Matriculation2019 2020 1

1. Have the online meeting application{ZOOM} available and ready on the device (computer, ipad or smart mobile phone).

2.    Enquire about the communication service provider (CSP) network whose signal is the best in the physical area you plan to have the meeting

3.    Ensure the signal of the CSP is in the 4G category (Edge, 2G or 3G may not give optimal performance). The signal strength bar on the device you intend to use will carry a label of the category

4.    Check that you have enough data on the connection device you plan to use. A minimum of 1GB is advised for a one-hour meeting.

5.    Select a physical room/location where there will be little or no noise and distraction

6.    Have the virtual location (website address) of the meeting handy. It will usually be sent to you via SMS, chat room (e.g. whatsapp) or email. The meeting ID and password (typical of application such as zoom) which you should also have handy will be sent in a similar manner. Likewise, the date and time of the meeting will be sent to you.

7.    If possible, attend a mock version of the meeting. 
The room you select for the meeting should be set at least 15mins to the commencement of the meeting. It is also advised to start attempting to login five minute to the commencement.

Once you login, minimize social interaction with others. It is advised that your microphone be muted on entry and only unmute when you have the floor to present.