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The nutrition of pets is an important process that requires care, needs to be diversified within certain age stages and special situations, and differentiated in line with the health problems experienced. Especially in cats and dogs with health problems and sensitivities, nutrition becomes even more important. At this point, veterinary series foods specially formulated to alleviate existing health problems or prevent possible health problems from recurring come into play. Unlike those formulated to maintain optimal health of cats and dogs, veterinary range foods are produced with specific health concerns in mind.

Veterinary series foods should be used for the recommended duration, if recommended by veterinarians. You can now access the Brit veterinary series foods, which are carefully formulated to meet the needs of cats and dogs for different health problems, at Foods with special contents that your friend needs are carefully packaged by and delivered to your address quickly.

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When to Use Veterinary Cat Food?

When it comes to the healthiest cat food for kittens, adult, neutered or senior cats, answers may vary based on cats’ general health and taste preferences. The healthiest food for cats is the one that best meets their needs. Cats who have problems with their general health, have chronic diseases or need to take precautions to protect their health can be healthier with veterinary-recommended cat food. So when and in which situations should veterinary food be preferred?

Digestive Supportive Veterinary Cat Foods

Cats with health problems such as acute or chronic gastrointestinal diseases, chronic colitis, chronic constipation, chronic bloating and pancreatitis require special nutrition. Brit Veterinary Diet Gastrointestinal Digestive System Supporting Cat Food is specially formulated to improve the digestive system health of our friends. It contains hydrolyzed salmon protein, herring, Omega-3 fatty acid, antioxidants, B vitamins, electrolytes, soluble fiber, prebiotics and live probiotics. In the case of veterinarian-recommended cat foods, the recommended duration of use also applies to Brit VD Gastrointestinal. You can review Brit Veterinary Diet Gastrointestinal Digestive System Supporting Cat Food here.

Urinary Tract Health Supportive Veterinary Cat Foods

Urinary tract problems in cats are common, especially in the post-neutering period. We have prepared a content for you on this subject. You can find the details in our content called Urinary Tract Infection in Cats and Herbal Solutions. Urinary tract infections, the formation of urinary crystals and other urinary tract problems both reduce the quality of life of cats and pose a threat to their general health that should not be ignored. It is recommended that cats with urinary tract problems and/or those who want to prevent recurrence of urinary tract problems should be fed with sick cat food. Brit Veterinary Diet Struvite Urinary Tract Health Support Grain Free Cat Food is supportive in the treatment and prevention of urinary tract diseases by limiting the urinary concentration with low calcium, phosphorus and magnesium levels, supporting the dissolution of shrivit stones with its methionine content, fighting inflammation with its antioxidants and Omega-3 content. You can view Brit Veterinary Diet Struvite Urinary Tract Support Grain Free Cat Food here.

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Skin Health Supporting Veterinary Cat Foods

A number of factors such as consumed foods, exposure to stress or having a sensitive body to allergens can cause allergies and deterioration in skin health in cats. The deterioration of the skin health of cats can cause both a decrease in their quality of life and a deterioration in their health. Skin problems can also reveal the need for veterinary food nutrition. Brit Veterinary Diet Hypo-Allergenic Skin Health Support Grain-Free Cat Food, which contains a special formula to minimize reactions in cats with food allergy or dermatitis, and to support treatment processes, helps to improve skin health and control complaints when used regularly. You can view the Brit VD Hypo-Allergenic formula here.

Veterinary Cat Foods for Weight Control

Obesity in cats is a dangerous ailment. This chronic condition, which can occur for different reasons such as overnutrition, decreased metabolic rate, health problems and lack of activity, can cause many systemic diseases. You can find detailed information in our content on the Obesity (Obesity) Problem in Cats. The most valid step in the treatment of obesity and the health problems it causes in cats is to enable them to lose weight. In this respect, special nutrition appears as a necessity rather than a choice. Brit Veterinary Diet Grain-Free Cat Food for Obesity Weight Control, which contains a high amount of easily digestible dietetic protein, low-fat and grain-free content, high fiber, L-carnitine, live probiotics, Omega-3 and antioxidants, is specially designed for our friends to reach and maintain their ideal weight. has been formulated. You can click here to review the ingredients of Brit VD Obesity veterinary cat food.

Veterinary Cat Foods for Cats with Kidney Failure

Chronic kidney diseases in cats require the choice of specialized veterinary food types during the selection of cat food. Specially formulated for cats with kidney disease, Brit Veterinary Diet Grain-Free Cat Food for Cats with Renal Kidney Failure supports the protection of the kidney health of cats, contributes to the treatment process, and helps to overcome anorexia that can be seen simultaneously with kidney diseases. You can review the contents of Brit VD Renal healthy cat food, our friends with kidney diseases, here.

Veterinary Cat Foods for Cats with Diabetes

Cats can get diabetes just like humans. Although a course is followed in line with the following reasons within the scope of diabetes treatment in cats, it is generally recommended to follow the nutritional rules specific to this period. Do Cats We Have Prepared On This Subject Have Diabetes? You can get detailed information from our Diabetes Symptoms in Cats content. For cats with diabetes, using veterinary food is often the only choice. Brit Veterinary Diet Grain-Free Cat Food for Cats with Diabetes is presented with a formula containing low fat content, high amount of easily digestible dietetic protein, soluble and insoluble fiber content, L-Carnitine that supports fat metabolism, and antioxidants that protect cells from oxidative stress. You can review Brit VD Diabetes veterinary cat food ingredients and instructions for use here.

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When to Use Veterinary Dog Food?

Important variables such as age, breed, activity level and general health should be considered when choosing dog food. Unlike other foods, veterinary dog ​​foods are formulated with specific health concerns in mind. Veterinary food varieties, which can also be called sick dog food, are preferred in the following cases:

Veterinary Dog Foods for Digestive Support

It is recommended that dogs with chronic colitis, constipation, bloating, acute or chronic stomach and intestinal diseases consume digestive system supportive veterinary food to reduce their complaints and support their treatment processes. Brit Veterinary Diet Gastrointestinal Digestive Support Grain Free Dog Food is formulated for the needs of puppies and adult dogs. Brit VD Gastrointestinal dog food, which has important components such as herring, hydrolyzed salmon protein, antioxidants, electrolytes and B vitamins, can be given to our friends dry or wet. You can review the content of veterinary dog ​​food that supports the digestive system here.

Urinary Tract Health Supportive Veterinary Dog Foods

As a result of urinary tract diseases in dogs, it may be necessary to make a difference in their diet. Special formulas of veterinary food types may be needed both to support the current treatment and to prevent the recurrence of urinary tract diseases. You can find details about Brit VD Struvite veterinary dog ​​food, which contains valuable components such as reduced phosphorus, calcium and magnesium, methionine, Omega-3, antioxidants, cranberry and sodium.

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Joint Health Supporting Veterinary Dog Foods

There is a very tight connection between the joint health of dogs and the comfort of life. Joint disorders, which can occur for different reasons, reveal the necessity of feeding dogs with a special diet that supports joint health. Brit Veterinary Diet Joint & Mobility Joint Health Support Grain Free Dog Food, which is specially formulated for dogs undergoing orthopedic surgery, degenerative joint disorders or at risk of joint problems due to excess weight, prevents cartilage loss with its high DHA content. You can check out the Brit VD Joint & Mobility dog ​​food range here, which contains live probiotics in addition to DHA, a high amount of easily digestible dietetic protein and joint protectors.

Veterinary Dog Foods for Dogs with Liver Insufficiency

Liver failure in dogs is a disease that can cause symptoms such as decreased appetite, weight loss, chronic vomiting and diarrhea and requires treatment. Supporting the liver functions of dogs with liver diseases is extremely important in terms of both controlling the complaints and contributing to the treatment processes. Brit Veterinary Diet Grain Free Dog Food for Dogs with Hepatic Liver Insufficiency has been formulated with the needs of dogs with liver diseases in mind. You can click here to get detailed information about Brit VD Hepatic Dog food.

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Brit Veterinary Series Foods are at

Brit veterinary food varieties are now on! You can also purchase veterinary food varieties from and have a safe and fast shopping experience. In order to minimize possible damage during transportation, you can receive Brit veterinary series foods, which are delivered to cargo in solid boxes, in the comfort of your home.

Petlebi Safe E-Ticaret LTD. STI. As Brit Veterinary Diet Series, we are the authorized online seller of foods and as with all other foods, we supply Brit veterinary food types from authorized distributors. Our warehouse has the “Approved Feed Storage” certificate (Approval Number: αTR-3400326) issued by the Turkish Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Istanbul Provincial Directorate of Food, Agriculture and Livestock. Our approved feed warehouse is regularly inspected and all our foods are stored in optimum conditions for our friends.

You can examine the veterinary food types for cats and dogs under the Brit brand here; You can complete your order safely and quickly from the comfort of your home.

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