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Strengthening the immune system in dogs is among the top priorities of people who share their lives with dogs. A malfunctioning or weakened immune system in dogs can lead to a number of dangerous diseases such as infections, diabetes, osteoarthritis and even cancer. Expert veterinarians are of the opinion that a strong immune system is of the utmost importance in preventing many diseases and reducing the risk of their occurrence. For this reason, it is of great importance to try some effective methods to strengthen the immune system of dogs and to continue with the recommendations of veterinarians. In this article, “how can I strengthen my dog’s immune system?” We will make special explanations for those who are curious about the answers to the question. First of all, we would like to give a brief information about the immune system in dogs.

Immune System in Dogs

The immune system consists of white blood cells, organs, tissues and small molecules that fight infections and reject foreign proteins; As a result of all these elements working efficiently and in harmony, it can be considered as a defense mechanism that protects living things against diseases and enables them to fight against diseases. The immune system functions in the body of living things without interruption. Potentially harmful pathogens such as bacteria, parasites and fungi are identified by the immune system, and these pathogens are tried to be eliminated by the system before they harm the organism. When a dog’s immune system is compromised, dogs can become more vulnerable to disease as the system’s ability to fight off harmful pathogens is reduced. When the immune system is ineffective for a long time, various diseases may occur due to chronic inflammation. Among these diseases are dangerous diseases such as diabetes, liver and heart diseases, asthma and cancer. Strengthening the immune system of dogs means protecting them against many diseases and maintaining their health. Moreover, this process is not as difficult as it seems.

How Can I Boost My Dog’s Immune System?

Many different methods can be mentioned that are known to have a canine immune system strengthening effect. Although it is a common choice to offer immune system-boosting foods in dogs, this choice alone should not be expected to have maximum effect. For this reason, we will examine the suggestions offered to strengthen the immune system in dogs in four basic groups.

Play Games With Your Dog

Keeping dogs in shape is one of the most important requirements for both strengthening their immune systems and maintaining their general health. In cases such as overfeeding and/or lack of exercise, excess fat accumulation occurs in the body of dogs and this fat accumulation weakens the immune system. Body fat is known to be behind the release of more than 40 hormones that promote inflammation. Exercise is key to boosting a dog’s immune system, as even a small amount of body fat can trigger the release of hormones that can cause inflammation. Dogs are naturally active creatures; When they exercise enough according to their age, race and general health, the accumulation of fat in their bodies can be prevented. But the most important thing is to melt the exercise and the game in the same pot. Thus, while the bond between human and dog deepens, the entertainment needs of dogs are also met. Ball and frisbee toys offer great convenience for all these purposes. Click here to view the range of dog toys.

Age, Breed, and General Health-Specific Nutrition

Proper nutrition is critically important in strengthening and keeping the dog’s immune system strong. The nutritional needs of dogs may vary according to their age, breed characteristics (small-medium-large), exercise levels and general health. When the right food choice is not made for dogs, the nutritional needs necessary to maintain their health cannot be fully met. Food for the immune system in dogs has different properties. Those with antioxidant properties should be especially prioritized. Antioxidants fight free radicals in the body and stop the damage they cause to cells. Minerals and vitamins commonly found in fruits and vegetables are contained in dry food specially formulated for dogs.

Supplements May Be Used

In some cases, it may be necessary to use supplements for dogs with the recommendations of veterinarians. You can view our dog vitamins and supplements category here. Thanks to the supplements that can be preferred to support the immune system of dogs, the beneficial bacteria in the digestive system can be increased. When choosing canine supplements specially formulated for different purposes, preference should be made specifically for dogs. For this reason, it is of great importance to follow the recommendations of veterinarians. Mineral and vitamin deficiency can weaken the immune system in dogs and cause various health problems, but on the contrary, when there are more than enough minerals and vitamins in the body, it can also pose a danger to their health.

Massage Your Dog

There are many different ways to facilitate the strengthening of the multifaceted bond between dogs and humans. One of these methods is massaging dogs. Massage to dogs not only encourages contact with them, but also has an effect that facilitates their relaxation. Although there is limited research on the effects of massage on animals, human-based studies reveal that the levels of stress hormones in the body can be reduced by massage. For this reason, it is strongly argued that massage can be beneficial for dogs as well.

Keep Your Dog Stress-Free

Dogs are more sensitive to stress than you might think. Stress, which is a serious problem in dogs as in humans, can suppress the immune system and reduce the ability of the system to fight diseases. For this reason, keeping dogs away from stressful situations and environments as much as possible is among the important measures to be taken for their health.

It is Important Not to Disrupt Veterinarian Visits

Veterinarians offer advice specific to dogs to strengthen the immune system. They do general health checks of dogs and if they diagnose a possible problem, they start treatment processes to stop its progress and ensure the protection of the general health of the dogs. For this reason, it is one of the most important responsibilities of dog owners not to delay veterinary examinations.

With all these suggestions, it may be possible to strengthen the immune system in dogs. A stronger immune system is one of the most important requirements for protecting the health of our friends as well as increasing their welfare level. Strengthening the immune system of puppies, preparing them for a healthier life, strengthening the immune system in old dogs will mean a more comfortable life.

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