What Do Dogs’ Whiskers Do?

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For humans, touch is usually an action with fingers and fingertips. This is different when it comes to dogs. Dogs touch the world with their faces. For many people, this information may be surprising. It is quite common for humans to know that cat whiskers mean something, but when it comes to dogs this information can be surprising. It is common to think that the whiskers of dogs are useless, and it is a very big mistake to cut the whiskers due to their messy and complex appearance and this mistake should be avoided. In this article, you can find information about what a dog’s whiskers do and how important whiskers are to their lives.

Do dogs' whiskers work?

Why Do Dogs Need Whiskers?

Although dogs look very cute with their whiskers, they are not just for cuteness. Whiskers really help keep a dog safe and mobile. Whiskers, which aid their eyesight, enable dogs to show their emotions and contribute to their hunting.

Contribution to Vision and Perception

Dogs are creatures of high awareness when it comes to their environment. When you live with a dog, it may come as a surprise to you that they know everything. In essence, dogs cannot see everything. But whiskers help dogs observe their environment in a way that perceives more than just their eyes can see. Dogs’ whiskers help them perceive the size, shape and speed of moving objects or creatures. You can also observe that the dog’s whiskers change shape as the dog moves around as changes occur in the air around it. This is an indication of how whiskers really help dogs perceive their environment.

Helps Express Emotions

There are so many languages ​​that dogs use to express their emotions. Their looks, the sounds they make, their body language help to express themselves. Mustache movements are one of the tools dogs use to express their emotions. When a dog feels distressed or threatened, their whiskers point down and have a curved appearance. In particular, the use of whiskers in the expression of emotion occurs intensely in communication between dogs. The whiskers of dogs help them to communicate and express themselves correctly with other dogs around them. At the same time, dog owners can prevent a possible conflict by watching the changes in the whiskers.

Provides Comfortable Movement While Hunting

Whiskers in dogs differ according to the breed of dog. The size and number of mustaches differ according to the breed. Whiskers are very distinctive, especially in dogs bred for hunting. Hunting dogs have long and dense whiskers in proportion to their bodies. The main reason for this is that the whiskers that help the dog while hunting make a lot of difference. Hunting dogs are bred to move freely through trees and bushes. Whiskers also perform their functions as a means of navigation for hunting aid dogs. Thanks to the guidance of whiskers, dogs can move effortlessly.

Can a Dog’s Whiskers Be Trimmed?

It is strictly not recommended to trim a dog’s whiskers. If the veterinarian does not show a reason for cutting the mustache due to any health problem, this procedure should not be done. Dogs’ whiskers are usually trimmed for a more aesthetically pleasing appearance. Dog whiskers are not as neat and elegant as in cats. However, the image does not matter, and it should not be forgotten that the whiskers have a purpose. When dogs’ mustaches are trimmed, their perception may decrease, they may experience confusion, and accordingly, their self-confidence may decrease. If a dog’s whiskers have been accidentally trimmed, there is no need to worry too much. Mustaches can grow back, but it’s always better not to cut them. Dogs have nerve endings at the base of their whiskers, so it’s also important not to pull or pluck the whiskers for any reason.

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