Before Opeyemi gained admission into the university, she was an ardent lover of God and books. She couldn’t trade her time with God for anything in this world. Opeyemi would miss different sort of events because she didn’t want to be absent at church gatherings. She would sacrifice going to the cinema, weddings, concerts, birthday parties, or any other event because of God. Like someone who loves work too much is called a workaholic, you could say that she was a God-aholic because she loved God so much.

And you could call her a bibliophile too because books were her second love after God. In fact, she found a link between her first love (God) and her second love (books) by being addicted to the Bible and Christian books. Asides that, she read all sorts of books ranging from career, to relationship, to comedy, to history, to politics, to fashion, to entrepreneurship, and a host of others.

On days that there were no church gatherings, she would be in her room reading for about eighteen to twenty hours out of a possible twenty four in each day. Her mum always complained that she would soon develop eye problems because she focused too much on books. On those days where she would be indoors reading for almost the whole of the day, her mum would scream on top of her voice before Opeyemi could be forced out of her room to come eat. Her motto was always God first, books second, and God last.

Fast forward to two years after she gained admission into the university, Opeyemi is no longer called Opeyemi. She is now being referred to as “Hopsy babe.” Her outfits are now the opposite of what she used to wear. She is now the babe who gets hooked up with the big men in town for monetary gains. She didn’t realize how much she had changed until one day she was scanning through the videos on her phone. In one video she saw herself singing in church and in the other she saw herself twerking at a night party. The only question that came to her mind was “What went wrong with me? What went wrong with me? What went wrong with me?”

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