How to Prevent Ear Infection in Dogs?

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If your dog has long ears, allergies, and a love of swimming, you’ve probably already had an ear infection. Ear infections are common in dogs. The dog’s anatomy, metabolism and everyday habits can predispose him to ear infections. Ear infections in dogs can be prevented by taking some small precautions. When you suspect that your dog has an ear infection, you should immediately take it to the veterinarian for examination. Early intervention is very important, especially in dogs, since otitis media or inner ear inflammation can cause hearing loss by causing ruptures in the eardrum if left untreated.

It is not possible to overlook the symptoms of ear infections. Inflamed dogs shake their ears, tilting their heads to the side of the inflamed ear. A heavy odor emanates from the inflamed ear and there may be discharge.

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Things to Do to Prevent Ear Inflammation in Dogs

Treating canine ear infections is often more difficult than preventing the inflammation. For this reason, dog owners are advised to pay attention to the dog’s ears. In order to prevent ear infections in dogs, you can prevent this problem by including the things that need to be considered in the dog’s care routine.

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Identify Underlying Causes of Ear Inflammation

In order to prevent ear infections in dogs, it is necessary to know the causes that lead to ear infections. Allergies, foreign matter escape, hormonal diseases, diseases that affect the immune system and tumors cause ear infections in dogs. The most common cause of ear infections is allergies. Allergies on the skin cause discomfort and increase the temperature of the skin.

Especially in dogs with wide ear canals, bacteria and fungi in the ear multiply excessively, causing inflammation to increase. Environmental allergens such as pollen, grass, mite or lice allergies can cause inflammation. Food allergy and food sensitivity are also among the causes of inflammation in dogs. If your dog has allergies, trying to keep him away from allergens as much as possible also reduces the risk of ear infections.

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Keep Your Dog’s Ears Dry

Fungi and bacteria multiply in warm and humid environments. This causes the dog’s ears to act as a petri dish for fungi and bacteria, where they can multiply as they wish. Ear infections are more common in dog breeds, such as Cocker Spaniels or Retrievers, whose large ears allow moisture to stay inside. Dogs prone to ear infections need to be checked regularly to make sure their ears are dry. Especially if your dog is a dog that swims or bathes frequently, you should pay extra attention to this. Drying the ear without letting it stay too wet will prevent the moist environment that fungi and bacteria will need. You can place cotton in your dog’s ear before bathing. It is enough for the cotton to cover only the entrance of the ear, you should not place it too far. It is sufficient to dry the ears with a paper towel after bathing or swimming.

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Do Regular Ear Cleaning

Ear cleaning in dogs is important for the prevention of inflammation. Cleaning your dog’s ears every 5-10 days significantly reduces the risk of ear infections. Drops or cleaning solution can be used for canine ear infections and/or regular ear cleaning. You can view the specially formulated solutions for dog ear care by clicking here. After filling your dog’s ear canal with the solution recommended by the veterinarian, massaging for 20 – 30 seconds is sufficient. You can then shake your dog’s head and let the solution out of their ears. Inserting a cotton swab or cotton ball into the ear canal causes earwax to go deeper and can damage the eardrum. For this reason, you should not insert an object into the ear canal during ear cleaning.

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Use Food Supplements

Foods with high quality ingredients are developed to meet all nutritional needs. However, you can choose some food supplements to prevent ear infections. Before using these supports, you should definitely consult your veterinarian about their use. Omega-3 fatty acids help in preventing inflammation caused by allergies. These supports reduce inflammation and prevent ear infections. Omega-3 fatty acid supplements, such as fish oil, provide relief from allergies that are common in dogs’ ears and paws. You can examine the Omega-3 sources that dogs can consume by clicking here.

A malfunction of the immune system makes dogs more prone to infections. That’s why it’s important to strike a balance. Probiotic supplements help balance the bacterial flora in the digestive system and ensure the proper functioning of the immune system. A healthy and happy gut also means a healthy immune system.

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How to Treat Ear Inflammation in Dogs?

Ear infections occur in approximately 20% of dogs. Dogs are more prone to ear infections than humans because of the shape of their ear canals. In case of inflammation, veterinarians usually clean the ears with an antibiotic solution for ear infections in dogs. Canine ear infection medication can also be used for home use. Inflammation usually resolves 1 to 2 weeks after treatment begins. However, in cases where there is excessive inflammation or the underlying cause of the inflammation continues, treatment may take months. In some dogs, ear infections can become chronic. In such cases, the ear canal is surgically removed.

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