THIS IS WAR!! See What The Fulani/ProSARS Are Doing To Protesters In Abuja (VIDEO)

The report reaches us that the Fulani group have ganged up to disrupt the peaceful protest to ENDSARS in Berger, Abuja

They are destroying property and injuring protesters that come their way.

Why are these sets of people so dump like this?

You claimed you’re less concerned about the brutality of police so you’re against the dissolving of SARS. In which way has SARS existence benefited you?

How will you be harras by SARS when you don’t have anything to attract them?

Who is behind this evil movement? who’s funding and ordering these illiterate to attack protesters? Many of them don’t even know what they’re fighting for.

See VIdeos

What Do You Think What They’re Doing To Disrupt Protesters Is Good Or Total Nonsense?

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