Due to the fact that most students are disturbed about the virtual classroom and need to get on the student community email platform, here is how you can get yours activated by following the below explanation.πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡ 

✅ Go to

✅ Sign in for a new account, don't create, because your email has already been created.

✅ Input your details in this format year ofπŸ‘‡ For example mine is;* *without space in-between as email address

✅ After this, input student2019 as password and that's all.

 If you are in 100L, your input would be like this;

πŸ›‘ Though some 100L students email might not work, it means yours hasn't been created yet. But most of the 100L students across about 38 departments have been created with the record I have with me except for departments in faculty of Arts, Agricultural science and Accounting. 

✅ All 100L students are to use student2020 as password. 

✅ For 200L, use okuboye.micheal2018 or

✅ Some 200L also use 2017 as year of entry especially those in Law and other departments that have more than 4 years of study. Also if you are to Repeat a class/level, especially those in Veterinary Medicine & MBBS, please maintain using your original year of entry. 

✅ All 300L and 400L are to use 2017 and 2016 respectively as their year of entry.

✅ Also they are to use student2016, student2017, student2018 or student2019 or user2019 as password. 

✅ 500L and 600L students are to use 2015 and 2014 respectively as year of entry. And use student2015 and student2014 or user2019 respectively as password too.

✅ You are advised to change your password after successful sign up

Please note that some email format are ( and if there is still issue signing up, then please contact me.

✅ Don't also forget that if your year of entry is 2018, use student2018 as password, also if your year of entry is 2019 as used in the correct email address, then use student2019 as password. While 100L use student2020 as password as their year of entry is recorded as 2020 in the student email body.

There are some that lost their student community email account due to change of phone, lost of phone or forgotten passwords, kindly send mail to me so as to assist you in this regard.

 Kindly share this message to your UniAbuja friends and all other platforms.

Source: ZAHBEY CARES❤️❤️