Why Do Puppies Eat Everything?

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If you’re saying, “My dog ​​is always eating off the ground,” you’re not alone. The vast majority of people living with dogs have been temporarily or permanently faced with the complaint of “my dog ​​eats everything”. Since dogs are curious and willing to explore the world, they may tend to eat and taste everything, especially during puppies. Because they do not have a high awareness of what they eat or put in their mouths, they may encounter strange and even dangerous results from time to time. Even though their tails wagging happily while eating strange and sometimes really dirty things surprise us, it is very important that we can prevent these behaviors. In this article, you can find information about the details of omnivorous behavior in puppies and adult dogs and how this behavior can be prevented.

My Puppy Eats Whatever It Finds On The Ground

Puppies bring objects they find to their mouths and explore the world around them with their mouths. Mostly chewing and unfortunately occasionally swallowing is a way for them to learn what can and cannot be eaten. Although this behavior stems from puppies’ instincts, it can seriously endanger their health, cause blockages or poisoning.

For dogs, experiencing new objects can be an irresistible urge, especially when they have a scent or scent. For this reason, items such as diapers, garbage, leftovers on the street, slippers, dirty socks are extremely attractive to them. It is important that dogs in their puppyhood have a weakness for such objects, and that dog owners should always be on the alert and take precautions against items lying on the floor at home.

Why Does My Dog Eat Everything?

There are many reasons why dogs may eat different objects, food, or most generally non-food items they find outside or at home. Hunger, attention seeking or behavior problems can have dangerous consequences for dogs. For this reason, it is important to be informed about the possible causes of omnivorous behavior in dogs.

Pica Syndrome in Dogs

One of the potential causes of “my dog ​​eats everything on the floor” complaint is pica syndrome. Pica syndrome is simply the ingestion of non-food items. These objects include metal, plastic, garbage, cloth, excrement, stone, etc. can take place. Pica is often a recurrent and psychological problem for dogs, but it can also be caused by various diseases or malnutrition. Dogs who eat things they shouldn’t eat because of pica syndrome, these behaviors must be overcome. Otherwise, it can lead to results such as digestive system blockages, suffocation and poisoning due to the ingestion of foreign bodies. It is important to consult veterinarians for dogs thought to have pica syndrome.

puppy eating grass sitting on the grass

Eating Grass in Dogs

One of the constant elements of walks with dogs is that dogs sniff out grass and plants on the ground and often eat them in the blink of an eye. In some cases, herbs can contain minerals that both juveniles and adults may need. For the most part, dogs eat grass simply because they like the taste. Dogs may vomit when the amount of grass consumed increases, and this is not a serious problem. However, be careful! Some plants can be harmful, causing poisoning in dogs. For this reason, it is important to always be careful and try to prevent grass eating behavior in dogs as much as possible.

The Problem of Eating Feces in Dogs

For people with dogs, seeing their pup eat feces can be traumatic. This behavior, which can be seen in dogs of all ages, is observed more frequently in puppies. Puppies may eat the feces of cats they live with at home, they may be curious about the taste of horse feces, or they may be interested in their own feces. Behind the fecal eating behavior in dogs, both curiosity and the presence of incompletely digested foods in the feces of other animals can be found. Regardless of the reason, eating dog feces is a very dangerous problem, feces can contain many harmful parasites. As puppies grow, the problem of eating stool tends to decrease, and if not intervened in the early period, it can continue into adulthood.

puppy drinking milk from the cauldron

Preventing the Problem of Eating Everything in Puppies

If you are experiencing the “my dog ​​eats everything” complaint, you should think positively but make sure that you take all the precautions. One of the most basic elements of puppy training is teaching him not to eat anything other than toys, food or treats. Despite all efforts, if my dog ​​eats everything problem persists, the items that should not be eaten should be removed from the house, the puppy’s behavior should be observed closely, and this behavior should be prevented with a clear “no” when a negative behavior is encountered.

Since chewing behavior in puppies is developmentally important, chewing bones that are not harmful to their health can be presented to them during this period. You can find different types of dog chew bones here.

It can also be stated that there are different ways to deal with the “my dog ​​eats everything” problem. Dogs will eat anything for attention, to follow their curiosity, to follow their instinctive motivation, or to fill their stomachs. Trying to prevent these behaviors with education may not be enough on its own. It is important that dogs increase the number of meals during the day, that their wrong behaviors are answered with no and that their efforts to attract attention are not rewarded. When all these strategies are tried simultaneously and a determined stance is taken, the problem of my dog ​​eating everything outside can be overcome.

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