Is It Safe to Eat Raw Chicken for Dogs?

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There are many different opinions about ideality in dog nutrition, and new opinions are felt every day. Those who advocate that dogs should be fed more naturally support this diet, based on the view that it is more suitable for their nature to eat raw meat. In this article, we will not dwell on the nutrition models of dogs, we will only try to reduce the question marks about raw chicken, which is among the most frequently given foods to dogs. “Is it safe for dogs to eat raw chicken?” and “Is there any harm in eating raw chicken for dogs?” You can find answers to such questions in our article.

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Can Dogs Eat Raw Chicken?

Technically, of course they can. Raw chicken meat does not contain any additives, let alone the growing conditions of chickens. People who want to offer a natural diet to their dogs act in line with the idea that raw chicken is much safer than processed products. However, choosing raw chicken in dog nutrition can cause various problems for both dogs and humans. Although the approach that consuming raw chicken is always unhealthy or harmful is not correct, it is recommended to stay in a safe area as it may contain potential hazards.

Possible Risks of Raw Chicken for Dogs

When giving raw chicken to dogs, focusing solely on the benefits of raw chicken may mean making the wrong choice. Various dangers are possible when raw chicken becomes part of the dog diet.

Salmonella Infections

Salmonella is one of the main causes of food poisoning. Found in undercooked or uncooked foods, including chicken, these bacteria can also be found in the intestines and feces of animals. When raw chicken is preferred for dogs’ diet, salmonella bacteria that are likely to be found in raw meat can infect various items, including the dog’s food bowl. If the bacteria density is high in raw meat consumed by dogs, the possibility of infection comes to the fore. Infection of a dog with Salmonella bacteria can cause symptoms such as lethargy, weakness, diarrhea, vomiting and fever. If these symptoms are observed, it is important to go to veterinarians and start treatment processes. Since it is not possible to determine whether these bacteria are present in the raw chicken that dogs are fed, experts argue that dog nutrition should be kept in a safe area and that any protein source, including raw chicken, should not be offered to them raw.

Beware of Chicken Bones!

The only risk of feeding dogs raw chicken is not limited to salmonella infection. Chicken bones can cause blockages in a dog’s gastrointestinal tract, get stuck in the mouth or throat, cause damage to the teeth and, moreover, damage internal organs. Even if they are cooked, avoiding chicken bones, which pose a risk for all these problems, will be the safest and sustainable choice. Earlier, we prepared a content called 8 Foods You Should Always Keep Your Dogs Away From, and bones are among these foods.

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Not enought feeding

When a large part of the nutrition of dogs is provided with raw chicken, it is possible to encounter the negativities of one-way feeding. Especially in dogs fed with raw chicken for a long time, malnutrition problem may be encountered. It should not be forgotten that the minerals and vitamins in cooked or raw chicken are not sufficient for the healthy development and maintenance of dogs’ health. Dogs need many vitamins, minerals and nutrients to stay strong and healthy. For this reason, it would not be correct to use a single food source in their diet, including raw chicken.

Although feeding dogs raw chicken can raise many potential dangers, this fact does not mean that raw chicken has no nutritional value at all. Raw chicken contains as much as 80% protein, it does not contain carbohydrates and sugar.

Dry Foods for Dogs

Dogs are creatures that need to be fed in accordance with their age, racial characteristics, needs and general health conditions. Their diet should be both healthy and balanced. Dog foods are foods that contain different protein sources and are specially formulated for the developmental periods of dogs. Since it contains all the elements required for a balanced diet, it is recommended that the basis of the dog’s diet should be dry food. If you want to choose from dog foods, you can click here.

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