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Mating in dogs remains a controversial topic. Although free-living dogs are mostly neutered by municipalities, effective results to improve dog health have not been achieved yet. There are also planned matings, in which case the health of our friends can be endangered when ethical issues are ignored. However, it is important to raise awareness, uncontrolled mating of dogs can make a significant difference in their longer and healthier lives.

Dogs reach sexual maturity at different times. For females, this period is around six months. However, in small breeds, this period can be reduced to four months, while in giant breeds it can take up to two years. The mating period in dogs begins with the females entering the “estrus” period. Unlike cats, “what month is the time for dogs to mate?” There is no specific answer to the question. Dogs can mate regardless of the seasons. The important thing at this point is that the females enter the heat period and accept the male. In this article, you can find information about dog mating.

Dogs Shouldn’t Be Mated Prematurely!

Dogs, whether male or female, should not be mated prematurely. Mating before the end of age and subsequent pregnancy can harm the health of our friends. The fact that females reach sexual maturity after an average of 6 months should not be interpreted as it would be appropriate for them to mate and give birth. During this period, they are quite young and their development continues. In other words, they haven’t come out of their infancy yet. It is unethical to breed any dog ​​before it reaches physical and mental maturity. Moreover, it can cause undesirable results. The appropriate period for dog mating varies according to breed sizes. It can be considered safe to mate at 12-18 months for small breeds, 15-18 months for medium breeds, and 18-24 months for large breeds. Forcing sexual immature people to have sexual intercourse can cause physical problems that will harm them for life.

Anger Period Symptoms Should Be Read Well

When it comes to the mating period in dogs, it is the female that is decisive. Females, again, vary from race to race, but enter the heat period twice a year. Teeth estrus symptoms are characterized by a series of both physical and behavioral changes. During this period, they may be more irritable than usual, adopt an introverted behavior, enter a bleeding period even though it is difficult to notice, try to get close to other dogs and often feel the need to lick their genitals. When they are ready to mate, distinctive shape changes occur in their external genitalia. Their vulva swells and this swelling becomes visible to the naked eye. If there is no planned mating, females should not be released freely during this period. Females can both move away from their area and attract many different males. Therefore, it will be useful to be careful.

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Size Matters in Dog Mating

Female dogs should be bred with males of their own breed whenever possible. Small breed females should never be bred with large breed males. This mating can be anatomically challenging for both male and female. Another thing to be aware of at this point is that when it comes to planned mating, both dogs should be thoroughly examined. Dogs may have infectious diseases, or puppies may be lost due to genetic diseases. Being cautious should be considered as an important necessity rather than a choice.

Frequent Birth Hurts Them

As we just mentioned, although it differs from race to race, females generally go into heat twice a year. However, this does not mean that females can mate or give birth every time. Frequent births can harm dogs as well as humans. If a conscious mating environment is to be provided, it is acceptable for a female to give birth maximum once a year. An increase in this rate will cause the female to experience health problems.

The Psychology of Our Friends Is Important

When mating is planned, all health checks of both the female and the male should be done and in addition to paying attention to their size compatibility, it is necessary to prevent them from putting themselves under psychological stress. Although females are in heat, they do not accept every male as a mate. In this case, forcing the dogs can cause aggression, aggression of the female and mutual harm.

If there is no request for puppies from females or males, it is recommended to apply for sterilization in dogs. In female dogs, uterine inflammation called “pyometra” and cancers involving the reproductive organs; In male dogs, testicular cancer and prostate diseases can be prevented to a large extent by neutering.

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