10 Interesting Facts About Dogs That Will Surprise You

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There are many beauties that come with living with dogs. A true friendship, sheer loyalty, and each of them is valued with memories worth remembering, we inevitably want to learn everything about them. For this reason, interesting information about dogs is very popular. In this article, where we will explain their excellent advantages and surprising features, you can find details about both scientific information about dogs and interesting information about dogs, we wish you a pleasant reading.

1. They Smell Much Better Than Us

The area of ​​cells in the brains of dogs responsible for perceiving different odors is 40 times larger than the area in the human brain. This allows dogs to smell much better than us humans. As a matter of fact, the presence of many dogs involved in search and rescue activities or in the field of narcotics is directly related to their developed sense of smell. For details, you can search the story of our Belgian Malinois breed friend named Mali, who won the PDSA Dickin Medal.

2. Some Can Detect Medical Problems

Their superior abilities in sense of smell also lead some of our friends to receive training in order to detect medical problems. Dogs trained to diagnose a particular health problem or to determine if more medication is needed include those that have undergone special training to diagnose Covid-19.

3. They Can Smell While Breathing

Dogs rely heavily on their sense of smell to find food, identify potential dangers or mates. This trust has very solid foundations. Their noses have an anatomy that can trap odor as air enters and leaves their lungs. Their ability to distinguish all odors without focusing on smell also makes them unique.

4. They Can Swim Very Well

We cannot generalize that all dogs enjoy water, but we can safely say that some of them are very, very good swimmers. Especially Newfoundland dogs are frequently involved in rescue work due to their superior abilities in water.

brown hound running on dirt ground

5. Some May Be Fast enough to Challenge Cheetahs!

Among the interesting facts about dogs is that they can run fast enough to compete with cheetahs. Of course, this statement does not apply to all our friends. The fastest running dog breed is the Greyhound. These dogs, known for their legendary speed, can reach a speed of 45 miles, or 72.42 km, seconds after they start running. Although cheetahs can reach higher speeds, they can only maintain this speed for 30 seconds, while Greyhounds can reach longer distances at a constant speed.

6. Dogs Don’t Sweat Like Humans

Dogs sweat, not just in the way we know them. When they sweat, they produce a pheromone-laden oily substance that humans cannot detect. Only their paws sweat as we know them, so this information is valuable for cooling their paws on very hot summer days.

7. They Can Use Their Right Paws or Left Paws

Like humans, dogs can be right- or left-handed. The results of several studies on this subject also confirm this information. It is possible to tell whether your dog is right-handed or left-handed by observing which paw he prefers to extend while he is extending it to you, or which paw he prefers to use during interactive games.

8. Hearing Senses Are Highly Sensitive

Dogs’ ear canals are much deeper than humans. This anatomical feature creates a distinct difference during the transport of sound to the eardrum. The average dog can detect higher frequencies than the human ear and can hear 4 times better than a human. Dogs also have a useful property for hunting; they can also successfully distinguish the direction of sound. Their hearing capacity, which gives them great advantages, and therefore their ear canal anatomy, also causes them to be prone to ear diseases. For this reason, ear health should be closely monitored during routine veterinary examinations and ear cleaning should be carried out at the recommended intervals.

9. There Are 18 Muscles That Control Your Ears

Dogs can successfully move their ears. There are 18 muscles that enable the ears to move. These muscles, which enable them to change the direction of their ears, help them hear the sounds around them better. Dogs also use their ear muscles to express their feelings and communicate.

10. They Are Really Intelligent

Scientific research shows that dogs can learn more than 100 words and gestures. The accuracy of these determinations, which show that they have the intelligence of a 2-year-old baby, enables them to take part in many different fields. Dogs can be trained quite easily and especially the puppy period is considered to be the ideal time to start training.

It’s impossible to fit everything you need to know about dogs into 10 items. Each with their own individual character and each with many excellent features to discover. Their joy, their mimics, their preferences, and their happiness are all unique to them; they have a common answer to love; They never cease to offer unrequited and eternal love to those who love them.

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