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It is known that puppies grow very quickly after they are born and they need more calories compared to adulthood, specific to this process. Due to this rapid development, it is extremely important to support the digestive systems and immune systems with a quality and balanced diet. Basically, puppies and adults need the same food groups, but the proportions of food groups they need during puppies differ markedly compared to adulthood. For this reason, puppies should consume puppy food formulated specifically for their puppy needs instead of adult dog foods. Puppies can make a healthy start with the puppy food that is preferred according to the life stage, racial characteristics and general health status; they can stay both healthier and more comfortable in adulthood and old age. In this article, you can find important information about puppy nutrition.

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Puppy Nutrition Goals

Puppies are fed mother’s milk for the first 8 weeks of their lives. While breast milk ensures that the needs specific to this process are fully met, it strengthens the immune system of the offspring. After this process is completed, the needs of the puppies differ and their nutrition needs to be enriched.

There are basically four different goals in puppy nutrition. The first of these goals is to ensure the healthy growth of the offspring. Growth that is neither too fast nor too slow cannot be considered healthy; The goal is balanced growth in line with racial standards. Another goal is to strengthen immune functions, a strong immune system is extremely important to prevent puppies from getting sick after the protective effect of mother’s milk has worn off. Another purpose of puppy nutrition is to minimize the risk of obesity while our friends are developing. Obesity, which is dangerous in all life stages, can cause systemic disorders, especially developmental problems in puppies. You can find detailed information in our content called Causes and Harms of Obesity in Dogs. Finally, we can state that it is aimed to prevent the development of orthopedic diseases in puppy nutrition. This target once again highlights the importance of nutritional needs in line with the small, medium and large breed classification of dogs.

What is Ideal Development in Puppies?

The ideal development of puppies can vary according to small, medium and large breed classes, development can occur at different rates and in different time periods. Small and medium breed dogs take 10-12 months to reach adulthood, and large breed dogs 18-24 months.

The developmental rates of puppies can also vary from breed to breed. Behind this difference, there are a number of complex factors such as nutrition, genetics and environmental factors. A healthy and balanced diet is equally essential for all puppies, regardless of breed. The concentration of nutrients in the preferred puppy food and the amount of food the dog eats can mean the difference between optimal growth and maximum growth. Therefore, as well as choosing the right food, how much food dogs consume is an important variable for their healthy development.

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Puppies Need Optimal Growth

One of the most important puppy development goals is to support optimal development. Optimal growth ensures ideal progress of development. When a balanced and stable growth momentum is achieved, both obesity can be prevented and skeletal system health can be protected.

In order to ensure optimal growth in puppies, puppy food containing protein, fat, calcium and digestible carbohydrates should be preferred.

  • Protein needs in puppies are highest right after weaning and this need decreases steadily over time. Protein, which is one of the foundations of a healthy and balanced diet, plays a role in building muscle, repairing muscles and tissues, ensuring skin and coat integrity, strengthening the immune system and producing hormones in the dog’s body. Since not all amino acids, which are the building blocks of proteins, are produced by the body, they must be taken through supplements and foods. Deficiency of these components, called essential or essential amino acids, can cause many health problems.
  • The essential fatty acids in puppy food ensure that our friends’ energy needs are met. Since foods containing too much fat can cause obesity and orthopedic disorders, attention should be paid to whether the fat ratio in puppy food is in the range of 10-25%.
  • Calcium is also very important in nutrition. Since the amount of calcium required in the food may differ according to the developmental needs of small, medium and large breed dogs, the necessity of considering the breeds when choosing puppy food comes to the fore. Calcium plays an important role in the muscle mobility of puppies, wound healing, skeletal system formation, and facilitating digestion.
  • Digestible carbohydrates are also important for optimal growth momentum. Dogs also need healthy carbohydrates in order to maintain and improve their digestive system health. At the same time, carbohydrates also serve to meet the energy needs for their high mobility.

For ideal development in puppies, quality puppy food containing all these basic food groups should be preferred. The preferred food should be given at the right frequency, in the right amount, and the dogs should meet the recommended daily food consumption. However, although nutrition is very critical in maintaining puppy health, it should be ensured that they exercise at the ideal rate and are kept mentally and physically busy. Only in this way can they become psychologically and physiologically healthy.

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Make Healthy Choices for Puppies

A healthier and more comfortable adulthood is every puppy’s right. Specially formulated to meet the developmental needs of puppies, Royal Canin puppy food is formulated according to the needs that arise in line with racial characteristics and differences in racial dimensions. You can find Royal Canin puppy food specially produced for small breed puppies, large breed puppies, medium breed puppies here, and you can make the right choice by browsing the special breed dog foods. You can feed your friends safely until adulthood with Royal Canin puppy food, which has a grain structure suitable for your friend’s jaw structure, and provides high flavor and healthy ingredients, preventing appetite and ensuring the continuity of growth, and then you can facilitate the maintenance of their health with the foods in the adult group.

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