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Many people who share their lives with loyal friends ask “should I clean my dog’s ears?” is wondering about the answers. To a large extent, the answer to this question is “yes”. However, when it comes to the frequency of ear cleaning in dogs, it is not possible to talk about a precise frequency, since each of them should be handled separately.

The ears of dogs have a very indented structure. When they spend time outside, dust, grass pieces, various microorganisms, and even if they like to play with water, water can settle in the most remote parts of their ears. It is possible to encounter the risk of infection when ear cleaning is not performed at the right time and in the right way in dogs. For this reason, dog ear cleaning should be included in the care routines and a dog ear solution formulated in a way that will not harm the health of our friends should be used during this process. In this article, you can find the most curious about the ear cleaning process in dogs.

How Often Should Dogs Ear Cleaning Be Done?

The frequency of ear care in dogs may vary according to racial characteristics, the structure of the ears, living conditions, activity level, age, amount of earwax production and the degree of susceptibility to ear infection. The general recommendation is to perform these maintenance processes once a month. For this reason, the most correct approach would be to consult veterinarians about the needs of the animal. However, at this point, it should be noted that there are various behavioral changes that indicate that the cleaning time is approaching. If your friend started to shake his head frequently, if a light smell is felt, you can take action. Cleaning too often can be just as dangerous as disrupting cleaning and can lead to irritation or infection.

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How to Clean Dog’s Ears?

Before starting the cleaning and maintenance process, the ears must be inspected. If there is inflammation in the inner parts, the skin is red, there is an intense smell and the ears are irritated by itching, the cleaning process should not be started. In such a case, veterinarians should be consulted. Medical treatment by specialists may be necessary, as all these symptoms may indicate an active infection. If an unusual situation is not encountered after an overview, it is possible to switch to the cleaning phase. Before you start cleaning, make sure you have a towel, the solution recommended by your veterinarian, and materials such as cotton wool with you.

1. If possible, you should have your friend sit between your legs with his back facing you. This way, you can examine his ears at a more accurate angle. You can do the maintenance much easier if you let him get tired and get rid of his energy by playing games before.

2. The auricle and ear canal of dogs are L-shaped. Therefore, reaching the eardrum is very difficult anatomically. In order to clean as efficiently as possible, you should lift the pinna a little higher. After making sure that it has calmed down, you should spray the inside of the ear canal with dog ear cleaning solution. The instructions for use may differ depending on the solution you use. For this reason, we cannot give precise information about the amount of solution you need to spray into the ear.

3. After squeezing solution into the ear canal, you should gently massage the base of the ear for about 30 seconds. Thanks to the massage, you can ensure that the solution breaks down the dirt accumulated in the depths of the canal more easily. You can then tilt your dog’s head and make it easier for the solution to run off with the dirt. Alternatively, it is possible to take the lotion in the ear with cotton or gauze. After the solution has drained, you can clean the ear flap again. You should be careful not to insert your finger too far into the inner parts of the canal.

4. If you have reached this stage, congratulations, you can complete the care process by applying the same steps to your friend’s other ear, step by step.

It is important that the materials used during ear cleaning in dogs have the appropriate quality for their health. By clicking here, you can review the products in our dog ear care category, choose the right product for your friend, and take advantage of our 100% original product guarantee.

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Considerations During Dog Ear Cleaning

The things to be considered within the scope of this care phase, which is closely related to the health of our friends, can be listed as follows;

Veterinarians’ Dog Ear Cleaning Solution Recommendation Is Important

As we just mentioned, the ear canals of our pawed friends are L-shaped. Due to their anatomical structures, the selection of dog ear cleaner should be done with precision. Dog ear cleaning lotion should not contain substances that change the acidity of the ear canal or cause drying. It would be a better approach to consult veterinarians when choosing. If veterinarians recommend dog ear cleaning solution, these recommendations should be followed. Especially if there are ear problems, solutions with different ingredients and not recommended may do more harm than good.

The Ideal Amount of Ear Cleaning Solution should be used

For optimum cleaning, the solution should fill the ear canal. However, it should be noted that the instructions for use may change for the product. If the solution is not used enough, it may not show its maximum effect even if it is massaged and the care may not reach its purpose.

Cotton Swabs Shouldn’t Be Preferred

In order to clean the solution from the canal, you can tilt your friend’s head, let him shake his head or remove the dirt with the help of cotton. However, you should never use cotton swabs. These products, which are thought to offer a practical solution for cleaning the ear, can push the remaining dirt in the ear canal deeper. It will be beneficial to prefer these products only during the superficial cleaning of the recesses in the auricle.

You Shouldn’t Be Tough On Him During The Care Process

Dogs do not like to have their ears cleaned, and if this care process is not started from the puppyhood, things can get very complicated. He should not be treated harshly because he does not sit still or becomes moody during the maintenance phase. This behavior can lead to negative experience and resistance to the ear cleaning process.

Dog Ear Cleaning Fee

Like almost all stages of the care processes of our friends who do not have a special health problem, ear cleaning can be done safely at home by providing the necessary equipment. However, when it comes to dogs with special health problems or who do not allow care processes, support from veterinarians is required. At this point, “How much does dog ear cleaning cost?” question may arise. Although the prices of ear cleaning in dogs vary in line with the wage policy of veterinary clinics, it can be stated that they are generally in the range of 100 – 300 TL.

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