Adebimpe The Facebook Girl - Season 3


{STORY} Adebimpe The Facebook Girl - Season 2 COMPLETE EPISODE


****After Bimpe's text message*******
I cried till midnight, the whole world appeared to be
crumbling before me. I suddenly lost appetite for
everything and the thoughts of suicide began to fill
my heart.
My memory flashed back to the stress, hustle and
struggles I went through for five years at the
university before obtaining the certificate, I began to
remember all the stress I went through during NYSC,
I also remembered how I squeezed out time out of
no time to attend java and oracle classes, I
remembered the stress of writing the professional
exams before finally getting the results.
"Chai!!!!, Adebimpe wicked gan ni oooo"
After a while, my mind stopped flashing back to the
past and it began to think about the future. I started
consoling myself with the thoughts that "after all, I
can easily re-apply for another certificates", but how
will that be possible before thursday evening that I
would have to travel to Ado?.
***weeping and biting my finger****
"Chaii, Adebimpe is just wicked"
"Did I really deserved this extreme punishment?"
" What do I do before thursday?"
"Should I call my uncle to tell him that I don't have
my results with me?"
"How will I even say it sef?"
"How do I even reach bimpe and beg her, who knows,
maybe should would forgive me"
"Who knows maybe she had set my certificates on
"Will I just loose this chance of getting a better job
"Will my uncle ever be willing to assist me anymore?"
"I just wished I checked my credentials properly
before leaving the hospital".
Infact, I regretted once again for travelling to niger
state for the GNLD interview.
I continued murmuring and crying all through the
night with nobody to talk to, At a point in time, I
thought of calling segun but I couldn't. I was
seriously angry and mad at him. He was the one who
pushed me and led to bimpe's "hard-way" treatment
in the first place. Bimpe shouldn't have gone to this
extreme if he hadn't chased her out when she was
here with me in Akure.
Another thought started overlapping my mind. I began
to see the whole things as the handiwork of my step-
"That woman must be a witch"
"She had never wanted my progress since child hood"
Why must my certificate be stolen at this time that I
needed it for a big job?"
Moments after, another thought came into my mind
that it must be the handiwork of the people from my
"I could remember how my dad used to tell me that
the village people can bring people down in the spirit
Different thoughts began to overlap my brain as I
continued attaching the situation to every possible
circumstances. I looked at the wall clock and the
time is 3:48am and yet I couldn't sleep.
"Chaiii, I swear to God, I will personally kill Adebimpe
any time I set my eyes on her again"
I began to nurse evil thoughts on how to harm
adebimpe. I wish I knew her contacts and address, I
wouldn't mind paying hired killers to kill her.
inshort, I must take my own revenge also in a hard
"This is definitely the Beginning of the end between
me and bimpe"

Its 6am on wednesday morning, I was feeling so
weak, sad, heart broken and depressed. My eyes
were all swollen and my joints were so weak, I knew
it that if I go to work that day, I would be so sad and
it would be so obvious on my face, but I couldn't
excuse myself from work because I didn't inform my
boss the previous day, I thought of travelling to Abuja
that Wednesday morning maybe I could get to see
bimpe, who knows, she might be in abuja and
pretending to be in lagos. But I had a second thought,
"What if I couldn't find her in Abuja?"
"Do I even know where to locate her?"
"What if she had destroyed the certificates?"
"What would be my gain if I couldn't return with the
At that moment, I just wished I have a black magic to
command the credentials to disappear from wherever
it is and re-appear in my room. I began to think of
locating a powerful herbalist who could help me to
summon and command the credentials. My mind and
head were just fill with different thoughts as they are
coming and overlapping.
I needed someone to talk to and segun couldn't be
the person due to the fact that I was still so angry
with him. In fact, I don't feel like seeing him again. If
he hadn't pushed me to treat bimpe badly earlier,
who knows, she wouldn't have gone to the extreme
on me.
I went to the bathroom to have my shower and I
dressed up. I couldn't eat anything as a result of my
lost of appetite for any food. I just managed to cheer
up and proceeded to work.
I got to work and I was so moody. I refused to talk
and associate with anyone as sadness was all
written on my face. Segun was calling me but I
refused to pick up, after several missed calls from
segun, I decided to switch off my phone and force
myself to concentrate on my job.
I closed from work in the evening and went home
straight. On getting home, I saw segun seated on the
bench infront my compound. As I approached him, I
was so annoyed and furious within me, I just felt like
hitting a plank on his head. I walked pass him and he
greeted me but I ignored. I entered into my room and
he followed me inside.
SEGE: bro, wetin happen?, you just dey ignore my
calls since yesterday, I was feeling uncomfortable
and I decided to visit, you still ignored me. Why?
ME: ***raised eye brow*** why won't I ignore you
segun?. WHY?
SEGE: what have I done wrong onihaxy?
ME: so you don't know what you did wrong abi?
SEGE: **pats me on my shoulder** we are no more
friends but brothers, if there is anything wrong, why
not just tell me?.
ME: Are you not the cause of all the atrocities I'm
facing from Adebimpe?
SEGE: my brother, how?
ME: you dey ask me how?. If you hadn't pushed me
to hurt this girl in the first place, this wouldn't have
SeGE: I'm so sorry about that onihaxy, if you say I
was wrong, then I admit it, though I never knew I was
wrong by teaching her a lesson.
ME: which lesson?.
SEGE: she is a prostitute and a scammer onihaxy!!,
don't you get it?. She used your money to travel
down here to visit another guy.
ME: and I'm here paying for the consequences sebi?.
SeGE: I'm so sorry about that, let's put that aside
and let's focus on how to solve the problem at hand.
Tomorrow is thursday that you are supposed to travel
for your new job, how do we go about it?, that is why
I'm here.
ME: Mr segun, there is no solution as I couldn't
retrieve my credentials, so I can't travel anymore.
SEGE: haaa!!, so what do we do next now?
ME: ***frowned*** nothing, you can go now.
SEGE: are you chasing me out of your house
ME: segun. I am not only chasing you, this Friendship
is over!!!, let me just face my destiny alone abeg,
SEGE: ***moves closer to pat me on my shoulder***
ME: ***removes his hand***
SEGE: onihaxy!!!
ME: **yelled*** ehn ehn!!!!, what happen!!!!!?
SEGE: we have been friends now, its close to 8 years
ME: and what does that teaches us?
SEGE: it teaches us that we have gone too far to
split up.
ME: thats none of my business
SEGE: ok, even if we must break up, we must first
find a solution to the present problem first.
ME: **screamed** ogbeni, sebi you heard me, there
is no solution!!!, you can go.
SEGE: onihaxy, calm down, I will never leave you like
this and I will never leave this place until this thing is
resolved. If you like, go and call police for me or get
me arrested, I won't leave here.
ME: ***ignored him***
SEGE: that reminds me, I think I have found an
alternative solution
ME: ***began to smile gradually***
SEGE: that's my nigga. You are always handsome in
that smile.
ME: sege talk to me jaree, what is the alternative?.
SEGE: before I shipped in the alternative, why not try
bimpe's number again whether it will go through
ME: it doesn't go through since 1960
SEGE: werey!!!, just try am first jaree.
ME: ok ***stretched my hands to my bag and brings
out my phone and switched it on***
SEGE: oloshi!!!, so you switched off your phone
before?, no wonder the thing no dey reachable since
afternoon wey I don dey call.
ME: ***switched on my phone and saw an envelope
sign followed by a message tone*** e be like say I
get message
SEGE: ***hissed, na those silly MTN people, dem no
dey let person rest, na so so silly messages dem dey
send. Abeg try her number jaree.
ME: ** opened the inbox and noticed a familiar
number*** sege, no be MTN oooo, na from a familiar
SEGE: ok, maybe na one of your concubine
ME** I read the first line which says "its me
bimpe"**** sege!
SEGE: ehn!!!
ME: na from bimpe oo
SEGE: really?, wetin she talk?
Segun came closer and we sat together to read the
message which says
"Onihaxy, its me adebimpe, if you still need your
credentials, deposit a sum of 200,000 naira to the
account name and number below, as soon as I
confirm your deposit, I will give you a call and send
the credentials to you via a public transport, if you try
anything funny, you will be the one to suffer the
consequences, bye and take care".
ME: what!!!!!!!!
SEGE: 200,000 what!!!!, where do we get such
amount between now and tomorrow?
ME: what do we do now?
SEGE: I'm clueless onihaxy.

Me: segun, today is wednesday and I have to travel
for this job tomorrow, where will I get 200k now?
SEGE: onihaxy calm down, getting the 200k isn't the
ME: why is it not an issue?
SEGE: Adebimpe is the major issue
ME: how?
SEGE: can't you see it clearly that this is a blackmail
ME: I still don't understand
SEGE: the way I'm seeing it, Adebimpe will never
send any credentials to you even if you pay a million
ME: why did you say so?
SEGE: someone who is so desperate for a revenge
and even went to the extreme of having your vital
credentials in her custody, why should we trust her
when it comes to money?
ME: hmmmmmmmm. "Ayemi ooooo, Temi bami".
SeGE: onihaxy, come to think of it, someone who
switched off her phone all this while and only send
text once in a while, it is so obvious that she would
switch off again after getting the deposit alert.
ME: it seems you are right. So what do we do now?.
SEGE: let's do it this way. Call her number first and
let's negotiate with her.
ME: ok **dialled her number***
SEGE: is it going through?
ME: ***phone: the number you have dialled is unable
to receive call****
Its saying unable to receive call, what does that
SEGE: it means she barred all incoming calls. You
see what I was saying?, this girl don upgrade to
"blackmail business"
ME: **wanted to cry** segun please come to my aid,
my world is crumbling, what do I do?.
SEGE: calm down onihaxy, I just thought of
ME: what is that?
SEGE: you remembered that you scanned your
credentials and sent to a particular firm you applied
to in lagos few months ago.
ME: oooh yes I remember!!!, how about it?
SEGE: yes, we will make a coloured printout and
ME: will it look like the real one?
SEGE: at least 80% real
ME: so how do we go about it?
SEGE: the time is just 8pm. Let's rush down to the
cafe down the street to make the print outs
ME: Are we still going to find a cafe by this time?
SeGE: hopefully, we should.
ME: but I don't have much on me at the moment
SEGE: don't worry, I still have like 1k on me.
ME: ok, how about the original credentials with
Adebimpe?, am I going to forget it just like that?
SEGE: my guy, when we find a successful alternative,
then we can now talk about how to retrieve the one
your wife is holding.
ME: which wife be that?
SEGE: your lovely Adebimpe **laughed**
ME: you no well, the girl wey be say I go kill any day
I see her
SEGE: the onihaxy that I know will always fall again
and again on Adebimpe's lap anyday anytime.
ME: **laughs**. Seriously sege. You know well
SEGE: na lie?
ME: honestly, e be like say that girl dey use charm on
me sef.
SEGE: no be charm, na her juicy honeypot dey kill
ME: abeg forget bimpe matter jaree. Let's go to the
cafe first.
SEGE: ok
We walked out of the room and I locked my door, we
walked down the street and found out that the cafe
had closed. We trekked to the next cafe and we
found out that it had been closed also.
ME: sege, what do we do now?,
SEGE: maybe till tomorrow be that.
ME: ok,
I saw segun off and I returned back to my house. I
felt relieved and eased. I began to get hungry and
regaining appetite for food. I dropped my phone on
my bed and went to my kitchen to prepare noodles. I
was about to empty the sachet of the noodles into
the pot when my phone was ringing. I rushed to see
who is calling and it was my uncle. I picked up the
ME: hello sir
UNCLE: aburo, how are you?
ME: I'm fine sir
UNCLE: ehn ehn. My chairman said he is travelling by
10am tomorrow morning,
ME: haaa,
UNCLE: you know what that means?
ME: no sir
UNCLE: you have to follow early morning bus. You
must be here latest 8am in the morning so that he
can attend to you before travelling.
ME: ok sir. Thank you very much sir.
UNCLE: ***hanged up*****
I suddenly lost appetite again and I began to
soliloquies, "this must be the handiwork of the people
from my village".

After few minutes of soliloquies, I looked up to the
wall and the time was few minutes to 10pm. What
will I do now?, I have nobody else to talk to apart
from segun. I picked my phone to chat with him.
ME: sege, how you dey?
SEGE: I dey fine ooo. Hope you don dey prepare for
your interview?.
ME: prepare kee?, wahala don dey ooo
SEGE: wetin happen?
ME: my uncle just called me now.
SEGE: na wetin him talk?. He say the job no sure
ME: he talk say the chairman dey travel tomorrow
morning by 10am. So I must reach b4 8am.
SEGE: haa!!, how you go do your credentials stuffs
ME: I no know ooo.
SEGE: ok, there is an alternative.
ME: what is it?
SEGE: use your phone to access your mail and
download them from your email and save it on your
memory card.
ME: how will I print it then?
SEGE: I will come to your place very early tomorrow
morning around 5:30 to give you a card reader. You
will insert your memory card inside it and print the
stuffs at any computer centre when you get to Ado.
ME: ok jaree. That's ma boy
SEGE: that's my guy too. Bimpe's surest husband
ME: I no like am ooo.
SEGE: no worry, na me go best you on your wedding
day. Lol
ME: you no well.
I logged into my mail and found my Bsc and NYsc
certificates only from my sent box. I downloaded
both of them. I then realised that it was only the
frontpage of my Bsc result I scanned. I didn't
scanned the backpage and the bagepage has my
school logo and text imprint on it just like that of the
front page. I logged in back to my whatsapp to
update segun.
ME: sege
SEGE: how far guy?. You don download am.
ME: yeah, but there is a problem
SEGE: what is it?
ME: my oracle certificate wasn't scanned along
during that period.
SEGE: what about the and NYSC?
ME: I was able to retrieve those ones.
SEGE: that is cool. You can generate an excuse for
the missing oracle certificate when you get there
ME: ok, but the Bsc result I downloaded doesn't have
a backpage.
SEGE: backpage as how?
ME: on our certificate. The logo of our school and
some text imprints are on the back page with two
SEGE: is the backpage the same for every
ME: yes, just the logo and the school name written
imprinted on it.
SEGE: don't worry. I have a guy who schooled and
graduated from your school 2 years ago and serving
presently. I will get intouch with him and scan the
backpage of his document and send to your
whatsapp before you reach Ado.
ME: **took a deep breath***, thanks jaree my guy.
You are too much
SEGE: what are we friends for
ME: my mind just settle small
SEGE: start rehearsing a genuine excuse you will provide for the missing oracle certificate
ME: ok jare padi mi.
SEGUN: abeg, I wan post something on my blog, we
go chat later.
ME: ok, goodnite.
I slept off few minutes later until I heard a knock and
a harsh voice on my door around 2am to open up or I
loose my life. I thought I was dreaming, it was when
the knocks and threat was getting intense that I
realised that they are armed robbers. Behold, I
opened out of fear and my laptop and my Blackberry
phone was carted away.
I just couldn't cry. I was just dump and clueless.
"No doubt, Adebimpe has been going spiritual on me,
I don dey suspect say this girl na Emere" I thought.

Segun arrived my house at 5:50am in the morning
and met me and my co-tenants outside mourning and
discussing in groups as if someone died .
SEGE: guy, wetin do your number?, e no dey waka?
And wetin dey happen here?, person died?
ME: phone kee?. Our compound was robbed last
night and my phone was taken away with my laptop
SEGE: haaa!!, no wonder you were all outside at this
ME: **sober** na so we see am ooo
SEGE: se na only you dem rob?
ME: at all, they robbed the whole compound and took
away all valuables. Mummy tolu and her daughter
was even raped sef
SEGE: haa, na wa oooo.
ME: the thing tire me
SEGE: hope you have prepared for your trip?
ME: prepare kee?, how will I go about my credentials
when my phone and system had been stolen?. Even
my nokia torchlight is gone? And how will I contact
my uncle?
SEGE: no wahala. I will give you my android phone
with my line, I will be calling you with my nokia
touchlight that has my second line.
ME: then how will I go about the documents.
SEGE: along the journey, you would re-download the
stuffs on this phone and print it out using the card
reader I will give to you.
ME: ok pal. But how about the one you wanted to
scan to me?.
SEGE: I will give the guy your mail, so he would scan
it and send directly to your mail and you can print it
out also.
ME: what about my uncle, I need to contact him. I
have never been to his place in Ado before. And my
line is gone, how will I locate him? Since he won't be
able to reach me?
SEGE: don't you know his line offhand?
ME: I swear I don't
SEGE: its easy, sebi you dey use blackberry?
ME: yes
SEGE: and you registered blackberry account with
your email address?
ME: yes
SEGE: and your uncle's number is saved on the
ME: yes
SEGE: then all your contacts are backed up on your
ME: how?
SEGE: just log in to your yahoo mail address and on
the homepage, click on contacts.
Me: are you sure I will find it?
SEGE: yes, I'm very sure.
ME: chaii, its really good to have a "tech guru" as a
SEGE: **laughs***. Time is no more on our side, go
and bath and then dress up
ME: ok, help me to sign in into my mail and be doing
the stuff while I bath.
SEGE: ok, wetin be that your password sef?,
"adebimpe" abi?
ME: you no well. Its the same with the one I used for
SEGE: **laughs*** ok.
I rushed to the bathroom to shower and brush my
teeth. I dressed up and picked my remaining
credentials, some other things. And by 6:08, I'm done
and ready. By this time, segun was busy downloading
my credentials from my mail. We both walked out
and I locked the door. He followed me to the taxi and
we boarded the taxi together, he showed me how to
access my contacts from my email and behold, all
my phone contacts was backed up on my phone. I
checked for my uncle's number and dialled it.
ME: hi sir
UNCLE: hi, who is this?
ME: onihaxy sir
UNCLE: what happened to your line ?
ME: my phone was stolen sir, so a friend borrowed
me his phone.
UnCLE: anyways, where are you?
ME: at the park.
UNCLE: by this time?. I expected you to be almost
here by now, this is 7:05am
ME: I will soon be there sir. Akure to Ado is just
45minutes sir.
UNcLE: ok, safe journey
ME: thanks sir **hanged up****
Segun and I arrived at the park by 7:12am, he gave
me the phone and promised to keep intouch and also
ensure to tell the guy to scan and send the stuffs to
me. Segun returned home and I sought the service of
the food sellers at the park to fill my tummy before
the bus was filled up. At about 7:35, the bus was
filled up and set to move.
I was in the bus and I downloaded all the files into
the memory card. The phone battery was at 55% and
segun didn't give me his charger. Oppps!!!!, I even
forgot to collect the card reader from him.

At 8am, my uncle almost drained the battery of the
phone with calls. "Where are you?, where are you?".
At a point in time, I had to lie to him that the bus had
a flat tire and the driver stopped over to replace it.
The passengers closer to me were marvelled by my
lies and they opened their mouth wide at me. A lady
sitting behind me even said it jokingly that "bros!!,
you can lie oooo" and we all laughed it off.
At 8:50am, the bus arrived at ado and I alighted from
the bus.
"How do I print this stuff now oo?"
I looked at the opposite side of the road and I saw a
guy hawking phone accessories in a wheel barrow. I
screamed "eeeehssssss" and he stopped. I crossed
over to meet him and I told him that I needed a card
reader, he said he doesn't have it. Then I thought of
it that a USB cable can do the work. I told him to
give me a USB cable for blackberry since it also
works for android phones. He said it cost 250naira
and I paid him after collecting the cable. I asked
from people around on where I could get a computer
center and I was directed to a shop down the road.
On getting there, the woman was just opening the
shop and I greeted her.
ME: good morning ma. Please I want to make a
WOMAN: you have to wait for me to sweep and clean
up the shop and pray.
ME: haaaaa!!!!, how long will it take to finish all
WOMAN:**holding a broom*** let's say like 30
minutes sha .
ME: haaaa!!. Please ma, I need to submit this thing
at latest 9:30am or else, I will loose my career. This
is 9:03am please.
WOMAN: ** dimmed her eyes and looked at me**
ehn ehn!!!
ME: yes ma.
WOMAN: ok, black printing or coloured?
ME: coloured ma
WOMAN: your money is 300naira per print
ME: haa!!, pls ma, I always do it for 100naira back in
WOMAN: here is Ado not Akure, I can only do it for
200naira last price. If you can't pay, then you can
ME: **na thunder go fire you. Because you don see
say na emergency abi?, no be your fault**. Ok ma,
let's do it
WOMAN: where is your flash drive
ME: I'm printing from phone ma
WOMAN: phone? How?
ME: through USB cable ma.
WOMAN: haaa!!, will it work?, I haven't done that
Me: it will work.
She switched on her system after dropping her broom
outside. I attached my usb cable to the system and
transferred the stuffs to her system.
Me: pls ma, you will use a thick certificate paper ma,
not ordinary A4 paper.
WoMAN: huuuh. You money is 500naira each oooo.
ME: ha ma, but why?
WOMAN: the price is different
ME: but its the same price in Akure ma. Its still N100
WOMAN: **frowned*** should I use A4 paper then or
you take it to your akure to do the Printing?
ME: ***phone ringing***, no vex ma, let's make it
300naira ma, I beg of you ma. Please have mercy on
WOMAN: I will just consider that amount because I
have kids too and I want them to be successful like
you, I will consider the 350naira last price.
ME: ***picked call*** thanks ma. "Squeeze me",
Hello segun, how you dey?, you number has been
unreachable since
SEGE: I had a flat battery ni. I just charged it
Me: ok, you forgot to give me the card reader
SEGE: oooops!, I didn't even realized it sha. How will
you do it now?
ME: well, I purchased a usb cable and used it to
transfer the stuffs. I'm even at the computer centre
SEGE: that's good. The guy said he has sent the
stuff. Check your mail box.
ME: ok, thank you, I will.
I checked my mail and downloaded the backpage
sent to me. I transfered it to the system. The woman
printed everything out and laminate them thereafter.
Chaiii, the thing looks 80% real. Just that the quality
of the ink was lesser than that of the original copy.
ME: woman, how much is my bill?
WOMAN: 1,200naira.
ME: haaa!!, for just 2 print outs?
WOMAN: I thought we have concluded on the price
ME: I don't know its up to this amount ****phone
WOMAN: let's calculate it then.
ME: **looked at the phone and saw that it was my
uncle**** don't worry ma, thank you ***opened my
wallet and gave her 1,200naira***

Hello uncle
UNCLE: this boy, what is your problem?, or is it a
crime that I wanted to help you?.
ME: I'm sorry sir, I was just alighting from the bus
sir. I was about to call you when you called in sir.
UnCLE: ok, from where you are, take a bike to fajuyi
road, call me when you get to the street.
ME: ok sir.
I rushed out of the computer centre and stopped a
bike and it took me to the address after negotiating
on the price.
I got to the street and called him. He came to meet
me few minutes after the call and took me inside to
meet the chairman.
UNCLE: hi sir, this is my son I was talking about sir
CHAIRMAN: really?, how are you?
ME: I'm fine sir
CHAIRMAN: please have your seat
ME: thank you sir.
CHAIRMAN: **faced my uncle** Mr badmus, you can
take your leave
UnCLE: ok sir
My heart was beating faster as I sat down on the
seat infront of him. His face looks scary and I was
having this feelings that he would find out that the
credentials with me wasn't original. Chaiii!!, I don
enter am today.
CHAIRMAN: **turned to me*** hello young man, can
I meet you?
ME: **chaii, interview don start be that?** erm!!, I am
onihaxy, a chemistry graduate of AAUA,
CHAIRMAN: well, I'm chief durojaye, the CEO of
DUROJAYE group of company. So what more can I
know about you?.
ME: ***fear began to catch me***, I am a diligent
young man, productive and industrous ........bla bla
CHAIRMAN: ok, your dad had been my staff for over
10years and he had been honest, so when I needed a
manager for my supermarket, he recommended you
for the job. So I told him to invite you based on the
trust I have in him.
ME: **bend forward in appreciation*** thank you sir.
CHAIRMAN: hmmmm but unfortunately, my son who
lives abroad called me this morning that he would be
relocating to nigeria this month. So he will be the
one to take the position,
ME: ****felt disappointed and my eyes were red and
CHAIRMAN: but because I have already sent for you,
I will fix you as a P.A to the manager and also a
secretary of my pure water company here in Ado
Ekiti. Hope you won't mind it?
ME: ****smile suddenly re-appeared on my face as I
grinned out loud.**** thank you sir.
CHAIRMAN: you are welcome. You should be
thanking your dad. He is an honest and hardworking
ME: thank you sir.
CHAiRMAN: so, what grade did you passed out with
at school?
ME: 2.1 sir
CHAIRMAN: that's nice, good boy.
ME: thank you sir.
CHAIRMAN: ***picked his phone and scrolling
through it**** are you here with your CV?
ME: yes sir
CHAIRMAN: **placed the phone on his ear and
rotating his chair to and fro in 180 degrees***
"excuse me". Hello manager, I will send someone to
you now, he will be the new secretary and also your
P.A. You will give him the bank form and all the
neccesary forms to fill.
Me: ***i was so joyous on the seat I sat on***
CHAiRMAN: so ehhmmmmm
ME: onihaxy
CHAIRMAN: ok onihaxy, I'm travelling to Lagos right
away, infact, I ought to have left since, I only delayed
it because I gave you an appointment.
ME: thank you sir.
CHAIRMAN: so, drop the photocopies of your C.V
and credentials with your dad. I will collect it when I
ME: ok sir.
CHAiRMAN: so concerning the salary, how much do
you want me to be paying you?
ME: ***smiled with shyness and silent****
CHAIRMAN: ok, you want to do voluntary and charity
work I guess, then let me be on my way
ME: **smiled** no sir, ok, 50,000
ChAIRMAN: **laughs*** these youths of nowadays,
you loved money so much. Those days when I started
working, I started with 85kobo in the 60s
ME: sir, money had value then
CHAIRMAN; ***laughed** ok, I will start with
30,000naira monthly for now. As time goes on when I
evaluate your performance, I might increase it.
ME: **i compared 18k to 30k and I felt its still
cool***, ok sir, its ok.
CHAIRMAN: alright. You can go, remember to submit
the copies of your credentials. ****handed over a
complementary card to me**** here is the address of
the water factory. Go there when you leave here so
that you can start the necessary documentation
ME: thank you sir. ****what is now the essence of all
the wahala sef?, he no even ask of the originals***
I left his office and went to my uncle's department to
give him feedback, my uncle told me to wait for him
and he went to meet the chairman, "to appreciate
him I guess". They both came out of the office and
my uncle followed him to his car and he drove off.
My uncle returned back to meet me.
ME: thank you so much sir
UnCLE: don't mention my son. Hope the pure water
job is ok by you?
ME: yes sir, its ok compared to my job and salary in
UNCLE: no problem. You can move in with me for
now. And when you save enough money, you can get
your own accommodation.
ME: thank you sir.
UnCLE: I know you are a grown up man, you should
be planning to get married soon and no lady will ever
agree to marry a guy squatting with his uncle. So I
understand that you will need privacy and freedom
any moment from now.
ME: **smiled**
UncLE: its true my son. I was once a youth like you.
ME: **smiled***. How about your children sir?
UNCLE: they are all fine. So where are the
ME: I opened my bag and I remembered that I forgot
to make photocopies after the printouts *chaiii,
onihaxy!!!!, this village people never comot from your
UNCLE: where is it now?
ME: ***shy face and voice***, I forgot to make
photocopies sir
UnCLE: **yelled***. You this boy!!!, how could you
come for an interview without coming with the
photocopy of your credentials?. What if my chairman
asked of it earlier, what will you tell him??, eh!!!!
ME: **dumb***.
UNCLE: anyways, bring the original, I will make the
copies here, hurry now to where you were sent to go
and return here on time.
ME: thank you sir.
I dashed out of the organisation with a big grin and
smile written all over my face as I stopped a bike to
take me to my destination.

I was in the bathroom having my bath and Adebimpe
entered the bathroom to meet me and she was
ME: Adebimpe, how did you get in here?, how did you
passed through the door that was locked?
ADEBIMPE: *sssshhhhhhh* have you forgotten that
its me?, I have the keys to everything that has to do
with you and I can access you anytime.
Me: hmmmm.
Adebimpe came closer and placed her hands on my
neck, she pressed my head closer to her and our lips
met each other and we began to kiss. I was
switching from the upper lips to the lower lips and
simultaneously. I didn't waste any time, I grabbed her
breasts and began to manipulate, she let out a soft
moan as he tipped her toes upward a bit and
pressing closer to me. I pulled back a little as my
dick was getting erect and obstructing our body
chemistry. I continued pressing and squeezing the
breasts and Tips at intervals as the shower was
dropping on our heads.
Adebimpe pushed her head upwards and placed my
lips on her neck. I began to kiss her downward to her
breast and straight to the Tips. The more I go down,
the higher the moaning. I spent much time on the
breasts as I suck and switch the oranges. After a
while, adebimpe began to press my head downward
and I got the message, "she wanted some orals".
My kneels began to go down gradually as I kissed her
down to the abdomen until my two kneels got to the
floor and my tongue fell on her Kitty-Cat. I started
with the clits and adebimpe's moaning was taking a
different tempo and dimension, I panted the clits and
dig through the punny hole and return back to the
clits at intervals. Bimpe was shaking and she spread
her legs wider for me to have a better sucking
experience. I supported my tongue with my fingers as
I suck the clits and finger the hole beyond it.
Adebimpe was enjoying it as she continues to press
my head towards the punny. After a while, I felt my
fingers soaked with mucus substance and she
screamed louder "I don't want to return from this
heaven!!!!". We both smiled as I rose up and we
began to kiss.
Its time for bimpe to play the return match, she
began to lick me downward from my neck to my Tips
until she fell down on her kneels.
She held my erected dick and licked the head for few
seconds until she finally trusted it inside her mouth.
"In out in out in out" as my dick was sliding inside of
her mouth. I was moaning and feeling the sensation
and my oliver twist wanted a deep penetration. I
pressed her head towards me and forced my dick to
go inside the more, it shocked her as she coughed.
"Onihaxy, you want to kill me with this thing?, or you
want to make hole inside my throat?". We both
laughed as she resumed the Mouth Gig until I
cummed inside her mouth.
Adebimpe swallowed the cum and never stopped
blowing until I regained another Attention. She rose
up gradually untill our lips found each other again
and we kissed. Adebimpe removed her mouth from
my mouth and moved it closer to my hear and she
whispered "screw me". I smiled as she turned around,
placing her two hands on the wall and shooting out
her ass towards me.
I grabbed the ass, I pushed it up to unveil the punny hole as I shoved my erected dick inside of it.
"Huuuuhhh, ehhhmmmm, yeeeeeaaah, aooouuh",
adebimpe was moaning at different tones and sounds
as I was digging in and out of her from behind. She
was feeling the Bleep as she continues to press and
push her ass backwards and her hands going down
the wall until we arrived at dogggie style sex. We
continued to Bleep while the cool showers was
dropping on us. "Bleep me harder!!!!!!!" Bimpe yelled.
It was as if she commanded me. I began to pound
harder as if I was punishing her. I held her two hands
on her back and was hitting her harder while she was
screaming and yelling. I finally cummed after about
17minutes of the sex. We both rose up and had our
shower before we started conversation.
BIMPE: you think you can have a draw with me on
this game we are playing?
ME: I'm no more interested in the games, please let's
end it
BiMPE: end what?, I won't quit until I score more
ME: and how do you want to score more points when
we aren't together and we are not going to see each
BiMPE: ***laughs****, you think so?.
ME: yes.
BIMPE: if you spend 100years on this earth, our
paths will continue to cross each other and I will
continue to score more points.
ME: ****laughs louder as I put off the shower
tap****. Catch me if you can, let's see who will win
BIMPE: is that a bet?
ME: yes
BIMPE: ok,
We were about going out when bimpe suddenly
disappeared. I screamed "yeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!" And I
woke up sweating heavily. What?, is this is a dream?,
OMG!!!!, when will this girl ever leave me alone for
heaven's sake?
I knelt down to pray and I heard a door knock in the
process. I looked at the time and it was 6am
ME: who is that?
VOiCE FROM OUTSIDE: your uncle, get up boy, today
is your first day at work, don't be late!!!!
It was 5 months into my new job, I had saved enough
money to get a decent self-contain accommodation
in Ado ekiti. I had purchased another blackberry
phone and retrieved my line.
I have missed my friend of life "sege the event
planner". It was as if a chord had been disconnected
from my system as I couldn't reach him easily like I
used to do before. But thank God for instant
messaging apps like whatsapp and bbm, we are able
to keep in touch.
Most times, I always feel like getting in touch with
Adebimpe even despite the fact that I want her dead,
I still miss her most times. I wish I could save her
number before the night I was robbed but I didn't.
I confided in my uncle and I told him that I lost my
credentials when I was robbed and that I only came
to Ado with the print outs of the copy I scanned to
my email and he told me that there would be no
problem since it looked like original. And incase the
need arises, I can easily go back to school to request
for another one. He even told me that the one I lost
was just a statement of result and not the real
certificate. He said the real certificate would be
available at about 5 years after my graduation from
This made me to think less about the credentials that
was in Adebimpe's custody, since I didn't have her
contact anymore, I didn't really care.
About 3 months later, I was at work when my phone
beeped and I checked the screen and noticed that I
got a message. I opened the message and its from a
familiar number and the content says
"I didn't hear from you again?, I guess you don't need
your properties anymore. If I didn't get any response
from you in 7days Time, then consider it gone
I just laughed immediately after seeing the message,
I already knew that its from my one and only
Adebimpe. I don't really know what prompted the
laughter but I just found myself laughing. I don't
really know what to reply with after dialling her
number and I was still getting the same response of
"the number you are calling is unable to receive
Honestly, I suddenly began to miss adebimpe again. I
sent a message to segun on whatsapp
ME: hi sege
SEGE: padi mi, how you dey ooo, how that side?, I
don miss you for here ooo
ME: me sef miss you. Abeg I wan show you
SEGE: wetin?
ME: one person sent me a text. ****sent the screen
capture of her text****
SEGE: ***looool**** that should be bimpe?
ME: your guess is as right as mine
SEGE: ***loool*** your wife don broke be that oooo,
she needs money
ME: you no well. What should I reply her with?
SEGE: try to dial her number na to Confirm the
sender first
ME: its still saying the same thing "unable to receive
SEGE: then no doubt, its definately your wife.
ME: you no well
SEGE: sebi you don't really need the certificate
ME: yes na
SEGE: instead of you wasting 200k on bimpe, you
can always apply for another certificate with less
than 50k sef.
ME: my guy, you are right oo
SEGE: just tell her to eat the certificates,
ME: **laughs****.
I did exactly as segun told me, I replied bimpe's text
" Hi dear, you can eat the credentials or do whatever
you like with it. I have already made a police report
that it was stolen and I already applied for another
certificates from my school and NYSC. You have lost
this time my dear, have a nice day".
I laughed as I sent the text, I knew that she will felt
disappointed and pained. Few minutes later, I got a
response of "ok, we shall see who truly loosed". I
laughed again as I resumed chat with segun.
ME: sege, I don send the message ooo, I tell her say
make she eat the certificates
SEGE: ***loool*** mad man, why you come wicked
your wife like this na?
ME: you no well
SEGE: na wetin she come talk?
ME: she replied with "ok, we shall see who will loose"
SEGE: **hahahaha*** e don pain her be that ooooo.
Na Empty threat jor,
Segun and I chat and laughed over it for few more
minutes. I closed for the day at 5pm and proceeded
to take a cab to my house. I just felt some kind of
relieve as I counter bimpe with boldness that very
day. I pulled off my clothes and prepared dinner.
After dinner, I had my bath and was about going to
bed when I had another message. It was from bimpe
again. Before I opened it, I just laughed again and I
was like "wetin she wan talk again?," I opened the
message and it was a short message which says
"check your facebook inbox". Immediately, I just got
curious and was scared, "what did bimpe meant by
facebook inbox?.
I opened my facebook and found a new message
from "shantel damsel". I opened the message and
found some pictures attached to a message. The
pictures contained the images of me where I was
totally unclad with my face shown inside of it. I was
so scared, I downloaded the pictures and zoomed it
to be sure if it was me and behold, it was me. I
looked at the background and I saw my self sleeping
on a tiny hospital bed with my leg spread open and
my dick shown along side with my face.
Immediately, I remembered the night I had sex with
bimpe in the hospital, I remembered that I slept off
after the sex only to wake up and couldn't find bimpe
by my side.
"Chaiiiii, yeeeee!!! This girl don kill me" I yelled. I
returned to the message to read the content and it
" Hi sweetheart, you have the gut to tell me that I
had lost abi?. Well, for your information, I have 25
clips and 2 videos of your unclothedness, and I'm
ready to finish you on every social media. My terms
are simple, just credit my account with 20k between
25th and 30th of every month to save yourself from
social media revelation.
Failure to meet my terms or to renew your dues, I
will upload your pics on facebook, twitter, whatsapp,
and I will tag every contact on your friend list, I will
upload your video on youtube for the whole world to
see. And let's see who lost this time. Expecting your
deposit alert honey". Don't try to trace me or involve
police because none of my social accounts is real."
I fainted immediately.
"What is really happening to me?"
"Why is bimpe going to the extreme?"
"Have I done something that nobody as ever done?".
I don't even know what to do next. I dialled segun's
number but it wasn't going through. I decided to go
through bimpe's facebook message again to check
her profile and behold, the account doesn't have a
profile picture, no uploads, no friends, no location, no
biodata and no contacts. This gave me more
concern. "Chaiiii, this girl is just a professional. I
forced myself to sleep that night.
I woke up the following morning and prepared for
work. When I was less busy, I tried calling segun and
it went through. I told him that we need to talk on
ME: hi sege, wahala don sele oooo
SEGE: wetin happen?
ME: na Bimpe oooooo
SEGE: you and this your wife again?. She don burn
your certificate?
ME: rara ooooo. I'm in a big scandal
SEGE: gist me, wetin happen?
ME: she sent me a text last night that I should check
my facebook inbox
SEGE: what did you find there?
ME: my Unclad pictures
SEGE: what??, how come?
ME: remember I told you that we had sex at the
SEGE: yes.
ME: the pictures were taken during the period.
SEGE: this is serious.
ME: that's not all.
SEGE: what happened again?
ME: she gave me a condition to place her on a
monthly salary of 20k
SEGE: that's madness, she must be joking
ME: I'm serious. Log in to my account and see for
SEGE: ok. Hold on.
.......Segun went offline and returned after 5
SEGE: onihaxy, there is a big problem
ME: what is it?
SEGE: have you checked your account today?
ME: no. Why did you say so?
SEGE: you have one new message and I viewed it, it
contains 2 new pictures
ME: what's the content?
SEGE: go and see for your self.
ME: ok,
I logged in to my account and saw a new message
from the same username that bimpe used to send
the previous pictures. I opened it and it contained 2
new pictures. First one is a picture of bimpe sleeping
beside me with her butt facing my dick just like the
position we used in spooning sex at the hospital but
her face wasn't showned in it. Only her side and
butts were shown but my own face was clearly
shown. The second one was a picture on bimpe
crossing her legs on my thigh and my dick was
resting on her laps. Her head was on my chest and
her head was covered with a Towel. But my face was
also shown clearly as I lied on my back. I became
uncomfortable and I suddenly developed headache. I
resumed my chat with segun.
ME: sege, I don die. This girl is ready to finish me.
SEGE: this thing is very critical and It can destroy
someone's career if care isn't taken.
ME: so what do you suggest that I do now?
SEGE: I would have advice you to deactivate your
accounts for now. But will you not be on social
media again?
ME: I can't do without social media.
SEGE: then that's it, its more like "living now to die
another day", she can always re-trace you again and
execute her mission.
ME: haaaa!!!
SEGE: and we don't know what tomorrow will bring.
You might become a celebrity or a politician
tomorrow. With those items in her custody, she can
finish your career in few seconds via social media.
ME: haaaaaaa!!!
SEGE: I would have suggested you should report to
the police, but what will be your explanation to the
police on how those butts and fleshy oranges got on
your chest in those pictures?
ME: I don't know
SEGE: and if I say you should sue the hospital to
court and make money if the pictures eventually
surfaced online.
ME: I think that one is a good idea.
SEGE: but how will you explain to the court that you
had sex with a nurse on duty?. If she claimed that
you raped her and couldn't rescue herself from you
because there was no one around?, and she thought
that the only thing she could do to have an evidence
is to snap you when you slept off?. How will you
escape jail?
ME: haaaa!!!,
SEGE: my guy, you would either go to jail or pay
hugely for it.
ME: so you suggest that I should be paying the
monthly 20k?.
SEGE: no, this is a cool blackmail business. She had
done her home work and she is convinced that she
would surely win in this. Especially since her face
isn't showing in the pictures. And if you start paying
now. I can guarantee it that the demands would
increase soonest as time goes on.
ME: so what do I do?.
SEGE: the only way to solve this is to either find her
and delete those stuffs from her phone, or you make
peace with her which I think its impossible.
ME: haaaa.
SEGE: you know what?
ME: what?
SEGE: let's find a way of tracing her first.
ME: how?
SEGE: sebi you said you both have a mutual friend on
ME: yes.
SEGE: then start from there. Get closer to the
person, the person might know her present location.
ME: and after then?.
SEGE: when we get to the bridge, we would cross
ME: ok, what about her monthly demands?
SEGE: I will talk to her. She would reduce the fee or
cancel it. We need to buy more time. Because the
way I'm seeing this girl. She is dangerous.
ME: segun, I don't want you to be directly involved in
SEGE: **laughs**, onihaxy, I started this thing, I was
your coach and mentor all through the scene, and I
was the one who caused all that happened. So this is
the best time for me to be involved. You can't be
alone in this thing. We are into it together.
Me: ok bro, thanks,
SEGE: I have to do some blogging abeg. We will chat
ME: ok.
I ended my chats with segun and resumed with my
work. Few minutes later, my phone was ringing, I
looked at the screen and it was an unknown number
which wasn't part of my contacts

I picked the call with the mindset that its definitely
ME: hello
CALLER: ***female voice*** hi sir
ME: *** confirmed that it wasn't bimpe** who am I
speaking with please?
CALLER: Lolade sir. The lady who came to apply for
a sales rep 2 days ago and I collected your number
ME: ***recollect*** yes!!!, I remembered. How are
CALLER: I'm fine sir. I just want to remind you of the
recruitment sir. Please I need the job sir. Please help
me sir.
ME: hmmmmm. No problem, always keep intouch
with me so as to get updates. But for now, we are
still going through the CVs submitted. No one had
been considered yet.
CALLER: ok sir, thank you sir. This is my number sir,
pls save it.
ME: alrite, no problem.
CALLER: have a nice day sir.
ME: and you too, ****hang up*****.
3 days earlier. We recently purchased a new pure
water Van to expand our distribution channels to our
customers. A driver was needed with a female sales
representative who will assist the driver in
dispatching the pure water packs to our customers.
The manager and I deliberated on how to go about it.
We agreed to pay the driver 13k and the sales
Representatives 10k monthly salary when they are
A notice board was placed outside the compound
containing a vacancy for an experienced driver and a
female sales representative. Before 2pm the second
day after the notice was pasted, 3 guys applied for
the driver post and 4 young ladies came to apply for
the sales Representative position.
At 3pm, my manager was about going out and won't
return for the day when this young lady came inside
the compound. My table is located at the entrance of
the manager's office and the manager was already
out of the office and was about going away when
this lady called lolade approached my table.
LOLADE: hi sir ***knelt a little***
ME: hi, what can I do for you?
LOLADE: I'm here to apply for a sales representative
ME: ***faced my manger standing by my table and
almost going out**** oga, you have a guest applicant
MANAGER: onihaxy, abeg attend to her. Sebi you
know the interview process?
ME: yes sir
MANAGER: I'm late for where I'm going to, I can't
wait anymore.
ME: ok sir, bye sir.
MANAGER: **walked away** bye.
ME: ***looked back at lolade, she is a slim girl with
an average oranges size. She isn't too skinny by she
isn't fat. She looked straight from her appearance
when she was coming inside, I couldn't grade the
backside because I haven't seen it then. she has only
one thing I dislike in her physical appearance which
is the large quantity of spots on her face. She has a
dimple and a nice set of teeth coupled with a good
smile*** hi miss ??
LOLADE: miss lolade
ME: ok miss lolade. How are you?
LOLADE: **smiled** fine sir
ME: you can have your sit **pointing at the 2 chairs
infront of my table***
LOLADE: thank you sir. **sits down**
ME: **na where I go start the interview from sef?***.
You said you are here to apply for a sales rep?
LOLADE: ***smiled again*** yes sir
ME: from the vacancy notice, you are told to come
with your application letter, original and copies of
your credentials and a copy of your CV. And the
requirement for this job is an SSCE. Hope you have
them here with you?.
LOLADE: yes sir.
ME: ok, can I have your letter first?
LOLADE: **opened a brown envelope and brought out
a letter*** here is it sir
ME: ** glanced through the letter and noticed that
she had a cool handwriting and nice construction of
sentences*** ok, what about your result?
LOLADE: **brought it out** here is it sir
ME: **glanced through it*** you failed economics but
passed account and commerce. How come?
LOLADE: I was sick on the date of economics paper
and couldn't do it properly.
ME: sorry.
LOLADE: thanks sir
ME: what about your C.V?
LoLADE: here is it sir
ME: ***glanced through the age and noticed that she
was 18**.
your CV says you are 18. Is that true?.
LOLADE: yes sir
ME: well, you look 29 to me **smiled**
LOLADE: ***smiled also*** you are funny sir.
Gradually, the interview session turned into a gisting
and interactive session as I was throwing relevant
and irrelevant questions at her just to engage myself.
She has a good sense of humour as she was flowing
very well with me. I collected a copy of her result
and returned the original to her. I told her to go and
that she would get a call from us if we need her. She
stood up from her chair and walked about 3 steps
away from me when she turned back and asked, "Sir,
please can I have your number?". "Why not?" I replied as I gave her my number afterwards. I screened and
observed her ass as she was walking away from me.
I can rate the a$$ 60% sha. Not too big but looked
fitted inside her short pencil skirt. I was discouraged
by the spots on her face sha. That was why I
couldn't think of her anymore until she called me.
"Onihaxy!!, e be like say this lolade get potential
" E be like say I go dey use this girl manage body
pending the time I go get a girl of my taste in this
Gradually, the thoughts of Bimpe was leaving my
mind and the thoughts of lolade was coming

I got to work the second day and flirty thoughts of
lolade was flooding my brain. I couldn't think of
anything else aside lolade. I even forgot that my
nudes are still fresh on someone's phone and could
be unleashed at anytime.
I was at my table when my manager called me from
inside to come and I went inside to see him.
ME: hi sir, you called me.
MANAGER: yes. ****handed a file to me***, go
through that file, it contains the CV and credentials
of the applicants, I don't have time to go through
Me: ok sir
MANAGER: scan through it and check out for anyone
who has a better sales experience and give her a call
to resume on monday.
ME: ***chaii, chance to do parol with lolade**** ok
sir. What about the driver sir?
MANAGER: don't worry about that, a guy had been
referred to us by chairman's wife, so we don't need
any driver again.
Me: ok sir.
MANAGER: be fast about it, you know today is friday.
I want the new van to commence operation on
ME: ok sir.
I left his office and returned to my table with a grin
on my cheek. I glanced through the CVs and
discovered that lolade has no sales experience
compared to the rest. I was there on my table
thinking about what to do and my phone rang. I
checked and it was lolade. I had to leave my table
and walked out of the building because I don't want
my manager to listen to our conversations.
ME: hello.
LOLADE: **angelic sweet voice*** hello sir. How are
ME: **melt by her voice and gained Attention
immediately*** I'm fine and you?
LOLADE: I'm fine sir. Please I just want to remind
you again and to beg you not to forget me.
ME: hmmmm, Lolade, there is a problem
LOLADE: haaa!!, what is it sir?
ME: you don't have any sales experience according
to your CV and you are the only odd person among
the 13 applicants
LOLADE: **felt bad** haa, please sir, is there anyway
you could help me sir. I really need the job for
sustenance sir.
Me: ***hmmm, e be like say this girl dey suffer sha.
See as she dey beg for 10k job*** ok dear, I will see
what I can do. Though it will be a bit difficult, but I
will try.
LOLADE: thank you sir.
ME: hmmmmmm, don't mention. So what will be my
reward for my efforts
LOLADE: don't worry sir, I will be nice to you, I should
just get the job first.
ME: ***chaiiiii, I gained another Attention*** ok, no
LOLADE: when next should I call you sir?
ME: maybe in the evening
LOlADE: ok sir, thank you sir. **hanged up***.
After ending the call, I looked at the zip of my
trouser and observed that my Attention was so
obvious. **chai, this one na embarrassment ooo**. I
dipped my inside my trouser, pulled up my dick and
hanged it underneath my belt before returning back
to my table.
I got to my table after passing through the factory
and greeted the factory workers. I began to think on
how to cover up for lolade. Then an idea came to my
head. I re-typed her CV on my system, added some
sales experience to it and went out to print at the
computer center adjacent our company. I returned to
to my table and tore her previous cv and returned to
my manager.
ME: hi sir, I'm through.
MANAGER: what's the outcome
ME: I have went through all the applicants cv and I
found out that only one of them has a good and
qualitative experience sir. Its even from a pure water
MANAGER: really?
ME: yes, It will help us in getting new customers
since she already knew about the job.
MANAGER: ok, who is she?
ME: *** moved closer and showed him*** this lady.
MANAGER: ok, give her a call.
ME: ok sir.
"Yessss!!!!!" I went out of his office with joy filled in
my heart. It was as if I won a lottery. I took my
phone and dialled lolade's number.
ME: hi lolade.
LOLADE: hi sir, I wasn't expecting your call sir. I
guess its for a bad news?
ME: loool. Not really, but seems so.
LOLADE: **sighed** ok sir,
ME: you know I told you that you had no experience.
LOLADE: yes sir
ME: but I was able to convince the chairman. So you
have been chosen.
LOLADE: ** screamed***, thank you so much sir.
ME: you are welcome. But there is a minor issue.
LOLADE: what is it sir?
ME: I will send a text to you.
LOLADE: ok sir. When am I to resume sir?
ME: monday morning.
LOLADE: ok sir
I hanged up on lolade and draft a text and told her
how I edited and added to her CV. I told her that she
needs to have a copy of it so as to be familiar with
the contents and be able to defend it incase my
manager decided to ask questions from her. Few
minutes later, she replied with, "thank you sir, I'm
very grateful sir, how do I get a copy?".
I sent another text, telling her that she can come
around for it, but my manager must not see her so
as not to suspect anything.
She replied saying "haa, I'm not around now sir, I
went out to somewhere and won't be back until 7pm
sir, can I come for it tomorrow?".
I sent another text " I won't be coming to work
tomorrow and I won't be at work till monday, so I
don't know how you will get it".
She replied with " ok, where do you live sir ?".
I sent another text " Ajilosun street. And why do you
She replied with " I was thinking maybe I can visit
you tomorrow afternoon to have the copy"
My dick resurrected again, "chaii, see as fresh meat
dey come my side tomorrow oooooo". I replied her
saying. " Its ok, do you live closer to that area?".
She replied. Not really, but my house isn't too far
sha, I will come around 2pm sir".
I sent another text. "Ok, no problem".
She replied " I will call you sir when I'm about
I replied with "ok"
My dick was erected for several minutes until it later
I closed for the day and went home to arrange my
room ahead of saturday.

I got home after work on that friday. I was so filled
with joy of catching a new fish. At a point, my
thoughts began to divide
"Could lolade be sent by bimpe?"
" I don't think so jaree"
"Afterall, bimpe didn't know where I am presently"
" Hmmmm!!! Onihaxy!!!"
" Make Kitty-Cat no kill you one day ooo"
I was so lost in this thought until I heard a message
alert on my phone. I checked it and it was a message
from whatsapp. I looked at the message and it was
from segun.
SEGE: onihaxy, how far?
ME: I dey jaree
SEGE: I don follow your wife talk oo
ME: which of them?
SEGE: you no well, you get two wives?
ME: **lol**
SEGE : its bimpe
ME:** my heart beat faster all of a sudden** what
did you guys discussed?
SEGE: well, I told her that your monthly salary was
18k which she knew about, I told her that there is no
way you can get the amount she demanded for.
ME: hmmm, did you call her?
SEGE: no, we chat via the facebook I'd she used to
send the picture.
ME: ok, what was her response?
SEGE: she said that is none of her business.
ME: haaaa!!!,
SEGE: then I told her that the sad news was that you
just lost your job and you are even struggling for
ME: hmmmmm. Sege!!!!!,
SEGE: she still insisted that its none of her business
ME: haa.
SEGE: then I told her to punish me instead of
punishing you. Because I caused everything. I was
the one who pushed her out of the house and not
you. I made her realized that you still loved her and
you have never stopped thinking about her everyday.
ME: hmmmmmmmmmm.
SEGE: so I made an agreement with her on my own.
ME: which agreement?
SEGE: I told her that I will pay her 100k for her to
forget everything and delete whatever she has in her
ME: really?,
SEGE: yes
ME: so when are you paying it?
SEGE: me kee?, pay wetin?
ME: I thought you said you are paying her money?.
SEGE: yeah. I told her to give me like a month or two
to source for the money.
ME: hmmmmmmm
SEGE: yes, I only used that to buy time for you to
make enough research on how to get her contact or
location. I'm also doing my own research here
ME: that my guy.
SEGE: I hope you have started working on it sha?
ME: yes I have.
SEGE: that's cool. Just get closer to the mutual
friend, or her friends at the hospital, or the doctor, or
anyone. Even if it is her phone number that you are
able get, its ok.
ME: what do we want to do with her phone number.
SEGE: I have a means of using it to get her address
and location,
ME: how?
SeGE: leave that to me.
ME: and after getting the address, what next?
SEGE: I will arrange boys to visit her and rob her of
every gadget found in her house. Be it phone, laptop
of flash drive.
ME: hmmmmmm, sege!!!!!
SEGE: that's it my nigga. We have to end all this
once and for all. Because if not, she would keep on
making demands till Jesus come.
ME: ok, I will update you on any discovery.
SEGE: no wahala now. Hope that side dey bam sha?.
ME: sure na. I dey cope.
SEGE: no wahala. I wan blog small, we go talk latter,
ME: ok.
I fell back on my bed with a deep sigh of relieve that
my friend is working things out for me. Few minutes
later, I got a call from my manager

ME: hello sir
MANAGER: how are you?
ME: I'm fine sir
MANAGER: ehn ehn onihaxy!!
ME: sir,
MANAGER. I won't be around on monday and
ME: hope there is no problem sir?
MANAGER: not really, just that I wanted to obtain a
form somewhere on monday, and its outside ekiti
ME: ok sir
MANAGER: so please, take charge of the activities of
the company
ME: ok sir
MANAGER: and make sure you are vigilant about
those boys in the packaging section, they always
steal bags of water to sell.
ME: ok sir.
MANAGER: I hope the spare key of my office is still
with you?
ME: yes sir.
MANAGER: ok, take good care of the factory, I have
informed the chairman that I won't be around.
ME: ok sir. I wish you safe journey sir.
MANAGER: alright bye
It was saturday morning. I have sent my detailed
address to lolade in the morning and she replied me
that she would be coming by 11am. In the speed of
light, I removed all the cobwebs in the room, I
changed my bedspread, I placed a pack of condom
under my mattress incase of incasity. I removed the
chairs in my room and kept it in my neighbour's room
so that she would be able to sit on the bed when she
I shuffled my photo album and removed the pictures
containing me and ladies in a romantic posture, I
went outside to buy 3 bottles of malt, 2 digestive
biscuit, 50nair oranges, 3 apples and filled them in my
fridge. I sprayed the room with air - freshener and I
went to the filling station to purchase a 3 litres of
petrol and filled my "I better pass my neighbour"
small generator. I removed the dusts on my
electronics and everywhere was neat and looking
nice. On a good day, I used to clean up my room
once in a month and yet, it won't be sparkling as the
way it is now. When I was through, I went out to
make printouts of her new CV because I made only
one copy the previous day.
11am, lolade called to inform me that she was on her
way. On hearing this, I switched on my generator and
also my DVD player and slot in a romantic nollywood
Few minutes later, I got a missed call from lolade, I
called her back and she informed me that she was
standing infront of my house. I wore my 3 quarters
and a white round neck top and I went out to see
her. On getting to the front of my house, I saw lolade
standing at the opposite side of the road. She was
putting on a popular short gown with white and black
stripe. That type of gown that is usually fitted to the
body and brings out the real shape of the a$$. Her
hair was loosed and packed with rubber band. She
smiled at me as I waved at her. Lolade crossed over
from the opposite side and came to where I was.
She knelt down a little and said "good morning sir".
"How are you" I replied her and she said "fine sir".
We entered into my room together.
ME: have your seat dear
LOLADE: **sat on the edge of the bed*** thank you
ME: you are looking more gorgeous and prettier than
the last time I saw you
LOLADE: ***blushing** thank you sir
ME: what can I offer you?
LOLADE: anything sir
ME: hmm. Anything?, then let me give you weed then
LOLADE: **laughs** so you smoke weed?
ME: just kidding, don't you know that I'm a bishop?
LOLADE: loool. Bishop of which diocese?
Lolade and I continued to crack jokes as I opened my
mini fridge and offered her maltonic and apples
which I purchased before her arrival. We were
flowing along as if we have met each other long time
LOLADE: thanks so much sir for your help concerning
the job. I needed the job badly
ME: really?, why badly?
LOLADE: you won't understand sir
ME: then make me understand. I actually assisted
you because I'm interest in knowing you, so I'm
LOLADE: hmmmmmm, its a long story sir
ME: summarise it for me
LOLADE: ok, actually, I finished my secondary school
2 years ago
ME: **cuts in** yeah, I saw that on the form you
LOLADE: so immediately after that, I lost my dad
ME: eyah, I'm so sorry about that.
LOLADE: thank you sir. And my mum cannot finance
my academic to tertiary institution because she is a
petty trader.
ME: eyah. What about your elder brothers and
LOLADE: I'm the first born. But I have 2 younger
ME: eyah.
LOLADE: thanks sir. So that's why I wanted a job
which I can save little money out of it to obtain jamb
and finance my studies to some extent. And also
sustain myself with the rest so as to ease the burden
on my mum.
ME: that's a nice idea. But do you know how much
you will be earning before talking about savings?
LOLADE: honestly, I don't know, but I just know that I
will be getting paid.
ME: well, its a small money.
LOLADE: how much sir?
ME: just 10k
LOLADE: 10k?, its ok sir. I so much appreciate it. I'm
grateful sir.
Me: you are welcome, what about your boyfriend?, is
he not capable of financing your education?
LOLADE: boyfriend kee?. Mtchew, which guy is ready
to be committed this days?, all they want to do is to
have sex and go.
ME: so you are telling me now that you don't have a
LOLADE: what do I want to do with it?. I want to
focus on my life for now.
ME: "oluwaseun oooo". Thank God.
LOLADE: why saying so sir?.
ME: because I won't be having competitor and rivals
LOLADE: I don't understand sir
ME: **moved closer***. Lolade, I know this is too
early, but its a burden on my heart. I like you right
from the first day I set my eyes on you, I got home
and I dreamt of you all night. Infact, I have never
stopped thinking about you since then,. To be sincere,
I went through stress to convince my manager to
hire you out of the all the applicants. I did all this
because I love you...................... "Format continues"
LOLADE: but you are just knowing me, how can you
claim to love me sir? And don't you think I'm young
enough to be your younger sister?
ME: ***held her hand**** lolade, don't say so please.
You are hurting me and my heart is bleeding because
of what you just said. I seriously love you, I mean it.
LOLADE: so what about the person you are dating
ME: I swear to God. I don't have a girlfriend.
LOLADE: and why?
ME: because my heart was waiting to meet you for
the past 2 years since I broke up with my ex. My
spirit chose you on first sight.
LOLADE: so is it because of the job, is that why you
want to use the opportunity to use me?.
ME: lolade, I swear to God, my love for you is real
and genuine. If only you can dissect and open my
heart, only then will you know how much I love you.
LOLADE: I'm so sorry sir, I'm not interested, if its
about your job, you can keep it sir.
ME: lolade, why are you talking like this now?
LOLADE: I mean it. ***stands up and about to walk
ME: ok, have the copy of your CV, you don't have to
reject the job. I knew how far I went to secure it for
***i turned to the opposite side and stared at the
space with my eyeballs wide opened, few seconds
later, my eyeballs were soaked and fake tears was
LOLADE: thank you, let me get going
ME: **faint voice** ok, let me see you off
LOLADE: ***noticed my voice and looked at my
eyes***. Don't tell me you are crying. Has it gotten
to this stage?
ME: lolade, you won't understand
LOLADE: then make me understand sir
ME: **still in faint voice*** its been over two years
that I stayed out of love since I broke up with my ex.
Now that I'm drown in your love, I'm been denied and
LOLADE: **smiled and wiped my tears**. Ok, what do
you want from me?
ME: I want your love. I love you, I want you to love
LOLADE: well, the truth is that I like you too. You
appeared to be kind and loving. But don't you think
I'm too young?, I'm a school cert holder?, and I need
to forge ahead to tertiary institution before thinking of love?
ME: I knew all these before asking you out. I love
you and that's all. Love over sees all things.
LOLADE: are you sure of what you are saying?
ME: yes, I'm so sure
LOLADE: ok, I heard you. Give me time, let me think
about it. Is that ok by you?.
ME: ****smiled****,
LOLADE: that's better, you look good in that smile
Me: thanks dear. When will you get back to me?
LOLADE: sebi we would see on monday?
ME: you mean you will give me a feedback on
LOLADE: don't know yet. When I think it through, I
will let you know,
ME: ok dear. Thanks my love.
LOLADE: **smiled** I need to start going now. I have
some house chores to do at home.
Me: should I follow you home?.
LOLADE: to do what?
ME: to meet my inlaws off cos
LOLADE: ***laughs*** honestly, you are so funny and
fun to be with. I so much enjoyed your company.
ME: thanks dear
LOLADE: by the way, what's your name?
ME: onihaxy
LOLADE: so let me call you uncle onihaxy.
ME: no, call me by my name.
LOLADE: no, I can't, how do you want people at work
to see it?. That's bad.
ME: na you sabi
LOLADE: come and see me off abeg.
I walked along with her till we reach the door, she
was about to open the door when I pulled her back, I
held her hand with one hand and held her waist wit
the other, I stared straight into her eyes and she did
the same, our heads began to get close until my lips
located hers. My eyes was closed immediately as we
began to kiss. I was expecting a resistance but none
came. Instead, I felt a hand on my neck as she held
my head and sucked my lips as she gave me the kiss
of life.

Our lips were still locked for 2 minutes and still
counting and yet, there was no resistance coming
from lolade. My dick was gradually getting erected
and almost hitting lolade on the laps so I had to
stylishly dip my hands inside my trouser, pulled up my
dick and hanged it beneath my belt. Then I took the
courage to step up my game by removing my second
hand from her head and dropping it to her neck
gradually, the kiss was getting more romantic and
passionate and I lowered my left hand from her neck
down to her cleavage, I traced the middle of her
boobs down to the lower part of her breasts on her
cloth and I pressed the left breast, lolade gave out a
soft moan and jerked her head upwards, I stopped for
few seconds and expecting a resistance and there
was none. I decided to take a step further and
squeeze the left breast and the moans was becoming
spontaneous. I decided to switch breast at intervals
from left to the right and back to the left while her
cloth was still on. I was confused on where next to
switch to. "Should I dip my hands into her gown from
the top of her cleavage? Of should I take my hand
down to the bottom of her gown and pull it up?", my
brain permutated the two options within 3 seconds
and my instinct told me to go down and start from
below. I followed my instinct and took my hand
straight downward and started tickling her laps, I
continued tickling and moving my hands upwards
gradually, I was about few centimetres from her
pants when she dropped her hand to hold my hand. I
was somehow shocked but I didn't show it. She
removed her mouth from mine and said "stop it", its
ok, let me be going.
ME: ok dear, I'm sorry
LOLADE: ***opened the door **its okay, no problem,
you sha succeeded in kissing me. Its somehow
strange sha.
ME: **smiled as I closed the door from outside***
strange as how?
LOLADE: ***chuckle** I have never hugged any guy
on a first date, let alone kissing. How did you really
do it?
ME: ***stopped at the main entrance of our
compound and held her two hands****, its simply the
power of love.
LOLADE: I don't understand
ME: its just the chemistry of the heart you know.
When your heart meets someone it chose to love.
The chemistry just react naturally without laws.
LOLADE: **laughs*** you are so funny, what course
did you studied at school?
ME: chemistry. Why did you ask?
LOLADE: I thought as much,
ME: how?
LOLADE: with the way you were talking about
chemistry and reactions.
ME: ****laughed*******
LOLADE: ****laughed too****
ME: ****** stared into her eyes once more***** my
LOLADE: what is that?
ME: please, give me a yes answer so that my mind
would be at rest.
LOLADE: ***placed her hand on my chest*****, Mr
loverboy, calm down and give me time to think over it
ME: **smiled***. Ok.
I waved at bike passing by and it stopped. I slipped
1k into lolade's hands and she smiled and said "thank
I returned inside and the bottom side of my tummy
began to pain me seriously.

It was monday morning. I woke up very early as
usual to prepare breakfast, had my bath and prepared
for work. As my manager wasn't around, I took
enough time to do some tidings and was eventually
late to work as a result.
I got to work by 8:30am, I met the factory workers
and the packaging boys at the production room. I
waved at them as I passed by with my folder in my
hand and one of the boys said "oga, e be like say you
get visitor oooo". "Really?, who is the person? And
where is he?" I replied the boy, and he said "oga, na
lady ooo, she don sit down for your table". I replied
"ok, thank you. I wasn't sure who the visitor was
until I walked to the table and met my lovely lolade
sitted at the visitors seat infront of my table.
LOLADE: **smiled*** good morning sir!
ME: **smiled too** my wife, good morning.
LOLADE: ha sir!. Your wife kee?, you want to put me
into trouble sir
ME:*** pats her shoulder as I walked down to my
seat*** which trouble dear?
LOLADE: you know I'm just new here sir "e ma je ki
won so mi lenu oooo" I don't want to be implicated.
ME: you are funny dear.
LOLADE: **smiled**
ME: yes!!!, Manager called me this morning that he
won't be around today and tomorrow, so he told me
to tell you that you should wait till wednesday when
he would arrive so that you can obtain your guarantor
and referee's form and also process your ID card.
LOLADE: ok sir.
ME: alrite, I will give you a 60leaves note now. And I
will attach you to the driver whom you will be working
with. You are expected to make a record of all daily
sales inside the note and indicate the dates
everyday. The note will contain the number of packs
loaded before leaving every morning, number of
sales, credit purchase from customers, and number
of packs returned in the evening if you couldn't sell
LOLADE: ** stared at me in silence***
ME: ***raised up my head and noticed her*** ololade,
what is the problem?, why are you silent?
LOLADE: sir!, I don't understand any of your
explanations, I don't know how to go about it.
ME: haaaa!!!, so if my manager was to be the one
telling you all these, you would tell him that you have
no idea?, and you would inturn implicated me for
telling him that you had pure water sales
LOLADE: **faced down and sad*** I'm sorry sir.
ME: **stood up from my seat and walked to meet
her and placed my hand on her back*** its ok my
dear, you don't have to be sad. I understand that you
don't have any experience, that's why I gave you the
cv over the weekend to study it through.
LOLADE: I did sir,
ME: ok dear, its ok, my manager's absence is really a
blessing in disguise. I will seize the opportunity of his
two days Absence to train you on so many things, so
that you won't Bleep up and disappoint me when he
LOLADE: ok sir.
ME: it means you will have to wait for few minutes
after closing so that I can have chance to put you
through the steps and procedures.
LOLADE: ok sir.
I drew a table chart inside the note and explain few
things to her about it. I told her to always report to
me at the end of the day for assessment and
accounting. She left and I was looking at her
swinging ass through her small pant skirt. I attached
her to the new driver, I told one of the other sales
rep to go with them so as to introduce them to the
new market and they drove off after packing packs
of water into the new van.
"Chaii, onihaxy, you get sense ooo"
"See as you tell her to wait after closing and she
After their departure. I told all the factory boys to go
home at exactly 5pm to rest for the day instead of
the regular 6pm. They were so happy and joyous. I
told the other sales reps that they should all return
before 5pm so as to attend to them on time because
I must leave by 5pm. They were also happy because
they would be leaving an hour earlier.
It was 5pm in the evening, the boys had closed for
the day as instructed earlier, I went through the
records of the other 4 sales representatives and
collect money from them and I was through by
5:20pm and they left. At 5:45pm, lolade arrived with
the new driver and the person I sent to assist them. I
dismissed the driver and the other lady immediately
and I told lolade to wait behind for me to go through
her sales records.
When I noticed that others had left, I took the spare
key of my manager's office and I told lolade to come
inside with so that I can go through a sales for the
day and also train her on what she needs to know,
she nodded and smiled at me as we both walked
inside the office and I locked the door from inside.

LOLADE: ** looked around the office**I guess this is the manager's office?.
ME: not really, we both use the office. But since he
used to have visitors and he needed privacy most
times, so we decided to have another table and
chairs outside. So I use the outside table most times
when he needs privacy.
LOLADE:** still looking around***how come you still
share office when you have your own table outside?
ME: because I'm his P.A, and also the secretary/
Accountant of the company at the same time.
LOLADE: waoooh, so you are handling 3 positions at
a time, that is very nice sir, it means your take home
must be very huge niyen ooooo **smiles**
ME: *smiled too** "oloshi, see as this girl dey reason
my salary sha, na another maga venture this one go
be oooooo", if you say so dear.
LOLADE: **smiled and nodded** that's nice
ME: bring your chair closer to me here so that we
can start the tutorials and seminar
LOLADE: **smiled as she lifted the chair and moved
it to my side** yes sir.
ME: so where is the notebook I gave you?
LOLADE: here is it sir.
I spent the first 15 minutes going through the sales
book, vetting and correcting some errors, I spent
another 30 minutes explaining things about our
company and how to handle things to lolade, and
how she would defend her experiences when
manager arrives. I was touching her hand, pushing
myself on her and staring at her at intervals. When
we were through with the seminar, I turned my chair
and faced her, stared at her, held her hand and let
out a smile.
ME: ololade mi, please save me, I'm dieing please.
LOLADE: sir?, dieing kee?! How?
ME: its about you. I have been having sleepless night
since the day I met you. I hardly spend 10 minutes
without thinking of you my love, you have fill my
heart with lots of love and I'm fully drowned into the
pool of your love.
LOLADE: hmmmm, men!!!!, they can make mouth and
lie ehhnnn!!!
ME: **held her second hand and moved closer***
ololade mi. Believe me my dear, I'm not lieing. Infact,
I have never fallen in love like this before. Your love
is making me going insane. Please don't let me run
mad please.
LOLADE: ok, I heard you. So how do I help you?.
ME: please, just give me a yes, give me a space in
your heart, let me be your man, and I promised to
love you for the rest of my life, I so love you, you are
the air I breath, you are my
vision............"Campaigning continues"
LOLADE: ** quiet for a while***
ME: my love, please talk, I'm scared by your silence
LOLADE: hope you won't disappoint me?
ME: I swear I won't, lolade, in the valley of decision,
you will forever remain my only choice.
............."Continued to campaign"
LOLADE: **silent again for a while*** ok, I heard you.
ME: **smiled** is that a yes?.
LOLADE: ** shyness smile** something like that.
I was so happy on what I just heard from lolade.
"Chai onihaxy, you don catch new pusssy". Lolade
looked at her watch and it was past 7pm. She stood
up and told me she would be leaving.
I stood up also, pushed the chairs to one side and
held her hand as I pulled her back towards me. We
stared at each other's eyeball and our heads were
moving closer again till our lips found each other and
we kissed passionately. No resistance again and the
kiss was super romantic than the previous one, "chai,
lolade was so good at kissing", she was sucking my
upper lips and lower lips simultaneously and also
pulling and turning my tongue with hers. During the
kiss, I moved around and made her back to face the
table. I pushed her back a little bit and made her sit
on the table while I was standing and facing her.
My hands was moving downwards from her head
down to her neck then to her cleavage. "Chaii, lolade
was putting on a shirt that has about 6 buttons and a
short skirt, how do I go about this buttons?" I thought
for a while, I took the courage and stylishly unhook
the first button, I was expecting a resistance but I
got none, instead, the kiss was getting more intense,
I proceeded to the second button, to the 3rd, 4th till I
unhooked the last one to unveil her bra . Omo see
oranges!!!, my joystick erected more and more as I
was drowning in sexual fantasy.
I moved up my right hand and placed it on her bra
and dipped my hand inside it to locate her Tip. I
tickled it and squeeze at the same time and lolade
was moaning louder, "hmmmmmm, oooouhhh,
hmmmmmm, sirrrr!!!!, oga!!!!! Its ok sir!!!!!!!!".
I moved my mouth away from her mouth, licked her
down to her neck and finally passed through her
cleavage and arrived on her Tips. I placed my tongue
on the left Tips as I placed my hand on the right one.
I was sucking the left and squeezing/ teasing the
right Tip. I looked up and saw that lolade was already
lost. I took the courage and removed my hand from
her right breast and placed it on her skirt. I was
switching breasts and finding my way to her laps at
the same time. Atlast, my hand found the laps and I
was tickling and moving my hand upwards. When I
got to about few centimetres from her pants, I
stopped with the hope that I would encounter
resistance, and behold, none came. I moved my hand
upward till I got to the underneath of her pant,
behold, lolade was seriously wet and dripping, I
played with her pants for few seconds, tickling and
teasing the punny via the pant before pushing the
underneath of the pant to one side with my finger
and my finger finally landed on the main punany. I
began to manipulate her with my right hand and un-
hooking my belt with my left hand as my mouth
returned to her lips to resumed kissing which she
fully welcomed.

I was manipulation her Kitty-Cat with one hand and
pulling off my belt with the other hand. I had
difficulty in removing my belt due to lolade's body
closeness to mine in position and I don't want her to
recover from her heaven trip so as not to spoil the
show. To save time, I ignored the belt and simply
loosed my zip, I loosed the button on the boxer and
brought out my fully erected dick. While I was doing
all this underneath, I never let lolade realized it so
that she won't be discouraged or disappointed. I
moved up my right hand and continued to squeeze
her breasts and handling her Tips and also kissing
her so as to add more to her heavenly trip.
I continued manipulation her Kitty-Cat and also
bringing my dick closer to her punany at the same
time, I more I finger, the closer the dick. I was able
to hold my dick with my left hand and also finger her
kitten with the same finger on the left hand.
" Chaii, I don reach the gate of lolade's kitten oooo,
and I no get condom ?, wetin I go do oooooo"
" Should I ignore the Bleep and zip up?"
"But onihaxy!!, na serious fucck up e go be oo".
"See as field open and you no gree play match"
" Should I risk hIV and STDs?"
" What if I impregnate her?".
Innocent citizen thoughts began to fill my mind and I
felt like pulling off, I felt guilty and I realized that its
too early to nack this innocent girl, but the demon of
konji suddenly whisper to me heart,
" onihaxy!!!, e be like say you dey craze?"
"Abi you dey mad ni?"
"Things wey some guy dey pay before dem get, you
see free one and you no use am?"
" You wan suffer this erected dick for nothing?"
" Abi you no see Kitty-Cat gate wey open wide like
this without any gateman?"
" Se this girl look like person wey get HIV for your
" You no fit give her money to buy postinor 2 if you
dey fear pregnancy?"
" And for your information, you might not get to see
another opportunity if you let this open gate pass you
Chaii, Konji na Bastard, no time abeg, I obeyed konji's
cousel and I immediately caught her unaware as I
plugged my extension inside lolade's socket and she
let out a soft moan as she place her 2 hands on the
back of the table and she raised up her head and
drew closer to me as I was plugging and removing
my extension from her socket in a soft mode.

I held her laps, raised them up and I was pumping in
and out of lolade's Kitty-Cat and she was moaning at
various tunes. She would remove her hands from the
table and use it to hold my neck and after a moment,
she would return the hand to the table again, she
drew closer to the edge of the table and gave the
chance of deeper penetration. The Kitty-Cat hole
wasn't as tight as expected because I felt her
punany should be tighter at her age. We bleeped for
about 5 minutes and I cummed inside her because I
don't want to stain my oga's rug with sperm and
tissue paper wasn't in the office.
After the Bleep, I was breathing and sweating
heavily. I dropped her laps, returned my dick to my
trouser and zipped up, I went to the other side of the
office to put on the fan, and before I returned, lolade
was looking downwards and appeared sobber.
ME: ***drew close to her and cuddled her*** my
dear, why are you sad?
LOLADE: **silent***
ME: **scared**** my dear, please look at my face,
look into my eyes lolade
LOLADE: **still silent***
ME: **abi I don contact disease ni?*** my love, I
don't like this mood, please talk to me.
LOLADE: ***speaking silently** its about you.
ME: **scared** me?
LOLADE: yes.
ME: chai!!!!, temi bami.
LOLADE: why did you do this to me on first
relationship date ***sobbing***
ME: ***see oloshi, so you no know say na day 1 when
you open laps and you dey moan**** I'm so sorry
about that my dear. I love you so much and the
strong feelings I have for you couldn't let me resist
LOLADE: now that you have seen what you are
looking for in me, your love for me will reduce abi?
ME: not at all dear, it just increased, I now love you
more than I have ever do **yinmu**
LOLADE: Are you sure?
ME: came closer and held her in my arms** yes my
love. I'm very sure.
LOLAdE: did you release inside me?
ME: **shocked*** no I didn't . Why did you ask?
LOLADE: because I don't want to get pregnant
ME: **still scared but didn't show it** lol, you aren't
young for it now. 18 and above is regarded as an
adult in nigeria.
LOLADE: *smiled a little** sir, my family will disown
me. Is it me that couldn't afford common jamb form
that should get pregnant?.
ME: just kidding anyways.
LOLADE: better
ME: hmmmmmmmm, maybe you should take drugs to
be on the safer side
LOLADE: **raised eyebrow** what drug?
ME: ** stammering*** ehmmmmm, something like
LOLADE: lailai, over my dead body, I'm not taking any
ME: "chaiiii, Mogbe!!!!" Why dear?
LOLADE: sebi you said you didn't release inside me?
ME: yes dear
LOLADE: so I don't need any drugs that would harm
ME: harm you as how?
LOLADE: I heard it used to have a side effect and
may also affect the womb from getting pregnant in
the future
ME: all those stories are pure lies.
LOLADE: so you have been prescribing postinors for
the ladies you slept with?
ME: no, you are the first girl in my life that I will say
it to.
LOLADE: how come you knew its name and how
come you knew it has no side effect?
ME: remember I told you I studied chemistry at
school? So I'm automatically a chemist. Drugs and
there effects was part of the courses I studied at
undergraduate level.
LOLADE: hmmmmmm, chemist or no chemist, I'm not
taking any drugs. Simple.
Me: its ok then.
LOLADE: please I need to go home now, its getting
dark and my family would be angry.
ME: alright. But I'm somehow thirsty, I want to get a
bottle of soft drink outside, do you care for one too?
LOLADE: no problem, but be fast please.
ME: **hmmmm, this girl don remove "sir" from my
name, I don sell my respect oooo*** ok, I would be
As I was walking out of the compound, several
thoughts were running through my mind.
" Chaii onihaxy!!!, u don impregnate someone"
" Why did I Bleep in the first place without condom
"If I had known, I wouldn't have bleeped ooo"
" This girl isn't ready to take any drugs now, what do
I do oooooo?"
I thought and thought and couldn't figure out any
idea. Then I decided to call my friend on phone.
Me: hello segun
SEGE: how you dey oko bimpe?
ME: I'm not fine segun, wahala don sele oooo
SEGE: wahala kee?, have you been sacked?
ME: no ooo, na one girl wey I just met
SEGE: wetin do her?
ME: we bleeped without condom and I mistakenly
pour inside. I told her to take drugs and she refused.
SEGE: onihaxy!!!, what is your problem?, you haven't
settled your issues with bimpe, and you are here
starting a fresh trouble again, how on earth will you
Bleep a new girl without condom?, what if she has
sTDs of hiV?.
ME: sege, the deed has been done, its solution that I
want. please help me.
SEGE: your wahala too much. Just that there is no
way I could abandon you ni.
ME: thanks my guy, so what do I do?
SEGE: try and convince her to take the drugs.
ME: I can't, I told her earlier that I didn't release
inside of her.
SEGE: ok, what are you doing now?.
Me: I'm outside to buy lacasera for both of us.
SEGE: ok, is there a chemist around there?
ME: yes.
SEGE: ok, don't buy lacasera for her, buy viju milk or
Cway milk. Then go to the chemist and buy postionor
2. Ground it to powder and pour it inside the vuju
milk or Cway milk and mixed them thoroughly.
ME: hmmmmm. Sege!!!!!
SEGE: don't hail me jor, just be careful next time.
ME: thanks. Why did you say I shouldn't use
SEGE: lacasera has a transparent bottle and also the
liquid isn't white, so if you mix the drugs with it, it
would show clearly that the drink is impure. But viju
and cway milk is white, and also, the bottle isn't
transparent and the drug is also white, So if mixed
properly, she won't find out.
ME: that's my guy, I will call you back *hanged up**
I crossed to the other side and told the chemist to
give me a cway milk and a lacasera with 2 dose of
postinor. "Na overdose dey work pass for naija"
I paid him and took the drinks away. On getting to
the entrance of our compound, I ground the drug into
powder with the plastic of lacasera, I opened the
Cway milk and poured it inside. I mixed it together
and I covered it. I entered into my manger's office
and I met the table well arranged and lolade was
sitting on the chair. I pretend to open the cover of
the cway bottle and gave it to her as I was sipping
my lacasera.
She took a little of the milk juice and said she was
ME: **leave kee?, ** lolade, I want to give the empty
bottles of these drinks to the kunnu seller that
usually stay at the entrance of the gate.
LOLADE: what for?
ME: she saw me passing with the drinks and she
begged me to give her the empty bottles and I
promised to bring it while going home.
ME: finish the drink so that I can give it to her as we
are going.
Lolade finished the drink in my presence and my
mind was settled. I closed for the day and we both
walked out of the gate with the empty bottles on my
hand. When we reached the outside of the gate. I
said "huuuh, this woman had left sha, let me drop it
on the ground for her, she would pick it up
tomorrow". I gave her 500naira for transport while I
took a bike to my house.

I got home that evening and began to thank my stars
for the narrow escape. I vowed never to Bleep lolade
flesh to flesh again, I dipped my hand to the
underneath of my bed, I took out the pack of condom
and took one out of it, I dropped it codedly insde my
wallet incase of another emergency day.
I took to my phone and decided to appreciate my
nigga segun on whatsapp for saving me once again.
ME: hi sege,
SEGE: how far?
ME: I dey my guy, thanks for the other time
SEGE: you no well, why you go dey Bleep person
without condom?, e be like say you no dey fear for
your life. What if the babe na mammy water or
ogbanje or HIV/ STD patient?
ME: so if I used condom, ogbanje no go catch me?
SEGE: yes na. Na sperm be their mode of operation,
if dem wan use you, tap from your destiny, catch you
or harm you, na your sperm wey dem swallow during
BJ and the one wey them receive through punany
them dey use.
ME: hmmmmmmm
SEGE: yes na. No matter how powerful the witch or
mammy water reach, if your sperm no pass through
their body, dem no fit do anything.
ME: sege!!!!!!!
SEGE: my guy, I dey tell you, that's why I no dey cum
for girl mouth in BJ and I no dey Bleep without
condom. Them never tap my destiny sef, I never buy
range rover, what if dem come tap am, wetin go
remain for me?
ME: loooool, no be my fault my guy
SEGE: whose fault then? Ehn??, even if you must
Bleep person flesh to flesh, then it should be a
mature girl who knows how to take care of her self
without been told. Not someone you would be
begging to take drugs.
ME: ok my guy.
SEGE: who is the lady sef?
ME: na one of our new staffs
SEGE: her name?
ME: lolade
SEGE: hmmmm, just be careful onihaxy, you know
you are still burning under a trouble with Adebimpe,
don't had more problems to your head my guy.
ME: ok boss, thanks.
SEGE: how about the mutual friends I told you to
work on?
ME: I sent her a "HI" message and she hadn't
SEGE: don't you know the person?
ME: I swear I don't.
SEGE: you see your life, una go dey pack people wey
you no know for facebook.
ME: hmmmmm
SEGE: just be fast and work on it
ME: ok,
SEGE: has bimpe sent you another text since then?
ME: not at all
SEGE: ok, I sent her a file on facebook yesterday, I
hope she opened it.
ME: what's the file?
SEGE: a virus infected file, if she opens it, her phone
or gadget should be corrupted and infected within 72
ME: sege!!!!!!!
SEGE: so if that happens, she would have no choice
than to format her device and that will give us a little
hope that all those files would be formatted
alongside, I just pray she hasn't backed them up in
another drive.
ME: I pray so too.
SEGE: meanwhile, check out on this your new girl,
find out who she is, look deep into her social network
profiles, and also go through her phone.
ME: why?
SEGE: something tells me that she might be working
with/for Bimpe.
ME: hmmmmmm, you are right sha. I never thought
of it.
SEGE: you should. You know the type of wife you
have, she is very dangerous, she might employ this
new girl, who knows?.
ME: thanks so much my guy. I will watchout.
After the chat, I decided to think over all the things
segun said.
"Segun might be right ooooo"
Every sunday afternoon, lolade would always visit me
at home, sometimes when we close earlier on friday,
we would always go home together to spend some
time before she departs to her house, it has always
been sessions of hot sex / romance but I never made
that stewpid mistake of bleeping her without condom again.
Six month into the new relationship, the love
between lolade and I was waxing stronger. Despite
the fact that we made it a lowkey relationship,
almost half of the staffs were aware of our
relationship due to some preferential treatment I do
give her.
I had tried to assess her facebook friendlist and
couldn't find anything related to bimpe. I tried
checking her phone but I couldn't get through
because she uses a security password and she
wouldn't tell me. But I just had this mindset that she
has no connection with bimpe.
7th month into our relationship, something happened
and I discovered something about lolade.

7th month into our relationship, I was at my house on
a sunday evening and lolade visited me as usual, she
sat down on the bed with me and we began to gist
on random matters, moments later, she lied on her
back and placed her head on my laps as I sat on the
bed and resting against the wall. She was reading a
novel while I was playing a game on my phone.
10minutes into the game, my eye glanced at lolade's
cleavage and I lost interest in the game, I switched
over to tickling and romancing her till my hand find
its way into her breast. I was playing with the tip and
lolade was moaning gradually with the novel still on
her hand. As I tickled the Tips the more, her moans
was increasing. She dropped her novel and
reciprocated the romance as she bend my head
downwards and kissed me. Moments later, we found
ourselves Unclad in a 69 position. She lied ontop of
me and I was under her. I was manipulation and
licking her clits as she was giving me a wonderful
BJ. In the process, I removed my condom underneath
my bed. I pushed her forward, wore the condom and
mount on her from the back. I held her a$$ together
and introduced my extension into her sucked. She
was moaning "ooooh, haaaauuuuuoooch, sir!!!!!!!!!" As
as was pounding in and out of her punany in a hot
dogggie style. I lasted for about 25minutes before I
cummed and I noticed that she was so weak at the
end of the process.
She was about lieing down to rest when her phone
rang and the ringing stopped 2 seconds later.
"Ohhh, who is this person flashing me?" Lolade
grumbled as she unlocked her phone to view the
"missed caller". She dropped it there after and lied
down unclad facing the wall as I lied behind her. I
looked straight at the phone and I noticed that it was
unlocked. "Hurrayyy!!!" Time for me to see lolade's
hidden secret.
I was cuddling her to a light sleep as I pressed a
button on the phone to prevent it from locking. When
I observed that she had partially slept off, I picked
the phone to look at the call list, behold, I saw
several call logs between her and my manager.
"What could be between my girl and the manager?"
I was curious and I decided to check the message
folder. I saw Intimate message conversation between
my manager and her. I couldn't believe my eyes as I
scrolled down the more. I saw a text where my
manager was hailing her for how sweet she was on
bed. And I saw a sent message where she was
appreciating my manager for giving her 10k "chaiiiii,
no wonder that she was my manager's favourite of
recent". I looked out for more messages and I
discovered that lolade was also dating another
undergraduate of EKSU. """Chaiiii, this girl don use
my head fa!!". I wanted to confront her but I had a
second thought of ignoring the situation and
continued to Bleep her till. She gains admission.
I dropped her phone and pretended as if nothing
happened. She woke at around 5pm and she decided
to leave and I saw her off to where she board a bike,
I returned home and began to think of how to get a
replacement ASAP.

Another 9 months later, lolade had gotten admission
into delta state university and resigned from work. At
first, it was difficult for me to cope without her around
me due to the fact that I couldn't get my regular
sunday-sunday free punany to Bleep again, but along
the line, I started thinking of a replacement.
I was coming to work one morning when I overheard
one of our factory workers discussing with his friend on
how he met a girl through badoo. Instantly, I
remembered I once had an account with badoo which I
never used for over a year. I got to my table that day
and logged on to my badoo on my phone, I checked out
some girls who are closer to me. I drafted a short
romantic introductory sermon and did copy and paste
to about 15 of them introducing myself and telling
them to reply me with their BBM pins for a better
When I got home in the evening, I checked on my
account and saw a message from a girl named "Betty".
She replied my mail with her bbm pin and I added her
up asap.
I checked out her pictures and they were fine and ok,
she has an average height, fair in complexion, she has a
little big butts with an average size oranges. We got
talking along the line and she told me she is 26, based
in lagos and came to vist her Grandma in Ado ekiti.
Within a 2 weeks, we became friends and we had
started talking on phone and exchanging text
messages. I found her so caring and loving. She would
always call me like thrice a day and she would always
engage me in chats. I so much like betty and I never
had any lustful thoughts towards her.
I told her to visit me at home but she refused. I tried
persuading her but betty won't just agree to visit.
When I saw that it wasn't working, I told her to visit
me at my work place and she refused also. She said
we can only meet at an eatery.
"Which kind rubbish be this na ".
I wanted to back out because other girls had also been
responding to me from badoo. I don't want a
commitment relationship, all I want is just a Bleep-
mate. But as days went by, I found myself falling
inlove with betty. I was so much inlove with her that I
wasn't having the courage to ask her out so as not to
ruin our friendship.
At last, we both agreed to meet at one eatery in Ado
ekiti on a saturday afternoon.
On that fateful saturday, I had my bath, freshen up, put
on a nice wear and proceed to the eatery. As my
custom, anytime I wanted to meet any lady in a eatery,
I always get there first before the lady so as to look
through the glass to observe if she is coming alone or
coming with hungry friends, and the moment I
observed that she had friends tagged with her, I simply
use the exit door so as not to embarass myself when I
couldn't foot bills.
I got to the eatery at 12 noon and gave her a call and
she told me that she was on her way, I found an empty
seat close to the glass and I was observing from the
glass to see her when she is coming. I looked and
looked for over 40minutes and I couldn't see her. I
called her phone again and she wasn't picking up.
"Haaaa!!!, abi this girl don disappoint me ni?".
After several minutes of hopeless waiting. I went to the
table and I ordered for a pie with a can of coke, I
returned to my table and I was watching music videos
been played on sound city and eating the pie little by
little so as to sustain me till her arrival and beyond. I
was so much carried away by the music videos and I
forgot that I was waiting for someone. About 5 minutes
later, I saw a lady walking into the eatery, she looked
so much like betty and I was convinced that she was
the one and I waved at her. She saw me and she came
to my side and sat down infront of me. Betty wasn't
flashy. She wore a simple ankara gown, no heavy
makeup and her hair was packed to the back and not
"Chaiii, this girl na one hungry girl oooo, she no even
dey sophisticated" I thought as I was smiling and
staring at her.
ME: my dearest betty, I set my eyes on you atlast.
BETTY: hmmmm, same here.
ME: **stretched forward** so, what do you care for?
**** heart beating faster make she no demand for 5
plates of chicken****
BETTY: a bottle water and probably a pie is ok.
ME: **this babe dey form for me abi?, me sef go form
Porsche**, no dear, you can't take that, let me get you
a plate of rice and soft drinks.
BETTY: no, I'm purging so I don't take soft drinks, and I
just finished eating rice with grandma at home, so my
tommy is filled up already.
ME: ***hmm, thank God, atleast, my money is saved**
Are you sure you are ok with that?, or you think I won't
be able to foot bills **smiled***
BETTY: ***laughed*** you are so funny onihaxy. So
you mean you have money to foot bills?
ME: **laughed** yes na
BETTY: don't worry then, I will get a take away for
myself, grandma, and my little sisters at home when
I'm leaving here.
ME: ***chaiiii, I don die today, onihaxy!!, see how your
mouth pushed you inside trouble********

***sweating inside AC** I stood up to place a order for
Betty. I got to the counter and opened my wallet to
pay for what I bought. I realized I had just 1,500naira
left with me. I returned back to my table with a forced
smile pretending to be ok, but deep down inside me, I
wasn't ok.
BETTY: **smiled** thanks for the meal
ME: **smile by force** you are welcome.
BETTY: **eating** so, tell me about your occupation.
ME: **lost in thoughts** you mean me?
BETTY: yes na.
ME: ehmmm, I work as a secretary and also a P.A to
the manager of a pure water company.
BETTY: that's nice.
ME: ***eating my remaining pie with force*** you are
BETTY: so, how is your girlfriend?, tell me about her
ME: me?, girlfriend?
BETTY: yes. You look uncomfortable, hope no problem?
ME: not at all, I was just wondering if I locked my room
door properly this morning when leaving.
BETTY: eeyah. Sorry oo, so answer my question
ME: I don't have any girlfriend at the moment.
BETTY: hmmmm, what happen to the previous one you
ME: she left me for a rich guy, so I have decided to
work hard and make money before going into another
BETTY: eeyah, sorry about that.
ME: you are welcome.
BETTY: so when will you have enough money for
another relationship?
ME: hopefully soon.
BETTY: **smiled*** so what makes you think the next
girl won't dump you for another richer dude?.
ME: that's one of my greatest fear
BeTTY: you are so funny onihaxy.
ME: thanks oooooo. So what about you?, how about
your guy?.
BETTY: hmmmmmmm, he is fine.
ME: why hmmmmm?. I sensed something fishy
BETTY: well, its a story for another day. Where do you
say you are living?
ME: not too far from here.
BETTY: maybe I would try to visit you before I return to
ME: waoooh, I will be happy. When are you travelling?
BETTY: ending of this month
ME: that's 3 weeks from now.
BETTY: yeah.
ME: **smiled** so tell me more about you.
BETTY: hmmm, ask me what you want to know about
ME: you told me you graduated last year. So do you
BETTY: hmmmmm, not really.
ME: I don't understand
BETTY: I'm managing somewhere and still job hunting.
Will you help me with a job? ***smiled***
ME: here in ado or lagos?
BETTY: me?, Ado for where?, this your local village?
ME: for where?. Na state capital ooooo "
BETTY: hmmmm, if not for my grandma who refused to
come to lag, will I ever step into this village?.
ME: hmmmmm
BETTY: you have a nice look, feminine face and nice
lips. Keep it up
ME: hmmmmmm. Teasing me abi?
BETTY: not at all
ME: you aren't looking bad as well. You are even
prettier in real life than in pictures
BETTY: **laughs***
We continued to gist, make jokes and chat on random
topics for the next 25 minutes.
BETTY: I would soon be going, I told grandma I won't
stay long.
ME: **heart beat faster and shocked*** eeyah. So till
BETTY: we would talk on phone now
ME: ***chaii, how will I pay for the take aways oooo***
ok dear.
BETTY: let me get the take away, **stood up and
walked to the counter and I followed***
She approached the table and ordered for 3 take-
aways of rice. The cashier told us that it was 3k.
"Chai, wetin I go do oooooo?". I smiled and dipped my
hand in my back pocket to remove my wallet. I flipped
through it and counted the money. "Oops, the cash on
me isn't enough". I brought out my ATM card and told
the cashier that I wanted to use POS.
"What is POS?" The cashier asked.
" Point of sales machine" I replied.
The cashier replied "We don't have that here. If you
want to use ATM, walk down to the 3rd junction and
branch inside, you would see an ATM to use there".
Betty was just smiling at me as she stood still there
looking at the drama between the cashier and I. She
dipped her hand inside her purse and paid the cashier.
I looked at her and I was dumb. I felt so embarrassed
and don't know what to utter.
We walked out of the eatery and people were staring
at us as we are walking out, "chaii, shame catch me
but I just locked up" . I opened the door and we stood
outside the eatery for a little chat.
ME: I didn't check my wallet earlier sha. I didn't know
that I don't have sufficient money in my wallet. Please
follow me to the ATM and let me withdraw some
money for you.
BETTY: **smiled** don't worry onihaxy,I am not asking
for a refund.
ME: ***began to form again*** no now betty, I
promised to buy the take aways for you earlier so let
me pay for it.
BETTY: ok, if you insist, then keep it till the next time
we will meet, I will collect it then.
ME: ok dear. So which one would take you home
faster, a taxi or a bike?.
BETTY: ****smiling and silent***
ME: hmmm, always smiling, ok, I think a bike would be
BETTY: ***smiling continued****
We hugged and I held her hand as we walked toward
the main road. I stopped a bike and told the bike man
to take betty to her destination. She just stood still for
about 10seconds smiling before telling the bike man to
go. I was baffled and I told her "don't you like the bike
or you want to take a taxi?". She smiled and reply me,
"not really, I don't need a bike".
She held her nylon on one hand and her purse on the
other hand. She walked about 5 feet from where we
stood and walked towards a Honda EOD packed by the
side of the road. She opened her purse and brought
out a key, opened the door and entered. I stood still
with my mouth wide open and speechless. She drove
to the position where I was standing and she lowered
the glass of the door.
"Onihaxy, come inside, let me drop you off "
"Don't worry dear, I wanted to visit a friend at the next
street" I replied.
She waved at me and drove off. I stood still there and
it seems as if the ground should open and swallow me
as I was watching the car moving away slowly.

I got home and was thinking of what happened
"But this girl doesn't look rich to me"
"Or is she into aristo?"
"Abi na runs girl?".
"But she doesn't look like one"
"Abi na borrowed car?"
"But why does she had to oppress me with a car?".
" Abi na grandma's car?"
I was just asking myself a lot of rethorical questions as
I sat down on my bed. I even got scared the more to
ask her out. I couldn't recover from the shame and
embarrassment. I called her to check on her and she
thanked me for hosting her earlier. I felt like asking her
questions about the car but I don't know how to go
about it and I ignored. I then logged on to whatsapp to
chat with my friend.
ME: sege, how far?
SEGE: I dey jaree my guy?. How far with the babe you
go meet for eatery?
ME: omo, drama happen ooooo. Come see as shame
catch me.
SEGE: gist me, she carry her friends come?
ME: if na that one, sebi e for better.
SEGE: wetin come happen?
ME: when she arrived, she said she would take only
bottle water and pie.
SEGE: na nice girl be that.
ME: and if you see her appearance, you go surprise
SEGE: wetin do am?.
ME: little make up, she no plait hair, na simple ankara
dress she wear, and na cheap slippers dey her leg.
SEGE: na all these hungry girls she go be . Abi wetin
you think?
ME: na wetin I first think be that ooo until drama
SEGE: wetin happen?.
ME: she bought take- aways and paid for it. And when
we went out of the eatery, I stopped a bike to take her
home and she refused.
SEGE: really?. Wetin come happen next?
ME: she just open the doors of a EOD and she entered
and drove off.
SEGE: yeeeepa!!!, you stopped a bike and she refused
and drove her own car?
ME: yes na.
SEGE: omo na serious shame be that ooo.
ME: na super shame. See as shame catch me for that
eatery today.
SEGE: oboy you don hammer be that oooo.
ME: hammer as how?.
SEGE: she go dey spend for you ni.
ME: we never start to date na.
SEGE: but you tell me say you love her na?
ME: I so much love her. I never love like that before.
But shame they catch me to ask her out.
SEGE: omo forget wetin don happen, just gather
courage and do the needful.
ME: I no get the mind, her level pass me, she fit
rubbish me.
SEGE: omo forget. Since you don meet her today and
she no rubbish you, nothing fit happen.
ME: fear and shame dey catch me to face her.
SEGE: e simple na. If you no fit face her, toast her for
BBM na. Sebi you know how you do bimpe and kemi?
ME: you no well.
SEGE: that reminds me, how about your wife?, e don
dey close to 2 years now and I no hear anything from
both of you.
ME: na true oooo, me sef no hear anything from her.
SEGE: maybe that virus wey I send to her don work be
ME: I pray make e work oooo.
SEGE: you don try to call her?
ME: I don try am tire but the number no still dey
receive call.
SEGE: omo forget about her then and concentrate on
this new girl. You must not loose her ooo.
ME: what if she be runs girl?
SEGE: wetin concern you even if na olosho. Just help
am spend out of her money.
ME: sege!!!!!!!!!!!!!
SEGE: na so na. If person see opportunity, na to make
use of it na. But first get to know her better and her
source of money. She fit get one rich pale.
Me: I go try jaree.
On the following week, I keep chating with betty and on
the second week. I made my intentions known to her
but she told me she isn't interested in any relationship
for now until she finishes her Msc programme.
She told me her dad is out of the country and owns a
business empire in Abuja with branches in lagos,
portharcout and Enugu. She told me that her mother is
late and she has a elder brother who got married about
2 and half years ago. She also told me that they her
brother and her are the only children of their parents.
We discussed a lot of things and we became more
intimate. She saw me as a confidant and I saw her as
one also.
I keep disturbing her that I loved her and wanted her to
be my girl and she keep giving me the same response.
On the 26th of that month which was on friday. She
told me that she would be returning to lagos on sunday
so we agreed to meet on saturday at my house.
I sent my address details to Betty and she arrived at
my house on that saturday afternoon. I entertained her
and we started chating.
ME: betty, I'm going to miss you.
BETTY: I will miss you more dear.
ME: are you going on public transport?.
BETTY: why should I go on public transport when I
have my own small car.
ME: **smiled** don't mind me jaree. I thought it belongs to grandma.
BETTY: no, its mine, it was my graduation gift after
finishing from the university with a 2.1.
Me: waooooh, what a brilliant girl.
BeTTY: don't mind me jaree.
ME: please, I want to have your pictures on my phone
so as to be looking at it whenever I miss you since I
have been begging you to be my wife and you refused.
BETTY: haa! Onihaxy now, I'm not saying I can't marry
you, I only said I needed time for myself.
ME: anyway, I won't loose hope nor give up until you
become mine.
BETTY: **smiled***
ME: let me have you phone, I want to send few of your
pictures to my phone.
BETTY: ***handed her phone over to me****, this is
the phone.
I was scrolling through the phone and saw 3 of my
pictures which she saved from BBM, I smiled as I
continued scrolling and viewing her picture till I saw
the picture of her carrying a small baby.
ME: ***called on her**** is this your baby?
BETTY: **came closer**** no, its my elder brother's
daughter. She is a year and 2 months old.
ME: ***scrolling through and saw a man**** who is
BETTY: that's my elder brother. Bro Henry
ME: ok **continued scrolling until I saw a picture of
her with a familiar face*** heeeee!!!, this face looks
like someone I knew. Who is this?
BETTY: that's the picture of my brother's wife and I.
ME: your brother's wife? ******looked at the picture
again and wiped my eyes to make sure I'm seeing
BETTY: yes. My brother's wife.
ME: what's her name?
BETTY: aunty Bimpe.
ME: Bimpe!!, what's her occupation?
BETTY: she is a nurse
ME: haaaaaa!!
BETTY: what happen?, did you know her?
ME: ** silent for a while**** not really, its just a
resemblance with someone I knew.

I took to whatsapp to gist segun after betty's
departure on saturday.
ME: how far sege?
SEGE: oko bimpe, how you dey?
ME: you no well. I wan gist you jaree
SEGE: ehn ehn!!!, I dey listen.
ME: I have found bimpe
SEGE: tell me its a joke
ME: I'm serious
SEGE: how?, where? When?.
ME: you remember betty?
SEGE: the girl you met at eatery?
ME: yes
SEGE: what happened to her?.
ME: I found bimpe's picture on her phone.
SEGE: that's serious. Are they related?
ME: something like that.
SEGE: What was her explanation?
ME: she said bimpe is her brother's wife.
SEGE: wife??, you mean bimpe is married?
ME: yes. married with a kid who is 15months old.
SEGE: are you serious onihaxy?
ME: I'm serious jor. I even sent the picture to my
SEGE: send it to me and let me see
ME: ok ****shared picture with segun***
SEGE: hehehehehehe, na true ooooo, she don change
ooo, she don add weight sef.
ME: abi oo.
SEGE: but e pain me sha
ME: say wetin?
SEGE: say no be you marry her ni. See as dem
snatch my friend's wife.
ME: you no well
SEGE: did you tell betty that you knew bimpe?
ME: not at all, I told her its only a resemblance.
SEGE: your head complete jaree.. But onihaxy, this is
a battle line.
ME: as how?
SEGE: if bimpe finds out that you are relating with
betty, she might use the girl against you and also use
her to get back to you. Or probably poison her mind
towards you.
ME: hmmmmmmm.
SEGE: and again, if bimpe finds out, she might think
that you want to use betty to get back at her.
ME: hmmmmmmm.
SEGE: and if betty finds out that you and bimpe knew
each other, she might want to dig up information
about what transpired between both of you. And in
the process, you might loose this new girl as a result
of the revelation.
ME: hmmmmmmm, you too get sense. So what do I
SEGE: its now easy to get back at bimpe. But the
issue is that. Are you ready to sacrifice this new girl?
ME: which girl?
SEGE: betty now
ME how?
SEGE: you can break bimpe's home by revealing the
dirty secrets to betty which will further transfer to
her brother but the good news is that, she will never
marry you after finding out that you once slept with
her brother's wife.
ME: hmmmmmm. I'm not ready to loose betty ooo.
Infact, she is my last girl standing. If she just gave
me a "yes", na to marry straightaway.
SEGE: and bimpe also can not really hit back at you
via betty because she has her own marriage to save
and protect also.
ME: are you sure?
SEGE: trust me, I see things that you can't see.
ME: so what do we do next?
SEGE: like I said earlier. This is a table tennis battle
between you and bimpe while betty is the egg. It
require a lot of wisdom. Just give me time to figure
out what to do.
ME: that's my nigga.
Betty travelled back to lagos the following day and
we continued chating and talking on phone until a
week later when I got a call from a number which I
ME: hello
CALLER: its bimpe
ME: hee!!, bimpe, how are you?
BIMPE: fine, I just want to tell you that I saw your
pictures on betty's phone and she told me you guys
met and have been talking. I just want to warn you. If
you know what is good for you, just stay away from
this girl completely and stay out of my family.
Otherwise, I will make sure you see hell. ***hanged
"Chaii, which kind wahala be this again na?""
I returned to segun on whatsapp to update him on
what bimpe told me and segun came up with a
master plan.

Over to whatsapp between me and my guy.
SEGE: you don't mean it!!, you mean bimpe called
you to warn you?.
ME: yes.
SEGE: glory be to God almighty.
ME: why that?
SEGE: this is what I have been waiting for.
ME: waiting for as how?.
SEGE: it shows that she is weak and scared.
Therefore, this is the right time to strike back at her.
ME: are you sure?
SEGE: yes. Trust me. But onihaxy. You just have to
be confident and bold enough to carry out this task I
want to give you.
ME: you know I'm always bold na.
SEGE: you dey craze. No be onihaxy wey I sabi?. You
fit tremble and forget your name on seeing ordinary
laps of a woman.
ME: you dey craze.
SEGE: na you and bimpe dey craze together. So as I
was saying. You will pick your phone and call her.
ME: what if it doesn't go through?.
SEGE: did she use the same number she had been
using to text you?.
ME: No,
SEGE: then trust me. The number will be reachable,
for her to call and issue a warning, then she must be
waiting for a reply.
ME: so what do I tell her when I call her?.
SEGE: tell her that if she wants you to loose betty,
then she should be ready to loose her marriage.
ME: just like that?.
SEGE: wait jaree, I never finish.
ME: ok sir.
SEGE: tell her that you have the screen shot of all
her sexcapades with sodiq back then in akure, also
the screen shot of all your conversations including
the threats, the blackmailing, how she had been
demanding money from you, pictures of the nudes
she sent, and so on.
ME: but you knew that my phone was stolen na. And
I couldn't access her facebook since the day she left
akure. So I don't have any of these things. What if
she ask for a proof?.
SEGE: that's why I said you have to be confident and
bold. Don't let fear appear in your speech or texts, or
else, na fucck up be that. Say it as if you mean it.
Try and be sharp na onihaxy.
Me: ok, I will try.
SEGE: if she ask for a proof, tell her that you have
her husband's details, his name, phone number,
email, social network accounts and house address.
Tell her that if she needs a proof, you will document
everything and forward it to her husband and also,
copies would be sent to betty so that they can check
it first. I can bet it with my fingernails, she would
come down and even beg you for negotiation.
ME: are you sure?.
SEGE: trust me my guy.
I began to rehearse on how to face bimpe over the
phone. It took me 3 days to gather courage and
I was at work on a friday and I intended to call bimpe
when I get home in the evening. At 2pm, I got a chat
message from betty.
BETTY: hi dear
ME: hi sweety. How are you today?
BETTY: I'm fine. And you?
ME: I'm good my love.
BETTY: please I want to ask a question.
ME: go ahead.
BETTY: Are you really sure that you don't know my
brother's wife?
ME: who is that?
BETTY: Aunty Bimpe
ME: ****scared*** Not really.
BETTY: then how?,
ME: why did you ask?.
BETTY: because when I got back to lagos. I was
having a gist with her about my visitation to Ado and
I showed her your picture telling her that I met you. I
noticed she screamed exactly the same way you did
when you saw her picture on my phone.
ME: really??
BETTY: her mood and face changed instantly when
she asked of your name and I told her that you are
onihaxy. I noticed she felt somehow.
ME: hmmmmm.
BETTY: so please can you tell me the truth. Did you
really know her?.
ME: sweetheart. Did she tell you that she knows me.
BETTY: she isn't willing to answer any question.
That's why I'm asking you. If you truly love me as
you claimed. Then don't put me in the dark. Can you
please tell me what is going on between you guys. Or
else, forget about me.
ME: haa, betty, why na.
BETTY: yes. I can't just build my hope and future on
a guy who is secretive. Its either you tell me all I
need to know or this union between us is over!!,
ME: ****scared***** ok dear, can you please give me
few moments. My boss is around. He must not catch
me handling phone during work hours. I will get back
to you when he is gone.
BETTY: ok be fast. I'm waiting.
"Chaiii, na which kind wahala be this sef..........."

I excused myself from betty's chat and I called bimpe
on phone. It rang 3 times without been picked. I
dialled it the 4th time and it was picked up.
ME: hello bimpe, its me onihaxy. please don't hang
up on me.
BIMPE: yes?, how can I help you?.
ME: well, I don't need your help. I think You are the
one who needs mine.
BIMPE: **laughs** funny, me?, need your help?, what
do you mean?
ME: well, I just had a chat with betty just now and
she demanded to know what transpired between us.
BIMPE: **silent for about 5 seconds*** what did you
tell her?.
ME: I haven't disclosed anything yet, that's why I
called you to know what you told her so as to
replicate the same in order not contradict.
BIMPE: *cool voice*** I didn't tell her anything. I only
said your face looked familiar.
ME: that's exactly what I told her when I first saw
your picture on her phone. Maybe that's why she
wanted to find out what was behind the familiarity
BIMPE: ok.
ME: so what should I tell her?.
BIMPE: dismiss the chat and tell her we never met
before, Period.
ME: I tried it earlier and it seems not to be working.
She gave a condition that its either I tell her or its
over between us.
BIMPE: then tell her we once lived in the same
street and we had a quarrel.
ME: what if she asked what led to the quarrel?
BIMPE: then think of something to tell her.
ME: ok.
BIMPE: besides, I don't think its necessary to tell her
anything. Just ignore her and let it be over between
both of you. Period
ME: that can never be possible bimpe.
BIMPE: **voice changed** what do you mean?.
Didn't I tell you to stay away from my family?. You
are stepping on my nerves onihaxy. I can bet it with
you that you will regret it if you don't back off.
ME: bimpe calm down. Betty is the girl I want to
marry, infact, she is my last girl standing. So you
have to be involved in it and make our union
possible. Or else, we will both loose out of this
BIMPE: what do you mean?
ME: if I loose betty, then be ready to loose your
BIMPE: ***laughed***** what a nice threat Mr man,
and how do you intended pushing me out of my
matrimony sir?.
ME: well, its simple. I have the screen shot of all
your sexual conversations with sodiq back in akure,
the screenshot of all our sexual conversations also, I
have all the blackmail texts and messages you sent
to me demanding for money in exchange of my
credentials and nudes. I have copies of the nudes.
BIMPE: and what do you intend doing with them?.
ME: nothing much. I have your husband's home
address, his email, his office address, his social
network profile and his phone number. I will simply
attach all this evidence and forward it directly to him
so that he can know the type of girl he married. I will
also send a copy to betty for her to see also. So my
dear, we will both loose. If I loose betty, I will go to
the extreme to make sure that you loose your
BIMPE: ****silent*****
ME: hello oooooooo.
BIMPE: ***faint voice****onihaxy, what do you want?
"Chai!!!!, it worked!!!!!"

BIMPE: onihaxy, I said what do you want?
ME: I want to marry betty, and I don't want you to
stop me. Infact, I want your 100% support.
BIMPE: alright, I heard you.
ME: and also, I want ............
BIMPE: ***cuts in*** Mr man, that all I can grant,
nothing more ***hanged up***
ME: ""hian!!! wetin be this na?. I want ask of my
certificates na" ***redials number and it was
switched off***
I dropped the phone and continued with my work until
I got multiple pings from betty. I suspended my
activities and chat with her.
ME: hi love.
BETTY: how far?, you have been keeping me waiting
since na.
ME: I'm sorry dear, my boss just left.
BETTY: ok dear. So I'm listening.
ME: hmmmmmmm. The truth is that I knew bimpe.
BETTY: hmmm, I thought as much. So she was your
ME: Ex kee?, no oooo.
BETTY: so what was the relationship between you
ME: we used to live on the same street in
BETTY: hmmmmm, why did you deny her earlier on
the day you saw her on my phone.
ME: because we weren't in good terms
BETTY: really?, what happened?
ME: she used to be rude, proud and arrogant. So we
had a fight on a particular day and since then, I hated
her with passion.
BETTY: are you sure there was nothing romantic
attached to it?
ME: betty, I swear to God, you can ask her.
BETTY: ok oooo, no wonder she doesn't want to talk
about you. I guess the hatred na long thing.
ME: loooool.
BETTY: and now that you want to date her husband's
sister, how will you guys be relating?
ME: hmmmmmmm. This one is strong ooooo.
BETTY: hmmm, eleyi Gidi gan. Jokes apart, will you
guys continue like this?.
ME: maybe we would settle our differences because
of you then.
BETTY: that would be better.
ME: looool. Betty please, can we chat later, I want
balance the account for the day.
BETTY: ok dear, TTYL.
I dropped my phone to tidy up my work. I got home
and decided to gist segun on the latest development.
ME: hi sege.
SEGE: Ale Bimpe, how you dey?.
ME: looooool. Not oko again?, na Ale now abi?.
SEGE: yes na, you know say she don marry. So na
concubine you be for now.
ME: you no well.
SEGE: so how far about that parole?.
ME: loool. I don do am.
SEGE: e work?
ME: e work. The thing surprise me sef. I don't know
that bimpe can fall for a threat.
SEGE: sebi I told you. You know I'm am oracle. I told
you she has her marriage to protect, so its going to
work. What you just have to do is to be bold always
and don't let fear appear on your voice and on your
face. She would definitely continue to fall for it.
ME: thank you jaree.
SEGE: you don ask for the certificates?
ME: no ooooo,
SEGE: why na?,
ME: I was about to ask when she cut the call, and
her number hasn't been reachable since then.
SEGE: don't worry. If her dog run away from motor
car death for 20years, na cutlass go still kill am.
Me: hmmmmmmm.
SEGE: so what was the negotiation you guys had?.
ME: betty in exchange for her peaceful marriage.
SEGE: that's my guy, don't let betty find out the truth
about you and bimpe. Or else, you will be finished.
ME: that reminds me, betty made enquiries about
bimpe from me sef.
SEGE: really?, when?, how?
ME: she said bimpe saw my picture on her phone
and she screamed just like I did when I saw bimpe's
picture on her phone?.
SEGE: haaa!!, that girl smart sha. How you come take
resolve am?
ME: I called bimpe to inform her and we both agreed
on a story to cook for betty.
SEGE: did it work?
ME: sure. I told betty that bimpe and I once lived on
the same street and we had a fight
SEGE: and she believed you?.
ME: yes na. She was even trying to settle the fight
for us sef.
SEGE: that's my boy. You don dey smart be that.
Now I'm proud to be a good coach.
ME: you no well.

********7 months after*************
Betty had finally agreed to be mine, bimpe and I are
now fake friends on phone. Whenever I call betty, she
would give phone to bimpe to say hi. Betty was
trying all her best to settle the fake fight between
me and bimpe, so bimpe and I were playing along
just to make betty happy. I asked betty why she was
always around bimpe and she told me that they lived
together in the same house.
Betty told me that her brother who is bimpe's
husband do travel to abuja most times, so she was
staying in the house with the family to assist them.
"Chaiiii, this one is strong oooo".
I began to miss betty and we agreed that we would be swapping visits. If I visit her this month, she
would visit me the following month. She was the first
to visit me the following month. She came on a
friday and returned on sunday and it was a moment
of sexual and romantic sessions. Betty was so sweet
and hot on bed, she was among the girls I so much
enjoyed sex with.
The following month, it was my turn to visit. Betty
made me realise that there was no way I could lodge
at her house. She said I could only stay with
someone and visit her at home and return same day.
I wasn't comfortable with the arrangement at first
but I had no choice than to agree.
The following month on the 3rd weekend, I left Ado
on friday evening and travelled to lagos. I got to lag
at around 11pm and I stayed over at a cousin's place
in mushin. On saturday. Betty sent her address to me
and I followed it.
I board a bus to oshodi, and from there, I took
another bus to lekki phase one and dropped at the
gate. I climbed the bridge and crossed to the other
side. At the entrance of lekki phase one gate, I began
to count range rover vogue like pure water, "chaiii,
omo see big big cars as dem plenty here fa. These
are cars I get to see in Ado once in 2 months, no
wonder betty said she can't settle in ado, chaii!!!, this
girl's family must be rich ooo".
I took a bus from the gate and dropped at road 8 as
described by betty. I dropped at the junction and
called betty and she later came to pick me. We
walked few distance until we got to her house. "
Chaii!!!, omo see fine bungalow".
We entered the compound and finally into the living
room. I sat on the chair and she offered me a juice.
Few seconds later, a small girl walked out of no
where to the living room. Betty said "that is Daniella,
Aunty bimpe's daughter". I waved at her and she
smiled at me, I pulled her closer and was playing with
her until I heard footsteps on the staircase as
someone was walking down the stairs. I looked at
the direction and behold, I set my eyes on my own
Adebimpe again and she was staring at me as if she
should remove my kidney. I got scared and my heart
suddenly began to beat faster.
BETTY: ***turned to bimpe*** that is onihaxy, my
boyfriend. **pointing at me***
ME: hi.
BIMPE: **frowned** hi, how are you sir?
ME: ***me?, sir?***, I'm fine ma.
BIMPE: **sat down and pulled her daughter
closer****, I heard you came from Ado?.
ME: yes
BIMPE: that's cool. How was the journey?.
BIMPE: it was ok.
BETTY: **came closer to sit with me** onihaxy, I
told Aunty bimpe a lot about you and she had always
said she can't wait to see you.
ME: **chaiiii, *** really?
BIMPE: ***fake smile***yeah. I have always wanted
to see the person who puts a smile on my little
mummy's face.
ME: ***smiled also*** thank you ma.
BETTY: loooooolz. That reminds me.
BIMPE: ***looked at betty's direction*** what's that?.
BETTY: onihaxy told me that he knew you and that
you once lived in the same street, is that true?.
BIMPE: **looked at me somehow*** yes, seems so.
ME: hmmmmmm
BETTY: and he told me that you had a quarrel that
hasn't been resolved.
ME: silent
BIMPE: is that what he told you? ***turned to
BETTY: yes Aunty.
BIMPE: don't mind him, we lived in same street and
we met at a filling station while queuing to buy fuel,
and can you imagine, he pushed my keg away and
slapped me because I left the queue to squeeze my
keg for just a litre of petrol.
ME: ***chaiii, this girl can lie oooo, the devil is
definitely a learner ooooo****
BETTY: **turned to me** onihaxy, is that true?
ME: **looking sober** yes, why would I queue inside
the sun for over an hour and someone would just
come to outline me.
BIMPE: can you just hear him?.
BETTY: **stood up and moved closer to bimpe**.
Please its ok, I want everything to settle here right
now and that's why I invited onihaxy here so that
both of you can meet and settle.
ME: I'm no more angry with her.
BIMPE: I'm still very much angry. Imagine, he
slapped me that day.
BETTY: aunty bimpe, please its ok, let's just forget
the past and let there be peace again. I beg of you.
BIMPE: its ok, I heard you.
BETTY: mummy daniella, are you sure?
BIMPE: yes.
BETTY: haba, Aunty, but you are still frowning now.
BIMPE: its ok **faked smile***.
BETTY: ok, let me bring a wine and let's have a toast
for the peace been restored between you guys.
BIMPE: ok,
ME: ok.
Betty left for the wine and bimpe and I was sitting
opposite each other at the living room staring at
each other as if we should break bottle on each
other's head. The look on her face was so scary that
I was becoming uncomfortable and getting scared as
I was seated. Betty arrived with the wine and we
both faked a smile, betty popped the bottle and pour
the drink into 3 glass cup. We had a toast and we
drank it.
BETTY: now that peace had been restored between
two old street neighbours, let me excuse you guys for
a moment, I want to buy cway water for the
dispenser from the 2nd street. I will be back in a
ME: ***smiled*** ok dear.
BIMPE: ***faced betty and smiled also*** alright
Betty left the room and bimpe and I were both silent
until we heard the sound of the gate indicating that
betty had left the compound. Bimpe stood up from
her seat and walked towards me. My heart was
beaten faster as she was coming closer. She finally
stopped few inches from me.
BIMPE: **yelled with frowned face*** you are playing
with fire onihaxy, and I will advise you to thread
gently. Don't just try me.
ME: and what will you do to me? ***with boldness***
BIMPE: let's just watch and see.
ME: madam calm down. You don't have to threaten
me anymore because I'm now in charge.
BIMPE: let's just watch and see.
ME: where are my certificates?.
BIMPE: which silly certificates?, you told me that I
should eat them. So if you want your certificates, go
to lawma, because they have been disposed away
long time ago.
ME: bimpe, before the count of 3 bring out my
credentials or else.......
BIMPE: or else what?
ME: I will burst out the bubble.
BIMPE: **laughed and clapped**** clap for yourself.
Go ahead and burst whatever you want to burst. For
your information, my husband and her sister are
already aware that a patient raped me while I was
working with an abuja based hospital. I have pictures
and video evidences of where I was crying helplessly
after you raped me.
And also, I have told my husband about my past
relationships so there is nothing new that you want
to say that he isn't aware of. So mr man, they would
be so happy to meet the guy who did the raping. If
you don't burst whatever you want to burst, then you
are a bastard.
**hissed and walked out of the living room with her

Bimpe climbed up the staircase with her daughter
daniella. I was sitting alone inside the living room and I
was scared, I don't know if bimpe wanted to harm me
or I would be implicated by her. Afterall, I was in her
house, " this girl fit carry load put for my head and
scream thief oo!!". I was just getting uncomfortable on
the seat when my phone rang. I checked it and it was
segun and I picked.
ME: hello sege.
SEGE: how far na? You don reach?
ME: na there I dey right now oooo.
SEGE: how far?, you see your wife?, sorry, I mean your
ME: se bimpe?
SEGE: yes na.
ME: **voice lowered*** omo I saw her ooo, you need
to see how her eyes take red.
SEGE: wetin she talk?
ME: she dey threaten me say she go show me pepper.
SEGE: wetin bring about the threat na?
ME: na me first threaten her say I go burst bubble if
she no give me my certificates.
SEGE: chaii, onihaxy, you too dey fucck up.
ME: wetin I do?
SEGE: na her house you dey na, you no suppose
threaten her. Na peace mission you suppose do. With
that, you fit even get access to her phone and sort
your pictures.
ME: eyah. But you no tell me before?.
SEGE: must I tell you everything?. If na outside her
home na, e for better, but at her house. If she tear her
cloths and screamed that you want to forcefully rape
her, you know say she go win you hands down?.
ME: na true you talk oooo.
SEGE: and you know that she is in a game with you
and looking forward to score more points. So you have
to be careful and use your sense.
ME: alright.
SEGE: meanwhile, where is betty?.
ME: she went out to buy water for dispenser.
SEGE: was she inside when you and bimpe dey argue?
ME: no.
SEGE: ok, she never come back?
ME: at all.
SEGE: are you sure that girl is not hanging around to
listen to what you and bimpe would discuss since she
was interested in digging deep into what happened
between you and bimpe?.
ME: I'm not sure she would do that, I'm so sure
because I heard the sound of the gate been opened
after she left.
SEGE: do you know maybe she just opened and closed
the gate and only to sneak back to the window?.
ME: sege!!, I know you are so smart but I'm sure
nothing of such is happening.
SEGE: ok oooo, no problem, we go talk later na.
ME ok ***hanged up***
About a minute later, I was bored inside the living room
and betty is yet to return. I decided to call her, 
immediately I dialled her number, I noticed a vibration
from beneath of the sofa. I traced the vibration after
dialling for so long time until I discovered that it was
betty's phone and I took it out.
"Eyah, this girl left her. Phone her phone her sha". As I
was about to drop the phone, a thought just came to
my heart.
" This phone ranged few moments ago while she
received a call when she came to pick me at the
"How come the phone is now in silence?".
I picked up the phone again and pressed the navigation
button to review the home page. Behold, the phone
was set on voice recording.

"Chaiiiii, segun was definitely right!!, That house is a
place that is dangerous. Bimpe wants to blackmail me,
betty wanted to dig deep, na wa oooo" .
I simply delete the previous recording and set the
phone on a new one and returned it inside the chair, as
I dropped it, betty arrived with container of water. She
met me sitting alone in the living room as she entered.
ME: welcome
BETTY: thanks dear, where is aunty bimpe?
ME: she went upstairs. What took you so long?
BETTY: don't mind me jaree, I met an old friend at the
junction, so we began to gist.
ME: hmmmmmmmm
BETTY: you didn't believe me right?,
ME: I do my dear, just that I wasn't expecting you to
stay out for so long.
BETTY: **fixed the water into the dispenser and came
closer to me***. I'm so sorry my dear.
ME: its alright. Its 6pm, I would be going any moment
from now, I don't want to get home at night so that my
cousin won't be angry at me.
BETTY: huuuh. So till when?
ME: maybe tomorrow morning before I return back to
BETTY: ok let me see you off ***screamed: mummy
daniella!!!!, onihaxy is leaving****
Bimpe came down stairs and her face looked like
someone who had slept but I knew it was fake, betty
told her that I was leaving, she acted as if she care
and she told me to take care as she returned upstairs
while betty and I walked out of the house. On getting
out of the living room, betty excused herself "onihaxy!,
please just a minute, I wanted to change my slippers".
Ok dear no problem, "yimu!!, she wanted to take her
recording gadget,".
Betty came out with phone on her hand within 20
seconds and I smiled
"Oluwa, thanks for making me to scale through his
BETTY: onihaxy, I'm not comfortable with this your
stay at Ado. I can't settle there, why not relocate to
lagos?. Or will your family go against it?
ME: ***paused and faced betty***, no ooo, no one will
be against it, just that I haven't got any job here yet.
BETTY: ok, I will discussed it with my brother and beg
him to fix you somewhere in our daddy's company.
ME: **held her hands***, thank you so much dear.
BETTY: and if it won't work out that way, I will need
copies of your CV and submit them to daddy's friends
here in lekki and ajah. It would make it easier for us to
be seeing regularly instead of this "once in a month of
a thing".
ME: ok dear, I will forward them to your email. thank
so much dear.
Betty followed me to the junction, we both board a
shuttle bus to lekki phase one gate. I took a "lag bus"
going to oshodi and she returned home there after..
While I was in the bus returning to oshodi I logged on
to whatsapp to gist my nigga.
ME: hi sege,
SEGE: how far?, how the thing dey go?
ME: fine ooooo, you were right the other time sha.
SEGE: how?
ME: betty was monitoring me.
SEGE: heeee!!, you caught her peeping?,
ME: no oo, she placed her phone on vibration, set it on
voice recording and hide it inside the chair.
SEGE: haaa!!, how did you find out?,
ME: after waiting for 15minutes and she hadn't return, I
dialled her number and I found out.
SEGE: thank God ooo, onihaxy, you just have to be
careful around these two girls. One wanted discovery
and the other wanted a revenge.
ME: you are right.
SEGE: delete any message, image or contact that has
to do with bimpe from your phone. If you want to
communicate with bimpe secretly, do so on another
sim card and make sure you stick to texts than calling.
ME: why?.
SEGE: so as to avoid another voice recording, and if
the texts later leaked. You can easily deny it saying its
not your number.
ME: ok boss.
SEGE: and don't always stay alone with bimpe. Make
sure a third party is there, don't they have a maid?.
ME: they used to have, but betty said the maid used to
steal their money, so she was fired.
SEGE: ok, you just have to be careful and be mindful of
your speech and attitude whenever you are with them.
Because if you loose betty, you might not make heaven
I swear.
ME: loooool, why na?.
SEGE: she is the available opportunity for you to step
up and upgrade your career.
ME: yeah, that reminds me, she said She would try to
fix me into her dad's company or any other firm in
lagos so that we can be closer.
SEGE: you see what I was talking about?. You just have
to be careful so as not to loose this girl ooo..
Me: ok boss,
SEGE: and also onihaxy, try to control yourself, don't
do anything silly that will ruin everything.
ME: anything silly as how?.
SEGE: by having sex with bimpe ni, because my
instinct tells me that you will still fall on her laps again
and again.
ME: haba na, segun!!!!.
SEGE: don't segun me, abi no be the onihaxy wey I
sabi?. You know she is now married and her husband's
sister is also your girl. So don't even try nursing the
thoughts of bleeping bimpe talkless of doing it real.
Me: hmmmmmmm
SEGE: if you refused to listen to me and anything
happens, I will deny you and I will never be part of it,
Me: yes boss, I hear you.

About 3 months later, betty told me that she had
informed her brother about the job fixing, but she said
aunty bimpe wasn't in support of it and she had
poisoned her brother's mind. She told me that bimpe
said I cannot be trusted and that I'm a gold digger who
only wanted to ruin and drain the family investments.
She told me that she tried to convince her brother but
bimpe had always been against me.
"Chaiii, this bimpe again?"
" Why is this girl against my success na?.
I told her its ok and she shouldn't worry, but betty
assured me that I would get a job, she gave my CV to
an interior decoration firm in lekki and I was called for
a test/interview another 2 months later.
The test was fixed on a monday so I took the some
days off at work in ado on friday and told my manager
that I would resumed on Wednesday, he wasn't happy
with my 2 days absence but I tried to convince him
that I wanted to travel to write a professional exam
and he latter accepted.
That friday afternoon, I left work at 3pm and travelled
to akure to visit segun after 6 months that we never
saw each other, he was aware of my trip to lagos and
he gave me his usual training and orientations. I
travelled to lagos from akure and got to my cousin's
place in mushin at 11pm. I had my bath and was later
chatting with betty on how we would go about the job
test and interview and we agreed to meet at her house
on saturday morning.
On saturday, I dressed up and went to lekki to meet
betty,. I was welcomed and entertained and I sat down
in the living room, betty was alone at home at that
Me: where is bimpe?
BETTY: she went out to a party
ME: what about daniella?
BETTY: she is sleeping upstairs.
ME: ok, I didn't see your car in the compound. Is it
BETTY: not at all, Aunty bimpe took it out.
Me: why?,
BETTY: her highlander is having problem, so the
mechanic took it away to fix it.
ME: "chaii!!, Bimpe dey drive highlander and me never
get okada??". Ok dear. When will she be back?.
BETTY: I can't say, maybe 3 hours time.
ME: how about your uncle?
BETTY: he doesn't stay at home most weekends. He is
doing a partime business course with a foreign
university who has affiliate in Abuja,
ME: hmmmmm, no wonder I have never seen him since
I have been coming here.
BETTY: smiled. So , let's talk about the job.
ME: yeah, how do we go about it?.
BETTY: onihaxy, wait a minute. Are you sure there is
nothing else apart from the fight you had with Aunty
bimpe in potharcout?
ME: why do you ask?
BETTY: because she so much disliked you. Infact, she
doesn't want to hear anything related to you. The other
day when our purchase manager resigned. I was trying
to talk to bro henry to fix you in and you need to see
how aunty bimpe was so much against you.
Me: how?
BETTY: she said you are a gold digger, that you were
sacked from somewhere in portharcout because you
stole the firm's money. Bla bla bla.
ME: and you believed her.
BETTY: no, I don't. Because you don't look like
someone who could do such. But there was no way I
could win the argument.
ME: hmmmmm, o ga oooo.
BETTY: even so many times, she had painted you black
to me and gave me reasons to dump you. But trust me,
I would never do that.
ME: waooh, you mean bimpe did all these things?
BETTY: why would I lie?.
ME: ***took a deep breadth***
BETTY: so onihaxy, is there something I need to
ME: not at all.
BETTY: ok, if you say so, so as I was saying. The
interior decoration firm is owned by my father's friend.
He used to travel out and also import furnitures and
interiors to nigeria.
Me: so what would be my job position there?.
BETTY: he needed a marketing manager and I
convinced him that I have someone who is capable.
ME: haaa, betty, I don't know much about marketing
BETTY: its not something difficult jaree. You will just
design proposals, go round hotels, offices, companies,
online etc to seek for clients for him. That's all.
ME: do you think I would be able to handle this thing
BETTY: I believe in you onihaxy, I believed you can do
it. What you just need is the connections to people
who would be your clients and I'm willing to help you
with that.
Me: thanks so much dear.
BETTY: transportation won't be your problem, bacause
an official car should be given to you for easy
marketing. And the bigger your clients, the higher your
take home packages.
ME: like how much is the salary?.
BETTY: I don't have idea oo. But I think he should be
paying between 70 to 100k per month sha. You know
here is lekki, so take homes should be at that range.
ME: "chaiii, official car + huge take home, my own don
better ooooo" thanks dear.
BETTY: you are welcome, so dear, I want you to
prepare hard for the test and interview. I want you to
get this job and shame aunty bimpe. I seriously want
you to be bigger than 30k monthly salary.
ME: thanks dear.
BETTY: but please, I don't want aunty bimpe to be
aware oo, she might go behind me and poison the
man's mind because he knew bimpe too.
Me: haaaa.
BETTY: don't worry, you are safe after getting the job, I
just want it to be secret for now.
Me: trust me now. We don't even relate or talk, so how
will I get to tell her?.
BETTY: that's my darling. ***hugs***
Betty and I continued gisting untill daniella woke up
and bimpe also arrived. She eyed me as usual after
saying 'Hi" when she saw me in the house, bimpe climb
upstairs and betty told me that I need to start going so
as to prepare well for the test. I left lekki at around
5pm and went back to mushin.
I was at oshodi on sunday morning at around 8am to
buy new shoe and tie because I didn't come with tie
and my shoe doesn't look good for a lekki interview. I
was under the bridge pricing shoe when I got a call, I
looked at the screen and it was betty. I smiled and
picked up.
ME: hi darling ***bedroom voice***
STRANGE VOICE: its not betty, this is bimpe ***
ME: **frowned*** ehn ehn?? what happened?
BIMPE: **still panting*** please don't hang up. Are you
still in lagos?
Me: yes
BIMPE: where are you at the moment?
ME: oshodi, and why asking all these questions?, where
is betty.
BIMPE: that's why I called you, come over to mendila
hospital in Ajah straightway. Its an emergency.
Me: **screamed**** yeeeeeeh. What happened to her?,
what happened to my betty?, tell me!!!!
BIMPE: stop asking questions, when you get here, you
will know.
ME: how do I get there from oshodi?.
BIMPE: haaa, take a cab from there directly to ajah.
Give the driver the description, don't worry, I would pay
him when he gets here.
ME: ok,
I was so worried and scared, I dropped the shoe I
wanted to buy, I climbed oshodi bridge to the other
side and I heard a bus shouting lekki ajah.
"Oh my God?, what time will this one get to ajah
Just while I was still asking rethorical question, I saw a
powerbike parked very close to "under bridge" and
behold, the rider was coming out of somewhere to
mount on it. I ran close to him immediately.
ME: hello, please I need you help, its an emergency
RIDER: ***frowned*** yes, how can I help you?
ME: *scared and panting*** please I need to get to
ajah , at mendila hospital.
RIDER: then go and take public bus now.
ME: please, someone so closed to me is dieing on a
hospital bed and doctor said there would be no
treatment until we pay, I just got the money and I want
to rush down there to save her life.
RIDER: ok, your money is 3,000 naira.
ME: ****hian!!!, even Akure to lagos is 1,500naira
na**** please have mercy on me, I don't have up to
that amount.
RIDER: **** switch on the bike** then get lost
ME: please wait, ok, I will pay 2k please.
RIDER: ok, I will take it because you said you have a
dieing patient. Ok, climb up.
I mount on the power bike and it took me straight to
the hospital at ajah in 25 minutes.

I dropped at the hospital gate and I paid the bike rider
with the last money on me, I even forgot that bimpe
promised to pay for my fare.
I entered the compound. It was a 3-storey building
hospital with Porsche cars parked inside of it. I was
proceeding to the hospital entrance when bimpe
appeared from the garage. She held my hand and
pulled to the back of the hospital.
ME: **worried** wait wait!!!, where are you taking me
to?, where is betty?, what happened to her?.
BIMPE: **tears rolling out of her eyes** stammering
Me: bimpe please don't scare me, what happened to
betty, let me go and see her.
BIMPE: **pulls my cloth back*** betty is fine. Nothing
happened to her. Onihaxy, please I need your help
ME: me?, my help?, you?, how?.
BIMPE: ***held my hands and crying*** onihaxy, please
help me.
ME: hold on, wait a minute, first of all, where is betty?.
BIMPE: I sent her an errand to get something for me
at home. She would soon be here.
ME: then why do you call me here?.
BIMPE: I intentionally collected her phone and used it
to scare you so as to bring you here. I knew that's the
only way I could bring you here.
ME: ok, now tell me, how do I help you madam?
BIMPE: **crying** daniella fell from the staircase this
ME: **screamed** haaaa!!!, temi bami, oh my God,
How?, where is she now?, hope she is fine?.
BIMPE: no, she isn't fine, she was admitted here in this
hospital, she lost alot of blood and she needed blood
urgently. Please help me onihaxy, save daniella please.
ME: **wiped her tears** its ok, is your husband not
around?, call on him please.
BiMPE: he is already on his way here from abuja and
he should be here in 1 to 2 hours time. Please I want
you to help me before his arrival please.
ME: why me?, I'm not related to you or your husband.
Why do you think my blood will be compatible with that
of daniella?. Why not tell betty to donate blood?, isn't
she your sister's husband.
BIMPE: **still crying** betty's blood had been tested.
It wasn't compatible. Yours will be compatible, I'm very
sure. please onihaxy, help me, save daniella.
ME: no, I can't, I don't trust you, who knows maybe you
had liaised with the doctor to take my blood for rituals.
Your heart is so full of evil, I don't trust you.
BIMPE: **crying** no, I won't do that to you onihaxy.
ME: but why do you think my blood will be compatible
with daniella, since that of your husband's relations
didn't work?. Maybe you should wait for your husband's
BIMPE: **** still crying, held my two hands and knelt
down infront of me***
Onihaxy, you are the only one who can save daniella.
You are the only one who can help me, and I needed
the help before my husband's arrival please.
ME: I don't understand
BIMPE: please, can you keep a secret for me?, I
promised to return all what I took from you, I promised
to be nice to you from henceforth, I promised to turn a
newleaf, I promised to get you a good job, I promised
this, I promised that.......
Me: **cuts in*** bimpe, just tell me what you want to
tell me and leave the promises behind.
BIMPE: **silent and crying for like 10 seconds before
speaking up finally***
Onihaxy, eeeehmmmmm!!!!
ME: eeeehmmmm what??
BIMPE: daniella is the product of what happened
between us on the hospital bed in Abuja that night.
Daniella is your daughter, she needs your help urgently
before Henry's arrival please.
ME: **screamed** whaaaaaaaat!!!!!!