How to Remove Dog Smell in the House?

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There are many beauties in keeping a dog at home and sharing a life with our loyal friends, but we also know that there are some problems unique to this union. Although it is not very noticeable by those living with dogs at home, an odor problem can occur that can be easily noticed by people who do not live with animals. In this article, “how to get rid of dog smell in the house?” We will consider different answers to the question. But first, we will provide a short answer to the question of why dogs smell.

Why Do Dogs Smell?

There can be many reasons why dogs emit odors. Our friends who meet their toilet and exercise needs outside may need a bath, and various health problems may cause dogs to emit an offensive odor. Veterinarians may need to be visited when dogs are clean or emit a foul odor for no reason. Because this smell can be caused by anal sac problems, ear infections, skin infections and even nutritional factors. Although dogs do not emit a different odor than usual, they can cause odor in the house if the right precautions are not taken and cleaning processes are disrupted. Dog beds where they spend time, the seats where they rest, the carpets where they drool while playing can cause the dog smell to intensify at home. Dogs’ skin oils can also come to the fore as a sole cause of odor. Fortunately, there are many different steps that can be taken to overcome this problem.

dog with its nose in the carpet

How to Remove Dog Smell?

1. Carpets and Seats Should Be Keeped Clean

Carpets, mattresses, rugs and armchairs are one of the main reasons why there is a dog smell in the house. Dogs come into contact with these items constantly, and they can contaminate these items with their saliva along with their skin oils. All these items can cause a dog smell in the house if not cleaned regularly. During the cleaning of these items, first of all, a vacuum cleaner should be used to remove the hairs, then the items should be washed and dried if possible. Since it can be quite difficult to wash the carpets, it may be preferable to get professional support or to clean the carpets with a brush and carpet washing shampoo that will also clean the hairs.

2. Dogs’ Beds and Toys Should Be Washed

If the dog smell in the house has reached the level of bothering you or those who come to your house, and your friend has a bed where he spends time, it may be the source of the smell! You should regularly wash this item, which can smell like hairs, saliva and skin oils, and put it into use after making sure that it dries well. The same problem can be caused by toys; Toys that have not been washed for a long time can become sources of dog odor in the house. Especially since rope toys can retain the smell, it is beneficial to wash them regularly.

3. The Floor Must Be Keeped Clean

Floors that are thought to be easily cleaned when wiped can be the source of the odor! You can minimize the problem of dog odor in the house by keeping the floors where your friend walks, runs and plays regularly clean. But pay attention to the materials you use when cleaning the floor! If you have used floor wipes before, you should not use them again without washing them again. Thus, you can prevent the odor from getting heavy and make it easier for cleaning to serve its purpose.

4. Houses should be ventilated frequently

Closed windows can cause odors even if there are no pets in the house. When a dog is kept at home, airing the house becomes a necessity rather than a choice. The house needs to be ventilated regularly in order to eliminate the formation of dog odor in the house or to reduce the dog odor in the house. Thus, the chance of getting rid of particles flying in the air and bad odor molecules increases.

5. Air Purifiers Can Be Used

With the developing technology, there is an increase in electronic products that offer us comfort. While air cleaners increase the comfort of animal lovers with allergies, they also help reduce the smell of animals in the house. Devices with HEPA filters capture approximately 98% of the particles in the air and can solve the odor problem to a large extent when their filters are cleaned regularly. Regardless of air cleaners, similar precautions must be taken for air conditioners! Cleaning the filters of air conditioners, which meet the need for air conditioning in summer and winter months, makes it easier to combat bad odors in the environment.

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6. Dogs Should Be Bathed “Attributedly”

Dogs may need to take a bath at certain intervals, but the correct setting of the frequency of the bath and the use of dog shampoos during the bath are also important variables. The frequency of washing dogs is closely related to the length of the coat. The general rule is to increase the frequency of bathing as the hair grows. It is recommended that those with medium to long hairs be washed every 4-6 weeks, and those with short hair once every 1-2 months. However, factors such as the activity level of the dogs, the environment they live in, whether they stay in the house or in the garden, and the season can also affect the frequency of washing. For this reason, it is important to consult with veterinarians about how often dogs should be bathed. When they are washed at ideal intervals, it becomes easier to fight the formation of dog odor at home.

7. Dog Can Benefit From Stain and Odor Removal Products

Since dog odor is a common problem in the home, it is possible to access specific products to address this problem. Dog stain and odor removal products can be formulated for both indoor and outdoor use. For this reason, it is useful to make product-based reviews when choosing. Just like dog perfumes, usage patterns in stain and deodorizing products may differ. In order not to damage the goods and not to risk the health of the dogs, the instructions for use of the preferred product should be strictly followed. You can access dog stain and odor remover product alternatives by clicking here, and you can make the most suitable choice for your needs.

In conclusion, “how to remove dog smell?” More than one answer to the question is possible. The odor problem, which can be experienced in the puppyhood period, because they have not yet received toilet training, can be eliminated with the right precautions in the future.

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