What Causes Eye Discharge in Dogs, How Is It Treated?

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Eye discharge in dogs can be a common problem. In some cases, eye discharge, which may be caused by exposure to dust or dirt, may in some cases be a sign of serious diseases such as allergies or glaucoma. In this article, you can find information about the causes of eye discharge in dogs and treatment options.

Eye Discharge in Dogs

Eye discharge, which can be briefly summarized as overflow of tears, is a condition that is considered a symptom of a different disease in dogs rather than a specific disease. Under normal conditions, tear production is an essential requirement to moisten the eyes. When tear production is high, tears flow from the side or corner of the dogs’ noses, creating tear stains in dogs. You can reach our content about tear stains in dogs by clicking here. Eye discharge in dogs can be caused by either overproduction or inadequate drainage of tears. The most common reason for insufficient tear drainage is obstruction of the nasolacrimal ducts or weakening of the eyelids’ functions due to deformity.

Types of Eye Discharge in Dogs

Eye discharge in dogs can be seen in different colors and consistency. This symptom, which we can diversify as transparent discharge, light green yellow discharge, mucous discharge, becomes especially evident in light-haired dogs. Dogs with light coats usually have a reddish-brown color change to the fur near the inner corner of their eyes. The cause of brown eye discharge in dogs is that tears contain a pigment called porphyrin, which turns brown when exposed to air for a long time. Veterinarians should be consulted if symptoms such as an increase in the amount of tears and redness in the eyes are noticed.

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What are the Causes of Eye Drainage in Dogs?

The causes of eye discharge in dogs can vary. If dogs have a clear and clear-looking eye discharge, it is most likely due to allergies or dust in the eye. If there is a watery or mucous discharge in one of the eyes, it can be thought that it is the effect of foreign material such as eyelashes. If the discharge from the eye is different colors such as yellow and green, it would be useful to assume that there is a serious infection. It is very important to consult veterinarians in order to determine the causes of eye discharge in dogs. The causes of eye discharge in dogs can be listed as follows:

Conjunctivitis: Allergies, injury, birth defects or tear duct problems can cause conjunctivitis in dogs. Dogs with conjunctivitis may experience a yellow-green, watery eye discharge. If the cause of eye discharge in dogs is conjunctivitis, it is within the scope of the treatment of eye discharge in dogs. The factor that causes conjunctivitis should be determined and treatment planning should be made accordingly.

Corneal Ulcers: Corneal ulcers, which can be superficial or deep, are quite painful. Corneal ulcers, which may occur as a result of corneal trauma, low tear production, presence of foreign body in the eye or injuries, can cause various complaints in dogs such as eye discharge, sensitivity to light, rubbing the eyes with paws, and redness of the eyes. It may be necessary to resort to antibiotics or anti-inflammatory drugs or surgery as part of the treatment of corneal ulcers.

Epiphora: Characterized by watery and runny eyes, epiphora is a common cause of eye discharge in dogs. This health problem, which generally results in skin infection, may occur for different reasons such as eyelash anomalies, allergies, corneal ulcers, eye pain or tumors.

Allergies: Among the causes of eye discharge in dogs are allergies. Allergies can persist seasonally or year-round. Since dogs are creatures that can react to many allergens like humans, sources of allergies must be found. If eye discharge is seen due to allergies, veterinarians will make recommendations and plan treatment to control allergy symptoms.

Treatment of Eye Discharge in Dogs

There can be many different health problems or conditions that result in eye discharge in dogs. Within the scope of the treatment of eye discharge in dogs, the causes of eye discharge should be determined first. As just mentioned, eye discharge is a sign of different problems rather than a disease in itself. Therefore, treatment planning according to the cause will come to the fore as the most effective and correct method.

However, it is possible to make some generalizations about the treatment of eye discharge in dogs. Although the reasons may vary, the eye discharge problem can be combated by using eye drops for dogs.

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