Ways to Keep Puppies Cool in the Summer

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Although the activities we can do with our friends in the summer are quite diverse, the scorching heat can become a threatening element for all living things as it is for us. For those who live with dogs, the most important responsibility to be fulfilled in the summer months is to keep the dogs cool. Whether they live at home or in the garden; It is very important to be informed about ways to keep dogs cool. In order to protect our friends, who become sluggish in extreme heat and whose balance is shaken by the heat they are exposed to, from heat stroke, knowing about the methods of cooling dogs becomes a difference-making element. Especially when it comes to puppies, keeping them cool can have a decisive impact on their care and health. In this article, you can find simple but effective ways to cool puppies.

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Why Is It So Important To Keep Puppies Cool?

It’s important to keep all dogs cool during the summer months, and when it comes to puppies, keeping them cool is vital. Puppies cannot regulate their body temperature as successfully as adult dogs, their fur that balances their temperature is not fully developed yet, and the high energy they contain causes them to be more affected by extreme temperatures. If the nose structures of puppies are flattened, the risks that may occur may increase significantly; therefore, it is known that puppies of breeds such as Pug and French Bulldog should be observed closely.

What Are the Methods of Cooling Dogs?

Methods of keeping dogs cool should be tried in order to keep them both safe and comfortable on hot summer days. Here are some of those methods…

Areas should be created where they can stay in the shade

The methods of cooling dogs in the summer heat can vary according to their living spaces, but in any case, one of the most effective ways to protect them from extreme heat is to ensure that they spend time in shady places. Especially if puppies or adult dogs living in the garden are left unprotected in the heat of the afternoon, it will significantly increase the risks they may face. In this context, the shadows provided by the trees will provide the greatest benefit. However, if there is no tree to cool off in the open area, dog kennels should come into play at this point. You can view the dog kennel product range by clicking here.

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Their Water Should Always Be Fresh and Cool

Dogs need to drink plenty of water, especially in summer, in order to balance the body temperature and regain the lost water. Some chilled water will be of great help to prevent heatstroke. It is equally important to keep their water fresh at all times. It is useful to consider possible accidents while meeting the water needs of the puppies living in the garden. Since there is a possibility of overturning the water containers while running and jumping, the idea of ​​burying the water containers with fresh and clean water can be considered if necessary.

Chew Toys Can Be Refrigerated

Dog toys that can be chewed and added small treats can turn into an experience full of surprises for puppies in the summer. Chicken or broth can be added to these toys with treats or veterinarians’ recommendations and thrown into the closet. Refrigerated toys will also be useful to alleviate the teething pains that may be experienced during infancy, and to reduce the suffocating effect of heat. You can review the types of dog chew toys here.

Be Careful That Inside The House Is Not Too Hot

Although the danger to puppies living in the garden is more in the summer months, it should not be forgotten that our friends in the house may not be comfortable, they may be overwhelmed by the heat, and they may even face the risk of heat stroke. For this reason, it should be ensured that the temperature of the house remains balanced, especially when not at home. Doors and windows can be left open to let fresh air into the home, but this choice can be risky for puppies who are endlessly curious to explore the world. If the door or window is to be left open, they can be kept safe by choosing dog safety products. You can click here for dog safety products.

Evening Coolness Can Be Expected for Exercise Times

The fact that the weather is very hot during the day can be dangerous for the puppies as well as for humans, as well as straining the exercise capacity. In order to meet the exercise needs of the puppies, it would be the right choice to wait for the evening hours. The tempo of the exercises should also be adjusted correctly. Even though the temperature drops in the evenings, it is recommended that puppies be kept away from high-paced exercise as much as possible. Slow-paced walks will be one of the best choices that can be made on hot summer evenings.

Explore Life with Him with New Games

Yes, the weather is very hot, yes, there are times when it does not seem logical to leave the air-conditioned environment! In this case, does our puppy’s need for play decrease? Unfortunately, the only answer we can give to this question is “no”. The puppyhood is the life stage where dogs need games and toys the most. As a matter of fact, a separate period of time should be allocated just to play games with him, to support his mental and physical development, and to strengthen the bonds established with him. Games that do not require leaving the house when the weather is very hot and focus more on the development of intelligence should be preferred.

Bordeaux Mastiff playing with old rubber

Paws Should Not Contact Very Hot Grounds

After the basic vaccinations are completed, you can start going out with your puppy and exploring the outside world. In order for him to socialize in the early period, you can go to different environments and get in touch with different backgrounds, allowing him to get to know the world and develop cognitively. When the weather is very hot, you should pay attention to the floors they step on so that their paws are not damaged and they are less affected by the heat. In particular, floors such as sand and asphalt can cause them to meet the ugly face of hot air and damage their paws.

If Vaccines Are Complete, It’s Bath Time!

When the goal is to cool dogs, bathing them will be one of the most practical ways. If veterinarians recommend washing puppies and their basic vaccinations are completed, you can bathe your little friend to reduce the effects of summer heat. You should pay attention to the frequency of washing the dogs, you should not wash them too often. It won’t hurt to keep them slightly wet, though. When Should Puppies Take a Bath? You can find our blog post here.

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Dogs should never be left in the car!

We are here with an article as important as ways to cool dogs. We can witness dogs sitting and barking in the backseat of cars in the summer months. Leaving dogs in the car is very dangerous and unfortunately has a quality that can threaten the lives of our friends. If the vehicle is in the shade and the windows are left open, the heat-related risks can be significantly reduced, but this time stress can occur in dogs left alone. As always, be careful!

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