They say is golden, it is also widely called beautiful. As WCMH, as Africans, blacks, there is a need to join hands to raise an awareness that indeed we must rise above depression and economic recession to strive and achieve success in life. 

The top tiers at WEST COAST MEDIA HOUSE teams up on this new tune tagged LIFE. It will surely inspire and raise your hope for a brighter future. "We must have this life"

It Features:

Isco Raymond
Shilegzy Swazzo
Whalex GanGan

Art by :Kaizen Stoodios

©West Coast Media House


Song Title: Life
Artiste(s): WCMH Stars

Verse 1 (SoulTee)
If them tell you sey them dey your back,
just know sey them dey look for how to dey your front.
And if you think sey them dey do your own,
 just know sey them dey look for how to spoil your own.
People wan spoil my name, Ontop nothing
They for like be my oga, Kole possible
People don fall my hand, e no be new thing
See them wan chop my eye, you need fork and knife?

Refrain  (PBoat)
You know this life is a ride or die
Some don't get they'll rather die,
Just a struggle and you gonna reap (yeah)
You gotta fight to the final race,
Tho pain and tears might come embrace but by endurance, you'll end in grace yeah...

Verse 2 (Isco Raymond)