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Their genetic make-up not only makes dogs different in appearance or behavior, but also makes them prone to different diseases and ailments. The breeds of dogs differ from each other according to many characteristics, and one of them is obesity. Gene differences can cause dogs to be prone to obesity, as well as the combination of more than one genetic trait can cause obesity. In addition to a genetic predisposition, some dogs gain weight faster than others because they are less active or have different metabolisms and appetites. Obesity in dogs develops in a similar way to that in humans, and obesity in dogs is just as dangerous as in humans. For this reason, dogs with obesity need to return to their ideal weight with a healthy and regular diet.



Pugs are the dogs that are farthest from the understanding of strenuous exercise. Pugs are a brachycephalic breed. The nasal openings of these breeds are small. Brachycephalic dogs are born with a short nasal muzzle, a long soft palate, and small airways leading to the lungs. This makes exercise into an intolerable activity for them. When Pugs are sedentary, combined with overfeeding, they gain weight very quickly.

Another cause of obesity in Pugs is their inability to tolerate heat well. Because they lose heat, they don’t get as much exercise outdoors as dogs with normal airways. Pugs were born to be lap dogs. Due to their build and personality, Pugs do not get enough exercise which makes it easier for them to gain weight.



The most effective source of obesity for Bulldogs, especially English Bulldogs, is humans. People think that Bulldogs have a certain appearance. The misconception is common that these dogs are sweeter, stronger, and more specific to their breed when overweight. Because of this mentality, there is usually a tendency to overfeed Bulldogs.

Apart from that, it is a brachycephalic breed in Bulldogs. Excessive exercise can cause various upper respiratory tract problems in Bulldogs. The risk of being overweight is much higher in Bulldogs than in other dog breeds due to their inability to exercise regularly.



Beagles are actually naturally active dogs. The reason for the risk of obesity in the Beagle species is their slow metabolism and appetite. Beagles are a breed bred to hunt rabbits. They should be allowed to roam freely and hunt. These dogs can travel long distances very easily. In this case, they are less likely to be overweight.

Today, however, Beagles are adopted not for hunting, but for domestication. Obesity is inevitable when these dogs do not exercise too much. Because of their appetite, they can become obese very easily.

Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers are a breed that is prone to being overweight, with their friendly nature, cute fur and hard-to-resist eyes. It is quite difficult for humans to say no to Golden Retrievers. However, the most common dog type on people’s tables is the Golden Retriever type. However, dogs should not be fed human food.

One of the most important characteristics of the Golden Retriever breed is that they are very attached to their families. Therefore, when the family itself is not active, Golden prefers to sit in the living room with the rest of the family. These dogs may seem very content to sit on the couch, but all dogs need regular exercise for both their physical and mental health. Breeds less prone to physical exertion should take a healthy walk for 20 to 60 minutes a day.



Dachsund type dogs are also among the fat dog breeds. The fate of the Dachsund breed is actually like the Beagles. Dachsunds were normally bred to hunt badgers, foxes, deer or rabbits. Therefore, it needs excessive energy to run, hunt and dig. Today, Dachsunds are generally lap dogs.

Being an extremely energetic breed, their appetites are quite clear. However, with the fact that they do not exercise at all and eat a lot, obesity is inevitable for the Dachsund breed.

basset hound

Basset Hound

Basset Hounds are not famous for their speed. Therefore, they are not expected to burn many calories when they go out. Basset Hounds have fairly short legs and as such it is unlikely that they will force themselves by running. Basset Hounds need to be very careful with their diet or they can gain weight very quickly and become obese.

dog running on the trail

Keeping Dogs Away From Obesity

Although some dog breeds are prone to obesity, it is possible to find obese dogs in all breeds. However, life is not comfortable for the obese dog. On the other hand, the solution is extremely simple. The calories that dogs burn must be equal to or greater than the calories they consume. Veterinarians provide guidance on the amount of nutrition and exercise dogs need to be healthy. For some dog owners, sharing their own meals with their dogs is very enjoyable, but this is wrong. Human food is both too rich and too spicy for dogs. This causes great damage to the digestive system of dogs. In order for dogs to have a healthy and balanced diet, food selection should be made specifically for their breeds, health conditions and ages. You can view the dog foods specially formulated for dogs by clicking here.

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