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There can sometimes be clear differences between the cat diet and the dog diet of the apartment dwellers, and these differences can be identified with difficulties. Adopting a friend among the dogs suitable for apartment life means protecting the comfort of both the dog and the individuals. Dogs with very high energy, who have to live in a limited area and cannot go out enough due to the living conditions of the individuals, may be stuck in apartment life. While this affects the health and psychology of dogs, it can cause people to feel helpless. It is important to consider the breeds, energy levels, tendency to bark, size and exercise needs of dogs during the dog adoption process. Apart from these dynamics, people also need to evaluate what kind of life they lead or can lead. Only in this way, the right ownership is realized and the foundations of a happy relationship that will last for many years can be laid. In this article, we will provide information on dog breeds suitable for home, which are also expressed as apartment dog breeds.

leashed dogs in front of the apartment

Dogs Suitable for Apartment Living

When it comes to apartment dog breeds, it would not be a correct approach to think that the dogs suitable for apartment life are only small breed dogs or that all small breed dogs can successfully adapt to apartment life. Some small breed dogs can have incredible energy, they can bark very loudly and can lose their health if they are not given enough time to themselves. From this perspective, a generalization can be made that the dog breeds suitable for the home should have certain characteristics that predominate. Calm, low-energy dogs can successfully adapt to apartment life, regardless of their size, if their daily energy needs are met. Here are those dogs…

Boxer dog lying on his head


If you have enough time to spare for your Boxer dog during the day, you can take the first step of a perfect friendship. Once their high energies have been released, this confident breed can successfully adapt to apartment life. Boxer dogs, which are recommended not to stay outside especially in cold weather due to their genetic characteristics, will be indispensable in the lists of dogs suitable for apartment living if their basic needs are met. Affectionate, incredibly attached to family members, playful and preferring to observe rather than bark, this breed is too sensitive to be left alone at home. For this reason, people who are usually at home or work from home during the day can have a perfect travel companion by adopting a Boxer.

three english bulldog puppies at home

English Bulldog

The English Bulldog is one of the must-haves when it comes to apartment dog breeds. Incredibly strong and equally self-indulgent, these dogs don’t need a lot of exercise. If they are taken out to meet their toilet needs and socialize during the day, they can lead a calm and quiet life. It is known that they establish a warm relationship with their family members, adapt perfectly to apartment life and can tolerate being alone to a certain extent.

longhaired Papillon dog sitting


One of the dogs suitable for apartment life is the Papillon breed. Papillons, which have a bright personality aside from the ears that give the breed its name, are among the breeds with high energy levels. They can be excellent companions for people who spend a lot of time at home during the day. It can be stated that they can hardly tolerate being alone at home and their barking tendency increases if they are left alone for a long time. Papillons can become the funniest member of the family if they have their favorite people with them and throw their energy away.

Pug reclining on the couch


Pugs are also among the top dogs that can live in apartments. They have incredibly funny characters. They belong to the small breed class and can adapt perfectly to apartment living. When it comes to dog breeds suitable for the home, Pugs, like all breeds, need good training. Loneliness is not for them and they are known to be a little stubborn. Paying attention to them will brighten their loving and harmonious personalities.

miniature pinscher outdoors

Miniature Pinscher

While they can be thought of as smaller versions of Dobermans, the reality is quite different. The Miniature Pinscher is a much older and separate breed of Doberman. Known as the king among small breed dogs for their confident demeanor, this breed is known for being fearless, energetic and highly alert. They can adapt perfectly to apartment life and form strong bonds with family members by adopting them.

your white fluffy pekingese rested his head on the bed


Breed as companions of the Chinese Imperial family for centuries, Pekingese dogs are known for their delicate and graceful nature. Pekingese dogs, which are in the small breed classification, do not like loneliness very much. Although they are among the most suitable dogs for apartment life, it is useful not to ignore the fact that they can be a little loud. Barking levels can be high, and barking can become a serious problem when they throw off their energy and are left alone in the house for long periods of time.

brown fluffy french bulldog under red cover

french bulldog

French Bulldogs, which have a very cute appearance with their strong structure, big ears and huge eyes, are among the most suitable dogs for home. This breed, which can easily adapt to apartment life, gets along well with family members, other people and other dogs. Medium-shedding French Bulldogs can be trained easily and are not known to bark too much. Their energy and exercise needs are moderate.

Although there are general statements about dogs suitable for apartment life, with the right training and regular attention, almost all dogs can adapt to home life. You can take a step towards a new and fun start by adopting the friend of your dreams. You can visit our adoption page to find your friend.

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