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Comrade Adeoluwayemi Ogunmiluyi.O was born March 19, who grew up in Lagos Nigeria.

Interests includes:African cultural heritage, Spirituality, Politics and Fairness.

Currently he has written several denominational articles and philosophical muses.

He's the convener "Youths for revolution and grassroots positivity", a vigorously humanitarian, passionate about equity.

A lover of children and aged.

Achor: Sir what can you tell us briefly about Nigeria election from the day of our independence sir.

Guest: I have so much to discuss initially but I'd be very brief so as not to bore us.

It's so alarming that Nigerians as at of this present state in not so concerned about the  political affairs of the nation Nigeria as it hasn't yielded any comfort for the citizens.

Election in Nigeria?

Now let's flow with in the ride of mine. What's politics?


the activities associated with the governance of a country or area.

Or activities aimed at improving someone's status(Politician) or increasing power within an organization..

Let's all come to the consciousness of the fact that Politics is literally different from Governance.

Politics is very different from governance.

Of which we'd all agree that it has often become a normality when we hear the word "politics" we automatically envision governors,senator, representative's,youth leaders etc, but politics is a process being played to get to govern

Politics is being practiced in almost every section of life, work places, family,schools and organisations.

Governance in Nigeria is quite a disheartening process  which has cause "factual denigration,illegalities,abuse and traitorous act".

Noting the fact that governance is refer to structures and processes that are designed to ensure accountability, transparency, responsiveness, rule of law, stability, equity and inclusiveness, empowerment, and broad-based participation not undermining legislation for core issues.

Anchor: Thank you very sir for that brief explanation on the difference between politics and governance.

So with all above said sir 

It is practically obvious that nigeria politics has lost the way. 

I mean the proper process of politics as we all no 

And also the proper proper process of governance

Do you believe things can still turn around

Guest: I very much believe the present state will definitely be better, but we need to know certain factors affecting.

I do normally say politics and governance done in Nigeria is quite a different perspective compared to general standards of world country's benchmark .

But we need to understand we can't always use other governing system used in certain jurisdiction for a/another area due to the fact that core issues affecting are different.

Nigeria’s latest election cycle has been bad news for democracy in Africa’s most populous country and across the continent. Though notable politicians won elections, which was marred by historically low turnout and credible allegations of rigging.

Anchor: Factors affecting, 

We will like  you to  pint point the most important factors among all

Guest: It's of no news that the two major political parties are undemocratic in spirit and function primarily to contest elections rather than to promote legislation or policy.

During their campaigns, the candidates and their parties offered little that was new to address security breakdowns caused by Boko Haram in the country’s northeast; conflict over land use, ethnicity, and religion in the Middle Belt; and the division of oil revenue in the Delta. Moreover, they were mute on climate change, urbanization, and a population boom that is expected to push Nigeria past 450 million people by the middle of the century.

Anchor: Thank you for that sir

Let talk about 


Been a political observer sir, I have noticed poverty has been a tool for the government to utilize the Nigeria youth in thuggery during elections.

What measure can we take to put a stop to this sir in nigeria politics?

Guest: Permit me to say that this tool will continue if the youths are still not ready to get to the consciousness of the fact that they are the actual source of power for better governance, "only if they stand up to face the tyranny and get involved the process of politics.

Not having the benchmark of past leaders who didn't offer much to the nation but reinventing the wheel for better governance.

Anchor: So sir 

Am very sure you fully follow the just concluded election in edo state.

What can you say about the election

With outcome of the elwction, does it mean people are beginning to see the light from the dark

Guest: I'm happy we'd be discussing this

You see,the pulchritude of free and fair election is solemnly fused in "Electoral reform act".

Using Edo state just concluded gubernatorial election as a case study, we'd see the beauty of reforms through the preceding of the the electoral commission, the political parties and also the people of Edo state.

The marginalisation caused by the political system in Nigeria has resulted in full denigration of Nigeria's ability of standing as the giant of Africa.

 All this emaciated from dreadful seek of power!!

Of course people are beginning to see light from the dark,most especially the youths cause I vividly observed the the process of the election and the people of Edo state are not in for Godfatherism and mere promising.

Do you That Prof Attahiru Jega has warned that Nigeria's future is at stake due to misgovernance??

The former chairman INEC urged Nigerians not to sit back and allow bad people to wreck the country.

Jega called on everyone to contribute to the cleansing of politics in Nigeria.

Please do permit me to divulge this factor sir.

The elements of corruption in the electoral commission.

Not to forget that just hours before polls were set to open on February 16, the election commission delayed the vote by a week.

This was particularly disruptive for the many Nigerians who had traveled from one part of the country to another to vote. When voting finally took place, there were numerous irregularities, and many polling stations opened several hours late.

What i am pained about is there's also evidence that the security services at some stations prevented voters from casting ballots, particularly in opposition strongholds, and intimidated election commission staff.

It's of clear notice that the counsel of certain elements!!!

Anchor: We appreciate that

But before we end it all 

I would like to ask you what do you think will happen in the coming October 10 ondo election ?

Base on ur own observation should we be expecting the same turnout and change in process in ondo state sir

Guest: Again i'm happy you asked this.

I'm known for being blunt and straight.

I tell you this, AKETI will show no mercy in the Ondo forthcoming elections,

Do note:that Akeredolu is the seating governor and he's with several political powers but then the people of Ondo state can only change the game with their votes.

It will be a dicey situation.

Anchor: Thank you very much sir 

We really appreciate sir

I wish the time is on our side 

There are more to ask but time wont really permit sir

We would like you to tell us 

What are you plans for Nigeria youth future as a leader?

Guest: I'm passionate about equity and fairness, I believe in the power of youths.

Sooner or later, I'd definitely be part of youths in Nigeria changing the narratives for good.


Q1: Sir, i really enjoyed ur discussion tonite, it was fire sir.

My questions is, we all knw inec is a body partially or fully control by d FG dont u think dey influence dem wen it come to election, so as to favour d incumbent govt

Thank you for this question my leader sir,

Well it's government commission and it only takes patriotic citizens to be fair and just in the dealings of the commission.

But do know that there'd always be some counsel of elements in the commission who will be used for favours

Q2: Firstly I will like to commend  the speaker for his time nd  enlightenment 🙏🏻✌️

Q 1,  as we all know some Yoruba ND Igbo are agitating for freedom in dere different tribe. They want to stand on there own as a nation. Sir how so u see this what disadvantages or let me call it damages can it cause to this nation if such happen ?

Thank you Ma.

It will only be of same mistake we did back in the colonial period, entrusting our affairs to them.

We'd see the freedom as a out but do trust me that if by any chance there's a split ,be ready for another spilt again in the tribes and then we'd all loose it all

There'd be in house crisis as others in the separated tribes will also want more than the goveenance would be able to give due to core factors.

The conglomeration of all tribes is the beauty if the Nation, once we split, we'd again fail.

Q3: How do you think we that are not financially bouyant ND are ready to serve our pple can get to the top seat ? As we all know Nigeria politics is all about money ND power

That initially is a tough fight,

You're very correct, Nigerian politics as been systemized to be about money and the chase of power.

We'd definitely get to the top seat, but let's understand that it's a process, grassroots politics is the only start and a very good step to it.

The grassroots will give birth to several opportunities.

Thank you very much Mr ADEOLUWAYEMI OGUNMILUYI for the great and wonderful enlightenment on ELECTION IN NIGERIA. We really appreciate you sir for your time and attention. 

It was wonderful having this discussion with you. 

We also be looking forward to have you here to discuss more alarming matters concerning governance and politics in Nigeria.

God bless you sir