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“What are the breeds of dogs that don’t bark?” we have bad news; dogs bark. There are many different factors that can cause them to bark, the amount of barking can vary, and with the right training, barking can be controlled regardless of what breed they are. However, it is also possible to talk about some realities that are generally accepted and have been observed for years. Learning about the less barking dog breeds will make it easier to evaluate the living conditions in the dog adoption process. In this article, we will provide information about our friends, who are considered to be less prone to barking and are among the dog breeds that bark the least.

Akita staring at him with his bone bent

Akita Inu

When it comes to dog breeds that bark less, there is a common belief that their self-confidence is high. As a matter of fact, it is not possible to deny the correctness of this view. Among the least barking dog breeds, Akita Inus are recognized as dogs that bark only to warn of danger. They form very intense bonds with people and adopt a few people as their favorite people. Yet education, as always, has a decisive role. It will not be possible to control many behaviors, including barking, of an Akita Inu that is not socialized in the early period and whose training processes are skipped. Because they are very strong and stubborn, it is accepted that Akita Inu will not be the right companion for first-time dog owners.

Basenji with orange black collar


Among the dog breeds that bark the least, the Basenji should definitely be mentioned. There are very basic distinguishing features associated with them. Basenjis do not bark in a standard way, they make noises. In fact, they are not very quiet, yet they do not make so much noise that they cannot adapt to apartment life. When they are excited, it may become inevitable to encounter the unique sounds they make. Another interesting fact about Basenji is that they can clean themselves like cats!

St. Bernard dog lying down with wet fur

St. Bernard

We often come across him in movies with his giant size, floppy ears and cuteness. St. Bernard dogs, which are in essence a struggle, are one of the indispensables of the lists of dog breeds that bark the least. In general, they have a very calm and quiet disposition; until he senses danger. One of the most important things to know about these giant friends, who are focused on making their owners happy, is that their training can be quite challenging. So yes, the Saint Bernard is among the least barking and calmest dog breeds, but the success of the training process has a lot to do with this generalization.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel portrait

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

We are here with a breed that is very popular in our country. This breed, which is generally known to not bark much and adapts successfully to apartment life with its easy-to-control size, can be unexpectedly noisy when it wants attention or feels ignored. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel dogs, which are seen as more likely to develop separation anxiety when left alone for a long time, are known for their emotional tendencies. However, with the right training, it can be said that this breed does not prefer to bark except for protection or warning.

gray Great Dane dog in woodland

Great Dane

For those who are not curious about dog breeds or have never encountered a truly gigantic dog before, the moment of meeting the Great Dane can have a dramatic effect. Known as the giant gentleman of the canine world, Great Danes are also among the dogs that bark the least. Their instincts to protect their habitat with their loved ones are highly developed and they really need a valid reason to bark. When they’re on the alert, their protective instincts kick in, they’re home alone and bored, their silence can be replaced by a chaotic noise.

Shar Pei dog lying in the open field in the shade


If we are talking about a breed of dog that rarely barks, the Shar-Pei will be one of the constants on this list. Shar-Pei dogs, which are among the quiet dogs and offer comfort to those who are looking for dog breeds that bark the least, may exhibit the opposite attitude when they sense a potential threat. As cute as their image is, they are very strong and durable. Their protective instincts, on the other hand, are tremendously developed.

brown fluffy dog ​​in the forest

Irish Setter

Dazzling with their noble appearance and hunting skills, Irish Setter dogs have a very quiet attitude if they can throw their energy away enough. They direct their energies towards play and spending time with their families, rather than behaviors that can be destructive, such as barking.

Every Dog Can Be Trained

In this article, we have shared with you some of the dog breeds that bark the least. But we would like to make an important reminder. Yes, some dogs may or may not be more prone to barking due to their racial characteristics. Racial characteristics will certainly increase the accuracy of the appropriation process; just as the correct determination of exercise needs. However, the dog breeds that bark the least can be very vocal when they are not properly trained, constantly left alone or not receiving enough attention. There is also the opposite situation; Dogs that are thought to bark a lot can also give up this behavior with the right training approaches and intense interest. The important thing is to ensure that our friends lead a stable and balanced life and throw their energy away by exercising regularly. Essentially, regardless of race, the way to meet all of them at a common point and under ideal conditions is through education and love. If you want to adopt your friend who will bring happiness to your life, you can find the regularly updated free dog adoption ads on here.

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