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Like all of us, our dear friends need sleep in order to rest, renew and store energy. “How many hours a day do dogs sleep?” Although the answer to the question may vary according to age, breed, activity level and even the characteristics of the sleeping area, it is known that dogs can sleep 9-14 hours a day in general. These times are much higher during the infancy period. Puppies can sleep for 18-20 hours during the day. In this period when their brains are developing as well as their bodies, every novelty they are exposed to while they are awake makes them tired; Therefore, it is possible for them to fall asleep even during the game. It is known that puppies need quality sleep in order to develop in a healthy way and for this they need sleeping areas where they can be comfortable. For this reason, puppies need a sleeping area of ​​their own among the most basic needs. You can access all product types in our dog bed category by clicking here, and you can create a cozy and comfortable sleeping area for your puppy. As the age progresses, the need for comfortable sleep does not decrease, only sleep habits change; In adulthood, they begin to allocate different time periods to sleep in different old age. In this article, besides the sleeping habits of dogs, “how many hours do dogs sleep on average?” You can also find the answers to the question.

How Many Hours Do Puppies Sleep?

The period in which dogs spend the most time sleeping during the day is the puppyhood period. Puppies can sleep for 18-20 hours a day, as we just mentioned. One moment they may run towards you with a burst of energy, and the next they may fall asleep where they are. As their brains, central nervous systems, immune systems and muscles develop rapidly during infancy, this development tires them out. During sleep, their capacity to cope with growth attacks increases. Every new person, every new game, every new place they are exposed to when they are awake enhances their experience and contributes to their learning process. It is quite normal for them to try to resist sleep as the world is both an exciting place and a host to many different stimuli. For this reason, their needs should be analyzed correctly and they should have a comfortable sleep experience. You can contribute to this process by creating a comfortable space for him to sleep, by resisting the attitudes he exhibits while he sleeps and not disturbing him, and by calming him down when you notice his tiredness.

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How Many Hours Do Adult Dogs Sleep Per Day?

Dogs have sleep routines just like humans. Sleeping routines may vary according to their age, race and environmental factors. Adult dogs generally spend 12 to 14 hours of their day sleeping. This period increases slightly in the case of large breed dogs. Although dogs have routines like humans, it would not be accurate to compare their sleep processes with humans. Their sleep is just as deep as humans and it is difficult for them to fall into a deep rest. Therefore, these sleep periods should not be thought to be too long. The influence of the dogs’ characters should not be ignored in this context. Some may be more sluggish, drooling over boredom, or their excessive activity level may cause them to faint.

How Many Hours a Day Do Older Dogs Sleep?

As dogs age, their sleeping habits may change. Older dogs may begin to sleep more than usual, with sleep durations of 16 to 18 hours, and this change is usually no cause for concern. However, following their behavior closely will create an important awareness for early diagnosis of possible health problems. As age progresses, the decrease in energy levels and the fact that they start to get tired more easily are among the main factors that prolong sleep times. They should not be disturbed while they are sleeping. A variety of behavioral problems can occur in older dogs when they do not sleep ideally.

Why Do Dogs Sleep So Much?

National Sleep Foundation experts underline that it is quite normal for dogs to spend 50% of their day sleeping, 30% resting and the remaining 20% ​​being active. It does not indicate any problem if they spend their time resting because they are tired or they can’t find anything to do. But it is useful to be careful, if dogs sleep too much, the reasons for sleeping need to be analyzed correctly. An overweight dog may prefer to lie down and nap all day because it has difficulty moving or is in pain. Likewise, some diseases, the incidence of which increases with age, may also cause an increase in sleep duration. It would be a very correct approach to apply to veterinarians in order to be aware of the changes in sleep duration and to learn the reasons for the changes.

Excessive sleep can be a natural consequence of development, as well as an indicator of health problems such as depression, deafness, diabetes and hypothyroidism. Dogs sleeping too much can be a problem as well as under-sleeping. Dogs with shorter sleep times need to be watched as carefully as those who sleep a lot. Anxiety, not getting enough exercise, and changes in cognitive function can cause dogs to sleep less than they should.

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The Most Sleeping Dog Breeds

Breed and racial characteristics can cause some of our friends to be more sleepy than others. Although there is an organic connection between sleep and large breed dogs, small breeds can also love to sleep.

King Charles Spaniel: While every breed of dog needs daily exercise to maintain a healthy body and psyche, the situation is a little different for some. King Charles Spaniel dogs, which win our hearts with their playful manners and cuteness, also attract attention with their sleepy features. Resting in the lap and taking a nap are among the activities they enjoy.

Miniature Pinschers: While Miniature Pinschers are generally thought of as very energetic, the truth is they love to take a nap. The hugs of their beloved owners are their favorite sleeping places.

English Bulldog: The English Bulldog breed dogs, which have a different reputation for the time they spend sleeping and snoring, are among the dog breeds that sleep the most. This breed, which is prone to respiratory problems due to their flat nose and is also prone to joint problems, can make the life of those looking for a quiet companion better.

Mastiff: Mastiff dogs are also very fond of sleep. Although they create the impression that they do not have the ability to move with their huge bodies, these dogs, which have an astonishing energy when they are active, give their sleep to the fullest.

Pug: Pugs, which are among the most popular breeds with their big eyes and cuteness, are also shown among the breeds that best adapt to families with children. It is also known that when their energy is high, they tend to surrender to sleep, although they cannot stay still.

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