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Those who live with dogs know; One of the common behaviors of dogs, regardless of age, breed or character, is howling. Some dogs may howl a little, while others may howl often and a lot. Although nothing can be said for sure about the root cause of howling, it is thought that howling is an effective ancestral communication method for dogs, just like barking. Dogs may howl either to attract attention or to warn people of danger, to communicate with other dogs or in response to high-pitched sounds. All of these are potential causes and usually work in specific situations and time periods. In some cases, howling can become chronic and become a source of anxiety and discomfort. In this article, “why do dogs howl?” You can find information about.

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Causes of Howling in Dogs

As mentioned earlier, dogs can show howling behavior for different reasons. There may be simple reasons behind this behavior as well as things to consider.

Request for Attention

When dogs want attention, they may express their desire by howling. It is possible for people to habituate this behavior when they discover in their past experience that they react quickly to loud howls. Dogs learn to use this shortcut to achieve their goals when they howl when they are taken care of, when the howl is found funny or amusing, or when people get a positive reaction, albeit unnoticed.

Territorial Protection

Howling is essentially an instinctive method of communication. Many dogs prefer to howl to let them know they own the area they are in. This loud form of communication, which is a warning against both other living things and strangers approaching their region, can also be interpreted as the desire to fend off potential dangers.

Separation Anxiety

When you are not at home, the “your dog howls a lot” complaint from neighbors is likely to be caused by separation anxiety. Dogs form strong bonds with their humans and put their humans at the center of their world. When the person or people with whom they form strong bonds leave the house, dogs may exhibit various behavioral problems due to separation anxiety; Howling is one of them. Dogs that howl due to separation anxiety stop howling when they get together with their humans. At this point, the dog’s other behaviors can be questioned and an idea can be obtained about whether it is experiencing separation anxiety. You can reach our content called Separation Anxiety Symptoms and Treatment Methods in Dogs here.

Health problems

Dogs can also howl for no apparent reason or when they are receiving attention in the presence of people. In this case, the reason for howling may be possible health problems. Dogs who are hurting and in pain may express themselves by howling. It is important for dogs to be examined by veterinarians if additional symptoms are observed.

Response to Loud Sounds

“Why do dogs howl?” One of the most common answers to the question is that they react to loud sounds. Dogs with highly developed senses are triggered when a siren, ambulance or loud music is played. The howling trigger that occurs in response to loud noises usually subsides when the sound disappears.

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Why Do Puppies Howl?

Howling is not just an adult dog’s method of communication, puppies also howl frequently. They may repeat howling frequently when alone, when they are hungry, thirsty, when they need a toilet, or when they want attention. When puppies howl to express their needs, it is important to recognize their needs, but wait until their howling ends to meet their needs. Showing a positive attitude when they howl can cause this behavior to become permanent.

People who live with dogs ask “why do dogs howl?” One of the issues that they raise the question of is that this behavior is most likely to be repeated during the call to prayer. As a matter of fact, “Why do dogs howl when the azan is called?” The answer to the question is often sought. It will not be very possible to give a specific answer to this question. As mentioned earlier, dogs are creatures that respond to loud sounds. When the adhan is recited, they hear high-pitched sounds and howl, revealing that they are triggered.

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How to Deal with Howling Behavior in Dogs

When howling in dogs reaches an uncomfortable level, it can become a problem for both those living with them and those around them. The basic strategy for reducing howling in dogs is “why do dogs howl?” It goes through answering the question specific to the dog. Not all dogs howl for the same reason, so it is necessary to observe when, in what situations and for how long dogs howling.

If the howling behavior in dogs is triggered by loud noise, this behavior usually does not reach the disturbing level as it will end with the disappearance of the sound source. However, the most effective way to prevent them from howling when they hear certain sounds is to desensitize them to that sound. A low-noise version of the sound should be applied for desensitization, and if the dog does not respond, the volume should be increased in other sessions. With patiently carried out desensitization exercises, dogs can become accustomed to the sounds they respond to and leave their howling behavior behind.

In dogs howling due to separation, howling cannot be prevented alone, it is necessary to target separation anxiety, which is the main reason. For this, it is essential to re-establish secure bonds with the dog. It may be necessary to seek support from veterinarians and dog behavior specialists in this regard.

In the case of a dog howling for attention, it should not be given attention when it howls. It is recommended to go to him when he stops howling and to spend time with him when he is not howling. Quality time spent with dogs is very valuable to them. Dogs’ attention needs can be met both by physical contact with them and by enjoyable time spent together. It is known that they are very prone to educational processes while they are calm. You can click here for the reward foods you can choose to reinforce the calm behavior of dogs.

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