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Warning: Some of the suggestions contained in the content may require physical contact. Physical contact with fighting dogs is dangerous, even if you know the dogs. These methods can be applied as a last resort and the application is based on individual initiative. Especially children should not interfere with dogs fighting alone. No matter how docile dogs are, they should never be walked without a leash. This is an important requirement both for their safety and for the prevention of possible dangers.

Small breed or large, pup or adult, it doesn’t matter. One of the most feared scenarios of life with a dog is to find him in a fight. Dogs fighting is not just a situation that affects the person and his friend; The other dog or person on the other side may be harmed, so it is very important to prevent possible problems. Of course, there may be our friends who are seen fighting while walking on the street. Separation of them can become very important in order to prevent possible injuries. So how? How can fighting dogs leave if the process has reached the point of fighting? In this article, we’ll look at the different accepted ways that dogs can leave unharmed.

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Dog Fights Should Not Be Taken Lightly!

Dog fights can be violent, dangerous and scary. Especially if your friend with whom you share your life is a part of that unwanted moment, you can become a part of the process with your protection instinct. For this reason, when you notice that dogs are fighting, you should be able to take action and intervene in the process with a cold-blooded stance. One of the most important things to know and distinguish is whether dogs are fighting or playing.

Dogs may fight to protect their territory, toys or food. Apart from these, they may find themselves in a fight to protect themselves when they are afraid, to avoid danger when they feel threatened, and even to become aggressive when they are disappointed. Undesirable situations may be encountered when the aggressive behavior, which is frequently encountered in dogs that cannot control their own emotionally, exceeds the tolerance limits of the opposite dog. If it is an inevitable situation, if it is not possible to prevent dogs from fighting, then the answers to another important question must be known.

How Do Fighting Dogs Leave?

There are different ways to separate fighting dogs. Regardless of the method, it should be noted that one should be very careful. We can list the methods that are suggested to be the most effective as follows.

Wheelbarrow Method

There is a consensus hard to ignore that one of the most effective methods of separating fighting dogs is the wheelbarrow method. Two people are required to implement this method. In this method, which tells to grasp the hind legs of fighting dogs and move them away from each other, after the dogs are separated from each other, the distance between them should be increased by drawing a circle. Thus, both dogs can be prevented from contacting each other and people are harmed in this full of aggression.

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Blocking From Seeing Each Other

If you encounter this situation alone when dogs are fighting, you cannot use the wheelbarrow method. In this case, one of the alternatives you can choose is to leave an object on them that will affect their field of vision in order to prevent the dogs from seeing each other. It can be a cover, it can be a jacket, you may need to use whatever the conditions allow.

Loud Interference

If you are alone and see dogs fighting, one of the most practical ways to separate fighting dogs is to shout loudly to distract them. You can shout loudly, clapping your hands, and use objects that make sounds if you have them. Loud noises you make can cause fighting dogs to separate from each other.

Get Help from Objects to Separate the Dogs

During a fight outside, this method is not very viable, but it can be ideal for dogs fighting indoors. If you can’t tell the dogs apart by making a loud noise or keeping them out of sight, you can try putting an object between them to prevent them from hurting each other. It could be a flat sheet, a large bowl, or whatever you can get your hands on at the moment.

Physically Intervening

This method is dangerous, it is important to apply it carefully so that both dogs and people are not harmed. If you have no other alternatives to separate the fighting dogs and you are worried that the fight will not end without intervention, you can intervene physically. In addition to the wheelbarrow technique we mentioned in our article, you can intervene with your feet on the dog you have determined to be the attacker. Without hitting him, of course! You should make sure you have sturdy shoes and trousers when trying to use your feet to push the attacker away from the other dog.

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You Can Use Dog Repellent Products

None of us want to come across dog fights, but sometimes this result can be inevitable. At this point, if you think that you do not have a chance to apply the traditional methods mentioned in our content, you may need to apply to dog repellent products. You can increase the possibility of preventing fights caused by foreign dogs entering the area where your dog is located, by using these products. You can view dog repellant products here.

Apart from all these methods, it is possible to apply the water pouring method to separate the dogs. If you have water with you, you can try pouring water on the dogs if you can’t come to a conclusion even though you make a loud noise. Dogs that do not like getting wet may lose their attention when they encounter water and the fight may end at that moment.

What Can You Do to Reduce the Chance of Fighting?

Of course, it is also possible to take the necessary precautions before the dog fights start, although it is not always possible to take precautions, at least when you go out for a walk with your own dog, you can prevent possible fights before they even start. If you have an aggressive dog, you can avoid going into crowded environments with him, you can understand whether your dog is feeling nervous or comfortable by reading his body language, you can minimize the possibility of dangerous situations by removing him from the environment as soon as you sense tension. Meanwhile, we would like to make a small reminder about dog muzzles. Dog muzzles are products that can keep both the dog, you and the other creatures safe. You can take steps to keep our friends safe by choosing these products, which are designed with features that will not prevent dogs from breathing. You can click here to review the dog muzzles.

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