6 Questions That People Who Live With Dogs Ask The Most

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Those who have spent years with dogs, as well as those who have just started living with dogs, may have questions about their loyal friend or even anxiety sparked by a small spark. The smallest behavioral changes or physical differences in dogs become questionable for dog owners. Why does my dog ​​have no appetite?, Is my dog’s nose dry sick?, My dog ​​looks sluggish? Dozens of questions that we can multiply even more can occupy the minds of dog owners. There is also the fact that cute situations are encountered, of course, while some dog behaviors are interpreted as a show of affection, they can also be a matter of individual curiosity. In this article, we will focus on the most curious questions of those who live with dogs and the most frequently asked questions to veterinarians.

small breed dog following its owner in the woods

Why Is My Dog Always After Me?

Different answers can be given to this question. Although dogs can form warm relationships with all family members, they tend to adopt one person as their leader. They can bond more closely with the person who takes care of them the most, gives them food and water, spends the most enjoyable play sessions, or goes for a walk with. The constant pursuit of these people can be considered as a show of both love and respect, after all, dogs are creatures that live in herds. It is also possible for some dogs to display an extreme attachment to their owners. Their character and racial characteristics can lead to this condition. Sometimes, the reason dogs don’t leave a certain person’s side can be a reflection of positive reinforcement. Reinforcing a dog’s hyperfocused behavior can result in them learning that they will be rewarded by being around people.

My Dog Eats Feces, How Do I Prevent It?

This question, which is frequently heard by veterinarians and frequently spoken in forums, can cause a justified uneasiness in dog owners. This problem, which is common among dogs, is generally not a threat to their health. Because dogs are just curious, poop-eating behavior may be encountered in dogs in order to eliminate the evidence of stool of puppies that have not been fully toilet trained, or due to nutritional deficiencies. Decisive and disciplined behavior is required to prevent dogs from eating feces. If the behavior is caused by a lack of nutrients, veterinarians will reschedule their diet.

Why Does My Dog Smell Other Dogs’ Butts?

Dogs sniffing each other’s bottoms is one way they communicate. Anal glands, which secrete a foul-smelling fluid, are the source of odors that attract dogs’ attention and help them identify the dog in front of them. Dogs often exhibit sniffing behavior because their noses are very developed and they can detect pheromones as well. When the need to smell is supported by tail movements, which are an important part of body language, it is considered quite normal for dogs to sniff other dogs’ bottoms.

puppy focused on armchair gaze

Why Is My Dog Watching Me?

When you are sitting quietly and suddenly you feel like a pair of eyes are following you and you turn your head without realizing it, you see that you are really being watched, this is the experience dog owners often have. Whether they’re interested in something else, be it chewing bones or their favorite toy, their eyes are always on their people. There can be many different reasons behind why dogs focus their gaze on people. They may be trying to communicate, they may want attention, they may be trying to make sense of people’s moods and how they are feeling. Some dogs try to shape the behavior of their owners. We know that if a dog is constantly looking at its owner, it tries to make people feel guilty in order to get more attention.

Does My Dog Miss Me?

Yes, dogs miss when their owners are not around. They can even give both psychological and physical reactions by experiencing separation anxiety. In a study published in the journal Psychology Today, it was revealed that dogs have a certain concept of time, and that they miss their owners more and more as time goes on. But there is a limit to how much time elapses. In the study, a difference was found between the behavior of dogs who did not see their owners for 30 minutes and those who did not see their owners for 120 minutes, and it was found that dogs who did not see their owners for 120 minutes showed greater enthusiasm when they met them. It has been determined that the concept of “more” longing has been replaced by melancholy when separated for more than 2 hours. Does my dog ​​miss me because of this? If you are one of those who are wondering, you should know that they started to miss you from the moment they broke up with you. You can reach our blog content called Separation Anxiety Symptoms and Treatment Methods in Dogs here.

Why Is My Dog Lacking Appetite?

Loss of appetite in dogs can be described as a condition that worries many people living with dogs, which should not always be considered a serious indicator, but which should be closely monitored. The causes of loss of appetite in dogs can be quite extensive. Recent vaccinations, diseases, tooth and gum problems, entering an unfamiliar environment or getting bored with the food they are fed regularly can result in loss of appetite in dogs. It is important to consult veterinarians if loss of appetite persists. When anorexia continues, which is a problem that can be overcome by choosing dog foods suitable for life stages and needs, and changing the food when necessary, it can trigger the formation of nutritional deficiencies and related health problems. You can find a variety of dog food suitable for your dog’s age and needs here.

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