The Longest Haired Dog Breeds and Their Highlights

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Those who want to own a dog have many different criteria in mind. Some look for a friend who gets along very well with children, some are very easy to care for, some are very active, and some do not need a lot of exercise. But all these expectations lose their effect with only a single encounter or a photograph seen. There is a moment when all thoughts are taken away and surrendered to the beauty of the friend. The fur of the dogs is one of the details that mark these encounters. Although dogs with long, silky and attractive hair are difficult to care for, love at first sight causes all difficulties to be ignored. In this article, you can find information about the longest-haired dog breeds and their prominent features.

longhaired afghan hound

Afghan Hound

Afghan Hound, which fascinates everyone with its silky long hair, gracefulness and magnificent character, is one of the first to come to mind when it comes to long-haired dog breeds. The hair of this breed, which draws attention with its short and curled tail, consists of black, copper and cream tones. The breed, which can perfectly adapt to family life and has an aristocratic beauty, has a very naive nature. They are successful hunters and display high protectionism towards their families. According to a legend, they are thought to take place in Noah’s Ark. They shed moderately, it is recommended to use shampoos and conditioners with a pH level suitable for the skin of dogs during washing.

long curly haired komondor


Lying on the ground, they are thought to be more reminiscent of a mop than a large breed dog. Their most distinguishing features are undoubtedly their uniquely structured feathers. But it would be unfair to describe them only by their feather length. Komondors are very brave, devoted to their owners. When it comes to other dogs or strangers, they may display behaviors that contrast with their cute looks. They can weigh up to 50 – 60 kilograms, and therefore their training should be started early. Their beautiful feathers shed moderately, but they are known to be quite difficult to care for. This breed, which should not be dirty as much as possible, can take a bath, but afterward, it is necessary to make sure that its feathers are both trimmed and thoroughly dried.

pink buckled yorkshire terrier

Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terrier, which is among the most popular dog breeds in our country, draws attention with its long and silky hair. Moreover, contrary to what is thought, their hair does not shed much, but rather less. Yorkshires have a large fan base with their perfect adaptation to apartment life, the deep bonds they form with their families and their active nature. However, they are known to be quite rebellious when it comes to people or animals outside of their family. They belong to the ornamental dog classification, and their loyalty marks all their behavior. Separation from their owners is quite dramatic for them, separation anxiety is commonly observed in members of the breed. They can have a very successful training process as they quickly grasp every command with their sharp intelligence.

shih tzu dog with purple buckle

Shih Tzu

A Shih-Tzu breed, which was a favorite of emperors in past centuries, is now gaining popularity. Their long, silky hair sheds excessively and requires daily care. Otherwise, their feathers may get tangled. One of the most distinctive features of this breed is their friendly demeanor. Being very amenable to pampering requires careful and determined planning of their training. It is also important to remember that they do not get along very well with young children. When preferred by families with small children, children should be treated kindly to the breed.

large breed long haired dog

Bernese Mountain Dog

The Bernese Mountain Dog, which is among the long-haired dog breeds, has an admirable beauty with its imposing appearance and perfect fur. This breed, which can cause uneasiness at first glance, can stay active all day long with its high energy. He loves to play games with his family and moreover, he manages to be at the center of the family with his loyalty to them. His overpowered physique and easygoing temper vanish when he senses a threat to his family, revealing a brave warrior who can fight for them. Since apartment life is not for them, they are generally recommended to be preferred in living areas with large gardens.

small breed long haired dog


Your life will change completely with the Pekingese, which is one of the longest-haired dog breeds with its origins dating back to ancient times. This breed can be perfectly adapted to apartment life, which will make you feel full of love with their loving nature and not wanting to get off your lap. They have a docile temperament that will not force even first-time dog owners, and their exercise needs are minimal. These cute friends, who frequently check their owners to play games during the day, have a great tendency to obesity. Therefore, paying close attention to their nutrition is one of the most important steps to be taken for their health. Although their long and silky hair does not shed much, the fact that it requires serious care should not be ignored.

long-haired white small dog


Pomerians, which are among the long-haired dog breeds and have many fans in our country, are among our friends who can establish a very special relationship with their owners. They are very friendly to their family, but can put a noticeable distance with strangers, dogs, and people. They can make a lot of noise and can stand up to large dogs regardless of their small size. They are cute, curious and highly intelligent. Yet their independence is always their top priority, they love to act on their own with the confidence of their courage. Therefore, their release is not considered the right choice for their safety.

All of our friends in our article are among the breeds with long hair. However, it cannot be generalized that all dogs are long-haired; You can get information about dog breeds that don’t shed in our article on 8 Dogs That Don’t Sheddy With Small Short Hair.

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