Who know if she had cursed me?"
"How did she get to PH sef?"
"Abi she was killed ni?"
"Maybe she is dead at the moment?"
"Her number no dey go again"
"Even her FB has been dormant"
"But I liked that girl oooo"
"She is really smart sha"
"It takes only smart girl to play game"
I was lost in thoughts and asking myself all sort
rhetorical questions and there was no one beside me to
provide answers to it.
I picked my phone to check her profile on my facebook
but I couldn't see her on my friend list and search
results. I tried checking again and the result was still
empty. It was then that I remembered that she had
blocked me on the same day segun sent her away.
I tried logging in into her account but the screen was
showing "incorrect password". **chaiii, this girl don
change password sha*****
I created another facebook account and searched for
her name from my new account and it was displayed,
but the account was dormant for the past 5 weeks. No
new update, no new uploads.
I dropped the phone and while I was still lost in my
thoughts about Adebimpe, my phone was ringing, I
moved closer to the bed to see who was calling and I
was shocked to see the name that appeared on the
I looked at the screen of my phone. It was kemi. I also
met kemi online before my encounter with bimpe. She
claimed to be based in lagos according to her back
then when we met 9 months ago.
She told me she was a fashion designer and also a part time student of yabatech at the same time. After
3 weeks of chating when we met, she sent her phone
number to me on facebook after several pleas. Our
friendship became interesting that we were fond of
each other, I would always call her in the morning,
afternoon, and night. I would sent series of sms to
kemi and she would also send hers.
After few weeks of friendship, I asked her out and she
gave me a pending response. I never gave up on kemi
as I kept pressurising her to be mine, convincing her
with sweet and mouth-watering talks. I never seized to
bombard her with my specially designed love sms.
Alas, she finally agreed to be my girlfriend and the
official E-dating started 6 months ago..
At the beginning of the E-dating, everything was going
smooth, I was always looking forward to the day I
would get to see kemi face to face. We began to plan
how we would meet and I never had the feelings that it
was a distance affairs, I always have this possibility
and positivity kind of mindset that we would be
together someday no matter how long the "E-dating"
About 2 month into the relationship, things began to
get complicated. Kemi no longer call or text me like
she used to do before, conversation began to get
boring as the day passes by and to crown it all, kemi
would always be on my neck for airtime credits.
At first, I didn't find any fault or problem in sending
airtime to her. I had this mentality that she is my
girlfriend and I am responsible for recharging her phone
so that other guys wouldn't snatch her from me. But
along the line, I was getting uncomfortable with the
card of a thing. Kemi would not call on a good day to
greet me on check on me, anytime my phone rings and
I picked, the conversation is always "baby please send
me card", and the funniest thing was that she would
only flash me or call to tell me "baby, I have seen the
card, thanks" and she would hang up. It was when she
needed another card that she would dial my number
again. The whole thing got boring to me and I began to
loose interest in kemi gradually, it got to a time that I
stopped calling her also. When she calls to ask for
airtime as usual, I would promise her that I would send
it and ended up not sending anything, when she finally
realized that airtime isn't coming forth from me
anymore, the communication was broken finally as she
no longer calls again neither do I call her also. And 4
months ago was the last time we spoke together.
Seeing her call again, I was shocked and surprised, I
was like "so this girl still have my number all this
while?". I stopped thinking about bimpe and I picked
the call.
ME: hello
KEMI: hi onihaxy, nawa for you oooo, you didn't even
bother to call me again. This is unfair
ME: I'm so sorry kemi, I lost my phone, and I got a new
phone and lost the former contacts.
KEMI: onihaxy!!!!!!!, so how did you know its me.
ME: I recognised your voice, I got to know that its you
when you said "hello" KEMI: ok dear, how are you?, I
have missed you ooooo.
ME: ****yinmu, "oloshi, may thunder fire you if you
demand for card again today"****** I missed you too
KEMI: I just called to tell you that I'm attending a
wedding in akure next weekend. I would see you when
I'm around.
ME: its ok, can't wait to see you.
KEMI: are you sure?
ME: yes
KEMI: ok dear. Baby please help me with little airtime
ME: ***oloshi****, ok, but not now
KEMI: when?, I need it urgently please.
ME: I'm not at home at the moment and I didn't go
with my wallet, maybe when I get back home sha.
KEMI: thanks dear, I will be expecting it. Can't wait to
see you next weekend.
ME: can't wait to see you too. Bye
KEMI: bye ***hanged up******
Yeah, its time for me to get a "pension sex" for all my
wasted investment***********************

After the call that evening, I dropped my phone on
the bed, I began to contemplate on whether to send
the card or not. I think back to the past and I
remembered that she had bad records when it come
to lies. Kemi had lied so many times to me just to
get recharge cards. I could remembered vividly the
day she called me at 10pm that she needed N400mtn
card to call her families and inform them that her
mother was critically ill and needed medical attention
urgently, I was shocked and began to shiver that
night, "oooh, God please save my future mother inlaw
for me ooo, I don't want to loose her at the moment"
I was running helter skater to get the recharge card
that night. I had to rush down to the ATM to make a
VTU transfer when I couldn't see a vendor. After
transferring the card to her, she didn't call me and I
didn't have any airtime on my phone to call her. I had
to use a neighbour's phone to call her. I intentionally
adjust my voice when I called her.
ME: hello kemi,
KEMI: who is this? *****is he the one calling?******
"another lady was asking her at the background"
ME: ***angried and amazed*** its me kunle
KEMI: ***replied the other lady, "No, its not him, its
another person"**** kunle from where please?
ME: from lagos.
KEMI: can't recollect such identity. How did you get
my number please? *****the background lady: cut
him off jaree and let's call another person****
Hello, pls call me tomorrow morning. I'm busy at the
ME: ok ****hanged up****.
From the little drama. I knew it already that I was
played. But I was blinded with love to express my
All the memories of her past lies was flashing back
in my brain. Then I thought of it again, "what if her
next visitation is actually true?". I began to imagine
the pictures of her gorgeous look and endowed
packages I had been seeing on her facebook profile, I
began to imagine myself squeezing and
experimenting her killer "ukwu". Immediately, I
became totally confused on whether to send the card
or not?. After few minutes of contemplating, then I
remembered I have a friend who once delivered me
from a scammer. Then I decided to chat with "sege"
on whatsapp concerning kemi's matter.

ME: ogbeni how far?
SEGE: oko bimpe, I dey oooooo.
ME: you know well, who be oko bimpe?
SEGE: eeeh, sorry, Mr maga I mean jaree
ME: you no well ni
SEGE: loooool
ME: errrhhhm, you still remember this girl, kemi?
SEGE: who is kemi?
ME: that my babe wey I tell you say she dey stay for
lag na.
SEGE: I no remember ooo.
ME: the one I met before bimpe na.
SEGE: oooooooooooooh, that your recharge card
babe abi?.
ME: yeah
SEGE: wetin do her?
ME: she just called me say she dey come akure next
SEGE: that one nice na. Na kitten weekend be that
for you na.
ME: you no well
SEGE: are you guys still dating?
ME: we never broke up before, we only stopped
communicating with each other
SeGE: and wetin be that one?, no be break-up be
ME: that one aside jaree. She said I should send her
SEGE: hmmmmm. I trust you say you don send am
ME: no oooo, I am contemplating on whether to send
or not.
SEGE: that babe na cheap airtime scammer. But
since she talk say she dey come akure, risk this last
one and send like 200mtn sha. Atleast to pour water
on ground and then walk on wet ground.
ME: thanks jaree my guy.
SEGE: I hear. But don't send another airtime again
until you set your eyes on her oooooo.
ME: I hear.
The following morning on my way to work, I stopped
at a vendor and got a N200 airtime for kemi. As
usual, she only called to thank me in 12 seconds and
later hanged up. 3days gone and I didn't hear from
kemi again until the 4th night which was thursday
night when she called me again.
ME: hello dear, how are you?
KEMI: I'm fine dear, thanks for the other day
ME: you are welcome dear
KEMI: I also want to remind you that I would be
around next weekend oooo. And you will talk me out
and buy gifts for me ooo.
ME: no problem dear.
KEMI: thanks love. I'm missing you seriously
ME: same here
KEMI: that's my baby. Errrrrrhmm honey, can you
please help me with a little airtime please?, even if it
is just N200 please.

Recharge card again?, what do I do this time?, segun
must not hear this, and I don't want her to change
her mind about coming over to see me, but seriously,
I was tired of this airtime demands of a thing but at
the same time, I wanted to fucck kemi.
I decided to risk it again and transfer N100 airtime to
her from my phone. One thing about kemi was that,
whenever she gets an airtime below what she
requested for, she would never call back to
appreciate but if she gets the exact amount she
requested for, she would call back and spend
maximum of 30seconds on a call. After the transfer,
she didn't call back as usual and I ignored her.
On saturday, I went to visit segun and we had a chat
about kemi. I told segun that kemi would be around
on the following week and my guy came up with a
master plan as usual.
ME: sege, that my babe go arrive next weekend
SEGE: bimpe or kemi?
ME: which one be bimpe again jor?, its kemi
SEGE: oooooh, the airtime merchandise?
ME: na you sabi.
SEGE: but is she staying over at your place?, or just
stopping by to visit?
ME: we never discuss that one yet
SEGE: all the same, you must sample that girl at this
only opportunity oooo. Or else, u might not see
another opportunity again.
ME: I go try sha.
SEGE: you must do ni. You know hungry girls like
kemi requires special tactics to get them laid.
ME: really?, gist me.
SEGE: firstly, you must act or fake it that you have
money to spend on her when she is around, you must
be good at fake promises and your mouth must be
loaded with lies, na that thing dey give them hope
say "hmmm, I must maga this guy, e be like say e
get money"
ME: hmmmm sege!!!!, and after that nko? ****getting
SEGE: you must be smart to play your game wella so
as not to miss the fuccking. Make sure that u post
all the spending till after sex, and not before.
ME: I still don't understand
SEGE: mr maga, listen. If you spend before planning
to have sex, you might not get it, just keep making
mouth till you get what you want.
ME: I hear you ooooo.
SEGE: when she dey with you. Call me and we go act
drama for her.
ME: mr sege!!!!!, I dey fear you oooo
SEGE: you think say I be mumu like you?. Na me dey
scam girls, girls no dey dupe me. Loooool.
I returned home that night. Segun and I began our
rehearsals on whatsapp ahead of kemi's arrival. Ever
since I was growing up, I had always have this
mentality that "the more you spend for her, the more
she loves you" but segun changed my orientation and
made me realize that most times, "the more you
spend blindly, the more you are a maga".
Between monday and Wednesday of the following
week, kemi called me more than 5 times but I didn't
pick up, I intentionally refused to pick up because I
knew she would always demand for airtime. On
thursday morning, I called her myself.
ME: hello kemi
KEMI: my love, how are you?, why did you refused
picking my calls for the past four days?
ME: I'm sorry, the phone was on silent since sunday
night and I misplaced it since then. I tried calling the
number from another phone to trace it but it wasn't
ringing out, it was this morning that I found it inside
the kitchen cupboard.
KEMI: eeyah, sorry about that my love, I was thinking
you were with another girl, maybe that's why you
refused to pick up.
ME: ****oloshi, this one wey you dey call me "my
love" I know say na "send me airtime" go end
am********, baby when are you coming?.
KEMI: I would arrive this evening, but the event is
tomorrow and saturday.
ME: are you staying over at my place?
KEMI: ***laughs****
ME: why laughing?
KEMI: you are funny ni, I'm coming with my family,
we would be staying over at the place provided for
us. since I'm not alone, I won't be able to stay over
at your place.
ME: huuuuuh, how do I take you out for shopping
KEMI: eeeeeeehhh!!! You mean you want to shop for
ME: yes, I am even buying a phone for you since you
said your phone is giving you issues.
KEMI: huuuuh. That's why I love you honey. But why
don't we do it like this?
ME: how?
KEMI: please do all the shopping and bring it to me
where I would be staying, I might not be chanced to
spend time outside, sebi I told you I would be with
my family?
ME: ****heartbroken "oloshi"******* no problem dear,
let's postpone all the shopping and gifts to another
day that you would have time. I can't just be roaming
about supermarkets alone on my own without you by
my side, I would only come and say Hi to you
wherever you are. That's all
KEMI: common dear, so you won't bring anything for
ME: not sure, maybe apples only sha.
KEMI: haba!!!, ok you know what!
ME: what?
KEMI: let me get to akure first, then I would know
how to squeeze out time to go out with you.
ME: that's my baby
KEMI: are you happy now?
ME: off course. So what time will u get to akure?
KEMI: can't say yet, but we would leave home by
10am sha.
ME: ok dear, can't wait to see you
KEMI: same here dear
ME: pls let me know when you are around
KEMI: ok my love, eeeerhm my love, please can you
do me a favour please!!
ME: ***hanged up*****, oloshi, the only favour I have
been doing you is Airtime, "omo-ale"

................... After the call
I went to work and chat with my friend segun along
side. I narrated my recent action to him and he told
me I was getting smarter. We discussed how kemi's
package will look like, and trust my guy, he came
with a very brilliant plan. He said we would act like
brothers, I would be the elder brother while he would
be the younger brother.
I smiled and said to myself, "hope say sege no go
push me to jail some day sha", but on a serious note,
its good to have the good, the bad, and the ugly
friends and I don't even know the category that
segun belongs to.
After closing for the day's job at 5pm, I was so tired
and I couldn't stop over at segun's house, I went
home straight and fell over the bed to relax. At 7pm,
my phone was ringing and I looked at the screen, it
was my beloved kemi calling.
ME: hello love
KEMI: call me back please ***hanged up****
What is this girl up to?, haba!!!, she had never call for
3 minutes before, always saying "call me back". I
wait for like 10minutes before returning the call
ME: hello love
KEMI: hi. How are you?
ME: I'm fine, and you?
KEMI: I'm fine too. What happened to your phone the
other time in the morning?
ME: sorry about that jaree, the credit was exhausted
and the call terminated.
KEMI: hmmmmmmmm. I thought you don't want to
talk to me ni.
ME: haba!!, no naw. So where are you
KEMI: I'm now in akure
ME: really?, where in akure?
KEMI: I don't know dear, ok hold on let me ask
someone ******background:kemi: pls what is the
name of this place?. Response: oda road***********
ok onihaxy, they said its oda road.
ME: eeeyah, not to far from my area sha. About 30
to 40minute taxi drive.
KEMI: really?
ME: yes. So how do we see?
KEMI: I don't know yet ooooo, and I would be so
busy tomorrow in cooking assistance.
ME: so what about saturday?
KEMI: I will be busy too
ME: so what do we do now? I can't wait to see you
KEMI: same here. Ok let's do it this way
ME: how?
KEMI: to save time, let's meet at the shopping plaza,
text the location to me, you will get there before me
and I will meet you there.
ME: *****oloshi, you dey prove smart abi?, na me you
wan use brain for?. Thanks to sege's tutorials*******
that will be bit difficult dear
KEMI: why?
ME: my younger brother is around and wanted to see
you, infact, he should have travelled yesterday but he
said he would wait till your arrival.
KEMI: who is that? And did you tell him anything
about me?
ME: my cousin .yes I told him lots about you
KEMI: and what was that?
ME: that you are my love, the girl I wanted to marry.
And he said he wanted to see his brother's wife.
Infact, he has a gift to give you.
KEMI: really?. What is the gift?
ME: he didn't show me, neither did he tell me. He
said its for you alone and its a surprise. He would
travel immediately after seeing you.
KEMI: oooooo God, and I would be busy oooooo, ok,
let's see what would happen tomorrow sha.
ME: that's my love.
KEMI: onihaxy please....
ME: **** interrupted**** heeeeee, honey please I will
call you back, my food is burning seriously.
****hanged up*****
*****Oloshi, I knew that it is "baby send me airtime"
that would follow the "onihaxy please"

At 9pm, I called kemi again to discuss on how we
would meet.
ME: hi love
KEMI: how are you dear?
ME: I'm fine, and you?
KEMI: I'm doing great.
ME: so how do we see and when?,
KEMI: let's see if I could sneak out tomorrow to see
you. Hope your place isn't far from here?
ME: no dear, its along the main road. If you take a
bike, the bike man will drop you exactly infront of my
KEMI: please I won't stay long outside because of my
family, I don't want them to suspect that I'm missing.
So you would stay infront of your house and the
same bike that brought me would takes us both to
the outing.
ME: ***oloshi, na me you dey prove smart for abi?
*******, no problem dear
KEMI: alright dear, what are the things you are
buying for me?
ME: just wait till tomorrow and see the surprises that
awaits you.
KEMI: that's why I love you. Baby please transfer
little airtime to me please
ME: it late, and I don't have sufficient airtime on my
phone. Let's make it tomorrow.
KEMI: ok dear, take care
ME: bye ***hanged up********
I chat with segun after to call to gist him about
kemi's outdoor plans. I was so confused on how to
convince her to bed. Segun assured me that I
shouldn't worry as he would take charge of
everything. We had our last rehearsals that night on
his plans of how to execute kemi's parole.
8am the second day which was friday, I woke up very
early. I had took a time off from work earlier on
thursday on the pretence that I was sick and needed
to go to the hospital for treatment. I changed my
bedsheets, stocked my portable fridge with 3 can
malts and fruits, I went to the nearby chemist to
purchase a pack of condom and I sprayed the whole
room with air refresher. Indeed, nobody cleans a
house faster than a guy expecting a new girl.
9:25am, kemi flashed me and I called back,
ME: hello love
KEMI : hi dear.
ME: how was your night?
KEMI: it was fine. Where is my airtime?
ME: I'm sorry dear, I'm still on bed, I haven't gone
out yet
KEMI: why can't you send your brother to buy it?
ME: he went out very early this morning and he
hasn't returned yet.
KEMI: send your address, I should be on my way any
moment from now. And first thing, I will collect my
airtime when I arrive.
ME: ok love, no problem.
KEMI: bye
ME: bye.
I sent the detailed address to kemi and I also inform
my goon (segun) about kemi's coming. 35minutes
later, segun arrived fully dressed and pulling a leather
box. We hugged and gist about how we would
execute our plans neatly. While we were having gists
and fun. My phone rang and it was kemi calling.
ME: hi love, where are you?
KEMI: I just dropped from a bike at the front of your
house, Please come outside and let's hurry up, the
bike-man is waiting.
ME: ok *****hanged up*******.
I turned to segun with a sad face full of
disappointment. Segun saw the look on my face.
ME: segun, I'm not sure this plan will work out?
SEGE: why not leave all the plans to the event
ME: but she still insisted on waiting outside?
SEGE: mr maga, just calm down. Let's go outside
and welcome her, I will take charge of the situation.
Trust me my guy.
ME: yes boss

We went outside together to meet kemi. As we
stepped out of the door, I saw a young lady standing
by a bike-man at the other side of the road. I was so
disappointed in what I saw, kemi wasn't as pretty and
adoring as the lady I have been seeing on facebook.
Her face looked so rough and full of spots compared
to the clean and radiating face I have been seeing on
facebook. Is that the babe? "Segun asked me". I
guess so "I replied".
I picked my phone to call her she picked. She saw
me at the other side of the road but she refused to
cross, she was waving her hand to me that I should
cross over and she was pointing at the bikeman at
the same time.
ME: ****whispers**** segun, you sure say this babe
go sure?
SEGE: just calm down and leave everything to me.
Segun and I crossed to the other side of the road
and we walked closer to kemi.
ME: ***hugs****hi love
KEMI: hi dear.
ME: meet my brother segun I was telling you about,
******introduced her to segun*****
SEGE: ***hands shake**** its nice meeting you our
KEMI: ****smiled*****. Onihaxy, Please I don't want
to stay long outdoor, I sneaked out of the house and
I must return before they find out that I'm missing.
SEGE: lailai, that cannot be possible. Don't you know
I have been waiting here for the past 3 days just to
meet you?, I should have travelled 2 days ago but I
decided to wait and see our wife so as to give our
parents feedback when I reached home.
ME: yeah, he is right
KEMI: ***smiled**** but you have seen me now. I
don't want to stay outdoor for long please
SEGE: ****moved closer to kemi****so you mean
main road reception is the best you can give to your
father in-law. Common baby, don't abuse tradition,
come in and let's know each other formally.
******held kemi's hand****
KEMI: oooooooooh God.
ME: ****silent and watching******
KEMI: but the bikeman is here waiting.
SEGUN: ***moved closer to the bike while kemi and I
were walking away slowly****** how much is your
BIKEMAN: 200naira
Segun paid the bikeman and the bikeman drove
away. I was amazed how segun got to know that
kemi hasn't paid her bike fare. I guess he observed
the situation. Segun catch up with us and we crossed
together. Segun began to chat with kemi and they
were flowing nicely. He took charge of the whole
situation as we entered the room. He entertained
kemi, asked her about her work, school, life generally
and kemi was flowing well. I was only letting out
smiles and interrupting because segun really
surprised me. After about 8 minutes of having fun
chat with kemi, segun stood up and pulled his leather
SEGE: bros, I'm travelling. Let me give you and your
wife some privacy
ME: ****laughs*** ok bro. My regards to mummy
KEMI: I will soon be going too.
SEGUN: so soon?. That reminds me. I promised you a
gift. I will tell bro onihaxy to give you.
KEMI: *****smiled and appreciate*** thanks my
SEGUN: ehn ehn bros, what about the money you
want to give me now?,
ME: I thought you have forgotten
SEGE: forget ke?, lailai.
ME: that's even good. To make things easier. Take
this ATM. *****bring out atm card from my wallet
and hand it over to segun. Withdraw 50k from the
SEGE: eeeeeeh bros, everything for me?.
ME: no, my wife and I are going out for shopping. I
will. Only give you the amount you request for, I want
to use the rest for shopping.
KEMI: *****smiled and feeling relaxed and
SEGE: ****winked at me*****. Bros, that money
won't be enough to shop for our wife after deducting
mine. Please go with enough cash.
ME: hmmmmmmmmm. So you and your wife want to
drain my account abi?
SEGE: no bros. Just do the needful, first impression
last longer.
KEMI: ****felling more relaxed**** bro segun. Don't
mind your elder brother jaree. He is too stingy.
ME: hmmmmmm, ok, withdraw 60k then. You should
take 10k while my wife and I will use the remaining
SEGE: that's my lovely brother, let me rush down to
the nearest ATM.
KEMI: ******feeling totally relaxed****. Thanks jaree
uncle segun. Please be fast, I won't be staying long.
SEGE: **pats kemi on the shoulder*** I will be right
back dear. Even me, I need to travel earlier.
ME: ok ooooooooo. Husband and wife
KEMI: onihaxy, na jealousy go kill you
SEGE: ***laughs*****. Erhmmm, bros, I dey come.
Segun walked out of the room. On closing the door,
he yelled from outside. "Bro onihaxy, come and see
something". I excused myself from kemi and went
outside to meet segun.
ME: guy u try ooooo. This your small head, na so so
bad thing full am.
SEGE: sebi I told you to leave every plans to the
event planner na.
ME: that's my guy.
SEGE: you no well ni. I don buy time for you. Use it
well and fucck the girl wella. I no wan hear story
ME: so what will happen to the atm card issue na?. I
have only 2,500naira in the account.
SEGE: ******laughs*****, Mr maga, who told you I
want to withdraw money from the account in the first
place?. Abeg go fucck wetin you want to Bleep
I went back inside the room and met my kemisola
fully relaxed and balanced.

I went back into the room, lock the door and sat on my
bed closer to kemi staring at her appearance, she
looked different from what I saw on facebook but her
boobs and butts are the same. She was putting on a
jean trouser with a blue top.
ME: you are looking prettier than the kemi I saw on
KEMI: I know you are teasing me
ME: I'm so serious baby
KEMI: thanks dear
ME: you are welcome
KEMI: that reminds me, where is my airtime?
ME: *****oloshi, this girl don craze ooo*** I
remembered dear, I will buy it for you when we are
going out
KEMI: that's why I love you. How much?
ME: maybe 400naira.
KEMI: thanks darling
ME: you are welcome, *** stretched my hand and
placed her palm on mine**** don't mind my brother, he
is very funny
KEMI: **grin** indeed, and he is nice
ME: really?, how?
KEMI: instincts.
ME: hmmmmmmmm, so how is everything with you?,
never knew I would see you so soon ******teasing her
palm with my middle finger.
KEMI: so you think I won't show up?
ME: not really, just that I thought you were pulling my
KEMI: I see!!
I drew closer to kemi, I held her second hand with
mine, looked into her eyes for a few seconds and our
heads was getting closer. Finally, our lips met and we
began to kiss. The kiss was getting deeper as she
began to press my head closer. I began to move my
hand downward to her neck, I tickled her cleavage and
was about dipping my hands into her breasts when she
resisted me. I felt sad but never gave up, we kissed
again and I made the second attempt of locating her
breast, but this time, I went through her under-gown
instead of the top, I found her bra and intended dipping
my hands inside it but she resisted again. ***which
kind witchcraft be this na***.
I ignored the breast, I moved my hands down to the
abdomen and tickled the round spot on it and she
began to jerk gradually, ****hmmm, every girl has
different weak point ooo. Bimpe's own was her Tip
while this one na abdomen*****, I noticed her that her
mood was getting more passionate, I continued on the
abdomen for more seconds, I noticed some tiny hairs
directly below the navel and I played with the hairs as I traced it downward, the jerking was increasing as she
began to let out soft moans, she removed her mouth
from mine, pushed her head upwards and placed her
neck on my lips. I utilised the opportunity and kissed
her neck down to her cleavage. This time, I decided to
go upward to the breast again and behold, there was
no resistance. I pushed up her top, pulled out the
breasts from the bra. Pushed her back on the bed as I
began to manipulate the Tips, the moaning continued
but the tempo never increased. I can tell it when a girl
isn't enjoying a breast sucking so I changed tactics. I
decided to suck the entire Tip and choke my mouth
with as much flesh as possible and gently squeezing
the second breast. This time, the moans was
increasing in tempo.
I decided to upgrade, I moved the left hand downwards
while still sucking and swapping the Tips. I traced my
hands down to the navel and I noticed that she jerked
again just like she did the first time. I traced the tiny
hairs beneath the abdomen and my trace led me
straight to the button of her jeans trouser. *****chai,
which kind of obstacle is this?, why can't she wear a
skirt or gown?*******.
I tried loosing the button and she held me hand and
screamed "stop!!!".
ME: what is it dear?
KEMI: ****wears her top very well and adjusted her
bra*****. What are you trying to do?, you want to have
sex with me?, on a first date?.
ME *****silent and nodded sideways****
KEMI: so you invited me here because of sex.
ME: no dear.
KEMI: then let's stop it. This is our first date, and
besides, your brother should be on his way back.
ME: ********frowned and sad*****

ME: no problem then
KEMI: that's my baby
ME: ****silent and frowned*****
KEMI: please call bro segun to hurry up, I need to
return on time
ME: *****silent, no response******
KEMI: ******came closer******* onihaxy, I am talking
to you now
ME: *****frowned****** I didn't hear you before.
KEMI: what's wrong with you?
ME: nothing, I'm fine ****oloshi, how I go take Bleep
this girl ooooooooo, abi make I rake for her??*********
KEMI: ok oooooooooooooooooo. ****kept mute
Minutes later, my phone rang, it was segun but I
refused to pick up. The calls kept coming in but I
refused to pick
KEMI: your brother is calling you, pick your calls
ME: *****sege go dey think say I dey busy bleeping
kemi now oooo, him no go know say water to pass
garri******. Pick it yourself
KEMI: nawa oooooo ****picks call******, hello bro
I didn't hear segun's speech but I could hear kemi
replying her that she was fine. I think he requested to
speak with me and she passed the phone to me.
ME: how far sege?
SEGE: I dey, how far?, you don dig her?
ME: no oooo
SEGE: why na?, wetin happen?
ME: nothing jaree.
SEGE: you dey vex me oooo. Give her the phone jaree.
ME: ok ****i handed the phone to kemi and the
continued their conversation****
KEMI: your brother said he would soon be back that he
is on a queue.
ME: *******silent and frowned*******
KEMI: ******came closer****, onihaxy my love, what is
wrong with you?
ME: nothing. Kemi, I think you just inspired me.
KEMI: really?, how?
ME: that someone shouldn't rush into things especially
on first dates.
KEMI: I don't understand ****raised eye brow*****
ME: according to you, first date should be for simple
meetings and discussions, not for adventures.
KEMI: what does that implies?
ME: I'm no more in mood for any shopping for now,
maybe tomorrow or some other time.
KEMI: *******yelled****** so because you want to take
me out for shopping, you wanted to get sex in return
right?. If that is the case, keep your shopping and let
me be
ME: ****scope*** you aren't a prostitute or ordinary
girlfriend but a finance and a lover whom I am ready to
take to my family, I didn't reason it that today is a first
date before I planned hosting you for outings. I only
believed that new lovers should have this mentality of
yours. We have been dating for over 3 years now. So
why this issue of first date of a thing.....bla bla
KEMI: ********raked also******* keep your shopping to
yourself take care. ***stood up and was about to
ME: ***i wanted to beg her but I remembered that she
doesn't even have a T.fare to return home and besides,
she still wanted airtime, na so I come dey form*****.
KEMI: ****walked towards the door, held the handle of
the door but she refused to open, after few seconds,
she looked back**** onihaxy, and I love you more than
all this things you are doing to me oo. Why are you
treating me this way?, despite how much I love you
***wanted to cry****
ME: ***yeah, trap don catch her, she wan chop 50k
awuf shopping and she no wan loose 400naira
airtime**** I stood up, walked up to the door, held her
hands and looked into her eyes,***
Baby, you know I love you too. I have always loved you
and I will forever love you.
Before we know what was happening, our lips found
each other and we began to kiss passionately as we
were both standing by the door

My lips were locked into kemi's mouth as we began to
kiss at the door, she left the door handle and rest her
back on the door and I turned around also to face her,
we continued kissing as she wrapped my neck into her
arms. My hand began to move downward to her neck, I
spent little seconds there before taking it down to her
chest. I didn't bother to insert my hands into her
blouse but I was squeezing and smooching her breast
from outside her cloth. Kemi was moaning but I wasn't
satisfied with her tempo. Immediately I remembered
that her response was unique when I touched the
abdomen few moments ago. I decided to move my
hand away from her breast and took it down to her
abdomen. Kemi jerked instantly and kissed me harder
*****yeah, I don get am******. I was tickling her navel
and kissing at the same time until we moved away
from the door and landed on the bed.
I continue tickling her abdomen and she was rubbing
my back in response. I moved my hand upward and
traced it to her bra. I pulled out the breasts from the
cup and began to squeeze. Kemi was lost in ecstacy
as she pushed up her head and her neck was on my
I pushed up her top to reveal her breasts. ****chai, it
was loaded and bouncing*****.
I was squeezing one breast and sucking the other. I
was swapping the breasts at intervals and taking her
cleavage into consideration.
I walked my hand downward to her navel and traced
the tiny hairs below it down to the button of her jeans.
****fear dey catch me to unlock the button******. I
began to play with the button like a confused kid and
my dick was fully erect and thirsty for a Bleep. After
few seconds of beating around the bush. I developed
the courage to give it another try and unlock the
As I was about to loose it, kemi placed her hand on my
hand but she never pulled my hand off, ***chai, omo
see little resistance****. I decided to suck the Tips
more passionately and her moans increased, in
between the moans, I unlocked the button and loosen
the zip of the jeans. I dipped my hand inside her pants
and behold, kemi was seriously wet.

*****onihaxy, e be like say tot sure for you today
ooo******, I dipped the hand further to the beneath of
her pusssy and the fluid was dripping on my finger. I
removed my mouth from her breast and returned to her
lips and began to kiss kemi as my hand was set for
manipulation underneath. I located her clit and was
handling it. Kemi was jerking, moaning and moving
closer to me as I was kissing at the same time.
After few seconds, I took the finger downward to her
kitten hole and immersed it into the stream, ****in-out-
in-out***** my finger began to move and kemi
continued moaning harder. I continued this for about 2
minutes until I gathered enough courage to pull off the
jeans from her legs. The jean was so tight, so in other
not to turn her off, I would finger Bleep her, pause for
a moment to pull the jean downward a little and then
return to mu handjob until I was able to successfully
remove the trouser. The pant was still remaining on her
waist but I didn't see it as an obstacle since it was a
low waist pant with a tiny thread underneath. Kemi was
full wet and had cummed on my finger. I could see the
eagerness in her to have sex as she was moving her
hand down to my trousers and unhooking my belt. I left
her to finish the unhooking as I continued with my
hand job. Kemi pulled my trouser and boxers downward
a little and she began to cuddle and play with my
thirsty and erected rod. After about 1 minute, I moved
ontop of kemi, still kissing her and patted her pants
sideways, I used my hand to locate the hole and was
about burying my rod inside of it when kemi used her
hand to block the passage and she said "onihaxy
I looked at her and I was like "stop wetin?, after getting
to this level?".

ME: what's that dear?, ****sad face****
KEMI: I don't think this is right for us to do.
ME: baby, I love you, you need to know how much u
mean to me. I can't just do without you ****sweet talks
KEMI: I know you loved me but I don't think its right for
us to have sex.
ME: ****confused and silent*****.
I moved my head closer to hers and resumed kissing
her. I was squeezing her breasts at the same time with
my dick still erect but restricted from drilling by kemi's
hand. After few moment of confused kissing, kemi
whispered "where is your condom?". I smiled instantly
and was back to life, it was as if someone took a visa
from me and the returned it back.
I dipped my hand underneath my mattress and brought
out a pack of condom while still kissing. I paused the
kiss and tore the condom pack, positioned it on my
dick and wore it. Kemi saw the condom on my dick and
that was when she removed the hand that was blocking
the Kitty-Cat entrance. I drilled into kemi in a
missionary style and began to Bleep her ***in-out-in-
out****. I was complementing her with a kiss at the
same time. Kemi seems to have this big hips restricting
me from deep penetration, then I placed my two hands
under her a$$ to press the a$$ closer to me each time
I returned after going up. Later, I raised up her two
legs and spread them wide apart. **chaiiii, the
penetration was to the fullest. After about 5 minutes,
kemi said "what if bro segun is coming?" I replied.
"Don't worry, he would call me or knock on the door".
She replied with a sweet moan of "hmmmmmmm". I
released one of her legs, turned it sideways and
pushed the other leg in same direction as I make her
face my dick with her ass as she was lieing on the bed
and I knelt behind the a$$$. I used my hand to push up
one of the butts so as to reveal the pusy hole while I
used the other hand to bury my condomized dick into
it. Kemi was moaning heavily and screaming at this
same time. I was deriving more pleasure because the
moans was kinda sexy. I bleeped her for another 6
minutes before I cummed. I removed the condom from
my dick and dropped it at the side of my bed as I lied
down behind kemi to cuddle her.
KEMI: are you now satisfied?
ME: **raised eyebrow*** as how?
KEMI: have you now accomplished your mission?
ME: my love, I'm not on any mission. I was with my
wife and we had a nice moment together.
KEMI: **smiled***, where is your bathroom?, I need to
shower before bro segun comes. I need to return home
on time.
ME: ok dear.
I lead her to the bathroom, I flushed the used condom
and return back to the room leaving kemi in the
bathroom to clean up. I picked my phone to gist segun
on whatsapp as I was dressing up at the same time.
ME: sege, how you dey?
SEGE: I dey fine ooo.
ME: I don Bleep her oooo.
SEGE: "oloshi" I know, I dey behind your window and I
dey hear as una dey drag the issue of condom
ME: "were ni e" bad boy. So what next?
SEGE: I will call you.
Kemi came out of the bathroom and began to dress
up. I cleared my chats on my phone. Kemi was through
with the dressing and she told me to call my brother
because she would soon be leaving.

KEMI: onihaxy, please call your brother, time is going
and I need to go back home on time.
ME: ****scrolling through my phone*** I don't know
what is delaying him since, he is travelling today and
he had to go on time.
KEMI: please call him abeg ***restless***
ME: **dial segun's number and placed on
loudspeaker****. Hello guy, where are you now?
SEGE: bros I'm sorry, there was a long queue at the
ATM, when there was about 6 people before me on
the queue, the ATM went out of cash and couldn't
dispense money.
KEMI: haaaaaaaaaaa **oh God***
ME: haaaa, so what are you doing now?
SEGE: I am on my way to zenith back ATM at
hospital road, I should be there in a moment.
KEMI: ***restless, I don't think I can wait***
ME: segun please hurry up, my love has to return
back home on time.
SEGE: ok bro ****hanged up*****
ME: ***dropped the phone and turned to kemi****.
My love, please wait for few minutes, he would be
KEMI: ooooooh God, I don't like all this things, my
family must have be looking for me now.
ME: ***pats her on her laps*** I'm so sorry my love.
Please I'm sorry.
KEMI: ok, I will wait for only 20minutes. Go and get
my recharge card for me first.
ME: ***chaii, gbese!!!!!!!!, how I go take escape this
one oooooooo!!!**** ok dear.
KEMI: please hurry up.
ME : ok, let me go out and get it.
I picked my phone, went out of the house and chat
with segun.
ME: sege how far? Where you dey?
SEGE: I dey inside the joint wey dey down the street.
ME: ok,
SEGE: wetin your babe dey talk?
ME: she say she go wait for 20 minutes for you to be
SEGE: funny. She go wait tire ooo. Just find means
take discharge her for today. She go come back
ME: who tell you that one?
SEGE: I know her type, she no go wan miss the awuf
ME:hmmmm, I hear. But she dey demand for card
SEGE: like how much?
ME: 400naira.
SEGE: e no too much na, afterall you go pay olosho
800naira per round of sex if you go ashawo joint . Go
buy am give her.
ME: I hear.
I went to the vendor and purchased a 400naira mtn
and returned to the room to give her. She smiled
when she received it and I know that she would be
like "since recharge card don sure, shopping too go
sure ni yen oooo". After about 17minutes of
meaningless gist, she became uncomfortable again
and she began to ask of segun. I picked the phone to
call again.
ME: sege, where are you?
SEGE: I dey on queue.
ME: please hurry up, my wife need to return on time.
SEGE: there are many people infront of me oo, it will
take me about 40minutes to be back home.
ME: ok, just hurry up. **hanged up***
KEMI: I'm not sure I could wait again, I need to
return home before my family began to look for me.
ME: if they are searching for you, they would have
called you on phone
KEMI: I didn't come with my main line that they have.
ME: huuuuuh, eyah.
KEMI: let me go, we would see tomorrow.
ME: **yinmu***, and I wish you could stay a little ooo
KEMI: no I can't, tell your brother that I can't wait.
We would see tomorrow.
ME: ok my love.
Kemi stood up from the bed and we both walked out
of the door. I waved at a bikeman and told him
where to drop kemi. I paid the bikeman and kemi was
driven off. About 3 seconds later, I got a whatsapp
message on my phone from segun, " my guy
welldone, you don dey sharp small small". I smiled on
raised my head up to the opposite direction and I
saw segun walking towards me.

Segun and I went inside my room, we began to
ME: sege, that babe tight ooooo
SEGUN: tight as how?
ME: I mean the hole still tight
SEGUN: ***hissed***, I thought you meant "she is
ME: but she fine small oooo
SEGUN: na true, pass bimpe sebi?
ME: ***got furious**** for where?, she no even reach
half of bimpe's standard **** argument continues***
SEGE: ****counter argument*** she fine pass bimpe,
she get burst pass bimpe.
ME: "lailai" this one wey get pimples?, for
SEGE: *** pats me on the laps****, onihaxy my guy, I
just wanted to hear what you would say. I know still
like this your bimpe.
ME: hmmmmmmmm
SEGE: its very obvious, if it could be possible, I know
you can reconcile with her again.
ME: no be so jaree. Kemi no just fine reach bimpe.
SEGE: onihaxy onihaxy!!!, "oko bimpe"
ME: you no well
SEGE: just go and do HIV test, you hear?
ME: let's put that aside jare, how is tomorrow going
to be?
SEGE: **** re-adjusted sitting position***, onihaxy, I
dey reason something
ME: what is that?
SEGE: let's forget about any show tomorrow.
ME: why?
SEGE: there is nothing to defend yourself with.
ME: how?
SEGE: by now, she believed I must have returned
from bank and the money must have been ready.
ME: so?
SEGE: what would be your excuse for not taking her
out tomorrow?
ME: ***hmmmmmmmm** and you have points
oooooo. So what do I do now?
SEGE: sebi you don Bleep her today, that one don
reach, just excuse her for tomorrow.
ME: give me an idea to use
SEGE: ******thoughts for a while*****. You know
ME: what?
SEGE: just call her this night and tell her that your
boss called you to come to work tomorrow morning
but you will leave on time so as to have the chance
to take her out.
ME: it doesn't make any sense, she would still be
expecting an outing.
SEGE: chai, you no get any sense at all.
ME: oya borrow me senses jaree
SEGE: when its tomorrow morning, you will keep on
calling her at intervals telling her to give you little
more time and that you would soon be through. You
would keep posting her until the time is gone and
ME: ***shake hands with segun***, sege baba. Chaii,
I never reasoned to that instance sha. You too get
SeGE: you no well ni. I told you, girls don't scam me,
na me dey scam girls.
ME: sege baba ***hails**
SEGE: "oko bimpe, oko kemi"....
Segun and I had more discussions until he left for his
house. I saw him off and came back inside my room
to call kemi as instructed by segun.
ME: hello love.
KEMI: hi dear, you couldn't even call me since
ME: I'm so sorry dear.
KEMI: no problem, is bro segun back
ME: ****silent****** hello, I can't hear you.
KEMI: I said "is bro segun back"?,
ME: ** stammered**, not yet, but he called me just
now that he is on his way coming
KEMI: ok, so tomorrow, I would come in the morning,
and please I want to return early because today, my
family members were insulting me for going out. So
I'm sneaking out tomorrow.
ME: dear, errrrrhmmmmm. There is a little problem
KEMI: what is that dear?
ME: my boss just called that I should come to work
tomorrow morning for some assignment.
KEMI: haaaaa.
ME: don't worry dear, I would leave there on time so
as to have time with you.
KEMI: ok, where is your office located?
ME: oba adeshida road.
KEMI: no problem, I would come and meet you at
work tomorrow and we would go for the shopping
directly from there?
ME: *******yeeee, I don jam****, ok dear
KEMI: and if you weren't able to finish your work
ontime. I would collect the money from you when I
meet you at work tomorrow and then do the
shoppings on my own
ME: ****** I don enter am*** ok love
KEMI: alright dear
ME: good night ****hanged up****

After dropping kemi's call, I was confused on how to
bail myself from the web I just entered. I had just
lied and now, the lies were hunting me. I thought
through and couldn't get a possible way out. I
decided to involve segun the event planner himself
on whatsapp.
ME: sege, how you dey?
SEGE: oko bimpe, oko kemi, I dey oo
ME: you no well ni
SEGE: how far?, you don call your wife?
ME: that was what I wanted to discuss with you sef
SEGE: gist me, wetin happen?
ME: the plan backfired
SEGE: how?
ME: I called her to informed her that my boss told
me to come to work tomorrow bla..bla..bla......
SEGE: wetin come happen?
ME: she told me that she would come to meet me at
my work place.
SEGE: heeeeeeeeee, smart counter move
ME: she said we would go out for the shopping from
there. And if the shopping won't be possible, she
would collect the money and the gift you bought for
SEGE: haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
ME: tell me jor, what should I do next?
SEGE: can't you think on your own?
ME: I couldn't figure out any idea jor
SEGE: you no well ni.
ME: so what next?.
SEGE: ok, let me give you few ideas, then you would
pick anyone out of them.
ME: ok, I'm all ears.
SEGE: first one, call her tomorrow morning, and
switch off there after. Switch on the phone on
sunday night. Call her and inform her that you had a
flat battery.
ME: hmmmmm, nice one. Any other idea?
SEGE: here is another one. Don't call her at all
tomorrow, switch off till monday, don't call her, wait
till she calls you herself and then tell her that you
were robbed and your phone was stolen.
ME: hmm mr sege!!!!!
SEGE: and here is another one. When its tomorrow
morning, call her to inform her that you are going to
work. And call her 2 hours later to inform her that
you are travelling with your boss to somewhere to
inspect a project and you don't know when you would
be back.
ME: this your small head, na so so bad things full
SEGE: that's why I am referred to as the event
ME: lool.
Segun and I had some moments of chats before we
end it at 9:30pm.
I then sat on my bed thinking of the one to follow
one of segun's game plans.

After thinking for several minutes, I decided to go with
segun's third plan.
I faced the mirror before I slept and tried doing some
rehearsals on how I would talk to kemi. I woke up very
early the second day which was saturday. I prepared
little breakfast, did a little exercise until 8am when I
decided to place a call to kemi. Suddenly, I began to
fear. I don't know where the fear came from, I just
observed that I couldn't gather the courage to lie to
Then I decided to call segun and inform him about my
predicament. He suggested that I should come over to
his place. "Who knows?, kemi might decide to find me
to my house since she already knew the place". I
agreed with segun, I dressed up and went to meet him
at home.
On getting to segun's house. We had few gist, then he
gave me some courage, cheers and some scripts to
make the call.
ME: hello baby,
KEMI: hi love
ME: I'm on my way to work
KEMI: ok dear, what time should I come to meet you at
ME: hmmmm. Let me get to work first and see the
situation of things, then I will call you
KEMI: no problem. Better still, text the address of your
workplace to me incase your number becomes
ME: ***oloshi**** ok dear, I will text it to you when I
dropped from the cab
KEMI: ok dear. Thanks for yesterday
ME: what did I do yesterday?
KEMI: the airtime you gave me.
ME: ***i thought as much, kemi would never
appreciate it if it were to be 100 or 200naira
denomination***, you are welcome dear.
KEMI: ***laughs**, you know our elders says if you
appreciate what you were given yesterday, you would
get another one today.
ME: ****laughed***, you are funny
KEMI: so I'm expecting what the elders said we should
be expecting
ME: I hear. Talk to you later
KEMI: ok dear, bye
ME: bye dear ***hanged up***
Segun and I laughed out loud and started talking about
kemi. Segun said she is very smart and would earn
more magas with her brain. We stopped gisting after a
while then we switched to segun's laptop, he brought
out his game pads and we played winning eleven. We
were so carried away with the game that we forgot
about kemi.
At 12pm, my phone began to ring, I looked at the
screen and it was kemi. It was then that I remembered
about her. I was scared to pick up because I don't
have the nerves to fabricate lies to her. My badman
event planner geared me up again and did a fast mini
rehearsals with me for the last time. After 4 missed
calls, I called kemi back myself.
ME: hi love, I saw your missed calls
KEMI: why aren't you picking up?
ME: I was with my boss when you called. And you
know it would be embarrassing if I should pick calls in
his presence.
KEMI: ok dear, should I start coming
ME: eeeeeerrmmm
SEGE: *****throwing up his hands as a sign telling to
speak up*****
ME: eeeerm kemi, my boss wanted me to follow him to
inspect a project, that was why he told me to come
KEMI: ok, let me come before you guys leave for the
ME: we are already on our way to his car, infact, his
car is about 6 feet from here.
KEMI: so what will happen now?
ME: we won't stay long. I'm sure we can exceed an
hour. When I'm coming back, I will call you.
KEMI: ok dear. I love you so much
ME: I love you too. Bye ***hanged up***.
After the call, I dropped my phone and looked at segun.
SEGE: *****shake hands with me*****, that's my boy,
ME: hmmmmmm, I hope it works sha
SEGE: mr maga leave story. If you aren't too smart for
these girls, they would send you back to the village
when they are through with you.
ME: hmmmmmmm, let's continue our winning eleven
and let me beat you one more time.
SEGE: oloshi, na only that one you sabi

Segun and I continued with the game, when I was
getting hungry, I picked some noodles in his cupboard
and help myself with the cooking. The friendship
between segun and I was more like brothers. We are
always free at each others house. Infact, I do see
segun's house as my second home and vice versa.
I was eating my noodles and segun was playing game
alone on his own when kemi called again. I looked at
the wall clock and the time was 2pm.
ME: hello
KEMI: hi dear, please call me back
ME: ok
KEMI: ****hanged up****
I dropped the phone from my ear and face segun.
ME: "Shoooooo!, segun see me see wahala oooo"
SEGE: wetin happen?
ME: imagine kemi telling me to call back after
receiving 400naira airtime yesterday?
SEGE: sebi na you start am from onset
ME: how? ***raised eye brow****
SEGE: me as I dey so, if I send 100naira card to any
girl and if she doesn't call me with atleast 50naira
worth of airtime before requesting another one, I will
never send another card.
ME: hmmmmmmmm
SEGE: but if na you, one "yeye" girl go call you to send
card, she no go use atleast half of the card to call you,
and she go request for another one. And you would
send it again. So what do you expect?
ME: you are right sha.
SEGE: call her na. Let's hear what she has to say.
ME: ok
I dialled kemi's number from my phone.
ME: hello kemisola
KEMI: hi love, where are you?
ME: I'm still with my boss on the project site
KEMI: when will you be through?
ME: I can't say for now, but soon sha
KEMI: ooooh God, time is going now
ME: don't worry, if we can't be chanced to go out
today, what about tomorrow?
KEMI: that's impossible, me and my family are
returning very early tomorrow morning
ME: haaaaa, ok, I pray we leave here quickly today
KEMI: and what happens if you don't leave on time?
ME: I don't know oooo,
KEMI: ok, let's do it this way
ME: how?
KEMI: with the situation of things, I don't think I would
be able to sneak out again today after this moment
ME: huuuuuuh
KEMI: so please can you send the money to my
account on monday morning so that I can shop for few
things to take to school when I get back to lagos.
ME: ********chai, "mogbe", see finishing format*****.
Hmmmmmm, ok dear
KEMI: is that a promise dear, should I be expecting it?
ME: yeah, I will try
KEMI: I love you so much dear. And please, help me to
keep bro segun's gift, I will collect it on my next visit
to akure during semester break
ME: really?, are you coming for another occasion?
KEMI: no ooo, I'm coming specially to visit you, I will
spend like 4days with you before I return back to lagos
ME: waooooh, I can't wait for that moment. When will
that be?
KEMI: let's say 2 months from now. I can't wait to be
in your arms too my baby
ME: ok dear
KEMI: please don't forget ooo, you know you promised
me you will send it on monday.
ME: I know dear.
KEMI: ok love. Take care
ME: and you too. Bye ***hanged up**
I dropped the call with my mouth wide opened as
segun was also looking at me and shaking his head at
the same time.
SEGE: oh boy, this your kemi too smart
ME: "baje baje"
SEGE: her own smartness sef don pass that of bimpe
ME: seems so. So what do I do next?
SEGE: sebi na two sims you get?
ME: yes na
SEGE: she know the second number?
ME: no oooo.
SEGE: switch off this line for the next 3weeks or one
month. Cased closed.
ME: really?, sebi you be event planner na, abeg plan
another way out jaree
SEGE: abegi mr maga. This girl's smartness don dey
compete with my own. Just do as I say for now while
planning for another alternative.
I went back home, I changed my sim as segun directed
and kemi's chapter was closed till further notice.

******** 18 months later *******
***TAP TAP TAP**** I felt someone taping my shoulder
and waking me up from sleep, I strained my eyelids and
gradually opening my eyeballs, I looked straight into
the ceiling and noticed it was painted white. It looked
strange to me because the ceiling of my room wasn't
painted. I moved my head to the left and looked
straight to the wall beside me, it was also painted
white, it also looked strange to me because the wall of
my room is painted blue. This time, I was getting
scared and my heart began to ponder faster. Out of
fair, I turned my head to the other opposite side. I saw
two legs standing by the bed. I went dumb instantly as
I was tracing the legs upwards with my eyes. On
tracing to the kneels, the person was putting on a
white overall gown. This time, my heart was beating as
fast as possible. On tracing to the hips, I found out
that it was a girl. I traced to the chest and the two
hands were folded on the chest. I continued lifting my
eyes upward until I reached the face. "What!!!!!,
Adebimpe!!!!, is that you?, what am I doing here?, where
am I?".
BIMPE: hi onihaxy ***smiled while standing***
ME: ** my heart almost burst out of my chest*****.
Adebimpe, where am I?, how did I get here?, I tried
moving my hands but it was tied to the bed.
BIMPE: ***smiled***, onihaxy!!!, you don't need to
bother about where you are and how you got here.
What you should bother about is what I will do to you
ME: ****looked around again. The door was locked, my
legs were also tied to the bed's edge with a chain and
there was no one else in the room aside bimpe and
please dear. I knew I have really wronged you. Please
have mercy on me. Please I beg you in the name of
BIMPE: ***raised eye brow**** and why should I have
mercy on you.
ME: ****crying**** adebimpe my love, it wasn't my
fault. segun caused everything that happened.
BIMPE: ***smiled*** and the same segun isn't here to
save you. So how will you now save yourself?.
ME: ***started crying and begging for mercy****.
Adebimpe mi, please have mercy on me, search down
into your heart and you will see that I have always
loved you.
BIMPE: hmmmmm, really?, uncle please tell me
another story.
ME: adebimpe, I'm serious. I loved you and I have
always loved you. Ever since you left, I wasn't myself
anymore. I live every moment of my life thinking about
you dear.
BIMPE: **** dropped her hands from her chest and
moved closer to the bed, she sat down beside me and
kissed me passionately for about 40 seconds*****
Onihaxy, I also love you and I have never stopped
thinking of you. I knew everything wasn't your idea. I
knew you never had that cruel heart to humiliate me. I
know you were pushed to do what you did.
ME: thanks so much my love. Thanks for understanding
BIMPE: its ok, but that won't stop me from paying you
the revenge coin.
ME: haaaaaa. I'm so sorry adebimpe, please have
mercy on me.
ADEBIMPE: ****smiled*****, don't worry dear, I won't
kill you, I will only cripple you, by the time I break your
joints, I will set you free.
ME: adebimpe please!!!!!!!!
ADEBIMPE: *****stood up from the bed, opened a bag
and brought out a gun, pointed it at my kneels****,
onihaxy, I love you.
ME: ***as she was about to pull the trigger****
ADEBIMPE please!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My alarm rang and I woke up sweating seriously, I
looked at my time and it was 5am. "Yeeeeee!!, so I
have been dreaming ?". I prayed immediately and
switched on my phone. Behold, I got a message from a
strange number saying "hi onihaxy, long time".

I went to the bathroom to clean my face and then
returned to my bed to properly view my whatsapp
offline messages. I got three messages from my
contacts and one from a number not stored on my
phone which says "hi onihaxy, long time".
I was so scared to reply the chat due to my last
nightmare. Infact all my mind was on bimpe as the
sender of the message. I tried checking the display
picture but it was an animated teddy image and this
got me scared the more. I took the courage to reply
the message saying "I'm fine, please who am I chatting
with?". I waited for several minutes to see if the person
would reply but I got none.
I had my shower, took my breakfast and prepared for
work and yet I didn't get any response from the
sender. I was so curious that I took the courage to dial
the number, it was ringing but it wasn't picked. This
got me scared the more as I began to breath heavily. I
became uncomfortable and began to think of what next
to do. I gathered courage and set out to work. I keep
checking my phone screen at intervals while inside the
cab and yet, I didn't get any reply from the sender. I
decided to call segun on getting to work.
ME: hi sege
SEGE: "ore" I'm fine, how you dey?
ME: I'm not fine
SEGE: wetin happen?. Abi another girl don dupe you?.
ME: I'm not in the mood for that one jaree. I had a
SEGE: about what?
ME: about bimpe *****narrating the whole
SEGE: ***laughs***** hahahahahahahahaha, oko bimpe
ME: is it funny?
SEGE: yes na. Its what you thought about before going
to bed that you dream of. Talk true. Didn't you think
about her before going to bed?
ME: not sure
SEGE: "ore" forget, na your thoughts led to the dream.
Nothing go happen.
ME: but it hasn't finished ooo
SEGE: what happened again?
ME: an unknown number sent me a text on whatsapp
immediately I woke up. I have been calling the number
since and the person wasn't picking up.
SEGE: so you dey think say maybe na bimpe abi?
ME: yes now. I'm so scared.
SEGUN: nothing dey happen. Just calm down, if the
person is serious, he will definitely. Call back or reply
your message.
ME: ok.
I hanged up on segun and continued with my duties at
work. At exactly 11:10am, my phone rang and I
checked the screen. It was the same number calling

ME: ***placed phone on my hear*** hi, who is this?
CALLER: its me tosin
*** Instantly, I remembered and recognised the
caller. Tosin was my friend during nysc days. We
stayed at the same lodge and our ppa was in the
same area. We first met when my PPA and his PPA
acquired accommodation for us at the same house,
our friendship began to grow as we found ourselves
in the same CDS group.**
ME: tosin my padi, how you dey?, long time.
TOSIN: I dey jawe.
ME: how did you get my new number?
TOSIN: from one of our friends.
ME: ok,
TOSIN: let's chat on whatsapp.
ME: ok ***hanged up****.
My mind was cooled as the fears from my nightmare
was reduced. I took a deep breath of comfort and
started chatting with tosin.
ME: how far?, where are you now?
TOSIN: I'm in niger state ooo. What about you?
ME: I am in akure. You must be a big boy now oooo.
How is work?
TOSIN: work is fine bro, what about yours?
ME: I'm managing jawe
TOSIN: managing kee? Is it not a big firm?
ME: big firm kee?, its a small delivery and courier
TOSIN: what do you do there?
ME: home and office deliveries.
TOSIN: eyah. Hope the pay is ok sha?
ME: not really, just 20k. So what about you?, where
are you working?
TOSIN: hmmmm. I work with an international firm
ME: big boy.
TOSIN: looool
ME: is it an oil & gas firm?
TOSIN: no, its a branding and consultancy firm own
by a british.
ME: chaiii, I dey envy you ooooo. What do you there?
TOSIN: business developer
ME: what's the function of business developer.
TOSIN: I serve as an intermediate between our firm
and our clients like banks, oil companies, etc.
ME: that cool. You must be earning well ooooo.
TOSIN: not really, just 120k monthly?
ME: heeeeee, you call 120k just?. Please I don't mind
if you hook me up and fix me into such job.
TOSIN: no problem, just send your C.V to my mail, I
will submit it tommorow. As soon as there is opening
Or vacancy in our company, I will let you know.
ME: thanks pal, I'm grateful.
TOSIN: you are welcome. I have a client to attend
too. Let's chat later.
ME: ok, bye.
I shouted while sitting on my chair "heeeeee!!!, so I
will soon leave this Akure for a better job!!". I couldn't
wait till I close before I applied "make-up" to my cv
and credentials and sent them to tosin's mail. I
called him to inform him that I have sent the C.V and
he told me that he had seen it. Suddenly, I became
joyous and happy even without getting the job.
On getting home, I picked my fone to chat with my
guy segun.
ME: sege, I go soon leave akure for you oooo
SEGE: wetin happen?, you don apply for togo visa?
ME: you no well, sum1 is trying to fix me to a 120k
monthly salary job
SEGE: heeeee, at where?,
ME: niger state
SEGE: when are you applying?
ME: I don apply already. I sent my C.V this
SEGE: and u didn't send mine abi?, may bicycle crush
you to death!!!
ME: no vex. I go send yours later
SEGE: better.

****** 3 weeks later **********
I was in my office on tuesday afternoon, piling up the
parcel I was about to deliver that day when I got a
customised message on my phone. " You have been
invited for test and interview on friday and saturday
at DOLPHIN CONSULTING, at minna, niger state,
come along with your original documents, recent
passports, an attestation letter from your last place
of work and a copy of your C.V. Interview comes up
on saturday for successful applicants from friday's
test. Call 080***** for further enquiries"
I was happy and joyous, I began to say it within
myself that "atlast, I'm porting to the realm of 120k
per month.", I began to soliloquies on how I would
save up to buy a car, how I would save up to buy a
land and how I would be planning to settle down even
without getting the job yet. While I was rejoicing
within me. My phone rang and it was tosin.
ME: hi padi mi
TOSIN: hi onihaxy,
ME: how are you?
TOSIN: I'm fine. I just hears that some people were
invited for test and interview, are u among the people
ME: yes, I just got the message not quite long, I was
about to call you sef.
TOSIN: that's cool. Just prepare well and read hard. I
will do all it takes to make sure you get job. Infact,
I'm assuring you that you would be employed.
ME: ok pal, thanks so much. how does the test
questions looked like? And what are the areas I
should practice on?.
TOSIN: we will talk about that later on whatsapp.
ME: ok.
I couldn't hide my happiness even without getting the
job yet. I was so happy throughout that day. Even at
work, my colleague observed it that something is
really happening to me.
I didn't bother to make any background check on the
so called company. All my mind was just on the 120k
salary. I stopped at segun's house after the work to
break the news of my interview message to him. He
was so happy about it and he helped me with few
interview tips from his interview experiences.
On Wednesday, I made an enquires on how much it
would cost me to get to niger state and return to
akure. I was told I would need like 15,000 minus
transportation because I would get to abuja first
before getting to niger state. I checked everything on
me and all I had was 5,000. I went to meet segun for
assistance and he also helped me with 5k because
he was broke at that moment. The problem now is
how to get the remaining 5k.
I called tosin to inform him about my financial
constraint and he told me that he just sent the last
65k on him to his parents. He told me to find a
means of getting the money to come down there and
he assured me that he would make sure he helped
me in getting the job. I then remembered I have a
friend in abuja named samson. The first and the last
time I visited abuja was during my 400level at the
university when samson's sister was getting married.
Samson was my neighbour and also a friend then so I
attended the wedding.
I tried dialling Samson's number but the number was
not available. I couldn't reach samson through phone
but I could still remember the road to his family
house in abuja where we lodged during his sister's
wedding 4 years ago.
I converse with segun about how my trip will look like
as it is my first time visiting niger state and also I
don't have sufficient money. He told me to leave
akure on thursday and board a bus to abuja and then
to niger state from abuja. And after the test, I should
return to abuja and trace my friend I told him about
and get some money from him. And to be on the
safer side, he said he will find a means of getting
money and send to me latest on saturday incase I
couldn't get any help in abuja. I shook hands with
him and hugged him. Segun is really a brother from
another mother.

I took 2 days off for thursday and friday from my
work place earlier on that tuesday . I arranged all my
original credentials in a file bag, and I took a cross
bag (campus bag) containing 2 shirts, boxers, cream
and my cards with me. The file bag couldn't enter
the campus back so I held it on my hand.
I went straight to the abuja park at around 9am. At
the row where I was sitting, we were two. A woman
at the other extreme side, followed by me. After
about 10minutes, a very pretty and fair lady join us
on the seat to complete the row. I fall in love with
the scents of her perfume instantly. Her pink top was
revealing the upper part of her breasts. Her lips was
red and tempting. In short, I forgot about my mission
and I was so lost into my new seat-mate.
Few minutes later. The bus took off. I paid for my
T.fare and I had 9,000 left with me. I forgot about my
worries and I was thinking of how to initiate a chat
with my new seat-mate. Each time I try to talk to
her, I always got scared and I would keep quiet.
After about 1 hour into the journey. I took the
courage to initiate a chat with her by asking her
"what says the time?". She replied me with a smile
and the chemistry began to flow. One thing led to
another, we got along in the bus as we were chatting
and talking all through.
When we got to the highway where snacks were
been sold. I bought 4 galas and 2 can drinks out of
my remaining 9k and we shared it. "Chai onihaxy, if
women no kill you, you go leave long". She
appreciated the snacks and we continue chatting
until she fell asleep. I offered her my shoulder to lean
her head on which she doesn't mind.
As she placed her head on my shoulder, her
compressed breasts were pressing on my chest and I
began to have "hard-on". I placed my hands on her
back and began to caress her but she didn't respond,
I guess she was so deep into sleep. When she woke
up, we continued with our chats and discussions.
Soon, we arrived at abuja at about 4pm and we
alighted from the bus. I wanted to ask for her
number but I was scared to do so. She left me at the
park and took cab from there. "Chai, I don miss my
friend the event planner, he for don ginger me".
I left the park in disappointment and I asked people
around for where to get bus going to minna. I was
directed to somewhere and I went there. I found a
bus and arrived at minna at late in the night. I called
tosin and he came to pick me up.
We got to his house and I was surprised at what I
saw. My apartment in akure was ok than what I saw
here despite my little salary. I wanted to ask him
questions but I was so tired due to the journey. I just
ate dinner and slept off.

I woke very early the next morning. Tosin had woke
up earlier to prepare bathing water and also
breakfast. I tried asking him about his work and why
he wasn't living in a more decent accommodation
despite his huge income. He told me he was
investing into a project, and also sending money to
his family and that's why he couldn't afford to get a
better apartment. I said "ok". I tried asking him about
how the test would look like and also trying to get
more details about the job. Tosin began to beat
around the bush and not giving me a straight answer.
He gave me an address and told me to meet him at
work because he wanted to leave earlier. He left me
at home and left while I was reading my GMAT and
preparing hard for the test.
The test was scheduled for 10am so I left the house
around 9am. On getting to the venue, I saw a lot of
people dressed up in quality and expensive suits and
I got scared. "Would I be employed out of this
multitude?". I called tosin to inform him of my
presence and he told me to calm down and be
prepared. I tried looking around but I couldn't find any
signboard for the company.
At 9:40, we were called to come inside and fill an
attendance form. The staffs I saw were looking so
poor and I could see the poor quality of what they
are wearing. I got amazed because I never expected
such from a company paying 120k per month. I
ignored my observation and proceeded to a mini hall
provided for the exams to be written. I sat down with
the pool of applicants.
At about 10:25 am. Someone came inside the hall
with question papers and he was distributing it to us
and he told us we have just 30 minutes to answer
the questions. On seeing the paper, I was shocked.
All the questions been asked were all based on
health, diets and nutrition. "Could this be GNLD?" I
asked. Well, I answered the question and then submit
it along side with others.
Then tosin came up to the podium infront of us to
address us. I said to myself "yeah, that's my guy".
TOSIN: hi everyone
US: hi sir
TOSIN: I'm glad to announce to you that the
interview would hold today, so you should all be
US: ok
TOSIN: I'm assuring you that almost all of you will
get this job.
US: ******side talks*****
TOSIN: before you would be called for interview, let
me give you some motivations
US: thank you sir
TOsIN: do you all know that you can be as rich as
dangote and adenuga if you all believe?
US: yes sir
TOSIN: you see, the power of success and failure is
in our hands and we can either choose to be poor
and rich. You see, I was working with dangote before
i joined this firm but I wasn't fulfilled. But I can tell
you. I haven't spend up to 2 years in this firm and I
already had 2 cars.
ME: ****was so furious and angry, which 2 cars?, for
your face me I face you apartment?***** chaiii, I was
tricked into another GNLD scam sha, I just sat down
and observing with anger.
TOSIN: you see, between 2 years, this firm had
sponsored me to south africa and zambia. And this
december, I would be in london. Bla bla bla bla.
ME: ***i began to hate myself the more, I began to
consider the money, time and effort wasted, I still
kept quiet and observing.
TOSIN: but to make it with us here, it comes with a
price. You have to pay just 10,000 for licensing to be
a registered nutritionist in other to work with us . But
I assured you, you will make your money in the first
week of resumption with us.
Before tosin finished with his speech, majority of the
applicant had stood up and left. We were not up to
10 left out of the hundreds that came for the test.
No doubt, I had been tricked. This is purely GNLD.
TOSIN: if you don't have cash here, you can use your
atm card on our POS here, or you can make a deposit
with any amount on you and balance up later. I'm
assuring you that you would never regret it
If you are ready to make a change, go to the room
where our interviewers are waiting to meet you.
Tosin left the podium and went into one room and I
followed him, I tapped him at his back and he turned
around and faced me.
ME: tosin, so is this what you tricked me to come
and do?.
TOSIN: onihaxy, I never tricked you. I want you to
make it. You can't continue to be a slave to a peanut
income. That's why I invited you?.
ME: so where do you want me to get the 10k license
TOSIN: you can deposit 5k now, and I would borrow
you the rest. When you start making money, you
would return it.
ME: ****so angry****. Do you know that you are very
silly?. Infact, you are mad.
ToSIN: why all this?
ME: so you lived all this fake life?, you claim to have
2 cars when you never had a bicycle?. You claim to
earn 120k and yet, you are living in a face me I slap
you apartment?.
TOSIN: calm down.
ME: its ok, thank God I came here with all my
credentials and my belongings. Good bye
TOSIN: onihaxy, where are you going?
ME: ***yelled*** never ever in your entire life call me
again. Idiot.
I hissed on tosin as I walked out of the place. I was
so sad within me and very angry with myself. I never
believed I could be tricked into something like this. I
called segun to inform him about what happened. He
felt my pains and tried to console me. I went straight
to the park to board a bus back to abuja that same
day. On getting to abuja. I had just 2,800 left on me.
I was just convinced within me that I would meet
samson and get some money from him to return back
to akure. On getting to his house. I received the
greatest shock of my life. Samson's family no longer
lives at the address I knew and no one knows their
where about.
"Where do I go from here?"
"Where do I turn to"?
"How do I get back to akure"?
"Where will I stay this night?
I checked the time and it was past 4pm. The money
left on me couldn't take me back to akure. I was
even hungry. I don't want to return to tosin's house
as I was so angry, pissed off and furious within me.
No one knows anything about samson's family.
Samson's number isn't connecting and I don't know
else where in abuja.
I crossed my bag on my shoulder with my file bag
containing my credentials on my hand. I walked down
the road and began to wander down the street, I was
so lost in thoughts and I couldn't hear anything
around me. Suddenly, I felt a great hit from the side
as I was walking down the road and that was the last
thing I remembered..
I woke up on a white bed and opened my eyes,
looked at the whole room and it was all white. I tried
raising my leg but they were panning and was
bandaged. I looked at my hand and I saw a drip
syringe been attached to it. I looked around and
realized that I was in a hospital but no one was I d
room with me. I looked at the other side of me and I
found an empty bed. There were just 2 beds in the
"How did I get here?".
"What am I doing here"?
"Where are my bags and credentials?".
I began to ask myself questions with no one to
answer. I wanted to stand up from the bed but I felt
so much pains all over my body. I was too weak to
stand up or do anything. I looked at the wall clock
and the time was 7:30am. I just turned my head to
my left and faced the wall.
About 42 minutes later, I heard the sound of the door
and heard the sound of foot steps. "That must be the
doctor of this hospital I guess". The person was
walking closer to my bed as I was turning my head
towards the right to see whom the person was. I was
shocked to my bone and I felt like entering into the
Adebimpe!!!!!!, you!!, a nurse!!!!?
How come ??, what are you doing here . That
was the exact words that came out of my mouth as I
saw bimpe in a white overall walking closer to me.

Adebimpe was walking closer to me as I was trembling
on the bed. She was smiling at me but I never trusted
that smile as my mind was flashing back to my
previous dream about her.
ME: Adebimpe please!!!!, don't kill me please **crying**
ADEBIMPE: onihaxy calm down. I'm not killing you
ME: ***begging continues**** please don't kill me
BIMPE: **sat on a plastic chair and faced me*****
onihaxy!!, I said you should calm down. If I wanted to
kill you, I would have done that since yesterday that
you were rushed here.
ME: **suprised**, yesterday?, you mean today is
BImPE: yes, yesterday evening.
ME: what happened to me?
BIMPE: you were hit by a hit and run driver and your
phone was smashed at the same time. It was the
passers by who rushed you here and abandoned you
ME: OMG!!!
BIMPE: you have been unconscious since yesterday.
I'm happy you are awake now. Good to see you again.
ME: ***crying*** Adebimpe, please I'm so sorry for the
wrongs I did to you in the past, it wasn't me but segun.
Everything that happened was segun's plan and
BIMPE: hmmmmm, weldone. Though it really pained
me, but I have no choice than to move on. I knew you
weren't that stone-hearted. anyway and I knew that
someone actually pushed you.
ME: I'm so sorry please adebimpe.
BImPE: **smiled** its ok onihaxy
ME: so how did you get back to PH?
BIMPE: ** sighed ** I sold my phone at the park.
ME: I'm so sorry, I would buy another one for you.
BIMPE: **smiled** and you think such lies can work on
me again?
ME: I'm serious this time bimpe. I have never stopped
thinking about you since you left. Infact, I always
dream about you.
BIMPE: interesting. By the way, what are you doing in
ME: I came for a job interview in niger state and
unfortunately, the job was fake, so I decided to visit a
friend here in abuja before returning home.
Unfortunately again, he doesn't live there anymore. I
was wandering on the street before I found myself
BIMPE: eeyaah.
ME: so what about you?, how did you get to abuja?,
you told me then that you were in uniport studying bio-
chemistry. How come you became a nurse here?.
BIMPE: my dear, its a long and complicated story.
ME: please share with me
BiMPE: maybe when I'm back in the evening. I have to
go now.
ME: ok dear. Please I'm sorry for all the wrongs once
again. It wasn't me but segun.
BIMPE: hmmm. And now that I'm about to revenge,
where is the segun now to rescue you?
ME: ***shocked*** Revenge? Bimpe please!!!!!!!, don't
kill me please, don't inject me please!!!! Have mercy on
me please!!!!!! ****crying***
BiMPE: **laughed** hmmm, I never knew you are a
coward like this, now I can see the real onihaxy
without his body guard.
ME: **cry continued*** bimpe please don't kill me
BIMPE: ***moved her head closer to me and kissed
me**** onihaxy, I would back in the evening for night
shift and it would be you and I all through the night.
We would have time to discuss well by then. I have to
go now.
ME: ok
BIMPE: I will send someone to bring bread and
beverages for you so that you can have something to
eat. You must be hungry by now.
Me: yes, thanks.
Bimpe stood up from the chair, she took a file placed
at the end of the bed. She removed her biro from her
chest pocket and wrote somethings on the file which I
didn't see. She left the ward thereafter and I was left
alone on the bed. But seriously, I never trusted those
smiles on her face, I can see evil clearly beneath it.
Just like the dream I heard. She might postpone killing
me towards the night so that no one would find out.

After bimpe's departure from the ward. A doctor
came inside to check on me.
DOCTOR: hi, thank God you are awake, one of my
nurses just came to inform me that you have
regained consciousness
ME: ***pretends*** thanks sir. But what happened to
me?, how did I get here?
DOC: you were hit by a vehicle. But the driver ran
away. So the passers by brought you here yesterday.
ME: since yesterday?
DOC: yes. Don't worry, you will get better soon. Hope
you aren't feeling too much pain?
ME: just a little.
DOC: don't worry, you will be given injections that
would help to reduce the pain.
ME: *** scared*** who will inject me?
DOC: I will give you one now, and a nurse will give
you another later in the evening
Me: *****chaii, bimpe would finally inject me?, I don
die today.**** doctor please where is my phone?
DOCTOR: there was no phone on you when you were
brought here. Just a bag and a file case.
ME: where are the bag and the file?
DOCTOR: they are inside my office. You would be
given when u are discharged probably tomorrow or
monday depending on how fast you respond to
ME: thanks doctor
DOCtOR: you are welcome, the injuries are just minor
ones. Your case is just a result of shock, and that
was why you went unconscious. You would be fine
ME: ok doctor, thanks. Please can I make use of
your phone?.
DOCTOR: why not? *** dipped his hand into his white
coat and brought out a phone then handed it over to
ME: thanks.
I dialled segun's number and informed him about the
fake job, the accident, the hospital admission but I
never told him about bimpe because the doctor was
standing beside me. I begged segun to send little
money to my account on Monday morning so as to
have something to take me back to akure. He
promised to raise 5k for me. I dialled my boss'
number and informed him that I had an accident and
I won't be at work on monday. He wished me a quick
recovery. All through the period that I was making
calls. The doctor was busy writing something on a
file. When he was through. He was about to give me
an injection when a nurse arrived with bread and
sachets of beverages. The doctor asked her if I was
the one who requested for it. She replied that "No,
nurse bimpe ordered me to bring it for him".
The doctor then faced me and said.
" That was very kind of her since yesterday"
"I don't know why she took so much interest in your
"Since yesterday that you were brought here, she
never left you"
" She wasn't supposed to be on night shift yesterday
but she volunteered to stay all through the night".
" She even insisted on staying over this night also,
and its unlike her"
" Have you guys met before?".
No sir, "I replied".
"Well, its ok, I will come back to give you injection
when you are through with your meal".
The doctor and nurse left the ward. I dissolved the
beverages inside a cup and started eating the bread
and tea and I was also pondering over what the
doctor said about adebimpe.
" Could she still love me that much?"
" After all that happened?"
"Abi adebimpe wanted to deal with me silently?"
"Could she have bad intention towards me?".
20minutes later, the doctor and the nurse who
brought the food came inside. I was through with the food and the doctor injected me on the buttocks and
I slept off few moments later.
I felt a light hit on my palm. Someone was waking
me up. I opened my eyes and saw bimpe siting on
the bed at the side of my chest and smiling at me. I
checked the wall and the time was 9pm and I looked
at the side of the bed where files were always kept
and I was shocked by what I saw. An injection
syringe had already been laced on a tray which
bimpe was meant to inject me with.

ME: **** pleading***, Adebimpe. Please I'm begging
you I the name of God. Please don't inject me to
death. I knew I have wronged you in so many ways.
Adebimpe, please have mercy on me "bla bla bla"
BIMPE: onihaxy, why all this now?, I have told you
the other that if I wanted to kill you, I would have
done that since yesterday. And besides, it was the
doctor that prescribed the injection, not me.
ME: **still scared***, bimpe, are you sure I'm not
going to die?
BIMPE: I swear with my life.
ME: ok.
I turned over and bimpe injected me on my second
buttocks. She pampered me when I squeezed face a
gave me a kiss, few minutes later, we began to chat.
ME: you haven't told me how you end up becoming a
BIMpE: its a long story
ME: please summarise it.
BIMPE: actually, I was in school of nurse, rumueme
in portharcout when we met.
ME: why did you lie to me that you are in uniport?
BIMPE: I'm sorry, I used to feel inferior when I tell
people that I attend school of nurse. They used to
respect uniport undergraduate than us.
ME: but the respect won't change the price of garri,
you should just be yourself. Even this days, the
nurses are better off than some degree holders
interms of respect and job.
BIMPE: I'm sorry.
ME: its ok.
Bimpe leaned forward and rest on my chest. I was
feeling pains as her weight was on me but konji
wouldn't let me talk.
She began to rub my hair as I placed my hand on her
back. She caressed my face and began to play with
my lips, my dick was resurrecting gradually and
somehow, I wasn't feeling my pains like before again.
"Chaiii, this must be a sexual healing".
Bimpe locked her lips into mine and began to kiss
me. My dick was resurrecting the more as I was
busy searching for her zip while rubbing her back. I
finally found the zip and I was about to pull it down
when a voice came from the corridors of the ward.
"Nurse bimpe!!!!!, where are you?".
I am in ward 6 "bimpe replied".
Bimpe repackaged herself instantly and sat down on
the plastic chair beside the bed. The nurse who
brought food for me the other time entered.
"Nurse bimpe, please come over, I need your help"
" What is it?"
"Just come please!!"
She held bimpe's hand and dragged her outside.
Bimpe faced me and said "I would be back soon" as
she was going out of the room with the other nurse.
I was alone in the room with contradicting thoughts. I
was thinking on one hand that bimpe appeared to be
nice and meant no harm. On the other side, I was
thinking that bimpe may be trying to play nice so that
I would be relaxed before she harm me.
About an hour and 15 minutes later, bimpe entered
the ward where I was and she locked the door from
behind through the lock screw. She walked towards
me and sat on the bed.
ME: what happened?, hope no problem?.
BIMPE: not really, a woman was about to deliver and
was rushed to this hospital few moments ago, so she
called me to assist her in the delivery as the doctor
isn't around.
ME: where is the doctor?
BiMPE: he had gone home.
ME: ok, has she delivered?
BIMPE: yes, a baby girl
ME: waooh. That's cool. ****placed my hand on her
laps****. So as I was saying....
BiMpE: what?
ME: why did you settle in abuja and not portharcout?
BIMPE: hmmmmmmm, after finishing from nursing
school, someone who knows the owner of this
hospital linked me up with him. That was how I got
ME: ok, I guess you don't want to stay in PH?
BIMPE: not really, abuja hospitals pay higher than
ME: hmmmmmmmmmmm
BIMpE: **raised eye brow*** what?
ME: nothing. How is your boyfriend?.
BIMPE: he is fine.
ME: is it the same guy?
BIMPE: who?
ME: swordman
BiMPE: no
ME: so who is he?
BiMPE: forget about that. So how is your new girl?
ME: I haven't been into another relationship
BIMPE: **hissed*** story for the Gods. You don't
have to keep lieing to me. It doesn't work anymore.
ME: adebimpe, I am serious
BIMPE: **yinmu** clap for yourself.
ME: ok ooooo,
I pulled adebimpe closer and I made her head to rest
on my chest. Adebimpe began to rub my hairs again
and my dick began to re-resurrect. **chaii, konji is a
pure ba$tard** I wasn't feeling any pains again at
that moment. She took her hands down to my ears
and its was getting me more exited.
I held her head, twisted it and made it to face me
and then I arrested her lips with mine and we began
to kiss. The kiss began to get passionate and our
hands began movements. She was moaning softly
and pressing my head toward her mouth as my own
hands was busy searching for the zip on her white
When I finally found it, I was pulling it down gradually
as the kiss was getting hotter. I managed to pull it
down to the end of the zip and my hands discovered
that adebimpe was wearing only bra and a low waist
pant. No singlet, no tights.
***chai, na now I believed that nurses can be sluty
atimes, no wonder their pants lining always appear on
their a$$ at the back of their dress****

My hand finds its way into bimpe's bra and I was
squeezing the breasst and tapping the Tips as bimpe
was moaning silently. She pushed her chest
backward a bit to reduce the weight on me and also
give space for her to unbutton my shirt. She was
loosening the button one after the other from the top
to down as I was manipulating her breasts and
squeezing her ass simultaneously. This time, I felt
zero pain all over me, it was as if the pains went on
We found ourselves lieing side by side beside each
other on the tiny hospital bed. I was manipulating her
breast which I popped out of her bra as we were still
kissing. I was having only my boxers left on me and
bimpe was having her bra and her low waist pants
on. Her white dress had travelled to the floor while
her head attire had disappeared to the side of the
bed and her previously well packed braids had
Adebimpe began to work her hands downward on me
and I was also doing the same thing on her chest.
She dipped her hands into my boxers and began to
stroke my dick as I also dipped my hands inside her
pants and located her clits with my finger. She was
stroking it hard and my finger was also going inside
and coming out of her punny hole at the same time.
We were both moaning silently so as not to alert the
patients and people in other wards.
At a time, bimpe pause stroking my dick stood up
from the bed and removed her phone from her dress
which was on the floor. She puts on some foreign
"blues" song and increased the volume a bit while
she placed it on the side of the bed. I instantly got
the message "she wants to moan louder with no
disturbance". She came back to the bed and we both
continued from where we stopped. Adebimpe
increased her moaning and it rhyme with the tempo
of the background music. We continued this until I
felt some fluid poured on my fingers which flows
down to my palm, "adebimpe don cum". She let out a
heavy moan as she kissed me afterwards.
Adebimpe removed her hand from my boxers, and turned around to back me in a "spooning style" with
her bra and pants still on her. She removed my hand
from her back and placed it on her waist as she
stretched her left hand upwards to cuddle and tickle
my hairs.
I was confused for about 2 minutes on what to do
next. I don't have a condom on me, bimpe looks tired
and would sleep off any moment from now, my dick
was still erect and strong, and my konji spirit wants
to Bleep that night. I was totally confused.
I just placed my hands on her breast still popped out
of her bra and started manipulating again. I was just
doing it to console myself but I never knew I was
getting bimpe aroused again. She began to moan
again and was getting uncomfortable on the bed. I
noticed this and I decided to move the hand down to
her abdomen and insert the hands into her pants and
commenced finger bleeping again. She was moaning
as the music was still playing in the background.
Bimpe stretched her hand to the back and started
manipulating my dick from the boxers. At this time,
the demon of konji had totally possessed me and all
my thoughts was "Bleep Bleep Bleep!!!". The thoughts
of condom suddenly disappeared from my mind.
I removed my hands in her punny from the front, I
took it to the back of her pants, I shoved the pants
sideways and continued finger fuccking bimpe. She
was so much enjoying it that she tilted forward a bit
a pushed her left lap forward for easy access. I was
doing this and she was still stroking my dick through
the boxers.
Suddenly, she dipped hands into my boxers and
began to pull and draw my dick close to her a$$. At
first, I was confused about the message. But few
moments later when she realised I wasn't getting the
sermon, she drew nearer to me by pushing her a$$
backwards and pressing it on my erected dick. This
period, the demon of konji had possessed me 100%
and it seems like I would die the next minute if I
didn't Bleep that night. Honestly, bimpe used to be
naughty when we first met back then in akure. But
during this time in abuja, her naughtiness had
increased 80% from the way I saw her that night.
Again, I believed what people say that nurses are
hotter when it comes to sex. Where they got the
skills from, only God knows. Instantly, I forgot
condom, forgot about the risks involved, I forgot that
I was suspecting bimpe to be a silent killer and I
pressed her ass forward and gently slide my dick into
her punny hole from behind as we are positioned in a
"spooning style".

Adebimpe rolled the bedsheet over to one side of the
bed as I held bimpe's ass and pressed it forward with
one hand and placed the other hand on the wall for
support as I was using all my reserved forces to pump
in and out of her from behind. The hospital bed was
shaking and making a sound as we were "spooning"
each other. After about 4 minutes, I felt so weak to do
the pumping, I just left the dick still erected inside her
punny and I was breathing heavily. I guess bimpe
noticed it but she wasn't satisfied yet.
She decided to do the job by herself and she began to
push her ass to the back and pull it to the front while I
remain stiff on the bed like log of wood. "Chai!!!, my
own adebimpe don upgrade patapata, only God knows
where she got the latest skills from". After few
moments of adebimpe bleeping me. I cummed and felt
totally weak. I cuddled her while we were still on the
same sleeping position till I slept off around 1am.
I woke up in the morning at around 7:35am, I looked at
my side and couldn't find bimpe. My boxers was
properly fitted on me and the bedsheet had been rolled
back to its original position with no stains. I felt a kind
of pain and weakness as I was trying to stand up from
the bed. I managed to sit up on the bed for the first
time and I looked around in a clueless manner.
"Today must be sunday" as I was hearing a worship
song from nearby gathering.
At about 8am. Adebimpe came inside and greeted me
as she sat on the plastic chair. Her face was so
innocent as if nothing happened
ME: when did you disappeared?
BIMPE: **smiled** very early this morning.
ME: ok, pls can you help me with a toot brush and
BiMPE: ok, no problem. I will order someone to get it
bring it for you. I have to go home now.
ME: **raised eyebrow** home? But why?
BIMPE: I am going to church and I also have things to
do at home when I'm back from church.
ME: are you still coming today?
BIMPE: no, till monday.
ME: huuuuuh, eyah. I will miss you
BIMPE: **smiled** don't worry, the doctor would be
here by 2pm today. So he will check on you.
ME: hmmmm hmmmm, ermmm erhmmm
BIMPE: what do you want to say?, feel free to talk.
ME: when will I follow you to know your house.
BiMPE: **smiled**, that will be impossible,
ME: but why?
BiMPE: I'm living with my boyfriend.
ME: ***felt disappointed and my mood changed
immediately*** your boyfriend?
BIMPE: yes, my boyfriend. Any problem with that?
ME: not really, but just that you aren't married yet, you
shouldn't be living with a guy you aren't married to yet,
BIMPE: that's none of your business sir. Not all guys
are wicked and heartless.
ME: bimpe haba, but I have begged you and
apologised, why are you still saying all these?
BIMPE: did I mention any name?
ME: you don't need to mention any name, I already
know you are referring to me.
BIMpE: na you sabi.
ME: anyways, thanks for forgiving me and thanks for
been nice to me irrespective of my wrongs.
BiMPE: **smiled**, I only forgive but I never forgot.
You will definitely pay in a hard way, but not today.
ME: bimpe haba!!!, I said I'm sorry.
BImPe: **stood up from the chair** onihaxy, I have to
leave now. See you on monday.
Bimpe left the ward, I was there thinking of what
bimpe said about me paying in a hard way. Few
moments later, a nurse came in with a sachet close up,
new toothbrush, cornflakes, sachet of milk, and she
told me that nurse bimpe told her to give them to me.
The nurse left the ward and I began to think about
bimpe again. "But this girl had been acting nice, what
is it about paying in a hard way again?, abi na just
empty threat?

After brushing my teeth, I took the cornflakes and
relaxed on the bed until the doctor came into the ward
at around 2pm.
ME: I doctor
DOCTOR: hi, how are you feeling now?
ME: getting better.
DOCTOR: have you eaten? And what?
ME: I took cornflakes
DOCTOR: ok, I'm asking because I have to give you an
ME: haaaaa.
DOCtOR: its just two injections.
ME: ok sir, thank you.
DOCTOR: you are welcome, you will be discharged
tomorrow morning to go home and continue your
treatments on drugs.
ME: ok sir, thanks.
DoCtOR: alright.
ME: but sir, how much is my bill?, hope I am not
oweing too much money?
DOCTOR: **smiled**, you don't have to pay anything.
The good samaritan who brought you here already paid
the bills.
ME: ** surprised **, oooooh. I'm so grateful to him,
please where does he live and can I have his number
DOCTOR: unfortunately, he didn't tell us his address
neither did he dropped his number.
ME: eeeeyaah. Doctor, please I need a favour from
DOCTOR: what is that?
ME: please, a friend wanted to send money to me
tomorrow morning. So please, you will help me to pick
my ATM card from my bag, I want to send one of your
nurses to the ATM to help me make some withdrawals.
DOCTOR: that's not a problem,
ME: and please one more favour?,
DOCTOR: what is that?
ME: I will make use of your phone to call the person.
DOCTOR: no problem. When you want it, let me know.
ME: ok sir.
The doctor turned me over and inject me. He called on
a nurse to attend to the bandage on my leg. It was
removed and replace with a plaster. I felt a kinda relieve on the leg compared to the first time I woke up
on the hospital bed.
******fast forward******************
When it was monday morning, I called segun with the
doctor's phone to remind him about the money he
promised to send. He told me he would send it by
10am and he would call me via the doctor's number
after the transaction. I still couldn't tell him about
adebimpe because the doctor was still standing beside
At 10:12am, segun called and the phone was brought
to me by the doctor. he inform me that he had sent
the money and he got a "successful transaction"
receipt from the counter. I thanked him and I told the
doctor to help me with my ATM card and help to send
a nurse to make withdraw from my account. I wrote my
pin for him and he left.
Not quite long after the doctor's departure. Adebimpe
entered the ward and we had a little gist.
ME: hi bimpe.
BiMPE: ***smiled**. Hi, I heard you would be
discharged any moment from now.
ME: I have been discharged already, I was waiting for
the person I sent on an errand.
BiMPE: what errand?
ME: I told the doctor to send a nurse to help me with a
BIMPE: why can't you send me?. I guess you didn't
trust me abi?
ME: not like that bimpe, I don't want the doctor to
know that we knew each other, he had been
suspecting already.
BIMPE: **laughed**, suspect what ?
ME: that we must have met before or probably having
emotional attachment together.
BiMPE: how did you know?
ME: he talked about how you have been staying around
me and caring for me since the day I was brought here.
He said its unlike you and this is the first time of
seeing you in such attitude. So I thought of it that if he
finds out that we are acquaintance, it might affect your
job or probably restrict you from me.
BiMPE: hmmmmmmmm. What about you special
adviser on crime affairs?, have you told him about me?
ME: who is that?
BiMPE: your friend.
ME: you mean segun?
BiMPE: yes
ME: **laughed***, no, I didn't tell him anything, how
will I do that when I don't have a phone?
BImPE: but you have been using the doctor's phone?
ME: ** surprised ** how did you know?
BIMPE: forget story abeg.
ME: nawa ooooo,
BiMPE: my regards to him when you see him
ME: **smiled** he won't believe me if I told him I met
BIMpE: why?,
ME: just don't know. But I just guess he won't believe.
BiMPE: whatever!!!
ME: thanks for all the care bimpe, thanks for been nice
to me since the day I was brought here.
BiMPE: its ok, but that won't stop me from taking
ME: haba bimpe!!, sebi I have begged you.
BImPE: I told you I have forgave you. But you will
definitely pay in a hard way that even you super hero
friend won't be there to rescue you.
ME:**confused** haaaaa bimpe, you have injected me
with a "time poison"?
BIMPE: **smiled** no, I won't do such
ME: haaaaa!!!, you gave me Hiv / Aids abi? **sad
BIMPE: you dey craze. Why will I do such?. I'm clean
and free.
ME: **curious** then how will I pay?
BIMPE: even me, I don't know, but I'm just certain that
you will pay. It might be years time.
ME: ***Ode, na empty threats you just dey issue*** I'm
sorry bimpe.
BiMPE: I hear. We will definitely meet again in a battle
field with no referee.
ME: **yinmu** hmmmmm. Please can I have your new
BIMPE: don't worry, tell me you own number, I will call
ME: but I don't have a phone at the moment
BIMPE: won't you retrieve the line?
ME: ok, are you sure you will call me?
BIMPE: sure
ME: ok. 080************
BIMPE: **pressing her phone and saving the
number*** ok.
Bimpe left, the nurse who was sent arrived with the
money, my bag and file case was given to me and a
cab was arranged to take me to the park where I took
a bus going back to akure. Little did I know that I'm IN
for a dangerous return of Adebimpe

I got back to my home in akure in the evening and I
was so tired and weak. The news of my accident had
reached my neighbours and I guessed it was the
handiwork of segun. I was greeted on after the other
by everyone in my neighbourhood. "E kpele ooo, erora
oooo, sorry oooo, oluwaseun ooo pe emi yin wa laye
oooooo....." Was coming from left to right as I
dropped from the bike that stopped infront of my
house and walking inside the house .
I begged one of my neighbours to borrow me her
phone and I used it to call segun to inform him that
I'm around. He told me he would be in my house right
I opened the door of my room. I dropped my cross-
bag on the bed and my credentials file on the
wardrobe where I used to placed it. I was so hungry
and I called on one of my neighbour's daughter and I
gave her 300naira to buy food for me from "mama
biliki" who owns a local canteen beside my house.
she returned with a plate of rice, 2 meets and
50naira change. I gave her the change to keep it and
she went away. I was eating my food when I heard a
knock on my door.
ME: who is that?
VOIcE FROM OUTSIDE: its segun.
ME: ok ***i stood up to open the door from behind
and we both hugged each other and returned inside
the room***
SEGE: padi mi. Thank God for your life oooo. Na so
we for dey do candle night for you here in akure
ME: you no well. But I thank God sha. Are you the
one that informed my neighbours about my accident?
SEGE: yeah. The day you called me, I met mama
iyabo on my way to my house and I informed her
when she asked about you.
ME: I thought as much. But that mama iyabo no dey
try oooo
SEGE: how?
ME: she too dey talk and do gbeborun. You can't
believe almost everyone on this street had already
heard about the accident.
SEGE: eeyah, and na only her I tell ooo. I for no tell
her anything sef, but she asked about you that you
have been absent at home since thursday. That was
when I told her that you had a minor accident in
ME: its alright sha. Na her own wahala be dat.
SEGE: wey your phone?, wetin do am?
ME: it was smashed by the car that hit me.
SEGE: eeeyah. May thunder fire that guy wey call you
for fake job. Wetin be him name sef?
ME: tosin
SEGE: but why would someone be telling that kind of
lies ehn?
ME: I tire oooo.
SEGE: even if you must work for GNLD, sebi dem
plenty for this akure, why he no kukuma tell you to
join them here instead of deceiving you to come over
to niger state?. That place far oooo.
Me: na so I see am too my brother. Na desperation
to earn 120k per month cause am.
SEGE: what about the guy you said he stays in abuja
that you told me about?
ME: his family doesn't live there anymore and no one
knew his new address. Sebi that was what I was
thinking about that made me lost concentration
before I got hit by a car.
SEGE: eeyah. Pele, who now took you to hospital?.
ME: the doctor said it was a passer's by
SEgE: really?
ME: yeah, he even paid the bills.
SEGE: hope you have called the person to appreciate
him sha.
ME: he didn't drop his number nor his address.
SEGE: may God reward him and bless him abundantly
wherever he may be.
ME: amen and you too, thanks for been there for me.
SeGE: haba, no mention jaree, what are we friends
for?. Hope you were treated well at the hospital sha?
ME: yeah. That reminds me. Guess what?
SEGE: what?
ME: I met bimpe at the hospital
SEGE: bim!!! What!!!, you mean the same bimpe?
ME: yeah. Same adebimpe in portharcout.
SEGE: how come?, was she there for an abortion?

ME: ***laughs out loud***. You no well ooo segun. Se
na only abortion you fit reason?
SEGE: before nko?, no be runs girl she be?. Abeg
knack me the gist jaree.
ME: well actually according to the doctor. I was
unconscious as a result of the accident and couldn't
wake up until the second day.
SEGE: ***sits down properly*** ehn ehn?
ME: when I woke up. Bimpe was the first person I
set my eyes on. She was wearing a white nurse
outfit, just like the dream I told you about.
SEGE: are you sure you aren't dreaming at that time
ME: at first I thought it was a dream. But later, I
found out that it was a reality. The colour of the
room, the bed, everything just looked like the dream.
The only difference was that, my legs and hands
were not tied and bimpe wasn't holding a gun.
SEGE: this is serious!!!
ME: according to the doctor, she was the one who
stood my me from the moment I was rushed in and
all through the night.
SEGE: but wait ooo, sebi you said she was a uniport
student that year na,. How come she now works as a
nurse?. I don't get it.
ME: me too, I was confused. But she later told me
that she was actually in a school of nurse when we
met. She just decided to lie due to inferiority
SEGE: o ga oooo, then how did she got to abuja. Abi
na aristo she do reach there?
ME: segun!!!, you just hate this girl sha. Haba!!!!
SEGE: answer my question abeg. Bimpe's maga.
ME: anyways, she said someone linked her with the
hospital owner from PH.
SEGE: so how did she get home from akure the other
day?. Abi she offered free punny to the driver and
ME: no ooo, she said she sold her phone at the park.
SEGE: eyah. Make she pele oooo. Hope she no inject
you sha?
ME: **smiled**, actually she did. Twice
SEGE: **screamed*** haaaaaaaaaa!!!!!. Onihaxy!!, you
don die.
ME: she said she can't kill me. That if she wanted to
do so, it would have happened when I was
SEGE: are you sure?
ME: yes. She was even the one who provided all the
food I ate all through.
SEGE: you mean she took you to her house to feed
ME: no, it was in the hospital. She never allowed me
to know her house.
SEGE: why?
ME: she said she was living couple's life with her
new boyfriend. So she doesn't want any trouble.
SEGE: SMH for her. Na Bleep go kill that girl. So na
abuja dick she dey Bleep now?.
ME: **smiled** we actually had sex sha
SEGE: haaaa onihaxy!!, tell me its a lie. You wey get
ME: I'm serious. It happened on saturday/sunday
SEGE: ***oremi wa gbayi** that one sef dey. Na
where you come see condom?
ME: *** I wanted to say the truth but I lied*** she
brought it herself.
SEGE: hmmm, she self don miss your stick be that. I
no blame her sha. She Bleep you on hospital bed with
your condition?.
ME: yes
SEGE: sebi I tell you say na girl na runz girl and
ashawo. She fit Bleep ontop a moving okada. And
now wey she don turn to nurse. Na all the male
patients she for don Bleep finish. And even the
doctors sef.
ME: hmmmm. Segun!!!, you and this your bad mouth
on bimpe.
SEGE: I no lie now. Thank God say you use condom, I
for congratulate you on hiv/aids acquisition.
ME: aids kee??** my heart began to beat fast***
SEGE: yes na. I'm very sure say that girl na carrier.
ME: hmmmmmmm
SEGE: do you have her number, so that I can call her
to thank her.
ME: she didn't give me her number.
SEGE: why na?
ME: I don't know the reason why oo.
SEGE: then I'm suspecting she has a hidden mission
and agenda.
ME: yeah that reminds me. She issued a threat.
SEGE: that what?
ME: that she only forgives, but never forgot. She said
I would pay in a hard way. But not today.
SEGE: hmmmmm, I dey suspect that babe sha. But
no worry, na mouth she get. She no fit do anything.
Since she no inject you with poison, nothing fit
happen to you.
Segun and I had gist until he left for his house.
Two months went by, I had retrieved my line, I
resumed my delivery job in akure and I haven't gotten
any single call from adebimpe. At a time, I couldn't
hold it any longer , I had to inform segun to ask if he
saved the doctor's number I used in calling him when
I was hospitalised. I was glad he did. I dialled the
doctor's number.
ME: hello doctor.
DOC: hi, who am I speaking with please?
ME: onihaxy
DOC: from where?
ME: I was the one who was admitted at your hospital
in abuja 2 months ago when I was hit by a car and a
passer by brought me to your clinic.
DOC: well, we used to have many similar patient,
can't really remember, and how may I help you by
the way?.
ME: I was the guy who used your phone to call a
friend to send money to me. And your nurse helped
me to withdraw it.
DOC: ooook, now I remember. The guy whose phone
was also smashed right?
ME: yes sir
DOC: How are you?
ME: I'm fine sir. I just want to thank you for the
other day. I should have called you all this while, but
its not long that I retrieved my line.
DOC: its ok. Hope you are good?
ME: I'm fine sir. How about this nurse that was so
nice to me, remind me of her name sir.
DOC: you mean nurse bimpe?.
ME: yes.
DOC: well, she had resigned two weeks after you
were discharged. I guess she got another offer in
another hospital outside abuja.
ME: ****shocked!!!!, resign ?**** ok sir, do you have
her contacts sir, I would like to greet her personally.
DOC: well, her number which I used to have had been
unreachable for close to 3 weeks now. I guess she
had changed her line.
ME: ok sir, thanks. ****hanged up****.
I sat down at my office and worried. What could be
going on?.
"Bimpe resigned?"
"Her number isn't reachable?"
"And she hasn't called me?"
"Or is she a ghost?"
"Or na akudaya she be?".
***Chaiii, onihaxy!!!, you don enter am ooooo. Na
ghost I Bleep oooooo, I don die******* I became
uncomfortable and restless.

I was so scared and worried about adebimpe's
silence and sudden disappearance. I couldn't hold it
anymore and I have no choice than to open up to the
only best friend I have on the following weekend
when we met at his house.
ME: sege, fear dey catch me oooo
SEGE: wetin happen?
ME: na bimpe matter
SEGE: you and this bimpe!!, haba onihaxy??, abi na
blood covenant dey between the two of you?,
ME: you won't understand jaree.
SEGE: all the time "you won't understand". Then
when exactly will I understand?
ME: *** serious look*** ok, this is why I'm worried
SEGE: **re-adjusted sitting position**. Ok I'm
ME: at first, she had disappeared for like over 2
years, now we met at the hospital and she acted so
nice to me.
SEGE: so?
ME: but she refused to give me her number, she
refused to call me, she didn't let me know her house
address, and now I was told that she had resigned
from the hospital 2 weeks after I left abuja.
SEGE: how did you know she resigned.
ME: I asked the doctor when I called him.
SEGE: so you still dey ask of bimpe from the doctor?.
You no well ooo.
ME: you won't understand sha.
SEGE: so why are you really worried?
ME: bimpe might be a ghost or "akudaya". Who
knows, maybe she was dead before.
SEGE: chaiiii, onihaxy, you too funny sha.
ME: and you know we had sex.
SEGE: and so?, sebi you used condom?, see, as long
as sperm no enter her punny, nothing go happen. If
anything wan happen spiritually, na through sperm e
dey take happen.
ME: ***deep breath***, segun, let me be sincere, I
didn't use condom.
SEGE: haaaaa!!!!!!!, onihaxy!!!!!, you sha wan kill
yourself ontop 5minutes enjoyment?.
ME: segun, I'm scared.
SEGE: sebi clinic dey down the street?
ME: yes,
SEGE: oya stand up, we dey go do test.
Segun cajoled me and forced me to follow him to the
clinic. I was so scared because it was my first time
of doing HIV test.
We got to the hospital and we were directed to the
right center within the clinic. I paid 1,000 at the
reception, I met a lot of people there, pretty looking
ladies in various complexions. some were doing
meeting, some were queueing for drug, some were
been counselled. I got scared the more and my heart
almost burst out of my chest as I began to imagine
what would happen when these same girls get out of
the clinic to have raw sex with guys.
The doctor who wanted to attend to me counselled
me first about hiv. She told me that it is not the end
of the world incase I come out positive, she
continued the sweet talk but my mind wasn't in all
her talks. She proceeded in taking my blood samples
after I filled a form. I was with her in the room and
segun was sitting at the reception. After obtaining
the samples, she told me to return in the evening of
the second day. We left the hospital with my heart so
burdened.** Chai!!, HIV itself isn't the killer, but the
fear of having it***.
On the evening of the second day. I stopped at
segun's house and we went together to the hospital
for the result. Segun waited for me again at the
reception while I went to meet the doctor myself. I
told her my name and she began to search through
the envelope and after a moment of searching. She
brought out the envelope but refused to give it to
me, instead, she started counselling me again. And
this time, my heart was beating faster as the sermon
was more lengthy than that of the previous day

After the long sermon.............
DOC: ***hand over an envelope to me*** here is your
ME: **** sweat was flowing down from my head to
my neck.*** what does the result says?
DOC: you are HIV negative.
ME: ****screamed**** praise God, I opened the
result to see for myself and I found it to be truly
DOC: like I said, you just have to be careful. You are
negative today, what about tomorrow?. So please.
Use condom if must have sex, never share needle or
sharp objects bla...bla...bla...
ME: I jumped up and ran out of the office with a
heart filled with joy. I was so happy as I approached
segun and showed him the result. We were chating
as we walked down to road back to his house.
ME: sege, you need to know how joyous I am.
SEGE: thank God say you dey negative sha.
ME: oluwaseun
SEGE: even if you have STD, that one is still better
and its curable.
ME: STD?, why didn't you tell me earlier so that I can
do the test altogether, or should we go back to the
SEGE: No, e no need. That one na small thing. I will
recommend a herbal mixture for you. The thing dey
flush any infection wey dey body. And e dey also give
horse power and boost stamina when you wan Bleep.
ME: hmmmmm. Segun sege!!!!
SEGE: na me be that jaree.
ME: but segun, I'm still worried.
SEGE: what is it again?
ME: remember I told you that adebimpe threatened
to pay me back in hard way?
SEGE: "abegi forget.", there is nothing she can do.
ME: you think so?
SEGE: yes. Since you don escape from HIV, and you
no die since you return from her hospital, and your
joystick never disappear, "fokanbale", nothing go
ME: if you say so sha. But me sha dey fear sha.
SEGE: relax abeg, nothing go happen.
Segun and I continued discussing until we reach his
house. There was light and we decided to play
winning eleven on his laptop before I returned back
to my house.
On getting home and opening the door of my room. I
dropped my phone on my bed and began to thank
God for scaling me through the Hiv test. I began to
confess my sins and I vowed never to have
unprotected sex again. While I was still in the mood
of joy, a text entered my phone. I picked it and open,
behold, I was surprised at the content of the

I picked the phone and checked the message. It was
a text from my uncle in Ado-ekiti, telling me that the
job we earlier discussed about had clicked, and he
told me to call him.
I was so happy and joyous as I kept screaming
"halleluyah" in my room. I was the happiest man on
earth that night. I checked my account balance but
didn't have sufficient airtime,
Thank God my neighbour "mama iyabo" the gossiper
sells airtime. I went to knock on the door of her room
that night at around 9pm to purchase airtime. I
recharged my phone and dialled my uncle's number.
ME: hello sir,
UNCLE: "bawo ni" onihaxy
ME: I'm fine sir. I got your message
UNCLE: yes, did you remember that mega
supermarket I told you about?
ME: yes sir
UNCLE: the one at Ado ekiti where I submitted your
CV 3 months ago and I said it was owned by my
ME: yes sir.
UNCLE: well, the manager there just resigned
because he got a job with an oil company.
ME: ok sir
UNCLE: so I have begged and discuss with my boss
that I want my son to work with him. He said you
should come this friday for an interview.
ME: uncle, what about test? Will there be no test
before the interview?
UNCLE: I'm telling you that I have perfected
everything, you are talking about test. Abeg, just
come with your original credentials and also make
photocopies. I can assure you that you will get the
job. I can guarantee that one.
ME: uncle, thank you so much. I'm forever grateful to
UNCLE: ignore that. What are we families for?. Ever
since the death of your father who is my elder
brother, I have vowed to be with you and stand by
you like a father for you, so its my responsibility.
ME: ***sobbing on remembrance of my late dad***
thank you sir.
UNCLE: my boss said he needed someone who is
good on computer so I told him you have certificate
in Oracle and Java aside your and NYSC
discharge certificate.
ME: yes I have them, thank you so much sir.
UNCLE: so, just prepare well for the interview, and
according to my investigation, the previous manager
earns 85,000 per month. And I'm sure there would be
some other stipends and underground looting aside his basic salary. So if you are smart of which I
believe you are, you would make close to 150k per
ME: thank you sir.
UnCLE: but please, don't disappoint me and don't put
me to trouble when you get the job please. Anyways,
I trust you .
ME: thank you sir, I would be at Ado on thursday
evening sir.
UNCLE: alright, no problem. Bye
ME: bye ***hanged up****
I began to sing songs of praises to almighty God. I
was so happy even without going for the interview
"Well, today is sunday, I will make the photocopies on
tuesday" I thought to myself.
The following day which was monday, I went to work
with joy and happiness all written on my face. I went
straight to my boss to take permission to be absent
on friday. He wasn't ok with the permission but I
kept begging him that I wanted to go for a
professional exam. He told me he would deduct one
thousand naira from my salary which I replied him to
go ahead, "how much is 1k compared to 100k+ that I
would make from the first pay of my new job?".
On closing for the day, I stopped over at segun's
place to discuss the latest development with him as
it is our custom that we don't hide anything from
each other. He was happy with it and wished me
well. From segun's house, I returned home, ate my
dinner after bathroom shower and I slept off.
I woke up on tuesday morning and prepared for work.
I have gotten inside the cab before I remember that I
wanted to make photocopies of my credentials, but
time wasn't on my side as I couldn't return home to
pick my credentials file because I was almost late. I
exercised patience till I returned home after the
closure of the day.
I got home at 6:39pm on tuesday. I had stopped by
at the computer center located at the entrance of
our road and I told him to wait for me to reach home
and return back to make photocopies before he
closed for the day.
After pulling off my shoes and removing my tie. I
changed my cloths to a casual wear and picked my
palm slippers. I raised my hands up to the top of my
wardrobe to pick my credentials file before
proceeding to make photocopies.
I just thought of it that I should check inside of it to
see if I still have a copy of my C.V inside it or print
out another one from my email. Who knows?, I might
need the C.V during the interview.
I was shocked and weak as I unhook the button on
the case file to open it.
My certificate, NYSC certificate, Oracle
certificate and Java certificate were all missing. I
poured out everything on the floor to search all
through again and I still couldn't find all the four
"But all these credentials were inside this bag before
I left the GNLD office in niger state na?"
" I was so sure because I brought them out even at
the venue and then returned them inside the same
***can somebody please wake me up, this must be a

I pinched myself and I felt the pains, it was then that
I realised that I wasn't dreaming. My brain went dead
and I couldn't think of anything.
"I have to go to Ado in 2 days time"
"What do I do?"
"Could it be bimpe?"
"How can I reach her when I don't have contacts?"
"Could it had spilled off the road during the
I began to ask myself rethorical questions and there
was no one to provide answers. After few minutes of
been restless and unstable, the only person I could
think of was segun. I picked my phone, dialled his
ME: hello sege
SEGE: how far onihaxy
ME: I dey. Abeg, you help me see my credentials?
SEGE: which credentials?
ME: my, NYSC, Oracle and Java certificates.
SEGE: sebi na you dey keep your things by yourself.
ME: I couldn't find it in the file.
SEGE: haaaa. How you take do am?
ME: I don't even know. I remembered vividly that I
left niger state with the credentials because I
brought them out at the GNLD venue.
SEGE: and did you return them inside the file?
ME: offcourse I did. Everything was intact till I
reached abuja.
SEGE: have you ever checked the file since you left
bimpe's hospital?.
ME: not at all, I didn't, because I didn't have any
cause to use them until now.
SEGE: this must be bimpe's handwork
ME: our thoughts are the same. I am also suspecting
SEGE: have you found her contacts?
ME: no I haven't.
SEGE: then call the doctor and enquire about what
happened to the file during your stay in the hospital.
ME: ok pal..
I hanged up on segun. I then scrolled through the
numbers on my phone to search for the doctor's
contact. I eventually found it and I dialled but the
response from the phone was "the number you are
trying to call is switched off, please try again later".
I screamed and began to murmur to myself in my
room. "Is this how I'm going to loose this offer?".
I continued trying the doctor's number repeatedly
until 12am and I was hearing the same "switched off"
response. I cried and cried like a baby. "If truly this
is adebimpe's handwork, then its so unfair. What did I
do to deserve this?".
I opened my facebook account and began to search
for her names again. I combined so many names like
"adebimpe nurse", "adebimpe portharcout", "adebimpe
abuja" and I couldn't find her account. I couldn't
sleep over the night as my eyes were widely opened
and soaked with tears.

The next morning. I managed to go to work with a
sad mood and a frowned face, even my neighbours
noticed my mood and began to ask me questions
which I ignored. I even transferred aggression to the
cab driver that took me off from my street to work by
shouting on him and insulted him when he was
playing a fuji music on his car stereo.
I got to work and my face was still sad and looking
scary. My colleague also asked me about what
happened and I ignored them also. I brought out my
phone and continued to try the doctor's number till it
went through at around 10am.
ME: hello doctor
DOC, hello, who am I speaking with?
ME: onihaxy ***i introduced myself and he
DOC: ooook, how are you today?
ME: I'm fine sir, I tried calling you yesterday evening
but it was switched off
DOC: that's true, I was in the theatre then
ME: ok sir, please sir, I have a problem
DOC: what's that?
ME: its about my credentials. I couldn't find them
since I left your hospital.
DOC: which credentials is that?
ME: my Bsc, NYSC and some other credentials.
DOC: I remembered I handled over a file and a bag to
you when you were discharged. So which one are you
talking about?.
ME: that's true sir. But the credentials were missing.
other credentials like my waec, neco, and some
others were intact. Just the four are missing.
DOC: I don't know anything about credentials. All I
knew was that I gave you everything that was
brought here with you.
ME: sir, please. Apart from you, who also had access
or accessed the file.
DOC: nobody except one of my nurses whom I gave
the file to and I told her to look through them maybe
we could see a contact or number of someone
closed to you to call since your mobile phone wasn't
brought here with you. And immediately she was
through with it and couldn't find anything, she
returned it to me and I kept them in my office.
ME** scared*** which of your nurses sir?
DOC: and why are you asking.
ME: I just wanted to know sir, who knows, she might
have misplaced it somewhere in the hospital.
DOC: well, its nurse bimpe,
ME: ***screamed!!!!*****,
I'm doomed!!!!!!
DOC: what happened?
ME: adebimpe had killed me sir. She was the one
who took my credentials.
DOC: what are you talking about?, did you know her
somewhere before you came to my hospital?
ME: yes sir, very well sir.
DOC: but I was asking you the other time that "have
you guys met somewhere before?" And I could
remember that your response was "NO".
ME: that's true sir, but I knew her too well sir. She
was my ex-girlfriend sir.
DOC: really?
ME: yes sir, she took my results. I'm so sure of that
DOC: the nurse who was so nice to you all through
your stay in this clinic?, who fed you and stood by
you all through the nights?. I'm not sure she can do
something of such.
ME: please help me with her contacts sir. Please sir,
also help me with her address in abuja sir. I will be in
abuja tomorrow morning sir.
DOC: unfortunately, bimpe doesn't work here
anymore, her number which I used to have is no
longer reachable, and the information I heard was
that she no longer stays in abuja anymore. So I'm
ME: **heart broken***. I'm doomed sir. Please sir,
you are my last hope sir. Please help me in anyway
you can sir. Please I'm begging sir ****crying on
DOC: ok, call me back in an hours time, let me
enquire from other nurses who were are friends
maybe they would have the idea about her
whereabouts and contacts.
Me: ok sir

Immediately after calling the doctor. I was so sad
and almost ran mad. I hated myself so much and for
that moment, I also hated segun for pushing me into
hurting bimpe in the first place.
"If I hadn't involved segun during her first visit, she
wouldn't have stole my credentials"
"But how can bimpe be wicked to this extent?"
"How do I go for this interview without my
" What do I do next?".
I was so pained within me and I began to cry as
different thoughts were running through my mind. My
colleagues at work were asking me what went wrong,
I just ignored everyone and was caged in my mood. I
was crying as if I lost someone close to me. I
couldn't call segun anymore because I just hate him
at that moment. "Segun was the one who initiated
the assault, now I'm the one suffering for it".
About 30minutes later, I went out to recharge my
phone because I wasn't having sufficient airtime on
my phone.
I returned back to the office and dialled the doctor's
ME: hello sir,
DOC, hi my friend.
ME: please sir, how far with adebimpe sir?, have you
been able to reach her?.
DOC: yeah. One of her friends who also is a nurse
here gave me an alternative number which I used to
call her with.
ME: ***re-adjust sitting position.*** what did she say
DOC: she said she knew nothing about the
credentials and she denied ever knowing you.
ME: ***yeeee!!!, I'm doomed. Adebimpe was my Ex-
girlfriend sir. We knew each other very well sir.
DOC: well, that's what she told me, she said she had
never met you before the accident and that she knew
nothing about your missing credentials.
ME: haaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!. Please sir. Can you please
help me with the number you used in calling her
DOC: ok, are you with a pen?
ME: yes sir
DOC 08033**********
ME: thank you sir
DOC: you are welcome
ME: one more thing sir
DOC: what is it?
ME: please sir, where is her current location sir?
DOC: she said she is in lagos.
ME: where in lagos sir?
DOC: I didn't ask. Maybe you should ask her by
yourself when you call her.
ME: ok sir. Thanks.
DOC: ok ***hanged up*****,
I tried calling the number that the doctor gave me
but it wasn't going through. I called the doctor back
and he wasn't picking up. I was so sad, depressed
and confused. The world and everything seemed to
be crumbling infront of me. Infact, I have started
thinking of committing suicide.
Segun was calling me few minutes later but I didn't
pick up the call. After his 3rd missed call, I switched
off my phone.
I closed for work and went home with the same sad
mood. I couldn't eat anything throughout the day as I
lost appetite completely. I locked myself inside my
room, I opened my bible and I went straight to the
book of psalms and began to read. I started praying
to God and expecting a miracle to return my
credentials back into my room, but yet, nothing
At 8:23pm, I switched on my phone to try adebimpe's
number again. On switching on the phone, I got a
message and I opened it to read. What I saw on the
text almost shock me to death. It was a message
from the same number that the doctor gave me.
" Hi, well I got a call from fortlad hospital that you
called to enquire about your missing credentials and
you also claimed that I was your ex. Well I have
dismissed the claims and I let him realized that we
never met before and I knew nothing about your
missing credentials. But the truth is that, your
credentials are with me right now. Remember I told
you that you would pay in a hard way?, you laughed
at it and thought I was joking?. Well, I have just
Equalized and the score is now 1-1.
Don't bother wasting your time to trace me because
I'm not traceable. And don't bother trying to call me
because this line would never be reachable. I also
want to let you know that I won't accept a draw, I
will definitely score more goals to win very soon. Just
watchout. Bye for now".
I was hanged and stiffen on the spot and the phone
slipped down from my hand. I went down straight to
the bed and began to cry loudly.