Popular Nigerian Actor, David Oyelowo, has lost his dad to colon cancer. The actor reveals the news about his father’s demise on his Instagram handle, early Saturday morning, and confirmed that his dad died as a result of colon cancer that he’s been battling with for quite some time before his eventual death.

David Oyelowo described his father as a loving dad who did everything possible to ensure that his children and grandchildren are well taken care of and well loved, even though he had to battle with a lot of pain as a result of his deteriorating health condition that led to his death at the end of the day.

Oyelowo’s dad was popularly known for his humorous antics that he often displays with the noisy device, and was loved for the smile that he brought to the faces of many, as a result of his craft.

David Oyelowo wrote on his Instagram handle, “It is with a heavy heart that I bring the news of the passing of my BELOVED father. My brothers and I knew him as our protector, guardian, hero, encourager and our lovely Daddy”.

“He fought so hard to stick around for me, my brothers and his grandchildren. He would often say to me. “God has so much in store for you, and I want to be here to see it”.

“My last conversation with my Dad, as he fought through the pain, went like this. ME: Daddy I love you and it’s okay to let go. Are you ready to go and be with mummy now? MY DAD: Yes! He passed away peacefully this week and I truly believe he’s now reunited with my mum in heaven, and although I will never truly get over losing him, my heart is full at the thought of him with my mother again. He loved her so much”

“Thank you to all who loved him, “followed” him and celebrated this most transcendent of human beings. He loved you all. Giving love was his special gift, his true talent, his greatest example. Rest well, Daddy.''