Why Do Dogs Pee on the Bed?

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After a busy day, you retired to your room to rest and now you are ready for an uninterrupted sleep! You lay in your bed and at that moment you realized that things were not going well. Your cute friend has done or repeated that move for the first time that surprises you! Unfortunately for many people who share “my dog ​​peed on my bed” complaints, this can become routine. Dogs can pee on their owners’ beds as well as on their own beds, regardless of breed and age. Although the questioning of the complaint of my dog ​​peeing on the bed is often neglected, the reasons for this behavior need to be determined correctly. Dogs can exhibit this behavior for medical reasons as well as emotional reasons such as lack of training or uncontrolled excitement. In this article, we will provide information on the topics that are most curious and should be known to those who say “my dog ​​peed on my bed”.

“My Dog Pissed On The Bed” So Why?

As we just mentioned, there may be various reasons behind dogs peeing on the bed. While some of these causes can be addressed through education or behavior change efforts, some may require referral to veterinarians. For this reason, it is important to first take the dogs with similar complaints to the veterinarians and obtain information about their general health status.

Urinary Tract and Kidney Problems

Urinary tract infections can cause dogs to have peeing accidents. If you have a friend peeing in your bed or in his own bed, veterinarians will take a urine sample for urinalysis. If urinary tract infection is diagnosed in the test results, antibiotics can be started for treatment. This problem can result in frequent urinary incontinence as it makes it difficult for dogs to control their bladder activity. Another potential cause of the “my dog ​​peed on the bed” complaint is bladder inflammation. At the same time, structural anomalies in the urinary tract, kidney diseases and bladder stones are examples of factors that can complicate urinary control in dogs.

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Urinary Incontinence

Urinary incontinence is a condition that can cause dogs to leak urine mostly during sleep, which often brings up the problem of “my dog ​​peed on the bed”. Although incontinence is more common during sleep, the result may not change when dogs are awake. The incidence of urinary incontinence increases, especially in older dogs. Urinary incontinence treatment in dogs can be planned with the use of medication.

Excitement, Fear, Stress and Worry

Peeing due to excitement is especially common in puppies. However, at all stages of their lives, dogs may leak urine due to excitement. This behavior, which they display when they are overly excited, should be taken under control in the early period, although it usually goes away on its own, training may also become necessary.

Fear, stress, and anxiety may be behind the rumor that my dog ​​peed on my bed. Dogs experiencing these feelings may have trouble controlling their urination. Experiencing environmental changes may cause them to be suddenly stressed, and the source of their stress may be different medical problems.

Zone Marking

Some dogs can be more territorial than others. The habit of marking their territory with their urine can mean a tough struggle for owners. Training processes are critically important, especially for dogs that mark their owners’ beds to adopt the right behaviors. In order to prevent this uncontrollable behavior in time, more effort will be required as time passes.

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How to Prevent Dogs from Peeing on the Bed?

If there is a complaint that my dog ​​has peed on my bed, veterinarians should be contacted first. Veterinarians conduct a physical examination and additional examinations of dogs to see if there is a medical reason behind the behavior of peeing on the bed. If there is a medical reason that may result in peeing on the bed in dogs, when the health problem is treated, this behavior will also disappear under normal conditions.

If there is no health problem behind the dogs peeing on the bed, what should be considered at this point is whether they are exposed to stress. Have they experienced an environmental change recently, have they been separated from their owners more than ever, have their diets changed, has a new family member joined the house? Factors that have the potential to create stress, such as An anxious, stressed or frightened dog should not be involved in any training process without leaving these moods behind. It may be difficult for them to acquire new behaviors and may increase the possibility of developing permanent responses to the training processes. If the reason for peeing on the bed in dogs is territorial, professional training can be applied in the early period and the problem can be prevented by taking a determined stance for the continuation of the effects of the training in the later period.

The reason for dogs to pee on the bed may be just lack of training. In this case, dogs should be given pee training. First, access to the bed and its surroundings should be restricted, and the bedroom door should be kept closed. There are many different products that will facilitate pee training for puppies, and these products provide a comfortable completion of the training process. You can view puppy pee training products by clicking here.

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