The Nigerian Music Star, David Adeleke, popularly known as Davido, as been allegedly denied access into a popular Ghanaian club, Bloombar, alongside his crew members that were with him.

In a video released on Instagram by the celebritiesbuzzgh, a popular blog in Ghana, Davido was seen chased out of the club, and shouting that he would buy the whole club, and there’s nothing any of them would able to do.

It was gathered that Davido later went to another club whose rules aren’t as strict as those of Bloombar, and he was spotted at the club alongside a Ghanaian music star, Stonebwoy, who was reported to have a new record coming out, featuring the Nigerian Superstar, Davido.

Bloombar later released the news that Davido was chased out of the club because he failed to keep to some important rules guiding the conducts of customers of the popular club, and that it was important for them to do that to Davido, so as to set the record straight for other customers.