Why Is My Dog Drinking So Much Water?

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It is natural for dogs to consume more water than normal, especially in the summer months. However, at the point when the dog owner realizes that the dog is consuming more water than normal, it should be considered that there are other underlying reasons. Dog owners who think my dog ​​is drinking too much water are advised to start observing the process closely. Although drinking water is healthy for every living thing, it should not be forgotten that excess of everything is harmful. It is considered a behavior change that should be considered when a dog starts drinking water immediately after the water bowl is completely refreshed. In addition, it should not be forgotten that the increase in the frequency of urination can be directly associated with drinking more water, even if the dog owners cannot follow the water of the dog during the day. Why is my dog ​​drinking too much water in this article? You can find information about possible answers to the question.

How Much Water Should Dogs Drink?

Although the water consumption of dogs varies depending on different factors, their general average is certain. Air temperature, food selection, daily activity amount can cause changes in water needs. The daily water requirement of dogs is calculated based on their body weight. A dog’s daily water requirement can be calculated as approximately 30 ml per kilogram. The daily water requirement of a dog weighing about 5 kilograms is around 450 miles. Dogs that are very active and constantly moving, pregnant or nursing dogs, puppies often need to drink more water. However, an uncontrolled increase in this need may indicate a health problem.

why do dogs drink a lot of water

Reasons for Drinking Too Much Water in Dogs

There may be different reasons for the increased amount of water drinking in dogs. Consuming more water than usual is referred to as polydipsia. There are many reasons for the emergence of polydipsia. Dogs can be polydipsic in order to adapt to the air temperature in hot weather and seasonal transitions. There are different reasons why dogs develop an unusual urge to drink water. They may also feel the need to consume more water to compensate for the excessive water loss that occurs due to problems such as diarrhea, blood loss, vomiting, rapid breathing. Dog owners who say that my dog ​​drinks a lot of water should consider the following possibilities, observe the symptoms in addition to the increase in water consumption and consult a veterinarian if the problem persists.


Dehydration is the leading cause of increased water consumption in dogs. Dehydration may occur due to increases in air temperature, excessive activity, illness, infection. Dehydration is a life-threatening condition in living things. For this reason, if there is a suspicion that the dog is dehydrated, a veterinarian should be consulted. No matter how much a dehydrated dog’s desire to drink water increases, it should be allowed to consume water in a controlled manner. It is recommended that dogs that have an increased desire to drink water and vomit due to excessive drinking should be given a teaspoon or a tablespoon of water, depending on the size of the dog, once every 10 minutes for a period of 3 hours. Otherwise, it causes vomiting in dogs that suddenly consume too much water.


Diabetes, cushing’s disease, diarrhea, infection, kidney and liver diseases are among the health problems that can cause dogs to need too much water.

Diabetes: High blood sugar occurs when there is insulin resistance or deficiency. Excess sugar in the blood is excreted by the kidneys with urine, and accordingly, the amount of water excretion from the body increases. With the increase in the amount of water excretion, there is an increase in the desire for water in dogs.

Kidney Diseases: When dogs have kidney problems, they may tend to drink more water. The main reason for this is that they urinate more as a result of kidney diseases and accordingly their water needs increase. Kidney stones, kidney infections or kidney failure are problems that can be effective in increasing water drinking.

Cushing’s Disease: Excessive cortisone secretion due to a tumor in the pituitary gland or adrenal gland is expressed as Cushing’s syndrome. The excess amount of cortisone in the body increases thirst and the need to urinate. Muscle weakness, skin diseases, swelling in the belly area and increased appetite are among the other symptoms of this disease.

Diarrhea: With diarrhea, fluid loss in the body increases, which can cause the dog to drink more water.

Pyometra: It is a common problem in unneutered female dogs. This disease, which occurs in the form of thickening of the uterine wall due to infection and filling of the uterus with fluid after the female dog’s heat period, must be treated. Although Pyometra can cause dehydration, it also causes increased water consumption in dogs.

Drug Use

Thirst, i.e. the need to drink excessively, may occur in dogs as well as in humans, due to drug use. Medicines used to treat health problems such as allergies, inflammatory bowel disease, heart failure or asthma; Drugs used to control the situation given for dogs with seizures may cause an increase in the amount of water drinking.


The food preferred in the nutrition of dogs has a direct effect on water consumption. Dogs fed with wet food require less water. Consumption of dry food or too salty food causes an increase in water requirement. When dogs eat foods rich in sodium, they may show symptoms such as diarrhea, vomiting, tremors and depression. Along with these symptoms, it is possible to observe an increase in the desire to drink water.

How to Pay Attention to Dogs’ Water Consumption

In order to control the water consumption of dogs, it is recommended to give water in the same way every day. Establishing a food and water routine helps to observe changes in dogs’ feeding behavior more easily.

Putting the same amount of water in your dog’s water bowl at the same time every day is the first step in establishing a routine. If you want to have fresh water in the water bowl all the time, you must add the amount of water in the bowl while doing the water change and observe how long the water is consumed. You can examine the water containers with reservoirs that will help you easily track how much water your dogs consume daily by clicking here. Water consumption is very important for dog health. Drinking less or more water than normal can cause health problems as well as a harbinger of different diseases. For this reason, you should contact your veterinarian when you notice a long-term change in water consumption habits.

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