Are Tomatoes Toxic to Dogs?

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Although tomatoes are a very ordinary food for us, it is not possible to say that the same is true when it comes to dogs. Before leaving dogs and tomatoes together, it is important for the health of the dog to have information about the fruit itself, the blooming plant, the leaves and even the stem. “Do dogs eat tomatoes?” The answer to the question is basically obvious. It is okay for dogs to eat tomatoes. If you want to give him tomatoes, you have to make sure you give a small amount. Tomatoes are a very tasty food for dogs as well as for humans. This is why dogs must resist the insistence of eating tomatoes.

Although tomatoes are not a poisonous plant, a dog eating too many tomatoes can be upsetting to his stomach. Tomatoes have a very high acid content, which can cause problems for dogs with sensitive stomachs. By giving your dog a small amount of tomato at first, you can see how he reacts to this delicious fruit. Just like in the acclimation process of other foods, it is wise to start with a very small amount.

Cooked tomatoes are as safe for dogs to eat as raw ones. You can also give your dog tomato pulp. Many dog ​​foods today contain tomatoes and tomato pulp.

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Why Are Tomatoes Considered Poisonous?

“Can my dog ​​eat tomatoes?” The doubt underlying the question is actually not so wrong. Although the tomato itself is not poisonous, the tomato is in the nightshade family of plants. Some plants belonging to this family are very poisonous, which raises suspicion about tomatoes. Moreover, the only reason causing instability is not the plant family to which the tomato belongs. Tomatoes also contain the potentially poisonous chemical tomatine. Tomatine is very harmful when consumed in large amounts. The amount of tomatin in ripe tomatoes is quite low. Therefore, when it comes to ripe tomatoes, even if your dog eats more tomatoes than desired, there is no risk of poisoning. Tomatoin rate is higher in unripe tomatoes, but the difference is not much.

Tomatine is found in very high amounts in the tomato plant. The flower, leaves, stem and branches of the plant also contain tomatine. However, even at this level, it does not cause excessive poisoning in dogs. It is very unlikely that the dog will eat an amount of tomato plants that will harm him.

The consequences of eating large quantities of tomatoes or tomato plants are usually mild digestive problems. However, if you still suspect that your dog has eaten large amounts of tomato plants, you should call your dog’s veterinarian for advice.

You only need to give your dog the tomato itself. Ready-made tomato sauces, tomato pasta sauces or canned tomatoes contain high amounts of salt and preservatives. In addition, some tomato sauces may contain onions and garlic. Garlic and onions are toxic foods for dogs.

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What Are the Symptoms of Tomatine Poisoning in Dogs?

If you think your dog has eaten a large amount of tomato plants, you need to look at his symptoms to understand how he is affected. Tomatine poisoning causes weakness, tremors, incoordination, abdominal pain, diarrhea, seizures and abnormal heart rhythms in dogs. In addition, symptoms such as loss of appetite, excessive salivation, dilation of the pupils can also be seen. Tomatine poisoning is extremely rare among dogs and is not usually fatal. Dogs with tomatine poisoning recover without any permanent health damage.

If you see any of the symptoms listed above, it is recommended to contact your veterinarian. Your dog must undergo a physical examination before a veterinarian can diagnose tomatine poisoning. In addition, blood analysis and electrocardiography are also among the things to be done. The treatment for tomatine poisoning is usually to make the dog vomit. However, in some cases, monitoring the dog’s condition is sufficient. Some dogs can have an allergic reaction to tomatoes, but tomato allergy is extremely rare among dogs. Symptoms include hives, coughing, and difficulty breathing.

If you are growing tomatoes in your garden, you should make sure your dog cannot reach them by surrounding your tomato plants. If you are growing tomatoes in pots inside the house, you should place your pots where your dog cannot reach them.

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Are Tomatoes Healthy for Dogs?

Tomatoes are not toxic to dogs, they are also quite healthy. For this reason, many food manufacturers use tomatoes in their food. Tomatoes contain large amounts of soluble and insoluble fiber. Moreover, since the liquid is taken in the pulp state, the fiber rate is much higher. Fibrous foods support a healthy digestive system in dogs as well as in humans. It also keeps your dog’s blood sugar levels balanced. Tomatoes contain vitamins and minerals such as potassium, vitamin C and vitamin K. Apart from that, tomato is a fruit rich in antioxidants.

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