What Should We Pay Attention To While Feeding Street Dogs?

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Dogs living on the street have many problems; We all know that there are many different issues that need to be considered and acted upon, from their safety to their abdominal toughness. As they mostly try to fill their stomachs with what they find from the garbage, “how should stray dogs be fed?” The scope of the answers to the question also does not reflect the ideal. However, with increasing awareness, the fact that more and more animal lovers are trying to feed the animals on the street as much as possible gives happiness. There are a few important points that should be taken into account by those who feed the dogs on the street regularly or whenever they have the opportunity, or those who are considering feeding our paw friends living on the street. In this article, you can find information about what to consider when feeding street dogs.

What Do Stray Dogs Eat?

Street dogs eat indiscriminately all food offered by their breeders when they have the opportunity and if they can find it. Leftovers, bread, and food are the most important sources for their nutrition. However, even if good intentions are displayed when giving leftovers to dogs, care should be taken. The vast majority of human food is known to be harmful to dogs. Spicy, salty, tomato paste foods have qualities that can threaten the health of dogs. For this reason, if possible, the answer to the question of how to feed stray dogs will be dry food. Dog foods that are formulated with the needs of dogs in mind, and that contain many nutrients, minerals and vitamins, can be of great benefit to the nutrition of street dogs. If possible, dog foods should be offered to our friends every day and their nutritional needs should be met. It is recommended that those who buy dry food for stray dogs should approach with some sensitivity during the presentation. Our friends who live on the street and often cannot fully fill their stomachs may enter into a fierce struggle for food. For this reason, food reserved for them should not be put together whenever possible. Distributing them in different spots will prevent dogs from needing to fight for food and prevent possible fights. It is known that meeting the needs of clean water other than dry food is critically important in the nutrition of our friends. For this reason, it is recommended to provide clean containers with clean water in addition to feeding with food.

stray dog ​​lying among dried plants

How Should Stray Dogs Be Fed?

Although the gold standard in the diet of stray dogs is dry food, the fact that it is not always possible to provide dry food should not be ignored. For many different reasons, it is not always possible to find dry food for our friends on the street. In this case, the priority is to fill their bellies rather than meeting all their nutritional needs completely. There are practical recipes that can be prepared at home for the feeding of street dogs. There is no problem in applying these recipes, which generally offer one-way nutrition, from time to time. You can evaluate alternatives such as pasta prepared without salt and spices, dishes without tomato paste that are not very oily, boiled chicken meat.

What Should You Avoid While Feeding Stray Dogs?

When feeding stray dogs, stale food or moldy bread should not be preferred.

Fish is a very important source of protein for them, you can give it with peace of mind. However, before giving the fish, you should clean the bones and prevent possible injuries.

You can boil chicken to stray dogs and give them a delicious meal. But you should keep cooked chicken bones away from them. As we mentioned before, cooked chicken bones can cause injuries to the digestive system of our friends.

Dogs on the street are often given milk. But the choice of milk is not as healthy as it is thought for them. Especially giving cow’s milk to puppies can cause digestive system problems. Puppies should be fed with breast milk until they are 2 months old, and those separated from their mothers should be fed with powdered milk.

Onions and garlic are among the foods harmful to dogs. Many of the tomato paste home meals contain these foods. For this reason, separate meals should be prepared for our friends and harmful foods should not be added to their meals. For information on foods harmful to dogs, you can read our blog post.

It would not be the right approach to say that all the foods that humans consume are harmful to dogs. Dogs can safely consume some vegetables and fruits, provided that they are in a certain amount. You can read our blog post on Fruits and Vegetables for Dogs by clicking here.

If you want to feed street dogs, you can produce your own recipes from foods that are safe for them, consult veterinarians, add supplements to the foods you prepare to protect their health, and contribute to the protection of our friends on the street against diseases. You can access dog-specific vitamins and supplements here.

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