Have you ever thought? “How Can I Create a Better World for Him?”

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Royal Canin launched a social responsibility project to provide information about “Responsible Pet Ownership” to people who live with pets, start a new life with a pet, or even cross paths with them.

The main purpose of this social awareness project, which we, as Petlebi.com, support, is to raise awareness in people who are considering owning a pet or who have already undertaken this responsibility in order to increase the well-being of all our friends.

The awareness to be provided is as comprehensive as the needs and rights of our friends.

In the essence of the awareness that is desired to be provided, every cat or dog;

• The Right to a Life Free from Hunger and Thirst,

• Right to Housing

• The Right to a Life Free from Health Problems

• The Right to a Life Free from Fear and Stress

• Starting from the fact that they have the right to express themselves as they are, it aims to start the journey of creating a better world for them.

Royal Canin first defines the concept of “Responsible Animal Ownership”, based on the fact that the journey to create a better world for animals can become a reality with the spread of Responsible Animal Ownership awareness.

Responsible Animal Ownership is defined by Royal Canin as; “Ensuring that the animals taken care of have a good life by meeting their needs throughout their lives.”

So what are these needs? This explanation is made by offering both an excellent production and a comprehensive guide to cat and dog owners.

With the aim of instilling the awareness of Responsible Animal Ownership and emphasizing its requirements, the mini-series “THINK ABOUT THIS”, consisting of 8 episodes, each of which aims to entertain and make you think, will be screened on BLUTV on August 20. The screenplay of the mini-series goes to Erkan Tunç, the director’s chair is Onur Ünlü. While the responsibilities of owning an animal are emphasized in each episode, guest actors, who are also responsible animal owners in real life, will accompany Ahmet Mümtaz Taylan.

As part of the Responsible Pet Ownership project, Petlebi.com distributes “Responsible Cat Ownership Guide” and/or “Responsible Dog Ownership Guide” to pet friends who buy Royal Canin branded cat or dog food.

Because it is possible to create a better world for animals. And the world needs to be a better place for them.


You can find the Responsible Cat Ownership Guide here.
You can find the Responsible Dog Ownership Guide here.

You can watch the video below to listen to the manifesto with Ahmet Mümtaz Taylan’s voice:

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