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One of the most effective steps that can be taken for those who want to make a home for stray souls is “how to adopt a dog from a shelter?” to find answers to the question. There are many shelters in Turkey, and the conditions of ownership may vary for shelters. Since the conditions of adopting a dog from a shelter may differ, people who are considering adopting a dog should examine the clauses stipulated specifically for the institution. As some may not allow out-of-town ownership processes, it would be the best approach to take steps in line with the requirements. However, it should be known that this process is not difficult for those who dream of living with their friends for a long time.

The conditions for adopting dogs from shelters are designed to guarantee our friends’ homes as much as possible, to ensure that they will be well taken care of and to ensure that the owners realize their responsibilities. Thanks to these conditions, it is easier for paws who are already abandoned or who have never been in a warm environment before to live with reliable, animal-loving people who act with the awareness that they also need them. In this article, we will provide important information for those who are considering adopting a dog from a shelter.

Is Adopting a Dog from a Shelter Fee?

It is not very possible to come across a statement such as “I adopted a dog from a shelter, I paid a fee”. No fee is charged for adoptions from shelters. However, donations or donations can be made. At this point, the attitude of the person or people who will adopt is important. It should be noted that there is no charge for this transaction.

What are the Conditions for Adopting a Dog from a Shelter?

As we stated in the introduction of our article, institution-based conditions may change, albeit small. However, we can give examples of some items that are generally required to be met. Photos showing the place where the dogs will live after adoption, which are requested to be with their future owners; The residence documenting the address of the house where the dog will live, the electricity, water or telephone bills registered on the persons, contact information and, if necessary, a reference may be requested. A copy of the tax plate may be requested if the dog will live in the workplace. In addition to these conditions, it is known that some institutions require a detailed form to be filled before adoption. In order to obtain information about the people applying for adoption and to realize the adoption safely, in these forms, where the friends will live, whether they will be with different pets, how many hours they will be alone during the day, whether they are accepted to be taken to health services in case of illness or accident, whether periodic control visits are approved, Questions such as whether the dog will be neutered in the future should be answered. Afterwards, the shelter officials approve both by evaluating the appropriateness of the answers and by checking the necessary documents for the application.

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Why Are There Conditions for Adoption from Shelter?

The existence of the conditions of adopting a dog from the shelter is very necessary and important as well as necessary. The same conditions apply to cat adoption. With these practices, it is easier for the adopted souls to find more permanent homes, and the awareness of those who will be adopted is increased. There are many lives taken from shelters and then unfortunately left on the streets. Situations like these make living conditions more difficult and can disrupt the psychology of our friends. The idea of ​​living a life with a pet can be exciting and aspirational for anyone, but unfortunately not everyone is aware of or willing to take on the responsibilities that come with life. Therefore, it is important to provide a control mechanism.

Things to Know Before Adopting a Dog from a Shelter

We talked about the conditions of ownership in general and gave details about the processes. However, it is not the right approach to limit the things that need to be known before adopting a dog from a shelter to these items. For this reason, it is necessary to mention the things that should be considered before adopting a dog in general terms.

  • Dog ownership awareness needs to be established. They provide an experience of unconditional love, but care processes can be difficult, laborious or costly at times. Like all living things, dogs have basic needs to stay healthy and happy. Living together should be interpreted as a union that makes people happy as well as they do. If this awareness is not possessed, stray dogs proliferate on the streets.
  • Before dogs are adopted, it is necessary to consider how much time can be allocated for them. Not only do they need regular exercise, they also need attention. It is recommended that people who cannot spare time for themselves during the day think carefully before making this decision.
  • Patience and love are important. It is possible for them to show stubborn behaviors during their basic education, especially if they are going to live together from the puppyhood period. All of them have a different character. Therefore, they need a special approach to them. These difficulties can be managed with trainings based on positive reinforcement in the process of adapting to their new lives, homes and developmental periods.
  • Although you have time to spare for them, another important issue is finding people to whom you can entrust them in case of emergency. If you will have to leave your friend to others from time to time, you should ensure that they socialize with those people. By organizing a meeting with you, you can prevent the alienation that may occur afterwards.
  • When you adopt a dog, you should routinely visit your veterinarian and provide them with quality nutrition appropriate for their developmental period. Meeting these conditions incurs a certain cost. Anticipating these costs in advance is among the things to consider before making a decision to adopt a dog.
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