Why Do Puppies Shake While Sleeping?

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After adopting your puppy, you will step into a pleasant life with him. You should be ready for a positive experience with their playful and loving ways. However, it is very likely that you will be worried about some of the behaviors of your friends you adopted as a puppy. Eating more sluggishly than usual, sleeping more, and even the tremors you witness while sleeping can leave you with deep anxiety. “Why does the puppy tremble when he sleeps?” Since the answers to the question are quite curious, why does the puppy tremble in this article? and what causes puppy tremors? We’ll talk about things you need to know about.

What Causes Puppy Shaking?

A puppy trembling while sleeping can become a major concern for its owner. Although this is not always an indication of serious problems, it is interpreted as an unpleasant experience for families who care for the puppies. Puppies can shiver in their sleep for many different reasons;

They May Be Dreaming

Professor of psychology at the University of British Columbia and also doing neuropsychological research, Dr. Stanley Coren; He states that the most common reason dogs tremble in their sleep is because they are dreaming. “If you see a dog trembling while sleeping, it’s probably dreaming and there’s nothing to worry about,” he says, sprinkling us. Dogs, like us, go through various sleep stages while sleeping, and they are actively dreaming in the REM sleep cycle. Tremors are commonly observed during REM sleep, especially in very young puppies and old dogs; In the meantime, even though the eyelids are closed, eye movements can reach a noticeable speed. It is also stated by experts that dreaming dogs continue to move during their puppies and old age when there are muscles that can be defined as the closing button in the brain region called “pons”, located between the cerebellum and the spinal cord, and these muscles are not yet fully developed or weakened due to aging. Why does he tremble while sleeping? are among the answers to the question.

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They may be cold

It doesn’t matter when they’re asleep or awake, “Why does the puppy shake?” One of the common answers to the question in both cases is that they may be cold. The puppies’ muscles are not developed enough to keep them warm, as well as the body fat that will provide heat balance. For this reason, puppies may shiver while sleeping, especially in cold weather. Whether they are shivering due to the cold can be understood by observing their eye movements while they sleep. If the eye movements are not evident from the closed eyelids, the cold weather may be the reason why the puppies are shivering while sleeping. In this case, covering them with a blanket or cover to keep them warm will reduce their shivering and help them to sleep peacefully. You can access the types of dog blankets by clicking here, and you can make selections that are suitable for the size of your friend and that keep them warm.

They Might Be Nauseous

If your puppy is on medication, has eaten too much at once, or has taken a car trip shortly before going to sleep, nausea may be the reason why he shivers while sleeping. In this case, first think about what your dog has eaten and take a sigh of relief after eliminating the possibility of poisoning. If there is a drug that he uses regularly, examine its side effects. Even the mildest of drugs can have side effects such as nausea. Evaluating the possibilities is important to reduce your worries. However, as always, you can consult your veterinarians to get the most accurate information and to make sure there is no problem.

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They May Have Pain or Be Sick

Yes this is why it is quite unpleasant but puppies can shiver while sleeping if they are in pain or if they are sick. In this case, it is useful to first evaluate the possibility of pain. Puppies may have a pain problem if there has been an activity that hurt them before they went to sleep. Apart from pain, one should be very careful against the possibility of disease. Distemper in puppies is unfortunately common and can be life-threatening. Dogs that experience symptoms of nasal and eye discharge, diarrhea, vomiting and weakness in addition to trembling during sleep should be taken to a veterinary examination without delay.

May Have Neurological Diseases

“Why do puppies tremble when they sleep?” One of the unpleasant answers to the question is the possibility of neurological diseases. Dogs can have seizures in their sleep, this is unlikely, but should be considered as a risk factor. If puppies tremble during sleep and at the same time show significant muscle twitching when they try to stand upright, foaming at their mouths and an unusual drooling, it is necessary to be cautious. It is important to examine eye movements to determine whether puppies tremble during sleep because of dreams. The tremors in the dream may be short-lived and intermittent; They wake up quickly from their sleep in case of trembling due to the dream. If puppies are having seizures, their legs will become stiff and their bodies will be subjected to sharper tremors. It will also be more difficult to wake them up than during a dream.

As a result, it is normal to be worried if you have a puppy and witness him trembling while he sleeps. However, instead of having deep worries, you should observe his general health and consider the possibility of dreaming. If you encounter additional complaints, you can take your friend to veterinarians so that the main factor causing the tremor is revealed and appropriate treatments are started.

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