Behaviors That Show Your Dog Loves You

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Dogs are our closest friends. This fact is clearly understood when we begin to live with our friends who have accompanied our lives for thousands of years. They permeate us with many behaviors that we can multiply, such as eagerly anticipating our walks with them, wagging their tails when we come home and turning into the happiest creature in the world, looking into our eyes, waiting for a move from us, and making an effort to soothe us when we are sad.

When we enter their world, when we understand how they express their feelings in different ways, “do they love us?” It is impossible for us not to start thinking about the question. Although the way they say they love us differs, “how do dogs show that they love their owner?” There are general answers to the question. In this article, you can find information about the behaviors that show that your dog loves you, and we wish you a pleasant reading.

If Eye Contact Is Dying

Long-term eye contact is established with loved and trusted creatures. Just like us humans, dogs tend to make long eye contact, with people they love. This behavior model, which also provides benefits in educational processes, will also be very useful for establishing a deep bond with our friends. As a result of scientific research, it has been shown that the release of oxytocin, known as the “happiness hormone”, increases when dogs make eye contact with their owners. This hormone is the same hormone that mothers secrete when they first bond with their babies! You judge the rest… You can maintain naturally occurring eye contact with him while playing or petting him. However, you should not force him for this behavior, as soon as he feels under pressure, he may turn his head in another direction and your dream of romantic moment may fall into the water.

If It Gives You Its Weight

Just like making and maintaining eye contact, another behavior based on trust and love is having your friends lean on you. Trying to contact you means they feel completely comfortable and safe. It is possible for them to behave in a similar way when they are afraid or worried, at which point they are giving you the “protect me” message. Research shows that the relationship between dogs and their owners is similar to the communication between baby and parent.

If It Sleeps In Your Bedroom

Dogs wanting to sleep with you in bed is one of the most submissive ways to show their love. They may attempt to go to your bed for reasons such as leaving the herd and not wanting to stay away from you. Rejecting this request for different reasons may not be enough to keep them away from you. Even though you don’t let them go to bed, they prefer your bedroom to sleep, which is one of the most obvious signs that dogs love you. What we say is that if you have a friend who can’t stay away from you at night, you’re pretty lucky!

If He Greets You When You Come Home

If you have a friend who greets you with love every time you return to your home, goes crazy with excitement, and sometimes pees, you should know that you are faced with great love. Dogs wagging their tails, jumping and even bringing their toys when they greet you are the most obvious signs that they love you.

dog hugging owner

If He Keeps Your Things With Him

Your shoes, slippers, t-shirt, sweater; In short, if your friend keeps any item that contains your scent, you can be sure that he loves you. Dogs may display this behavior widely, as they do not want to be separated from the scents of creatures they are loyal to. However, the fact that some people have chewing habits should not be denied. If you have a friend who damages your belongings, we recommend that you do not leave your personal belongings in the middle and try to direct this behavior towards toys.

If He Loves Himself

One of the most obvious differences between dogs and cats is their reaction to physical contact. Although dogs do not like to be loved very much according to the opinion of some people, it is known that this idea loses its validity when it comes to a person they love. Of course, it may bother them to love forcefully, to act harshly while loving, or to hug and hug them. Regardless of whether he likes you or not, such behavior is not acceptable for any creature.

If He Brings You His Favorite Toy

If he brings you his favorite toy, it’s perfectly normal to think at first that he wants to play with you. As a matter of fact, many dogs perform this behavior as an invitation to play. Contrary to what is thought, wagging their tails and coming with their favorite toy is not always an invitation to play. Dogs want to share their favorite toys with the people they love very much, if you encounter this behavior, we can say that you are faced with a great show of affection.

If It Responds To Your Voice

It is quite normal for dogs to come running and show excited reactions when it is called for when it is time for a meal or a walk. They may show this behavior not only to their owners but also to people they know. However, apart from these situations, if he listens to you when you speak, if his facial expression changes in response to what you say, if he chooses some of the words you say and reacts, you can think that there is a loving bond between you. Dogs try to independently evaluate the words of their loved ones. When spoken to, they follow the person and react positively.

dog laughing with owner

If He Smiles at You

It is said that the smile of dogs is a utopian idea and is only a reflection of human imagination. The truth of the matter is that it is not so. Dogs that have lived with humans for thousands of years can learn, imitate, and practice human behavior. There are studies that show that the reason for their innocent looks while trying to eat is the reflection of their learning and ability to imitate. Likewise, their smiles can be considered as one of the signs of love.

If He Prefers To Spend Time With You

If a dog loves you, it’s impossible to get that love from him. Whether he adopts you as the pack leader or not, his love for you never changes. If their toys do not interest them, if they ignore the garden where they will run like crazy, and if they do not leave you during the day, know that they love you more than anything.

If He Understands You

It is known that dogs understand their humans, but there is scientific evidence for this discourse. Dogs’ brain scans reveal that they don’t just love their humans, they see them as family. When they smell their owners, the reward center in their brain activates, when their owners are happy and they make sounds to show it, their auditory cortex activates. There is a deep bond between dogs and their owners, who can understand the changes in their owners’ moods and shape their behavior accordingly.

In addition to all these, dogs licking their owners can be considered as one of the displays of affection. Why Do Dogs Lick Their Owners? You can read our blog post for answers to your question.

Yes, all these behaviors are signs of how much your friend loves you. But the biggest sign is undoubtedly the way they make you feel. A life with them is full of emotional miracles, these special feelings can be experienced with the friendships established since childhood as well as the later adoptions. You will never feel alone with your loyal friends who do not let your love go unrequited, and you should know that the bond between you will never be broken.

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