[BBNAIJA 2020] Day 3: Sanitize and chill

Putting a test to their creativity, Biggie tasked his guests to make their own nose masks and sanitizers.While the Housemates were working hard to ace their get-to-know-me Task of the week, Big Brother decided to put their Lockdown-acquired skills to test. In addition to their creativity in making their own hand sanitizers and nose masks, the Housemates were provided with necessary materials for this Task.

For this Challenge, they were required to split themselves into 4 groups, 5 on each team.An important rule

In this Task, Biggie emphasized on the need to sanitize before the Task and after they are done.

There's creativity in keeping safe

Creativity seems to be the order of the day as the Housemates unleashed their tailoring skills and got to work. Different shades on patterned nose masks as well as various sizes of hand-made hand sanitizers.

We can’t wait to see the level of creativity the Lockdown Housemates have up their sleeves.
May the best team win!
[BBNAIJA 2020] Day 3: Sanitize and chill