Nigerian-American basketball player, Bam Adebayo gifts his mum a house for her 56th birthday

Ban Adebayo, an American basketball player of Nigerian descent, gifted his mother a house on her 56th birthday.


The Miami Heat star shocked his mom, Marilyn Blount, with her own home on Sunday, Dec 6.


"I was so nervous, because I never really give her a gift like that," he said, via ESPN.

"So it kind of gave me like a feel like when I first stepped on the Finals court. I didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t know anything at the moment. It was like one of those ‘aw’ moments where you just sit there for a minute. And she enjoyed it


Adebayo is fresh off  his breakout season in the NBA, where he helped lead the Heat to the NBA Finals. The 23-year-old averaged 15.9 points and 10.2 rebounds last year while earning his first All-Star nod, which earned him a massive five-year contract extension that could end up being worth $200 million.


His new life is a far cry from how he and his mom lived for years. They lived in a single-wide trailer in North Carolina while struggling to make ends meet. Adebayo has shared photos of that trailer, and even carries a photo of it around with him constantly