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We can talk about the existence of many scientifically accepted rules about dog nutrition. Dogs are creatures with different nutritional needs in line with their size, developmental stages and general health status. There is another important point that is sometimes overlooked when it comes to dog nutrition; breeds of dogs. The basic rationale of feeding dogs specific to their breeds is to prevent health problems to which they are racially predisposed and to ensure that they are fully and completely fed with foods that they can eat comfortably due to their oral anatomy. In this article, you can find information about breeds with special nutritional needs. We wish you pleasant reading.

white open-mouthed Maltese Terrier puppy running on the grass

Maltese Terrier

As with many dog ​​breeds, Maltese Terrier dogs are at higher risk of developing certain diseases. This breed is known to be more prone to dental diseases, infections, obesity, eye diseases, liver problems and kneecap ailments. At the same time, their long and silky hair is prone to matting when not given the right care and a healthy diet plan. Preferring specially formulated foods for the Maltese Terrier breed can become a difference-making factor in order to protect the health of the skin and coat, to balance the appetite of the Maltese who are picky about taste, and to reduce the possibility of the diseases they are genetically predisposed to.

White French Bulldog puppy with open eyes lying on the sofa

french bulldog

French Bulldog dogs, which are among the most popular dog breeds in our country with their fun and energetic nature, are genetically more prone to certain diseases. The structure of the kibbles they consume can have a decisive effect in order to ensure that this breed, which has a brachiocephalic jaw, can chew the food comfortably. Being prone to respiratory problems can cause obesity to have very dangerous consequences for this breed. Supporting the immune system and maintaining the ideal weight are considered as priority targets in French Bulldog nutrition.

brown Pug dog with harness sitting on crate


Pug dogs with a flattened face like French Bulldogs tend to gain weight. Their skin has a folded and folded structure. Adopting a breed-specific nutrition routine in order not to interrupt skin and hair care, to maintain their ideal weight, to support muscle mass and at the same time to keep their appetites in balance due to their jaw structure comes to the forefront as an important requirement for the protection of the health of Pug dogs.

brown and white Cavalier King Charles dog walking on the grass

Cavalier King Charles

Cavalier King Charles dogs, which are the center of attention in every environment with their big eyes and cute moods, are prone to gain weight. It is known that genetically, the risk of heart diseases, joint problems and ear infections is higher in this breed. Therefore, designing the Cavalier King Charles diet based on these foundations stands out as an important requirement for our long-eared friends to lead a healthier and more comfortable life.

white Chihuahua dog lying in bed


Chihuahua dogs, known for their courage that contrasts with their size, have a high incidence of urinary and kidney stone formation, kneecap problems, obesity, hypoglycemia, tooth and gum problems. For this reason, it is recommended to plan their nutrition in a way that minimizes the possibility of possible health problems. The fact that they have a very small jaw also requires attention to the grain structure in the selection of food. All these requirements reveal the importance of special nutrition for dog breeds.

puppy Golden Retriever with lake behind

Golden Retriever

Skin diseases are common in Golden Retriever dogs, which is no surprise to turn into the most loving member of the family. The fact that they are prone to skin diseases due to their hair structure leads to the preference of breed-specific nutrition for Golden Retriever dogs. With Golden Retriever foods specially formulated to maintain the ideal weight while supporting skin health, it becomes easier to stay healthier and more comfortable.

German shepherd dog lying on the grass in front of the tree

German shepherd dog

German shepherd dogs, which are prone to diseases such as hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, diabetes, cataracts, pancreatitis, are among the dog breeds recommended to increase their health and comfort by feeding them fully and balanced from puppies to old age. The performance of the digestive systems of German Shepherd dogs can also be increased with special breed foods that are formulated according to their jaw structure, support muscle and bone development, and improve hair health.

The breeds recommended to be fed with special breed dog foods are not limited to those listed. Specially formulated foods are recommended for breeds with sensitive constitutions such as Labrador Retriever, Yorkshire Terrier, Cocker, and genetic susceptibility to certain diseases.

Yorkshire Terrier dog sitting on a white chair

Breed-Specific Dogs Are Healthier

Dog nutrition should be considered as a multidimensional process. It can be ensured that dogs live a healthier and longer life with quality foods that are preferred in line with their developmental stage, activity levels, general health status and breeds.

Breed-specific nutrition offers a special diet tailored to the specific needs of dogs. The racial characteristics of dogs have an effect on the diseases they are prone to and therefore on their nutritional needs. Based on this fact, Royal Canin, which aims to improve dog health with special breed dog foods, mediates to provide a complete and balanced nutrition to our friends. Standing out with their formulas that are customized according to the developmental stages of special breed dogs, Royal Canin special breed dog foods contain kibbles designed differently considering the jaw and tooth structures of the breeds. If you want to choose a quality food specially formulated for your friend and considering many factors from genetic diseases to jaw structure, you can choose from Royal Canin special breed dog foods.

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