(Tony and Grace are in the sitting room concluding on the plans they had)
Grace: Tony is better we look for a better idea, I don't think that one is going to work o
Tony: I don't have any alternative apart from that
Grace: never that plan can never work..ehhh..never what if she later come back to Nigeria
Tony: ehhhnnn by then we would have gotten married and she would have no choice than to go back or marry another husband moreover she has no child for me yet
Grace: abbbaa... Tony you did not even have conscience, and you think she will leave us just like that without looking for way to revenge, see is better we just kill her
Tony: (shocked) kill what? My wife?, No I won't take that
Grace: common shut up, she's your wife abi, no problem let me be going, so I can tell her what we planned
Tony: (trying to drag her back) no now Grace that not what I mean, am just trying to say we should not commit murder
Grace: who is commiting murder, we are not jor, we only want to dispose her
Tony: hmmm, this one is deep o, ehhhn no problem you will do that, you know she is your closest friend
Grace: (laugh in a wicked Manner) if not for the love I have for you I for kill you join...ehhh... Can you imagine what you just said.. no you just listen to your self(mimick)" you will do that"(brought out a whitish substance from her bag) you better take from me and sprinkle it in her food or drink
Tony: (scared) but...but
Grace: but what tony, don't you love me
Tony: I do Grace but not to the extent of killing someone
Grace: Tony you are a man for crying out loud, ok I now know what you are scared of..of being implicated right? Don't worry about that the poison operate within 3 days and between those days she will surely travel and she will die there and not in your house, so you will be free of being a suspect and me and you will marry and live happily after
Tony: are you sure things will work out this way
Grace: of course...(heard a knock) I think someone is knocking
Tony: (move to the door to open it, to his surprise he saw his wife standing) I thought you will be coming tommorow........


(Dora entered into the house looking surprise on seeing her friend) 
Tony: (hugging his wife) i thought you said you will be coming tomorrow
Dora: don't mind that lawyer jor, he told me he missed his flight that he will be coming to Abuja tommorow....ahn..ahn grace you never told me you will be coming
Grace: I wanted to give you a surprise visit, and in getting here your husband told me you traveled, I was even about going when you came in
Dora: (sat down beside Grace) am sorry jor... It was urgent
Grace: no problem
Dora: I hope he has entertained you
Grace: I just came in not quite long and he has been busy in the kitchen
Dora: okay (looking at her husband) baby am just so tired, I spent up to an hour in traffic
Tony: sorry dear, I think the food is almost ready, let me go and check so that I can serve you, but baby how far about the will
Dora: ehhhhnnnn....have send him the details on how to Change it and he has promised to do so as soon as he gets to Abuja
Tony: thanks dearie I really appreciate
Dora: (stood up and take her bag) am coming let me go and quickly change
Grace: alright
Dora: (going upstairs) sweetie please help me to get a drink in the fridge, am coming to take it
Tony: alright dear(going to the kitchen) 
Grace: (dragged him back) this is an opportunity, oya take and put it inside like that
Tony: (collected it and went to the kitchen and came back outside with a drink)see Grace I can't do this
Grace: (collected the drink) give it to me, you this lazy thing, and you call yourself a man, (put some substance in the drink and shake it)
Tony: baby is ready
Dora: (coming downstairs) alright dear, am on my way
Grace: (stood up) I think I will be taking my leave now
Dora: why now, u can't even spend more time with me
Grace: nooo... Is not like that, I just received a call that my mum needs to see me
Dora: ahhhh...ok no problem, let me excourt you
Tony: no don't worry, just take your drink and rest, you know you've been stressed up, I will just do that
Dora: alright (hugs her friend)bye dear
Grace: byeeee(went out)
Dora: (mistakenly hit her leg on the sofa and the drink poured away) o my jezz.. let me quickly clean this before Tony comes back( she cleaned it, and served herself in another identical cup, taking the last gulp when Tony came back in)
Tony: are you sure you are okay.....


(Tony came in starring at his wife who was just swallowing the last gulp of drink)
Dora: sweetie why you looking at me that way
Tony: nothing, am just admiring your pretty face 
Dora: awwwwn... Thanks dear(moved closer to her husband) 
Tony: dear I think your phone is ringing
Dora: oh..it's mummy (picked the call) hello mum... really...today...I don't think I will be able to make it o... alright...no problem if my husband permit me...ok (she cuts the call) 
Tony: what's that
Dora: is mummy ooo, she asked me to be coming to ibadan today
Tony: for what???
Dora: she said there is a critical family issue which is going to last for about a week
Tony: does that mean you will be going to ibadan today
Dora: (placed her hands on her husband lap) yes sweetie, you know I have to, moreover you know the kind of person mummy is
Tony: that's true, alright, no problem
Dora: thanks dear, I think I should quickly go because of the busy road
Tony: alright, let's go upstairs so I can help you with some arrangements
Dora: thanks dear (she went upstairs together with her husband and arrange her things and drove off to ibadan)
(Dora left for ibadan that day, looking surprised seeing her mum looking so tenced at the door step, she quickly move closer to her)mum what's wrong
Mama D: (checking her daughter in a confused way) my daughter, I hope you are okay, what do you eat, hope no.....
Dora: (cut in sharply) mummy...what's wrong, why you being this way
Mama D: (drag her daughter inside) Dora, just answer me, I hope you are okay
Dora: yes mum, am okay (getting inside seeing an old man) good evening sir
Baba: my daughter how are you
Dora: am fine sir
Mama D: this her ooo, the only child I have, baba please help me
Baba: no problem...shes very okay, emm my daughter how is your husband
Dora: (confused) he's fyn sir...I hope all is well
Baba: yes all is well but you will need to do some things to save your life from the evil ones
Dora: evil ones??
Baba: yes evil ones, it was God that save you that you did not take the drink that your husband gave you today
Dora: (shocked) how do you know my husband gave me a drink
Baba D: (smiled) you can't understand that, that drink has been poisoned by your husband and your closest friend, is because you are a destined child who is born to live long, that's why the drink poured so that you can escape the death
Dora: (ran to her mum holding her) mummy who is he please, how did he know all this
Mama D: you better be thanking your head.... See still forget about who is he now and let's find solution to this matter on ground, baba please what are we going to do now
Baba: hmmmm.....(pointing at Dora) she is going to be the solution

Dora: solution???...how???


(Dora thought was all about the conversation she had with baba, she's really confused on how she's the solution to the problem, she then decided to go to her mums room) 
Dora: (knock) hello mummy
Mama D: come in Dora, the door is opened
Dora: (walked gently inside and sat in front of her mum in the bed) mummy....
Mama D: (cut in sharply) Dora, you've been like this since when baba has told us everything, are you not supposed to be happy that you get to know the evil plans they had for you
Dora: (smiles) mummy am happy, is just that am surprise, my husband and my close friend....
Mama D: that's life for you my daughter
Dora: so mummy when are we going to commence our plans now
Mama D: has he called you?
Dora: yes, but I did not pick his call
Mama D: that's good (shouted the maids name) Amara!!!
Amara: yes ma(ran to the room where they were) 
Mama D: you will need to help me act something ooo
Amara: what's that ma
Mama D: (took Dora's phone, pointing it to Amara) now take call that number and tell the person that the owner of the Sim is involved in an accident and she's dead now
Amara: ok.... should I do that now
Mama D: yes... the name is Mr Tony
Amara: (dialed the number) Hello... sorry this not your baby....yes...am I speaking with Mr Tony.. okay....yes we found this phone on the floor where an accident occurred and we got to know the owner of the Sim was a victim in the accident and she lost her life...it's okay...(cuts the call)
Dora: what did he say???
Amara: he sounded scared and shocked (check the phone) wait he's calling back (picked the call) yes....the car got burnt with all that was there...we only found the Sim to call you when we say the saved number "my husband".... take it easy please (hanged the call)
Dora: what happened now
Amara: he was crying
Dora: mummy can you see, I trust my husband he can't do what baba he's accusing of, mummy please let me go and meet my husband
Mama D: will you keep quiet!!! Amara you can go jor, (mimicks) i trust my husband..... Because he's Shedding crocodile tears you are saying he's crying, common calm down and let's think about the next plan....
Dora: hmmmm....so what's the next plan now???


(Tony picked up his phone and dialled Grace number) 
Tony: see Grace this is not the time for all that, as at nw Dora is dead.....ok you are coming now... Alright would be expecting you...(dropped the call...30 minutes later Tony heard a knock at his door) yes Grace is that you, come in
Grace: (rushed inside) baby is it true?, are you for real?, common talk to me...
Tony: yes now, I just receive a call now that she's dead
Grace: (joyous) wow... that's amazing..honey this calls for celebration, we need to celebrate this... infact am sleeping here tonight (dropping her bag on the sofa, noticed Tony's mood) baby are you not happy about the good news, what's wrong?
Tony: (taking her hands off his body) see Grace, this is not the time for this at all, I don't know how am going to break this news to her family now, am very sure I will be their first suspect now
Grace: abeg guy forget that one, wait have you gotten the kind of death that killed her
Tony: yes her mum called her that there is a family meeting at home and on her way she had an accident
Grace: o my God ...Tony are you okay??? No tell me why they will accuse you of killing her, she died by accident now, are you the car that hit her (moved closer to him) common Tony love, we have to be happy now that our plan as actually worked out and not being sad, now everything belongs to us
Tony: (smiled) Darling, you know have always love you from the very first day I saw you, thanks so much I really appreciate your advice and encouragement, I wished I have not wasted my time on that thing
Grace: (blushing) Awwwnnn... thanks so much bby, it was just that I was not faster anyway I have you all to my self now, am so happy, like am on top of the world
Tony: really??? Now I will want you to go to her wardrobe and choose any sexy cloth there and wear we need to go clubbing
Grace: (jumped on him) wow...I love you baby... like I love you so much (heard a knock) I think someone is knocking
Tony: (move to the door and opened it) please how can I help you???
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